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Topic: Power over Ethernet

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In the News (Tue 26 Mar 19)

  Power over Ethernet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The terms Power over Ethernet (PoE), Power over LAN (PoL), Power on LAN (PoL), and Inline Power are synonymous terms used to describe the powering of attached devices via Ethernet ports.
There are several PoE implementations, including ad-hoc techniques, but the supplying power over ethernet according to the IEEE standard is strongly recommended.
The polarity of the DC supply is unspecified; the powered device must operate with either polarity or pair 45+78 or 12+36 with the use of a bridge rectifier.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Power_over_Ethernet   (959 words)

 Axis Communications - Power over Ethernet
It enables power to be provided to the network device, such as an IP phone or a network camera, using the same cable as that used for network connection.
PoE technology is regulated in a standard called IEEE 802.3af and is designed in a way that does not degrade the network data communication performance or decrease the network reach.
The power delivered over the LAN infrastructure is automatically activated when a compatible terminal is identified, and blocked to legacy devices that are not compatible.
www.axis.com /products/video/about_networkvideo/poe.htm   (406 words)

 Power Over Ethernet
Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a revolutionary technology that extends the already ultra-broad functionality of Ethernet by supplying reliable DC power over the same Category 5/5e twisted-pair cable that currently carries Ethernet data.
PoE, modeled after the technology used by the telecommunications industry to supply reliable power to telephones, enables lifeline quality power for IP telephones (VoIP) as well as many other low power Ethernet network devices like wireless access points (WAP) and security cameras as shown in Figure 1.
PoE, or IEEE standard reference 802.3af, began the standardization process in 1999 to address the need to ensure interoperability among a growing number of proprietary methods of distributing DC power to network devices.
www.panduit.com /enabling_technologies/098749.asp   (1240 words)

 Power over Ethernet
A Power over Ethernet system comprises of an Ethernet switch and a Power-Hub or a Power over Ethernet enabled Ethernet switch, which serves as the power source, and a number of Power over Ethernet enabled devices, which are the loads.
Power is carried over the spare twisted pairs in a standard Category 5 Ethernet cable with negligible degradation of data communication.
Power over LAN™ (PoL) is the name given to the implementation of Power over Ethernet by the company PowerDsine.
www.omegacubed.net /power_over_ethernet/power_over_ethernet.html   (767 words)

 Power Over Ethernet
Power Over Ethernet is a revolutionary technology that integrates data, voice and power on standard Ethernet infrastructure providing new options for power distribution.
Powered solely by a single CAT5 Ethernet cable, the POET 6000 touch screen computer is easy to use and easy to install bringing new options to system designers.
Power is supplied over the data wiring using the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard, the same power source as Voice-over-IP telephones.
www.dspdesign.com /products?category_id=52   (245 words)

 Power Over Ethernet - Supply of Ethernet devices over data cable - HW server - power over ...
The signals in Ethernet are transported by twisted pairs, which are connected to signal transformers included in devices on both sides of the wire. The middle-points of coil winding are on the inner side of these transformers connected (according the original specification of Ethernet) to the ground over the isolating transformer.
Power supply over data lines from active elements – two pairs of wires are used and power supply is connected to middle-points of coil winding of isolating transformers.
Power supply over free wires from active elements - positive and negative voltage is transmitted over two unused pairs of wires, where the wires are jointed in devices on the end.
www.hw-server.com /docs/power_over_ethernet-PoE.html   (1513 words)

 Power over Ethernet (PoE)
At best, power supply installation and wiring adds labor and results in the mess of extra wiring; worst case, the lack of nearby AC power means devices cannot be installed where they are needed.
Power is carried on the same conductors as data.
Phantom Feeding – A technique for supplying power to a circuit in which the DC voltage is applied equally to two signal conductors, usually by simplexing the DC power using the center tap of signal coupling transformers.
www.bb-elec.com /tech_articles/Power_Over_Ethernet.asp   (1726 words)

 (PoE) Power over Ethernet DC Power Injector / Splitter
The Demarc single port Power over Ethernet DC Power Injector Injector/Splitter is passive Power-over-Ethernet device that provides DC power for one device.
The injector is typically installed near the Ethernet hub and the splitter near the end device for non POE enabled devices in that the unit can be used as either an injector or as a splitter.
When used as a splitter this unit splits the injected DC power from the Ethernet cable for use by certain non-PoE devices.
www.demarctech.com /products/reliawave-poe/reliawave-dc-injector.html   (222 words)

 JEFA Tech Power Over Ethernet
The device does not turn on power until it detects a valid POE signature from the devices attached downstream on the Ethernet cable.
Power (36 to 60V) is expected on ethernet pins 4/5 (V+) and 7/8 (V-) as per the IEEE 802.3af standard or pins 1,2,3,6 (Cisco Standard).
The Active POE Splitter from Pacific Wireless can be used by the original equipment manufacturer to supply power to remote equipment and devices without the expense of building in separate POE functionality into their equipment.
jefatech.com /category/e300   (574 words)

 PowerDsine Limited - The Power over Ethernet Pioneers
It is optimized for use in Ethernet switches, routers and midspans, allowing next generation network devices to share power and data over the same cable.
PoE Midspans can be used in conjunction with different switch vendors, and end-terminals which not comply with the PoE 802.3af standard.
The PD83000 high power controller uses both the data pair and spare pair to inject the power into the cable to achieve power of 30.8 to 56W.
www.poweroverethernet.com /sponsors.php?sponsor_id=12   (1108 words)

 Axis Communications - Power over Ethernet products
This means that power will only be delivered to products designed to accept power over the network and not to standard networked equipment such as desktop computer and laptops.
The Power over LAN Midspan can be connected to a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) device, which enables PoE-enabled devices, as well as non-PoE devices that use a Power over LAN Active Splitter, to continue to operate even when there is a power failure.
The Power over LAN Active Splitter is not compatible with Power over Ethernet-enabled switches.
www.axis.com /products/pol/how.htm   (338 words)

 ♠ WiFi | Power Over Ethernet
The power supply unit is auto-ranging 90-264VAC 50/60Hz and has a removable AC cord for universal compatibility.
The 5/12V DC power plug is a standard 5.5 x 2.1mm DC power adapter.
This is not a limitation of the POE equipment but rather a limitation of the Ethernet standards.
www.radiolabs.com /products/wireless/networking/power-over-ethernet.php   (549 words)

 PowerSense BL-6524   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Power is supplied over the existing LAN data cabling system.
If an individual power port is damaged due to a lightning strike or power surge, the module bank may be hot swapped out without powering down the chassis or disconnecting the other devices attached to the other power ports in the chassis.
Power is now supplied by the PowerSenseT Hub System to the phones directly over the existing LAN cabling infrastructure.
voipstore.atacomm.com /Shops/ViewItem.aspx/27934028032-32934137088.htm   (652 words)

 POE = Power Over Ethernet
Ethernet ports on PSE may supply a nominal 48 V DC power on the data wire pairs or on the "spare" wire pairs, but not both.
PoE is managed by a multi-stage handshake to protect equipment from damage and to manage power budgets.
Therefore a PSE is required to remove PoE power when a cable is unplugged, and to reapply power only after the signature and classification phases are correctly repeated.
www.altair.org /labnotes_POE.html   (1347 words)

 NYCwireless : Poe
A PoE module inserts DC voltage into the unused wires in a standard ethernet cable (pairs 7-8 and 4-5).
The idea is to supply the AP's power and UTP ethernet connectivity requirements via a single ethernet cable.
The power supply came as a bundled pack of about 12 that came with the last switch we purchased.
www.nycwireless.net /poe   (1912 words)

 Power Over Ethernet - The Definitive Resource
Perhaps the final frontier in the battle for dominance in industrial communications between field buses and Ethernet, is the ability to transmit power and data across the same wire.
The AXIS 216FD is a discreet Power Over Ethernet camera esigned to be resistant to tampering and high performance with simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG 4 support.
The rapid growth of the PoE PD market -- expanding at a compounded annual growth rate of almost 36 percent (Venture Development Corporation, June 2005) -- is being driven by the wide adoption of network appliances, wireless LANs and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones.
www.poweroverethernet.com   (999 words)

 PowerDsine Power over Ethernet Active Splitter
The PowerDsine family of Power over Ethernet active splitters enables the easy integration of Power over Ethernet technology into legacy equipment that is not compliant with the Power over Ethernet standards.
Power over Ethernet is a technology that accommodating data signals and power lines, running together over the same Ethernet twisted pair cable, from the central Ethernet switch up to the end device.
Network devices which can accept the injected DC power directly from the Category 5 cable through their network connection are considered to be “PoE Compatible” or “Active Ethernet Compatible”.
www.omegacubed.net /power_over_ethernet/active_splitter/active_splitter.html   (764 words)

 Power Over Ethernet
It is this regulated power supply in the Remote unit that differentiates the RPOE kit from simple POE kits.
The solution is RPOE, where a new DC power supply is used to feed a higher voltage into the 'bottom' of the cable.
After resistive losses in the cable there is still enough voltage to power a voltage regulator at the AP end of the cable.
www.freenet-antennas.com /RPOE/index.htm   (247 words)

 Power over Ethernet : Midspan power over ethernet (PoE), IEEE 802.3af compliant power injector for VoIP, Wireless ...
The Juice Box is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard and will also provide power to many legacy devices. With the Juice Box there is no need to replace your existing Ethernet infrastructure to realize the advantages of Power over Ethernet.
PoE allows power to be supplied to end devices, such as Wireless Access Points or VoIP Phones, directly through the existing LAN cables. By supplying the power mid-span, you can centralize power distribution and backup without the need to increase infrastructure.
Founded in 1977, System Engineering International is a leader in centralized, premises powering.  Our products power the majority of Centrex phone systems in the U.S. With a tremendous presence in the large business, education, and government markets, SEI has the experience to support the demanding requirement of the enterprise customer.
www.seipower.com /poe.htm   (485 words)

 Power Management DesignLine | Power over Ethernet Considerations for VoIP Networks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard is helping to give life to VoIP implementations by ensuring that VoIP phones can have a battery backed-up lifeline power source equivalent to that of older digital PBXs.
How PoE is implemented in an enterprise – either end-span or mid-span - will determine how big the issue is for the network equipment designer and whether they will need to adopt an external bulk DC power supply to cope with the load.
PoE can be deployed in one of two scenarios; either an enterprise replaces its LAN switching gear with PoE-enabled “end-span” switches, or they install a “mid-span” PoE-enabled patch panel or power hub that sits between the switch and the powered devices.
www.powermanagementdesignline.com /showArticle.jhtml?articleID=171200485   (768 words)

 Power Over Ethernet - hack a day - www.hackaday.com _
Power over ethernet lets you add a DC voltage source to the unused pairs in your ethernet cable.
This power can be used to power devices that are poe compatible by just plugging the cable into them.
POE is a good choice for powering devices in remote locations.
www.hackaday.com /entry/1234000823043871   (902 words)

 What is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)?
The Injector is typically installed in the "wiring closet" near the Ethernet switch or hub.
Therefore it is important to select the appropriate PoE devices for each piece of equipment you plan to power through the CAT5 cable.
Product Note: The Power Over Ethernet products listed on this page may also be referred to as: passive ethernet injector, passive ethernet splitter, passive splitter, passive injector, active ethernet injector, active ethernet splitter, active injector, active splitter, data / power splitter, DC injector and power injector.
www.hyperlinktech.com /web/what_is_poe.php   (534 words)

 Ethernet Gets Juiced - Networking Technology News by TechWeb   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Power over Ethernet, (PoE)--packing electricity and network access in a single cable--is a mighty solution.
Routers, hubs, switches, access points, and other kinds of network devices and appliances all require electric power, which means having an AC outlet nearby, one with enough juice to power a lot of power-hungry devices.
But because of the growing importance of PoE, a new group, the IEEE 802.3 Study Group, is considering modifications to the standard, including the delivery of higher levels of power.
www.techweb.com /wire/networking/54201933   (699 words)

 Choosing a Power-Over-Ethernet Approach
A power-sourcing device, which connects directly to the power source and is situated between the switch and access point, will detect the access point and inject the right amount of electrical current over unused pairs in the Cat5 Ethernet cable.
PoE hubs are a good approach to utilize when dealing with a large scale installation that has existing switches, such as adding a wireless LAN to an existing wired Ethernet network.
PoE hubs give an installer the ability to run power to multiple access points while using only one power outlet, saving time and preventing the huge headache caused by dealing with too many wires (and electricians).
www.wi-fiplanet.com /tutorials/article.php/2217841   (1118 words)

 Power over Ethernet generates buzz - Network World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Power over Ethernet is catching on with organizations looking to cut costs on wireless LAN deployments.
PoE, an IEEE standard since June, is available on switches from almost every major LAN infrastructure vendor, and IP telephony and WLAN equipment companies.
One is called mid-span, which involves running power over unused wire pairs in a LAN cable.
www.networkworld.com /news/2003/1124infrapoe.html   (737 words)

 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE IEEE 802.3af) products for IP network surveillance cameras.
Power and data are carried over standard Cat-5 cabling.
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), optimizes the installation and power management of network devices such as wireless access points (AP), Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, and IP-based surveillance cameras.
Free your wireless AP deployments and IP cameras from the restrictions of power outlet proximity and enable uninterruptible power supply for all your PoE devices.
www.byremote.net /products/poe   (813 words)

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