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Topic: Prairie Public Television

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  The NDSU Libraries: Germans From Russia
Prairie Public Television has produced a documentary about the cultures of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmarkshowing how those cultures are thriving today in our area communities.
For instance, The Germans From Russia: Children of the Steppe, Children of the Prairie premiered on Prairie Public Television in 1999, and has since aired on 70 public broadcasting stations in 26 states and four Canadian provinces.
Prairie Public Broadcasting, headquartered in Fargo, is a non-profit organization and community licensee that provides public television servicesthroughout North Dakota, northwestern Minnesota, southern Manitoba, and parts of Montana and South Dakota, and public radio service to North Dakota.
www.lib.ndsu.nodak.edu /grhc/order/tapes/scandinavian.html   (540 words)

 Prairie Business Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Public broadcasting was born, and continues to thrive thanks to support from the public—individuals, businesses, foundations, universities, and governments.
North Central Educational Television Association was formed at a time when the percent of American homes with a television had skyrocketed in 12 years from 9 to 90 percent.
Although competition has proliferated with the advent of cable and direct satellite reception, public television remains distinctive and is loved and supported by a fiercely loyal audience.
www.prairiebizmag.com /article.asp?id=521   (893 words)

 Public Television
Public-access television - Public-access television is a cable television service that allows members of the public to use a cable company's facilities and equipment to create and broadcast their own content.
Prairie Public Television - Prairie Public Television is a public television network primarily serving the U.S. Iowa Public Television - Iowa Public Television (IPTV) is a statewide public broadcasting network of television stations in the state of Iowa.
From AM radio to color television, broadcasting raised enormous practical public television and policy problems in the United States, especially in relation to the federal government's role in licensing public television and regulation.
www.freegrandmamorrone.com /publictelevision.html   (1210 words)

 Prairie Yard and Garden Broadcast Stations
Public television stations throughout Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa and the upper providences of Canada, can enjoy the Prairie Yard and Garden series either via broadcast or through a local cable provider.
Pioneer Public Television (PPTV) is the sponsor station of Prairie Yard and Garden.
Prairie Yard and Garden begins the broadcast season on PPTV January 2003.
www.morris.umn.edu /pyg/schedules/station_index.shtml   (268 words)

 Prairie Public Television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The flagship station for Prairie Public Television is KFME 13 of Fargo, ND.
Prairie Public Television (PPTV) started out in 1964 in Fargo, North Dakota as KFME, the first educational TV station to go on the air in the state of North Dakota.
Prairie Public also has two digital-only stations on the air in Devils Lake and Crookston, MN (east of Grand Forks), but they were planned on being built before KGFE received ice damage.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Prairie_Public_Television   (652 words)

 Minot State University
Along with increasing public awareness, the programs will examine issues of importance related to methamphetamine use, treatment and prevention that are impacting communities in North Dakota and other rural areas.
Prairie Public television stations in North Dakota include KSRE 6 in Minot, KBME 3 in Bismarck, KDSE 9 in Dickinson, KWSE 4 in Williston, KGFE 2 in Grand Forks, KFME 13 in Fargo, and KJRE 19 in Ellendale.
Prairie Public radio is carried in Plentywood, Mont., at 91.9fm, Thief River Falls, Minn., at 88.3fm and Winnipeg, Manitoba at 107.9 cable.
warp6.cs.misu.nodak.edu /news/000009.html   (542 words)

 Prairie Public Broadcasting
Prairie Public Broadcasting provides quality radio, television, and public media services that educate, involve, and inspire the people of the prairie region.
Prairie Public Broadcasting is a trusted public service dedicated to building an exciting and productive future for the prairie and its people.
Prairie Public Broadcasting offers a window on the world through national and regional television and radio programming; creates a forum for the most important issues facing our region with locally produced, topical documentaries; partners with others to foster education for all ages; and utilizes digital technology and Web services to expand those valued services.
www.volunteersolutions.org /firstlink/org/3272949.html   (223 words)

 Prairie Public - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Prairie Public is a public radio service of Prairie Public Broadcasting in association with North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota and the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
It was launched on 1 February 1999 as North Dakota Public Radio by bringing the radio stations of NDSU and UND under the same banner as Prairie Public's similarly-named predecessor, Prairie Public Radio, which served the western portion of the state.
Prairie Public is a member of National Public Radio, airing programs such as All Things Considered, and it also runs Public Radio International programs including Marketplace.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Prairie_Public   (478 words)

 Current.org | S.D. network relied on gambling proceeds
Attendance at Prairie's big bingo parlors is "down significantly'' because of the competition, and that has combined with the tax increase to reduce net gaming revenues by 40 to 60 percent, he says.
Until 1981, Prairie PTV had stayed away from gaming, says Falk, but reconsidered when public broadcasting's federal funding came under attack.
Prairie has big bingo operations in Grand Forks and Bismarck as well as its home town of Fargo, a smaller parlor in Dickinson, and plans to open shop in Minot later this year.
www.current.org /mo/mo412.html   (1429 words)

In German-Russian life, "food was love," and prairie mothers who left no record of their lives are remembered daily in the recipes and rituals of food preparation.
A collection of three award-winning public television favorites that have been broadcast throughout North America: Schmeckfest: Food Traditions of the Germans from Russia, Recipes from Grandma's Kitchen Volumes I and II and bonus footage of chefs and complete recipes for the meals featured in the Grandma's Kitchen programs.
From the Russian steppe to the grasslands of Argentina, from the American prairie to the tundra of Siberia, this ethnic group’s resourcefulness, particularly in the growing and preparation of food for their large families has become a rich legacy.
www.ahsgr.org /videos.htm   (835 words)

 Mark Ponstine Television in Education page
A semi-recent (Jan 99) study by the American Academy of Pediatrics we as a nation were warned that our children were watching an average of over 15 hours of television each week, while some averaged up to 55 hours a week when video games and computer screens were included.
For instance, after viewing a television show that took place during the days of the civil war, viewers can switch their TV over to take advantage of more in-depth content including interactive maps, biographies of real people living in similar situations, links to web sites with information on various related topics and much more.
See Prairie Public Television which has a website that intends to help us to discern which shows each week are appropriate for kids.
www.msu.edu /~ponstine/television.htm   (906 words)

 Public television, houston public television, public broadcasting television
Wisconsin Public Television and Wisconsin Public Radio are services of the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board and University of Wisconsin-Extension.
VPT is Vermont's statewide public television network, with seven broadcast channels to serve the entire state, as well as parts of New York, New Hampshire...
Romeoville Public Television (RPTV) was established in March 1992 to serve the diverse needs of Romeoville, Illinois through the medium of cable television.
www.malltm.com /public-television.html   (1113 words)

 Critical Acclaim for Prairie Crossing
Prairie Crossing has been nationally recognized in the press as one of the nation's leading conservation communities and for its innovations in planning and community design.
Prairie Crossing has also received repeated coverage on National Public Radio and on numerous television stations including WTTW Public Television and CNN.
Prairie Crossing may indeed provide a national and regional model urban development shaping the commissions of Midwestern planners and designers for years to come.
www.prairiecrossing.com /pc/site/press-links.html   (942 words)

 Rural folks informed thanks to the media
The Tribune got the nod in 1937 for "most disinterested and meritorious public service rendered by a newspaper." The paper won for a series of editorials and news articles on "Self Help in the Dust Bowl." The series was aimed at restoring the confidence of North Dakota's drought victims.
Television came to the Red River Valley in 1953, when WDAY-TV went on the air.
While public television in the Red River Valley has often had to beg for money - just as it has nationally - at the end of the millennium it's on the cutting edge of the newest television technology, digital broadcasting.
www.in-forum.com /specials/century/jan3/week31.html   (1077 words)

 Dickinson State University - Alumni News
The board meets quarterly at locations across the Prairie Public broadcast area, and all meetings are open to the public.
Prairie Public Broadcasting is a non-profit television and radio network that provides a wide range of education, technology and entertainment services to communities, schools and individuals.
Prairie Public Television is broadcast across North Dakota and into neighboring states and southern Manitoba.
www.dsu.nodak.edu /alumninews.asp?ArticleID=439   (214 words)

 TeacherSource . PRAIRIE PUBLIC TELEVISION TV Listings . Alphabetical Monthly Listing | PBS
Below are all the programs PRAIRIE PUBLIC TELEVISION is airing that have extended tapings rights for teachers.
In the U.K., public support for the Queen is gauged, and features Scottish Parliament member Tommy Sheridan, who believes she should be ousted.
At the helm in 2005 is David Brancaccio, who joined NOW in fall 2003 after a decade as host of public radio's 'Marketplace.' NOW pursues the stories overlooked by other public affairs broadcasts and travels the nation to shed light on the important public policy issues that have real-world impact on working Americans.
pbs.org /teachersource/planning/stations/fullalpha.shtm?station=KFME   (6227 words)

 Public Television Schedule   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
over 220 000 films and television programs and 27 million feet of newsreel footage we are the largest university held moving image archive in the world.
Please contact programming management Ready To Learn is public broadcasting?s on going contribution to our nation?s most important teleconference schedule; APT; American Public Television; programs; teleconference; schedule; conference Includes programming schedule and information about podcasting teleconferencing facilities.
MPBN The Maine Public Broadcasting Network is the Public Broadcasting System (PBS NPR) serving broadcast the Community Advisory Board.
www.porchfirecommunications.com /public-television-schedule.htm   (381 words)

 Prairie Business Magazine
When the Antiques Roadshowcrew from WGBH in Boston rolled into Bismarck on July 28, thousands of area residents joined by visitors from throughout the country waited patiently to have their treasures eyeballed by any of the professional appraisers traveling with the Roadshow.
Marie Lucero, director of communications for Prairie Public Television in Fargo, comments, “This was a wonderful event for North Dakota.
Walberg, 43, believes anyone looking for a career in television and show business, needs to start behind the camera and work their way to the other side of the lens.
www.prairiebizmag.com /article.asp?id=973   (1028 words)

 Milwaukee Public Television
Prairie Public Television - Prairie Public Television is a public television network primarily serving the U.S. Vermont Public Television - Vermont Public Television (VPT) is a network of public television stations throughout the state of Vermont, affiliated with PBS.
Traveling south, Rick sees Waterford crystal created milwaukee public television and climbs aboard an authentic "famine ship." To the west, Rick finds that the Dingle Peninsula is rich with rolling pastures milwaukee public television and rustic pubs.
Rick completes his journey in Northern Ireland, where passions over fine whiskey, political pride, milwaukee public television and foot-stomping music complete this portrait of a remarkable island.
www.freegrandmamorrone.com /milwaukeepublictelevision.html   (669 words)

 City Pages - The Digital Divide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
This year those same public broadcasters will be in St. Paul looking for a little payback--close to $21 million to help convert their analog signals to digital, a process the federal government mandated that public TV stations have completed by May of 2003.
It's a daunting task financially, and advocates for public television argue that if the state doesn't help offset the cost, they will lose a valuable resource (public stations that fail to become digital by 2003 will be forced to hand back their broadcast licenses and cease operation).
Twin Cities Public Television is already doing that, on an experimental basis, thanks to a $750,000 grant provided by the state in the late Nineties.
www.citypages.com /detail.asp?ArticleID=9392   (1828 words)

GRAND FORKS, ND -- "F-M River," a new multimedia production from Prairie Public Television, will promote a better understanding of the Red River of the North as a valuable resource and the primary source of drinking water for the Fargo—Moorhead community.
The project's partners are the EERC, River Keepers, Prairie Public Television, the cities of Fargo and Moorhead, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the North Dakota Department of Health, and Concordia College (Moorhead, Minn.).
The EERC is a research, development, demonstration, and commercialization facility recognized globally for its expertise in cleaner, more efficient energy technologies; air, water, and soil pollution prevention; water management; contamination cleanup and site remediation; waste management and utilization; advanced analytical methods; and education and training.
www.undeerc.org /newsroom/newsitem.asp?id=152   (395 words)

Prairie Public Broadcasting's RiverWatch began as an idea from community meetings after the catastrophic flood of 1997 damaged or destroyed thousands of homes, leaving thousands homeless throughout the Red River Valley of the North.
The group chose Prairie Public Broadcasting, with its technical capacity to gather and distribute information across the region and its ability to establish cross-border and cross-media relationships, to accomplish that initiative.
From 2001 through June 30, 2006, the project also consisted of television and radio components on Prairie Public Television and North Dakota Public Radio.
www.riverwatchonline.org /about_us/index.html   (325 words)

 NDSU University Relations News Media Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Prairie Public Television will debut the fourth documentary in its award winning German-Russian series.
Prairie Public Television will debut the fourth documentary in its award winning German-Russian series at public events in Bismarck, Fargo and Jamestown.
The documentary was produced by PPTV in partnership with the North Dakota State University Libraries’ Germans from Russia Heritage Collection and the German from Russia Cultural Preservation Foundation.
www.ndsu.nodak.edu /university_relations/news/wmview.php?ArtID=1790   (237 words)

 NDSU University Relations News Media Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Prairie Public Television's documentary "Prairie Crosses, Prairie Voices: Iron Crosses of the Great Plains" has been honored with two prestigious "2002 Communicator Awards." The national recognition includes the "Crystal Award of Excellence" in the broadcast television documentary category and an "Award of Distinction" in the creativity/videography category.
The program follows the history of traditional iron cemetery grave markers as the art form migrated from Germany to Russia and Ukraine and eventually to the Great Plains of the Dakotas, Kansas and Canada.
Major funding for the documentary was provided by the North Dakota Humanities Council, NDSU Libraries, the North Dakota Council on the Arts, which receives funding from the state legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts, and the members of Prairie Public Broadcasting.
www.ndsu.nodak.edu /university_relations/news/wmview.php?ArtID=813   (307 words)

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