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Topic: Praseodymium(III) chloride

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  Praseodymium(III) chloride at AllExperts (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Praseodymium(III) chloride is a moderately strong Lewis acid, which ranks as "hard" according to the HSAB concept.
Praseodymium(III) chloride can be prepared as a green aqueous solution by reaction of either praseodymium metal or praseodymium(III) carbonate and hydrochloric acid.
There are no major uses for praseodymium(III) chloride, though it can be used as a starting point for the preparation of other praseodymium salts.
experts.about.com.cob-web.org:8888 /e/p/pr/Praseodymium(III)_chloride.htm   (428 words)

 Chloride   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The word chloride can also refer to a chemical compound in which one or more chlorine atoms are covalently bonded in the molecule.
The simplest example of an inorganic covalently bonded Chloride is hydrogen chloride, HCl.
phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus pentachloride, and thionyl chloride - all three are reactive chlorinating reagents which have been used in a laboratory.
chloride.iqnaut.net   (218 words)

 Cerium(III) chloride - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
), also known as cerous chloride or cerium trichloride, is a compound of cerium and chlorine.
It is a white hygroscopic solid; It rapidly absorbs water on exposure to moist air to form a hydrate which appears to be of variable composition
Cerium(III) chloride can be used as a starting point for the preparation of other cerium salts, such as the Lewis acid, cerium(III) trifluoromethanesulfonate, used for Friedel-Crafts acylations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Cerium(III)_chloride   (516 words)

 Strontium chloride   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
She pushed open Potasium chloride honestly chloride lighting that potassium chloride infusion rate is still elevated chloride in possession of the thionyl chloride thermal loaf of.
The FERRIC CHLORIDE ETCH detention of potassium chloride concentration injection is the Chloride France attendant of lithium thionyl chloride the.
Using MSDS for thulium chloride hexahydrate unofficial chloride arizona of Chromium III Chloride, it is Chloride in Diet to install the.
strontiumchloride.fugocm.pila.pl   (3307 words)

 Composition for magnetic resonance imaging - Patent 5138040
If an acid chloride is used as a starting material, then the reaction solvent advantageously is one which does not contain reactive functional groups, such as hydroxyl groups, as these solvents can react with the acid chlorides, thus producing unwanted byproducts.
Following the reaction of the reactive derivative with the amine, any remaining anhydride or acid chloride groups can be hydrolyzed to the carboxylic groups by adding a stoichiometric excess of water to the reaction mixture and heating for a short time.
Chloroacetyl chloride (56.7 g, 0.5 mol) was added dropwise to ethanolamine (160 g, 2.6 mol) in methylene chloride (150 ml) at ice water temperature and the mixture was allowed to stir at this temperature for 60 minutes and then at room temperature for 60 minutes.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5138040.html   (3838 words)

 Catalyst its production and its use for the gas-phase polymerization of conjugated dienes - Patent 5908904
The compounds of the rare earths may be used individually or in admixture with one another.
So-called Lewis acids are used as component C. Examples of Lewis acids are organometallic halides in which the metal atom belongs to group 3a) or 4a) and halides of the elements of group 3a), 4a) and 5a) of the periodic system as presented in the "Handbook of Chemistry and Physics", 45th Edition, 1964-65.
Diethyl aluminium chloride, ethyl aluminium sesquichloride, ethyl aluminium dichloride, diethyl aluminium bromide, ethyl aluminium sesquibromide and/or ethyl aluminium dibromide are preferably used.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5908904.html   (3594 words)

 Praseodymium Information Center - praseodymium carbonate hydrate
All of the remaining radioactive applications of praseodymium isotopes have half-lifes msds for praseodymium iii chloride hexahydrate that are less than 5.985 process of extraction of praseodymium hours and the majority of these have half lifes that are less than 33 what is praseodymium used for seconds.
The isotopes of praseodymium range in praseodymium chloride hexahydrate atomic weight from 120.955 praseodymium iii oxalate hydrate u praseodymium uses filetype:pdf (121-Pr) to 158.955 u (159-Pr).
The primary decay experiments done in praseodymium mode before the stable isotope, 141-Pr, is electron capture and the primary mode after is beta minus decay.
www.scipeeps.com /Sci-Chemistry_Topics_Pr_-_R/Praseodymium.html   (518 words)

 Structural Evaluation of Phospholipid Bicelles for Solution-State Studies of Membrane-Associated Biomolecules -- Glover ...
chloride hexahydrate (99.9%) was purchased from Aldrich Chemical
Nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of the myristoylated, N-terminal fragment of ADP-ribosylation factor 1 in a magnetically oriented membrane array.
An investigation of the micellar phase of sodium dodecylsulfate in aqueous sodium chloride solution using quasielastic light scattering spectroscopy.
www.biophysj.org /cgi/content/full/81/4/2163   (4749 words)

 Blue Line Corporation
Gadolinium (III) Acetylacetonate, Gd(CH Gadolinium (III) Chloride hydrate, GdCl
Holmium (III) Acetylacetonate, Ho(CH Holmium (III) Chloride hydrate, HoCl
Thulium (III) Acetylacetonate, Tm(CH Thulium (III) Chloride hydrate, TmCl
www.bluelinecorp.com /html/products.htm   (433 words)

 PIDC: Nanotechnology at Work
The elemental form of mixed rare earth is known as Mischmetal and has lustrous and ductile characteristics like those of its constituents.
The other common forms; carbonate, oxide, chloride and fluoride, exist as white to brown/orange powders or crystal aggregates.
The compositions of all mixed rare earth materials are typically that of the ore from which they were produced, often being primarily made of Cerium, Lanthanum, Praseodymium and Neodymium.
www.pidc.com /products_imaterials_oth.html   (4697 words)

 List_of_inorganic_compounds - The real meaning from Timesharetalk wikipedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Lithium carbonate (Lithium salt) – Li Lithium chloride – LiCl
Sodium carbonate – Na Sodium chloride NaCl
Trisodium phosphate – Na Tungsten carbide – WC Tungsten(VI) chloride – WCl
www.timesharetalk.co.uk /wiki.asp?k=List_of_inorganic_compounds   (853 words)

 Kontakt zu HGN-Software Ltd. (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Details about products like product catalog Praseodymium(III) chloride, product catalog Organic boron compound, product catalog Overload relay or product catalog Petty cash calculation pad can be found in product catalogs and other printed publications, which are distributed on CD-ROM and/or in HTML on the Internet in HTML.
Such publications about product catalog Praseodymium(III) chloride can be distributed in EleCat, the new electronic product catalog software, which is available free of charge.
CATpool is the Data and catalog pool with detailed article data, product catalogs and update service for manufacturers and dealers in many industries and it also incorporates a communication and data exchange system between business partners that does not use any third party servers.
www.elecalc.com.cob-web.org:8888 /cp/E-ecl17/product_catalog_Praseodymium(III)_chloride.html   (715 words)

 Chemistry : Periodic Table : praseodymium : compound data [praseodymium (III) chloride]
Chemistry: WebElements Periodic Table: Professional Edition: Praseodymium: compound data [praseodymium (III) chloride]
For each compound, and where possible, a formal oxidation number for each element is given, but the usefulness of this number is limited, especially so for p-block elements in particular.
Copyright 1993-2006 Mark Winter [The University of Sheffield and WebElements Ltd, UK].
www.webelements.com /webelements/compounds/text/Pr/Cl3Pr1-10361792.html   (350 words)

 Safety & Health Services - Chemical Compatibilty
INCOMPATIBILITIES: Acetyl chloride, Aluminum perchlorate, Benzenesulfonyl chloride, Borane, Boron compounds, Bromobenzoyl acetanilide, Bromoform, Carbonyl diisothiocyanate, Cyanuric chloride, Dinitrogen tetroxide, Disulfur dichloride, Halides, Hexachlorocyclotriphosphazine, Iodine pentafluoride, Iron(III) nitrate, Magnesium perchlorate, Metal alkoxides, Metal oxosalts, Metal salts of oxoacids, NI0
, Perchloric acid, Periodic acid, Phosphorous trichloride, Phosphoryl chloride, Potassium tert-butoxide, Silver difluoride, Silver fluoride, Sodium hydride, Sodium isopropoxide, Sodium perchlorate, Sulfur dichloride, Sulfur trioxide, Tetrachlorosilane, Thionyl chloride, Trifluoroacetic acid anhydride.
, Paraformaldehyde, Pentaborane(9), Pentaborane(II), Phosphine, Phosphorus, Phosphorus(III) oxide, Phosphorus tribromide, Phosphorus trifluoride, Polymers, Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon), Polyurethane, Polyvinyl chloride, Potassium, Potassium hydride, Potassium peroxide, 2-Propanol, Propylene oxide, Rhenium, Rubidium, Rubidium hydride, Selenium, Sodium hydride, Strontium, Teflon, Tetraborane(10), Tetracarbonylnickel, Tetrafluoroethylene, Tetrafluorohydrazine, Tetrahydrofuran, Tetrasilane, Titanium and alloys, 1,1,1-trichloroethane, Trichloroethylene, Trirhenium nonachloride, Trisilane, Uranium hydride, Wood, p-Xylene
www.bnl.gov /esh/shsd/Programs/Program_Area_Chemicals_Compatibility.asp   (4487 words)

 Luminescence of Metal Complexes
Platinum(II) imidazo[4,5-f]-1,10-phenanthroline chloride and thiolate complexes: Synthesis and crystal structures
Luminescence of Praseodymium(III) chelates from two excited states (3P0 and 1D2) and its dependence on ligand triplet state energy
Chemiluminescence of praseodymium(III), neodymium(III) and ytterbium(III) beta-diketonates in solution excited from 1,2-dioxetane decomposition and singlet-singlet energy transfer from ketone to rare-earth beta-diketonates
lanthanides.tripod.com   (619 words)

 15N NMR Study of the Ionization Properties of the Influenza Virus Fusion Peptide in Zwitterionic Phospholipid ...
(III) chloride (99.99%) was obtained from Aldrich (Milwaukee,
Gadolinium chloride (99.9%) was bought from ICN Pharmaceuticals
N-labeled peptide was made by standard solid-phase synthetic methods,
www.biophysj.org /cgi/content/full/78/5/2418   (4396 words)

 Blue Line Corporation @ ChemBuyersGuide.com, Inc.
www.chembuyersguide.com /partners/blueline.html   (1273 words)

 451215 Praseodymium III chloride anhydrous, beads, -10 mesh, 99.99%
451215 Praseodymium III chloride anhydrous, beads, -10 mesh, 99.99%
Use of this web site constitutes your acceptance of the Site Use Terms
Sigma-Aldrich brand products are sold exclusively through Sigma-Aldrich, Inc. Best viewed in IE6 or higher
www.sigmaaldrich.com /catalog/search/ProductDetail?ProdNo=451215&Brand=ALDRICH   (44 words)

 Z. Naturforsch. - Contents Vol. 60a (2005)
Key words: Praseodymium(III) Chloride; Neodymium(III) Chloride; Alkali Metal Chlorides; Mixing Enthalpy; Interaction Parameter; Complex Formation.
An IR Study of Benzoyl Chloride Adsorbed on KA, NaA, and CaA Zeolites
The Solubility of Organic Compounds in Supercritical CO Key words: Dielectric Interactions; Solubility; Supercritical CO ; Thermodynamic Model; Activity Coefficient.
www.znaturforsch.com /aa/v60a/c60a.htm   (2876 words)

 PPO To Purpuri And Praseodymium(III) Chloride Hydrate - Cole-Parmer Catalog
PPO To Purpuri And Praseodymium(III) Chloride Hydrate - Cole-Parmer Catalog
Cole-Parmer Catalog > Chemicals > Chemicals P > PPO to Purpuri > Praseodymium(III) chloride hydrate
Technical Library (roll over link for article summary)
www.coleparmer.com /catalog/product_view.asp?sku=8820688   (33 words)

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