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Topic: Prayer

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  Upper Room Ministries | Living Prayer Center
After your call, your prayer concern will be forwarded to one of 300 Upper Room Covenant Prayer Groups located all over the world, who will pray for your request for an additional 30 days.
More than 30,000 prayer requests are received each month.
Prayer is simply conversation with God, and we are always welcome to approach the great God of the universe for a personal audience.
www.upperroom.org /prayer_center   (447 words)

  Prayer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Prayer is an effort to communicate with a deity or spirit, including a monotheist God, Saints, gods within a pantheon, or others; either to offer praise, to make a request, or simply to express one's thoughts and emotions.
Often, there are prayers to fit specific occasions, such as the blessing of a meal, the birth or death of a loved one, other significant events in the life of a believer, or days of the year that have special religious significance.
Prayers in Etruscan were used in the Roman world by augurs and other oracles long after Etruscan became a dead language.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Prayer   (3728 words)

 Encyclopedia Article: Prayer and worship
Exemptions Obligatory prayer is binding on all Baha'is between the ages of fifteen and seventy with the exception of the sick, though partial exemptions apply to travelers and menstruating women.
These include prayers for the fast and specific holy days, which have an importance nearly equal to the obligatory prayers, and prayers for purposes such as healing, intercession for the dead, safety, removal of difficulties and for particular occasions such as morning, night, leaving the house, and going to bed.
Prayer of the Signs In Islam a special form of obligatory prayer (salat) was to be said when frightening natural events occurred such as earthquakes and eclipses.
www.bahai-library.com /encyclopedia/prayer.html   (3985 words)

 Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer is drawn from ancient prayer practices of the Christian contemplative heritage, notably the Fathers and Mothers of the Desert, Lectio Divina, (praying the scriptures), The Cloud of Unknowing, St.
The root of all prayer is interior silence.
Contemplative Prayer is a prayer of silence, an experience of God’s presence as the ground in which our being is rooted, the Source from whom our life emerges at every moment.
www.centeringprayer.com /cntrgpryr.htm   (413 words)

 Muslim prayer - All About Turkey
In addition to the five daily prayers there are the tahajjud prayers, a late-night ritual practiced by Muhammad but not commanded by him, as well as tarawih prayers after the last prayer, salautal-isha, during the month of Ramadan.
It is noticeable that Islam has set the times of prayer in such a way that our spiritual recreation remarkably coincides with our physical nourishment, and combines the peace of mind with the relaxation of body.
The early Morning Prayer is due in the regular period of breakfast; the Noon Prayer coincides with the lunch period; the Mid-Afternoon Prayer falls about the break time for tea or coffee; the sunset Prayer is about the supper time; and the Evening Prayer corresponds with the late snack.
www.allaboutturkey.com /pray.htm   (1895 words)

 Centering Prayer by Thomas Keating
Contemplative Prayer is the normal development of the grace of baptism and the regular practice of Lectio Divina.
If this prayer is done in a group, the leader may slowly recite the Our Father during the additional 2 or 3 minutes, while the others listen.
The principal effects of Centering Prayer are experienced in daily life, not in the period of Centering Prayer itself.
www.thecentering.org /centering_method.html   (1253 words)

Prayer may be classified as vocal or mental, private or public.
prayer are also an evidence of the tendency in human nature to express inward sentiment by outward sign.
prayer of simplicity by Bossuet and those who follow his terminology, of simple attention to one dominant thought or Divine object without reasoning on it, but simply letting it recur at intervals to renew or strengthen the sentiments which keep the soul united to God.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12345b.htm   (5417 words)

 Technorati Tag: prayer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Pray to Saint Jude Send your prayers and petitions to the national shrine of St. Jude.
The 7 Great Prayers Pray the 7 great prayers everyday for an abundant and blessed life.
Prayer AIHT seeks to teach its students the "peace that passes understanding," and the "love (that) conquers all," through prayer.
www.technorati.com /tag/prayer   (483 words)

 Jewish Spirituality - Prayer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Prayer is a two-way street, speaking as well as listening.
Prayer is a serious exercise in introspection and self-transformation, where a new, better "self" emerges.
Prayer is not a half-hearted ritual recitation of words; it is an outpouring of the heart.
www.aish.com /spirituality/prayer   (920 words)

 Conference on Prayer by Abbot Marmion, O.S.B.
The essential element of prayer is the supernatural contact of the soul with God whence it imbibes that Divine life that is the source of all holiness.
Prayer is, then, the expression, under the action of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, of the sentiments that result from our Divine adoption in Jesus Christ; and that is why it is accessible to every baptized soul of good will.
During prayer itself, we ought not to disturb ourselves about the distractions we may happen to have, but remain faithful, and lead the mind gently back without violence, by the aid of a book if needful, to the subject that should be occupying us.
landru.i-link-2.net /shnyves/marmion.htm   (9131 words)

 Unity : Pray : Overview
Prayer is a way of life, a way to move through life with peace in our hearts.
Prayer is a tool, which we use to build our awareness of God within and to bring ourselves closer to God.
The Unity approach to prayer is affirmative, based on positive prayers and affirmations that have universal, interfaith appeal.
www.unityonline.org /pray_main.htm   (335 words)

 Prayer Webmail System
Prayer was the in house development name for this package, a simple play on words to acknowledge the strong influence that WING had over Prayer development, especially in the early days.
Prayer was designed to work with the Washington IMAP server, which has the most problems associated with transient IMAP connections.
Prayer provides a very basic theme system to control colours etc. There is no template mechanism to allow extensive overhaul of the user interface.
www-uxsup.csx.cam.ac.uk /~dpc22/prayer   (747 words)

 School Prayer: News
This legal bulletin from the ACLU discusses graduation prayer, bible distribution, equal access to school facilities, and religious holiday parties.
There is a secret about prayer in the public schools that the religious right doesn't want you to know: school prayer, like most religious activity, is legal.
In fact, laws requiring school prayer and Bible reading were not nearly as widespread as prayer advocates claim, were late-comers to the public education, were frequently and successfully challenged in court, and were on their way out when the Supreme Court handed down it's rulings in Engle v.
www.infidels.org /library/modern/church-state/prayer.html   (998 words)

 Prayer Requests
We may contact you by email to confirm that we are praying for you, but your prayer request and personal information will not be distributed or used for any other purpose.
Prayer groups from across the United States, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, and the Caribbean are waiting and willing to pray for your request.
Your prayer request will be lifted up in prayer for one month and all information is kept confidential.
www.elca.org /prayer/prayerrequest.html   (111 words)

 Prayer - ::Sal's Realm of RuneScape::
It will tell you which prayers you are using, the ones that you can use, and any ones that you can't use yet.
There are many different kinds of prayers that can aide you in battle, doing things from keeping an enemy from hitting you with his axe, to making your hits more powerful or even speeding up the recovery of your stats.
The Monk Robes are a spawn in the Prayer Guild, and aren't bought or obtained from a monster drop.
runescape.salmoneus.net /prayer.html   (1765 words)

 Prayer Wheels: Tibetan Spiritual Technology
The earliest known mention of prayer wheels is in an account written by a Chinese pilgrim, in 400 AD, while traveling through the area now known as Ladakh.
A Note on Buying Prayer Wheels: The cases for prayer wheels are often made separately from the mantra rolls, which are inserted in the case before the wheel is sold.
If you already own a wheel that has no prayers, one of the Tibetan stores or Internet vendors can probably get a mantra roll for you if you tell them the size of your wheel case (height and diameter of cylinder).
www.dharma-haven.org /tibetan/prayer-wheel.htm   (1536 words)

Prayer is attempted communication with supernatural beings (SBs) or metaphysical energies.
This type of prayer is called intercessory prayer (IP) because it is done to ask an SB or energy to intercede on behalf of oneself or someone else.
That is, if God or some other SB were to answer prayers and heal some patients but not others, depending upon which patients had prayers said for them, then we could never know whether anything occurred due to natural causes or due to divine intervention.
skepdic.com /prayer.html   (1549 words)

 Judaism 101: Prayers and Blessings
The most important part of any Jewish prayer, whether it be a prayer of petition, of thanksgiving, of praise of G-d, or of confession, is the introspection it provides, the moment that we spend looking inside ourselves, seeing our role in the universe and our relationship to G-d.
One purpose of prayer is to increase your awareness of G-d in your life and the role that G-d plays in your life.
The mindset for prayer is referred to as kavanah, which is generally translated as "concentration" or "intent." The minimum level of kavanah is an awareness that one is speaking to G-d and an intention to fulfill the obligation to pray.
www.jewfaq.org /prayer.htm   (2570 words)

 Prayer - Crosswalk.com
Send us your Prayer Request and you will be prayed for by name and need.
Your prayer will appear on the Pray for Others section of the Crosswalk.com site to be prayed for by visitors, and Daily Guideposts prayer volunteers.
Guideposts is committed to communicating positive faith-filled principles for people everywhere to use in successful daily living.
www.crosswalk.com /prayer   (279 words)

 Prayer Requests. World Center for Intercessory Prayer Page
Prayer Warriors: when you pray for these, click the bar below that says, "tell them you prayed for them" and a tiny email will be sent to them from this site, informing them that a Prayer Warrior just prayed for them.
She means well, but she is deciding what I like and don't like to suit changing her position.
All Prayers are less than one month old.
www.prayer.la   (1189 words)

 Awaken to prayer: how to pray as a Catholic
It says: "Christian prayer is not an exercise in self-contemplation, stillness and self-emptying, but a dialogue of love, one which "implies an attitude of conversion, a flight from 'self' to the 'You' of God".
If our prayer fits within God's objectives, will accomplish good, and is in line with what he has promised, then we should trust Him.) For stories on the power and action of God, see Walking on Water from the Resurrection House of Prayer.
Because of this all our prayer and "[a]ll other liturgical rites and all the works of the Christian life are linked with the eucharistic celebration, flow from it, and have it as their end." The General Instruction to the Roman Missal.
landru.i-link-2.net /shnyves/prayer.html   (8719 words)

Bible Passages on Prayer The quoted texts are to the Douay-Rheims version, with some editing to replace archaic words; scriptural links are usually to the NIV at Bible Gateway, unless from the apocrypha.
The Prayer of the Church An essay by Edith Stein, Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross Discalced Carmelite
Christian Prayer and Contemplation Forum A network of people seriously interested in the life of prayer and contemplation who share their questions, insights and experiences in order to help each other and to build the foundation for today's renewal of Christian spirituality
www.shc.edu /theolibrary/prayer.htm   (1147 words)

 Christian Prayer Warriors, Instruction on Prayer, We Will Pray For Your Requests
I have written and adapted a few articles on prayer that might be helpful to you in your personal devotions and your intercession for others.
Prayers, Blessings and Thanks Before Meals General graces, blessings and prayers of thanks that are suitable to be prayed at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Daily Prayers of Protection I offer these prayers to you not as a "cure-all pill" or mindless rite but as an effective way to pray over your family, home and self, on a daily basis, for God's protection and blessings.
psalm121.ca /prayer.html   (882 words)

 online prayer request page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
I would like to request prayers for calmness and for solutions to my present medical and financial situation.
A prayer request to my Father and Lord, thanking Him for His graciousness and power.
I would like to request prayers for everything to be well and successful with my situation - in Jesus Christ's name - Amen.
www.prayonit.com /pray.php   (2834 words)

 The Book of Common Prayer for the Episcopal Church
It has had its own Book of Common Prayer since the American Revolution; prior to that, of course, it was part of the Church of England.There have been four editions of the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer; all are presented here, starting with the latest and going back to the first.
The contemporary language portions of the 1979 BCP put into traditional language, along with other material of interest primarily to Anglo-Catholic parishes.
The Preface to the 1863 Hawaiian Book of Common Prayer, written by King Kamehameha, in English and Hawaiian.
justus.anglican.org /resources/bcp/bcp.htm   (297 words)

 CrossSearch category: Prayer
Prayer Ministry is a broad term that encompasses many different organized activities, but the best general description used is getting serious about prayer.
The mission of PrayerPower Ministries is to encourage the development of the life of prayer, and of an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ on the part of individuals and congregations within the Body of Christ.
This site encourages prayer for the victim's families of September 11th, the rescue workers, our country, government and the world in general as we are living in these perilous times.
www.crosssearch.com /Ministry/Prayer   (2354 words)

 Amazon.com: Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home: Books: Richard J. Foster   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
He writes of prayer of adoration and rest, sacramental prayer, meditation, and contemplation, and in the final section of the book moves outward into ministry, where prayer meets the needs of the world.
Among its 21 chapters you may find aspects of prayer that are very familiar to you (maybe you had never thought of them as prayer before) along with encouragement to focus and deepen your efforts in those areas.
It treats each aspect of prayer in enough depth to get the willing reader well on his or her way to a more effective and vital life of prayer.
www.amazon.com /Prayer-Finding-Hearts-True-Home/dp/0060628464   (1593 words)

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