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Topic: Precision Bass

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  Fender Precision Bass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Fender Precision Bass, known as "P-bass" for short, is an early model of the electric bass designed by Clarence Leonidas Fender on the electronics and his team crafting the body and neck, and brought to market in 1951.
Although the Precision Bass was first presented some 15 years after the original solid body, fretted, horizontal, electric bass produced by the Audiovox Manufacturing Company in Seattle, Washington, the Precision Bass enjoys the status of being the first mass-produced and commercially successful electric bass.
The double bass (also called Bass viol, Contrabass, or upright bass) is a very difficult instrument to master, is physically cumbersome, difficult to transport, and by the late 1930s was increasingly hard to hear with big horn sections or next to resonator or amplified electric guitars.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fender_Precision_Bass   (908 words)

 Bass guitar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Precision Bass (or "P-bass") evolved from a simple, uncontoured 'slab' body design similar to that of a Telecaster with a single piece, four-pole pickup to a contoured body design with beveled edges for comfort and a single "split coil pickup" (staggered humbucker).
Gibson basses also tended to be smaller, sleeker instruments; Gibson did not produce a 34" scale bass until 1963 with the release of the Thunderbird, which was also the first Gibson bass to utilize dual-humbucking pickups in a more traditional position, about halfway between the neck and bridge.
Fretless basses have a distinct sound: the absence of frets means that the string must be pressed down directly onto the wood of the fingerboard and can buzz against it as with the double bass, sometimes described as a "mwaah" sound by bassists.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bass_guitar   (4453 words)

 Acoustic bass guitar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The acoustic bass guitar (also called ABG or acoustic bass) is an acoustic string instrument based on the configuration of the electric bass pioneered by Leo Fender's electric Fender Precision Bass.
Unlike the electric bass guitar, which is generally a solid body instrument, the acoustic bass guitar usually has a hollow wooden body similar to (though usually somewhat larger than) that of the steel-string acoustic guitar.
Thin-body semi-acoustic basses such as the violin-shaped Höfner made famous by the early Beatles and several Fender models are not normally regarded as acoustic basses at all, but rather as hollow-bodied bass guitars.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Acoustic_bass_guitar   (843 words)

 Fender Sting Signature Precision Bass Guitar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
It was in pristine condition and includes Fender '51 Precision Bass Reissue chrome pickup and bridge covers.
In keeping with it's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Precision Bass in 1951, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) will honor the musical accomplishments of two artists and their very distictive instruments with Signature Models.
For fans of Sting, one of the world's most visible bass playing front men, the image of his 1953 P-Bass is one that transcends a musical career of more than 25 years - from The Police to very illustrious solo career.
www.jimlawrence.net /BASSES/stingbass.html   (231 words)

 Fender Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, P-Bass
While it wasn't the first electric bass on the market (Audiovox holds that claim), the Precision Bass was the first electric bass to be mass produced, a method Fender first pioneered with their Telecaster guitar.
By allowing the bass guitar to be amplified and therefore better heard, it suddenly played a more dominant role in the band and added a lot of depth to the rhythms of popular music.
It was so named, partly because the sound of the bass was slightly different (perhaps one could argue more "jazz-like") but more so because it was thought the shape and contours of the instrument might appeal more to jazz players making the switch from an upright bass.
www.allaboutfender.com /bass.htm   (421 words)

 Bass Player - '50s Precision Bass Added to Fender's Classic Series   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Bass Player magazine is your source for acoustic and electric bass guitar tabs, chords and free online bass guitar lessons, tutorials and videos for both beginner and professional.
As with its predecessors, the new Fender '50s Precision Bass guitar is a straight-ahead, no-nonsense instrument.
Its alder body and split single-coil Precision Bass pickup evoke the signature tone of the instrument, which has provided the backdrop for uncountable recordings and live performances since its inception more than 50 years ago.
www.bassplayer.com /story.asp?sectioncode=49&storycode=9852   (330 words)

 Bass Player - Fender Jaguar Bass & Pino Palladino Precision Bass
With the switching system, you can set the bass to offer both active and passive sounds; for example, you could keep your passive tone for the main groove and switch to the active circuit, with a preset bass and treble boost, for a slap passage.
Since the Pino Palladino Precision is an Artist model Relic and not a Tribute model’s attempt at an exact copy (like the Jaco Pastorius Tribute Jazz Bass), it doesn’t try to mimic the dings and belt buckle scratches of Pino’s bass.
The bass sounded warm and punchy when I cranked the tone knob and played with a light touch, and responded with a woody bark when I dug in hard.
www.bassplayer.com /story.asp?sectioncode=13&storycode=14058   (1773 words)

 Information and photos of vintage Fender Jazz bass and Precision Bass guitars.
The Precision bass included a Slab double cut away ash body, a single coil pickup, one piece 34" neck (Maple).
The fingerboard was tapered and narrower than the Precision bass and the body was Alder rather than Ash.
This is an olympic white example of a precision bass.
www.rocknrollvintage.com /information-on-fender-bass-guitars.htm   (379 words)

 Definition of Fender Precision Bass
The Fender Precision Bass, know as "P-bass" for short, is a Bass Guitar model created by Leo Fender in 1951.
With a body designed after that of the the Fender Telecaster electric guitar, the Precision Bass was the first mass-produced electric bass guitar.
The Precision Bass is the most popular bass guitar of all time, and is still being manufactured today.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Fender_Precision_Bass   (154 words)

 Fender Standard Precision Bass Guitar RW Black
Fender invented the Electric Bass in 1951 in response to requests from musicians for a louder, easier-to-handle bass.
This new instrument was named the Precision Bass.
The Fender Standard Series guitars and basses are the bedrock of the Fender family of guitars.
www.imuso.co.uk /ProductDetail.asp?StockCode=EG00042   (213 words)

 Sting Precision Bass Review | Fender | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
This '50s-style Precision Bass features a vintage-style single-coil pickup, contoured body with 2-color sunburst finish and the King Of Pain's signature in the block pearl inlay at the 12th fret.
His namesake '50s-style Precision Bass features a vintage-style single-coil pickup, contoured body with 2-Color Sunburst finish and the King of Pain's signature in the block pearl inlay at the 12th fret.
If looks and nostalgia were the only factors at play, this bass would be a winner.
www.ultimate-guitar.com /reviews/bass_guitars/fender/sting_precision_bass   (432 words)

 Steve Harris Precision Bass Review | Fender | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
This is a late 2001 oe early 2002 Fender japanese masde bass.
It's a P Bass with lots of bottom and lots of mids.
This bass was inexpensive, plays great, sounds killer, looks killer, and has a bass hero's scrawl on the headstock to go with the Eddie logo to boot.
www.ultimate-guitar.com /reviews/bass_guitars/fender/steve_harris_precision_bass/index.html   (499 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Fender Standard Precision Bass 013-6100 at Epinions.com
If you are looking for a great sounding, high quality electric bass guitar, but still need to keep "price" in mind, give this bass some strong consideration.
That bass had cheap hardware, cheap electronics and sounded like it had a sock tied around the strings.
I preferred the sound of the Standard Precision bass, (more booming and less like a stand-up jazz base), and it was $100.00 less than the jazz bass.
www.epinions.com /content_114037198468   (623 words)

 Fender 55 Precision Bass Closet Classic Maple   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Fender 55 Precision Bass Closet Classic Maple Discerning players who want the detailed vintage design and performance elements of the second-generation Precision Bass guitars of the mid-'50s will love this instrument.
This '55 Precision Bass model, while stunning in its own right, is a faithful recreation of its original ancestor.
This bass features our "Closet Classic" treatment-built as if it was bought new in its respective model year, played maybe a few times per year and then carefully put away.
www.amazing-guitars-for-sale.com /70697848495350534850.php   (150 words)

 Musicman Stingray bass Guitar, Fender Precision Bass Guitar, Dr Pickup   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
1975 Fender Precision bass renovation (0601) by DNG Paris Before and after shots - this guitar had been left 20 years in the case with strings at full tension so the neck was not intonating right.
I will be doing a Precision shoot out soon like my Telecaster shootout.
Philip Bottomline's Musicman Bass in front of a 100 Watt Hi watt amplifier and 4*70 watt Fane Speakers.
www.geocities.com /BourbonStreet/4089/bass.html   (526 words)

 Gruhn Guitars Fender Precision   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Leo Fender's fame may rest on the Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars, but the most influential, the most revolutionary Fender instrument was the Precision Bass.
Before the P-Bass was introduced in 1951, few had even imagined a fretted electric solidbody bass guitar.
Now the electric bass is the established standard in most forms of popular music.
www.gruhn.com /features/pbass58/BF2485.html   (134 words)

 Phat Fender Precision Bass Pick
Just like the Precision Bass Finger in character, body, and feel, but with a pronounced pick attack that lets this instrument hold its own amidst heavier musical settings.
Multiple velocities and configurations of down and up pick samples and FX will put you in the driver's seat as you motor down the musical highway with your own bad self.
Continuing in the tradition of Sonic Implants’ fine line of guitars and basses, a new collection of classic instruments with all the fidelity, playability, and realism you’ve come to expect from the Sonic Implants name.
www.sonivoxmi.com /ProductDetail.asp?Item=PBassPick   (363 words)

 Cheap Warwick Bass Guitar
A jazz bass will be a bit more suited to a guitar player as the neck is thinner than the P-Bass.
As for Bass pre amplification before tracking to disk, many bass players and recording engineers would agree that you can't go wrong with the SANS Amp Bass Driver DI.
Bass Guitar refers to electric and acoustic basses - stringed instruments similar in design to the guitar, but with longer scale and tuned lower in pitch.
www.titoslack.com /cheap-bass-guitar/Cheap-Warwick-Bass-Guitar.html   (721 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Fender Standard Precision Bass at Epinions.com
I bought a couple other cheaper basses that looked cool but that sounded wimpy and trebly compared to my Fender P. My P bass served me well for a couple years, until I unfortunately fell onto hard times and hocked it...
I got tired of borrowing friend's basses to record with, so I decided it was time to purchase a four-string muthasucker.
This bass is fun and easy to play, with it's slim,long neck and light body, and is not a bad bass, especially for 300 clams.
www.epinions.com /content_33235897988   (545 words)

 Scotty Moore - Fender Precision Bass
In April of 1957 Bill Black acquired a Fender Precision Bass.
According to Sid Lapworth from O.K. Houck's it was shortly after Elvis first moved in to Graceland.
The 55/56 Fender Precision Bass has a 34" scale length and featured a two tone sunburst finish on a solid Ash or Alder body, 20 fret Maple neck, 1 single coil pickup, Nickel/Chrome plated hardware with a Volume and Tone control.
www.scottymoore.net /55PBass.html   (228 words)

 Precision Bass - Guitars / Bass Guitars Shopping at dooyoo.co.uk
I bought this, my first bass, in January 1999.
This bass takes some serious beating - and sounds phat after you've bounced it off the walls, eaten it, crapped it out twice and then burned the bottom half.
This was my first bass and, with any inexperienced player, i went with what was cheap.
www.dooyoo.co.uk /guitars-bass-guitars/precision-bass   (226 words)

 Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass V | Sweetwater.com
The American Deluxe Precision Bass also features new lightweight tuners with a lower gear ratio for precise tuning and a smooth feel.
Each American Deluxe Precision Bass incorporates abalone dot position inlays, rolled fingerboard edges and highly detailed nut and fretwork.
All American Deluxe Precision Basses include a five-bolt neck plate, a sculpted heel for easier access to the upper frets and a chromed steel bridge plate with nickel-plated brass saddles.
www.sweetwater.com /store/detail/PBassADRVBlk   (272 words)

 Fender Highway 1 Precision Bass Guitar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
A standard vintage split single-coil Precision Bass pickup mounted in a 3-ply White/Black/White pickguard maintains classic American styling and tone.
Some of my other basses cost literally 5 times as much, but nothing matches the feel and the TONE of the Highway 1 Precision.
I have been playing bass for about 3 years and I am looking for a new one.
www.music123.com /Fender-Highway-1-Precision-Bass-i90252.music?t=1   (628 words)

 Buy Fender© Standard Precision Electric Bass Guitar online at Musician's Friend   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Fender Precision is precisely the bass for you.
Just an additional reminder: No matter what kind of bass you have, it is always limited by the amp you use.
I own 6 basses, 3 of which are made by Fender.
www.musiciansfriend.com /product/Fender-Standard-Precision-Bass?sku=516041&src=3SOSWXXB   (730 words)

 Fender Standard Precision Bass review at Music Gear Review
Primarily, the difference between the American and Mexican versions of the Precision Bass is in the body and hardware.
As a beginning bass player, you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference in sound, and with the addition of a decent bass effects processor in your setup, many of the sonic qualities of the more expensive American sibling can be reproduced.
Fender fully intended the Standard Precision Bass to be an instrument for those who are just getting started, or who are on a budget.
www.musicgearreview.com /reviews/fender-p-bass.htm   (671 words)

 Squier Precision Bass   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
This neck is slimmer (1.5" at the nut) than that of the Precision bass necks.
The Jazz bass pickup is positioned at the bridge while the PBass pickup is placed in the normal position.
The three knobs on the bass are: Neck Pickup Volume, Bridge Pickup Volume, and a master Tone control.
www.kellyindustries.com /guitars/squier_pbass_4string.html   (321 words)

 Fender Australia: Mike Dirnt Precision Bass
It all started because I always wanted to play one of these basses (vintage ’51 Precision Bass®, but I never had the heart to pay three grand for one of the vintage ones and then gut it.
He asked me if I would consider having it be an Artist Series bass and I asked him if he would consider putting in some “Hot Rod” P Bass pickups in it with a BadAss bridge.
To me this bass is the ultimate other option for a bass player to play.
www.fender.com.au /feature/mikedirnt   (951 words)

 Fender Standard Series Precision Bass | Sweetwater.com
Bass Guitars > Bass Guitars > 4-String Bass Guitars > Fender Standard Series Precision Bass
Ask questions, get answers about the Fender Standard Series Precision Bass in Sweetwater's Bass Forum.
Standard Precision features a comfort-contoured body, rosewood fingerboard and split-coil hum-canceling pickup.
www.sweetwater.com /store/detail/PBassSTRMDW   (198 words)

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