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Topic: Prescriptions regarding gender roles

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In the News (Thu 27 Jun 19)

  Gender roles - Psychology Wiki - a Wikia wiki
Gender roles have long been a staple of the Nature/Nurture debate: Traditional theories of gender usually assume that one's gender identity, and hence one's gender role, is a natural given.
Gender role can vary according to the social group to which a person belongs or the subculture with which he or she chooses to identify.
When an individual exhibits a gender role that is discordant with his or her gender identity, it is most often done to deliberately provoke a sense of incongruity and a humorous reaction to the attempts of a person of one sex to pass himself or herself off as a member of the opposite sex.
psychology.wikia.com /wiki/Gender_roles   (4291 words)

 Gender role - T-Vox
Gender is one component of the gender/sex system, which refers to "The set of arrangements by which a society transforms biological sexuality into products of human activity, and in which these transformed needs are satisfied".
As long as a person's perceived physiological sex is consistent with that person's gender identity, the gender role of a person is so much a matter of course in a stable society that people rarely even think of it.
Only in cases where, for whatever reason, an individual adopts a gender role that is inconsistent with his or her perceived gender identity will the matter draw attention.
www.t-vox.org /index.php?title=Gender_role   (3857 words)

 Gender role :: Web Articles ::
In the social sciences and humanities, a gender role is a set of behavioral norms associated with a given gendered status (also called a gendered identity) in a given social group or system.
Gender role can influence all kinds of behavior, such as choice of clothing, choice of work and personal relationships; e.g., parental status (see also Sociology of fatherhood).
Gender roles have long been a staple of the Nature/Nurture debate: "folk" theories of gender usually assume that one's gender identity is a natural given.
www.webarticles.com /Society/People/Gender-role   (3726 words)

 Gender role - Susan's Place Transgender Wiki
However, some have argued that gender roles themselves are abstractions of overall differences between men and women, introducing the idea of circularity and the idea of the social reinforcement of natural tendencies leading to a factitious separation between the activites of males and the activities of females.
There is not complete tolerance of all female gender roles — there is some lasting prejudice and discrimination against those who choose to adhere to traditional female gender roles (sometimes termed being a "girly girl"), despite feminism, in theory, not being about the choices made but the freedom to make that choice.
Cross-dressing is also quite common in gay and lesbian culture, but it is usually restricted to festive occasions (though there are certainly people of all sexual orientations who routinely engage in various types of cross-dressing, either as a fashion statement or for entertainment).
wiki.susans.org /index.php/Gender_role   (3868 words)

 Sociology 357: Methods of Sociological
However, in moving from the pre-college classroom to the college classroom, I believe the effects of gender on interaction lessen, as males and females shape their behavior not towards gendered roles, but rather towards the expected roles of the student in the elevated classroom.
The gender of the instructor, age of the student, material of the course, and assertiveness as a participatory method are some factors that have been tested for their contribution to gender differences in participation
According to the literature, prescribed gender roles affect pre-college classroom participation, yet it is arguably a student’s adherence to these norms in college that affect gendered classroom participation.
www.ssc.wisc.edu /~zzeng/lipps.htm   (2813 words)

 Prescriptions regarding gender roles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In most, if not all societies, there are prescriptions regarding gender roles.
The traditions, and sometimes the laws, of a society often direct that certain career choices and lifestyles are appropriate to men, and other career choices and lifestyles are appropriate to women.
Men who defy or fail to fulfill their expected gender role are often called effeminate.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Prescriptions_regarding_gender_roles   (212 words)

 Gender Identity in Consumer Behavior Research: Review and Research Agenda by Kay Palan (2001)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Gender role refers to the culturally-derived behaviors and activities associated with masculinity or femininity that individuals choose to adopt.
While gender identity is certainly related to both gender roles and gender role attitudes, it does not necessarily have to be congruent with gender role or gender role attitudes (Deaux 1985; Fischer and Arnold 1994).
Accordingly, masculinity and femininity are conceptually distinct from gender role expectations, attitudes, preferences, and behaviors, and the use of the BSRI and the PAQ, which measure masculine and feminine traits, should be limited to studies measuring variables relevant to instrumentality and expressiveness.
oxygen.vancouver.wsu.edu /amsrev/theory/palan10-01.html   (12554 words)

 [No title]
Influence of gender, masculinity, and femininity on the effectiveness of three stress reduction techniques: Jogging, relaxation response, and group interaction, Special issue: Gender Roles, Sport, and Exercise.
Pollard, W.R. Gender stereotypes and gender roles in cross-cultural education: The cultural assimilator.
Gender roles and the categorization of gender-relevent behavior.
www.sp.uconn.edu /~yian/frl/11gender.htm   (2902 words)

 Gender role - WebArticles.com
Scientists used to believe that gender was universally ascribed; today most recognize that elements of gender can be achieved.
In 1987, Connell did extensive research on whether there are any connections between biology and gender role4 and concluded that there were none.
Same-sex domestic partners also challenge traditional gender roles because it is impossible to divide up household responsibilites along gender lines if both partners attempt to fill the same gender role.
www.webarticles.com /print.php?id=201   (3689 words)

 Gender and Development
Gender and gender equality is clearly one of the key priorities or levers for more effective development.
Often gender issues are noted under a separate heading on "cross-cutting issues." But the implications of this cross-cutting issue are not systematically drawn in other sections of CAS reports.
A gender gap in education deprives the network of knowledge.The network of work, which is also important for social capital, is also deprived by a gender gap in the paid labor force, which is large and understated because women only get low-paid work.
www.worldbank.org /wbi/gender/sum.htm   (17690 words)

 Gender Studies
Regarding war, difference feminists argue that women, because of their greater experience with nurturing and human relations, are generally more effective than men in conflict resolution and group decision–making, and less effective than men in combat.
Rather than take gender as two categories of people that really exist (whether they are very different or hardly different), postmodern feminists see gender itself, and gender roles in war, as fairly fluid, contextual, and arbitrary.
Therefore gender is everywhere, and some scholars reveal and deconstruct the implicitly gender–laden conceptual frameworks of both theorists and practitioners of war.
www.warandgender.com /wggenstu.htm   (4157 words)

 Equallearning.com - Gender role
Women choose to be housewives more often than men chose to be 'househusbands'.
Another is the metrosexual, a male who adopts or is born with (Arguable) similarly "female" grooming habits.
Women have previously attended hairdressers courses in higher rates than men, this is in the process of changing with an increasing amount of men becoming interested in a career within the hairdressing industry.
www.equallearning.com /gender-mainstreaming/Gender_role.php   (2523 words)

 Charge for Gender Studies Committee -- Missouri State Porfolio for HLC Accreditation
The Gender Studies program at SMSU was founded over twenty years ago by a group of interested faculty members.
A core component of the introductory course is to facilitate students’ making their non-conscious ideologies conscious so that they might become less sexist and, in so doing, develop a new civility that includes an understanding of and respect for individuals based on their shared humanity rather than on some artificial, socially constructed prescription for behavior.
The goal is to expand the number of GST Faculty as well as the breadth of the GST curriculum, and to facilitate interdisciplinary discourse.
www.missouristate.edu /hlc/charges/report.asp?id=91   (939 words)

 [No title]
In addition, PHS and other governmental agencies were urged to develop guidelines and regulations to assure that gender discrimination would be minimized in all health programs and plans.
It is estimated that 70% of antidepressant prescriptions are written for women, often with inappropriate diagnosis, dose amount and monitoring.
According to ADAMHA, additional research is necessary to evaluate gender differences, and the physiological and psychological effects of therapies for depression in women.
www.mith2.umd.edu /WomensStudies/GenderIssues/WomensHealth/phs-agenda   (6794 words)

 Judith Fagan
In fact, this text may be the most foundational of all religious texts for thinking about gender.
Chapter 30 is a part of the instructions of how the people are to live as they make a new life in a new land.
The sacred texts of Christianity offer some enticing suggestions about the role of women in early Christianity, but whatever role women held among the various groups that aligned themselves with Christianity during the first century, orthodox Christianity proceeded patriarchally.
www.religiousstudies.uncc.edu /jfagan/3000gender/biblequestions.htm   (1159 words)

 regarding - OneLook Dictionary Search
regarding : The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]
Phrases that include regarding: self regarding, accusations regarding the six-day war, ethical arguments regarding torture, prescriptions regarding gender roles, regarding henry, more...
Words similar to regarding: concerning, regard, vis-a-vis, anent, asto, as to, inre, in regard to, in relation to, with reference to, with regard to, with respect to, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=regarding   (270 words)

 Psychological Tests
Describes 211 scales in 7 chapters: Gender Roles, Children and Gender, Stereotypes, Marital and Parental Roles, Employee Roles, Multiples Roles, and Attitudes Toward Gender Role Issues.
Describes 235 measures, organized into 11 chapters: Sex Roles, Sex Stereotypes, Sex Role Prescriptions, Children's Sex Roles, Gender Knowledge, Marital and Parental Roles Employee Roles, Multiples Roles, Attitudes Toward Women's Issues, and Somatic and Sexual Issues.
Provides general information regarding the content and procedures associated with 976 tests that have been developed and used over the past 50 years.
libweb.uoregon.edu /guides/tests   (555 words)

 NCPIE: National Council on Patient Information and Education
She has "a longstanding interest in effective communication and counseling regarding patients' medications, specifically related to patients with asthma and other lung diseases," noted her UNC colleague Dennis Williams, Pharm.D., who nominated her.
She "assumed a leadership role in the evaluation and assessment of a brochure to educate patients about changes occurring with their inhalation drug therapy," continued Williams.
With wide dissemina-tion of the report, the Alliance aims to educate policymakers, health care professionals, the media and others about the extent of medication-related problems in older adults, and motivate them to implement some of the report's recommendations.
www.talkaboutrx.org /about_otherprogs.jsp   (2552 words)

 Looking for a Therapist or Mental Health Resources, these pages have hundreds of options including a library of ...
However, they are not the only ways that eating is dysfunctional, as our multimillion dollar weight loss industry shows.Eating poorly or dysfunctionally can be caused by many situations.
These situations include poverty, low self-esteem, sexual abuse, troubles with gender identification or roles, the inability to express emotions, perceived powerlessness, dietary misinformation, gratification needs, and many others.
You should consult a healthcare professional regarding health issues and advice on treatment.
www.provisionsconsulting.com /articles/eating_disorders.htm   (289 words)

 Patient-Physician Relationship
Implement a social questionnaire, understanding the role that gender, age, race religion and other non-medical information play in treatment and care.
Be open to education by the patient and remain objective when reviewing outside information-including the use of alternative/nontraditional therapies.
At this year’s Summit, researchers at Johns Hopkins also conducted an on-site survey of Summit participants regarding the impact of the event on individuals and their own relationships with their patients and/or physicians.
www.patient-physician.com /pr1.asp   (942 words)

 Parent's Corner from Minding Manners, Childrens and Youth Etiquette Reading Recommendations
You are now invited to browse and click on the links below for Web Links and Book suggestions regarding various developmental topics for children, teens, young adults and the parents raising them.
Includes Advice on: Interviewing, Gender Roles in the Workplace and Conducting Meetings.
Includes some prescriptions for changing society and helping girls resist.
www.mindingmanners.com /parentscorner.php   (1475 words)

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