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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

 Song-Poem News
The New Now Sounds is an extremely high-concept production, for which Art Issues Press (affiliated with the magazine Art Issues) solicited song-poem-styled lyrics from a batch of their favorite visual artists, then commissioned the setting of them to music by a variety of composers and then recording artists.
Following is the text of a press release from the producers of Great Unknowns, a fictionalized account of the Hollywood song-poem scene of the mid-1960s.
A handful of the songs were done by Magic Key Productions, a professional song-poem studio whose roots trace back to MSR itself, but Art Issues Press does not clarify exactly who is responsible for the others. /news.htm

 Puddle of Mudd: Come Clean - DVD Easter Eggs
Press your Enter button to reach a submenu of song titles.Press right to highlight the song Control.Press up and a Puddle Of Mudd logo will appear.
Press your Enter button to view a live performance of the song 'Drift and Die'.
Puddle of Mudd: Come Clean - DVD Easter Eggs /films/33529.html   (74 words)

 karan casey - irish music - press
She also has a keen eye for good contemporary ones and is not frightened of songs that address issues and express opinions.
In Irish is Bata is Bothar, which translates as "The Stick and the Road," and is another song about being away from one's homeland in search of work and a better life.
The appealing reel translates as a kind of joyful love song, about young man courting a girl named Morag. /press.htm   (74 words)

 Gusmusic.:.Gus Black.:.Press
Black (born Gus Penaloza) is a Los Angeles native who's wanted to be a singer-songwriter since the age of 5, although it took some experimenting with other styles of music before he actually became one.
This is Gus Black's first album to be released in Ireland, yet it's the third full-length offering from a singer and songwriter who has garnered moderate crossover success in the US through the inclusion of his songs on the likes of TV shows (Alias, Dawson's Creek) and movies (Scream, The Long Kiss Goodnight).
When Black performed ‘Paranoid’ in Antwerp, consumed by the song, he began to sing ‘War Pigs’, another Sabbath song. /press.php   (74 words)

 The Ledge - Take this spork.....
Here is the Spork song my friend Marilee wrote - well she didn't write the song - just the lyrics - it's actually an old church hymn - can't remember which one...but here's the song:
I couldn't remember which thread sporks came up in - and rather than search through a bunch on my crappy dial-up connection I just thought I'd start a new and pointless thread for this
I had quite the laugh when she e-mailed it to me today - it just brought back good memories of the spork parties /showthread.php?s=200a0710748fd040e77c1451710acfa2&t=18335   (74 words)

 NCW--Selected Publications of Jim Reese
Plains Song Review, Volume VII, University of Nebraska Press (Center for Great Plains Studies), 2005.
Plain Song Review, University of Nebraska Press, Volume IV, 2002.
Plains Song Review, volume 2, University of Nebraksa Press, 2000 /NCW/reesebib.htm   (461 words)

 stone temple pilots guitar tab / tablature / note / chord / lyrics , song: press play btab
Song: Press Play Artist: Stone Temple Pilots Album: Tiny Music...Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop Tabbed by: Mike Witte ( I had recently found a different version of this tab and tried playing it.
stone temple pilots guitar tab / tablature / note / chord / lyrics, song: press play btab
2 is played only on the riff starting 0:50 into the song. /tablatures/stone_temple_pilots/press_play.btab.html   (155 words)

 Song Sheet: Remember Pearl Harbor
Chaplain Forgy's superior officers set up a meeting with some of the press and; at last, the the real story of the wonderful song and the wonderful man who had inspired it was finally confirmed.
According to the song a chaplain ("sky pilot") was with some fighting men who were being attacked by an enemy.
The chaplain; the song went on to infer, put down his bible, manned one of the ship's gun turrets and begin firing back, saying, "Praise The Lord and pass the ammunition". /~dschaaf/praise.html   (577 words)

 Sand Machine - Press
The chorus fits perfectly, "I look at your works and tremble." They start their last song incorporating a chanting chorus, "The difference is I haven’t counted myself out." Some sweet biting guitars and straight-up drum flashes create a rock finale that’ll make you drool and not feel the need to wipe your bottom lip.
These four new pieces from Sand Machine had a way of sounding pretty good the first time I heard them and then just getting better with each repeated listeningÂ…They open with its title track "Running Of The Tree Frogs Week." Don't be fooled by the weird song title.
Sand Machine cuts into their set with "Jollygood." Dual harmonies between brothers Jay and Dave Hepburn make for an interesting sound that is completely their own. /press.htm   (1435 words)

 Print :: Eurovision 2005
An emotional Helena was welcomed to the press conference by an excitable press pack — many of whom were Greek, of course.
I’d love to make the song in the language of all the countries.
“I’d like to thank Christos Dantis for writing such a beautiful song — I wouldn’t have represented Greece with this song, if I hadn’t believed in it — and I want to thank my dancers and choreographer, and the Greek Tourism Ministry for whom I’m proud to be an ambassador. /cgi-bin/forums/,v=print,m=1116803993,a=2   (789 words)

 Scrybe Press - Natalie's Grove by Mikal Trimm
Scrybe Press - Natalie's Grove by Mikal Trimm
But Mason begins to hear a sinister note invade the perfect song of the sacred grove.
The branches exult a song unsullied by anything dark or wicked. /nataliesgrove.html   (789 words)

 HD spin bug on 1.27k [Archive] - MisticRiver :: For iriver Enthusiasts
After pressing nav and not selecting a song, the HDD does continue to spin, but as soon as the next read is done, it stops spinning 15-20s later.
When you are playing a song and press navi, it makes sense that the HD will run in order to get the file contents.
To me, it seems like this bug exists in any case when you are playing a song, press navi, and do not choose a new song. /archive/index.php/t-11380.html   (4486 words)

 ANIMAL BYTES - Black Swan
The term 'swan song' comes from the ancient Greek belief that a swan sang a song of death when its life was about to end.
Swan parents will carry cygnets on their back while swimming, enabling the parents to regain weight lost to the rigors of mating, egg laying, incubation, simultaneous feeding, and brooding.
Swans are known to have a triumph ceremony. /animal-info/animal-bytes/animalia/eumetazoa/coelomates/deuterostomes/chordata/craniata/aves/anseriformes/black-swan.htm   (4486 words)

 Ask Jeeves Results - Montana
Montana Historical Society Press (MHS Press) Become a Member!
Montana Maps Choose the geographic extent of interest by making a selection from one of the choices below (statewide maps are shown by default).
The University of Montana offers a broad liberal arts education, combined with opportunities for study in seven professional schools, including... /web?q=Montana   (4486 words)

 USGS Astrogeology: Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature - Sources of Planetary Names
Song of Roland, translated by Dorothy L. Sayers; Penguin Books Ltd., Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England, 1967.
Women in Chemistry and Physics: A Bibliographic Source Book, eds.: L.S. Grinstein, R.K.Rose, M.H. Rafailovich; Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 1993.
Notable Women in the Physical Sciences: A Biographical Dictionary, edited by Benjamin F. Shearer and Barbara S. Shearer, Greenwood Press, Westport CT & London, 1997. /jsp/append4.jsp   (4486 words)

 Nick Page - Choral Music Director
Marks, Kate, Circle of Song, Songs, Chants, and Dances for Ritual and Celebration, P.O Box 428, Amherst, MA 01004, Full Circle Press, 1993.
Songs from Ghana and Zimbabwe, Danbury, CT, World Music Press.
The Negro and His Songs: A Study of Typical Negro Songs in the South. /rscsng.html   (6294 words)

 The Toy Guy - Toy Reviews/ChickenDanceElmo
Depending on which foot you press, he either squawks like a chicken and moves his head around or sings his song while moving his legs, arms and head.
Chicken Dance Elmo stands still until you press one of his feet.
Elmo even has a "rappin’ repeat’ effect that allows you to mix his song. /toyreviews/Archives/ChickenDanceElmo.html   (313 words)

 NCW--Selected Publications of Jim Reese
Plains Song Review, Volume VII, University of Nebraska Press (Center for Great Plains Studies), 2005.
Plain Song Review, University of Nebraska Press, Volume IV, 2002.
Plains Prose Festival, Wayne State College, March 2004 /ncw/reesebib.htm   (313 words)

 Video Game Cheats
Press Select after choosing a song to view the lyrics and additional song information.
Press A + B + R + L + Start + Select during game play to return to the title screen.
Press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, L1, Right, R1 at the title screen after the FMV sequence. /shopping_page.html   (313 words)

 OCP Publications - Products & Services > Licensing
The Annual Reprint License gives churches the freedom to reprint OCP songs for assembly use without worrying about securing permission for each individual title (though permission to reproduce accompaniments and choral arrangements must be obtained separately).
OCP will license a church to reprint songs for its own song books, song sheets, or hymnals.
In continuation of our ministry of service, and in answer to your requests and changing needs, Oregon Catholic Press is pleased to provide online licensing. /en/products/services/licensing.php   (313 words)

Prior to joining The Thunder Road Group, Monica Lesmerises was research director for Representative Richard A. Gephardt's presidential campaign; Sarah Leonard was formerly Iowa press secretary for the Howard Dean presidential campaign; and Mo Elleithee was New Hampshire communications director for General Wesley K. Clark's presidential campaign.
Thunder Road Group president Jim Jordan often speaks to the press on behalf of major Shadow Party groups such as the Media Fund and America Coming Together.
The Thunder Road Group is the strategic nerve center of the Shadow Party. /groupProfile.asp?grpid=6713   (755 words)

 Trivia for Phantom of the Paradise (1974)
According to William Finley, the record press in which his Winslow character was disfigured was a real pressing plant (it was an injection-molding press at an Ideal Toy Co. plant).
At the airport when Beef is introduced, the "Death Records" logo on the podium was superimposed over the original logo for "Swan Song" records to avoid conflict with Led Zeppelin's record label.
The Death Records logo is optically printed over the originally planned "Swan Song" label at several points in the film /Trivia?0071994   (637 words)

 Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
Their anarchic song "Trouser Press" with a solo on a genuine trouser press with a pickup gave its name to an American anglophiliac rock magazine.
One of the Bonzos' song titles, "Cool Britannia", was revived as a label for a supposed trend in the UK media following the 1997 election of a Labour government.
They performed the song "Death Cab for Cutie" in The Beatles film Magical Mystery Tour. /encyclopedia/b/bo/bonzo_dog_doo_dah_band.html   (676 words)

Edited by Xiao Xiao, Social Science Document Press, 1998
Edited by Xiao Xiao, Social Science Document Press, 1999
Written by Max Weber [German], translated by Yu Xiao, et. /english/features/45514.htm   (676 words)

 Sea shanties
However, some US sources do use C - Chantey as the primary reference: The Columbia Encyclopedia (Columbia University Press, 1935) gives: " Chantey or shanty, work song with marked rhythm, particularly one sung by a group of sailors while pulling ropes or pushing the capstan....
Similar songs are also sung by shore gangs and lumbermen..." The entry "Shanty" just refers back to this one with the "C".
Also chant(e)y 1869 (perhaps a corruption of French chantez, imperative of chanter to sing.) A sailor's song, esp. one sung during heavy work." The word is NOT listed under C - chantey. /research/shanties.html   (676 words)

 Cloud Nine Press Press
Tickets to a special event, a music box that plays a favorite song, a journal to record cherished memories together, two champagne flutes to toast the special occasion, or reservations at a Bed and Breakfast for a romantic weekend away are just a few suggestions.
Include lines from your favorite poem, song, movie, or from vows spoken during your wedding ceremony.
Or arrange ahead of time for the pianist to play "your" song. /press_wedChroJanFeb03.html   (676 words)

 Doteurovision : Eurovision Song Contest 2006 - The Olympic Indoor Hall
It is well situated in a downtown location, near to the huge press centre used to house journalists covering the Olympics, the same place will host the 2006 Eurovision Press Centre.
It was built in 1995 and renovated in time to host the 2004 Olympics, and will now play host to the 51st Eurovision Song Contest.
2006 Eurovision Song Contest - 18 and 20 May 2006 - Athens, Greece /2006/venue.php   (277 words)

 Press 1998
While addressing reporters during a press conference held by the Project, Michael speculated that the restriction was imposed in response to his recent video for the new song "Outside," in which he makes obvious tongue-in-cheek references to his arrest.
Michael told reporters during a press conference at Project Angel Food on Monday that, rather than work at the Project, he has been instructed to fulfill his obligation by contacting schools and other children's centers, encouraging them to do charity work in their spare time.
There's also a new song, "A Moment With You," a soft soul number that fits right into the George Michael oeuvre. /Esection/E1998.html   (277 words)

 PRESS PLAY ON TAPE - The Commodore 64 Revival Band - The Boy Band Video
Then one day someone in the band said something along the lines: "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to do a Boy Band song, just to surprise everybody?", and that was about it.
PRESS PLAY ON TAPE - The Commodore 64 Revival Band - The Boy Band Video
The song is a remix of Martin Galway's very well known melody from the Commodore 64 game "Comic Bakery". /boybandpreview   (1040 words)

 Spirit and Song ,Spirit and Song , National Home Education Legal Defense , Ellis Island , Beetle Science , "Time" Photoessays , Jimmy Carter Library & Museum , Make A Snowflake (FUN!)
This resource is pretty Catholic (Roman, that is) in nature, though other Christian denominations may find some use here.] Just wanted to share with everyone who enjoys music, a new internet radio station that plays catholic Christian contemporary music.
It was launched at the National Youth Conference in Houston, TX, last weekend and is sponsored by Oregon Catholic Press. /20031215.HTM   (1040 words)

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