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Topic: PrevailingWinds

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  Monday, July 3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
A mild to moderate windis blowing out of the Southeast - somewhat unusual as the prevailingwinds are generally from the Northwest.
The land series consisted ofa delayed triple (see panorama below) with a blind between the firstand second marks.
The first dog ran at 9:30 am and the series conclued at 3:30 pm.At the end of the land series dog #'s 9, 11, 18, 21 and 25 weredropped!
www.nahranews.com /html/nahra/raw/monday.htm   (215 words)

 Guide to Count Faan for MahJong at Yahoo Games
If they have all~Four~Winds earning +6F then this would supercede any Faan normally given for OwnWind or PrevailingWind; and it would automatically earn more Faan by being arranged with a clean suit or a hand of all honours.
There are situations where the possibilities are ambiguous because the arrangements might simultaneously satisfy the conditions for multiple descriptions, but as you examine the calculations your hand will reach the same grand total no matter which route you follow.
In the Yahoo system of MahJong, three of the four players at the table could be paid for their Tile Points, including two of those people who are not the actual winner Going Out.
home.blarg.net /~kevinhutchins   (11129 words)

 The E. F. Schumacher Society • Publications
The factory owners didn't put in scrubbers or filters;they didn't change the manufacturing process, because they weren't told they had to.
Instead, they took the easyway out—by raising their smokestacks so that the pollutants would go just high enough into the air to let the prevailingwinds carry them away from Cleveland.
Now, it was at this time, 1967, that I decided to go to Tufts University, outside of Boston.
www.schumachersociety.org /publications/watson_97.html   (8675 words)

 Faan Counting examples for Mah Jong at Yahoo Games
These are magnificent and rare hands which have all four pongs/kongs of winds and dragons, and only a worthless pair of suit tiles.
In the Yahoo system, the best way to receive bonus multipliers is by keeping your good honours hidden, because Yahoo doubles your points when you are concealing pongs/kongs of any Dragons, OwnWinds, or PrevailingWinds.
Also, you can double your points if you keep a pair of terminals suit tiles instead of a pair of simples suit tiles; this is because Yahoo will award a bonus for Going Out with "All Terminals Or Honours" as well as the usual "One Suit With Honours" for a semi~pure formation.
www.jaral.org /~teledildonix/faan/faan.html   (2163 words)

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