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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

  Health and safety in the printing industry
The Printing Industry is the 6th largest industry in the UK.
Print workers are exposed to a range of hazardous substances, including chemicals during the course of their work.
Dermatitis is a particular problem in the printing industry.
www.hse.gov.uk /printing/index.htm   (160 words)

 Magazine Brochure Printing, Calendar printing, Post cards, catalogs, Design & Mail service @ Print Pelican.
We offer everything from 4 color brochure printing tri-fold brochures to multi page magazine printing and calendar printing.
We are proud to say that we have three fully equipped digital print facilities and a team of expert technicians who will cater to all your requirements.
So, whatever your printing need is, whether it's catalog, magazine, or letterhead printing, place your order at PrintPelican.com and take advantage of our top quality printing solutions.
www.printpelican.com   (600 words)

  Swing Tutorial: High-Quality Java Printing
This differs from Java 1.1 printing in that you can obtain high-resolution results (not just blown up screen shots) and that you have much better control over the print jobs.
In the specific case of printing Swing components, however, your drawing should just be a high-resolution version of what the component looks like on the screen.
First, since printing components relies on scaling the coordinate system and then simply calling the component's paint method, if double buffering is enabled printing amounts to little more than scaling up the buffer (off-screen image).
www.apl.jhu.edu /~hall/java/Swing-Tutorial/Swing-Tutorial-Printing.html   (815 words)

  Printing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Primitive woodblock printing was already in use by the 6th century in China.
A printing press was built in Venice in 1469, and by 1500 the city had 417 printers.
Digital printing primarily uses an electrical charge to transfer toner or liquid ink to the substrate it is printed on.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Printing   (1629 words)

The first printing press in the Moslem world was set up in Egypt by Muhammad Ali (1769-1849), who was perhaps the first modern Third World dictator, and it was set up, as in China, for the purpose of printing official documents and edicts, government-approved news and propaganda, and official forms.
If printing had come to English 50 years earlier, it might have fixed the pronunciation of Chaucer's time; 50 years later and English might have had a fairly phonetic spelling, but the accident of printing coming to England during a lingusitic revolution is the principal reason English spelling is so chaotic.
In offset printing, the type is used not to print a page, but to print on a rubber roller which in turn prints the page, hence the name "offset." This process allows faster printing and less wear on the metal master.
www.uwgb.edu /dutchs/WestTech/xprint.htm   (3886 words)

 Color Printing Encyclopedia @ ColorFool.com (Color Fool)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Another emerging method of color printing is six-color process printing (for example, Pantone's Hexachrome system) which adds orange and green to the traditional CMYK for a larger and more vibrant gamut, or color range.
This printing technique is referred to as CMYK (the "K" being short for "key." In this case, the key color is fl).
In process color printing, the screened image, or halftone for each ink color is printed in succession.
www.colorfool.com /encyclopedia/Color_printing   (925 words)

 Troubleshoot printing problems (Acrobat 5.0-7.0 on Windows) - Support Knowledgebase
Printing the PDF file as an image may enable the file to print, but it doesn't identify the source of the problem; proceed through this document to identify the source.
Print the PDF file in batches to determine if a particular page, or object on a page, is causing the problem.
Print servers don't always provide drivers for operating systems running on client computers, so you may be using a printer driver that's appropriate for the print server's operating system but not for your computer's operating system.
www.adobe.com /support/techdocs/150d6.htm   (3036 words)

Then, a print head similar to that of an inkjet printer prints a layer of binder onto the powder plane.
After the print completion, the powder matrix is scooped and vacuumed away to reveal the model.
Before beginning work on a poster to be printed on the wide format printer, please be aware that neither the ITG nor BISS recommends the use of Microsoft PowerPoint® for creating posters.
www.itg.uiuc.edu /vmil/printing.htm   (1132 words)

 The History of Printing
Frankfort was an early center for printing and so it sponsored a book fair which drew publishers, booksellers, collectors, scholars, who could find what they needed for their livelihoods.
Early print books were conservative in content, and were filled with medieval images and ideas.
A lot of the artifacts of printing were for a non-reading audience: This is "Queen of the Wild Men." It was created by the Master of Playing Cards in the early years of the print era.
communication.ucsd.edu /bjones/Books/printech.html   (949 words)

Printing plants are widely dispersed throughout the country; however, more specialized types of printing tend to be regionally concentrated.
Printing plants that use older technology and employ people in older, manual occupations, such as film strippers, lithographic dot etchers, and platemakers, are disappearing.
Wage and salary employment in the printing and related support activities industry is projected to decline 10 percent over the 2004-14 period, compared with the 14 percent growth projected for the economy as a whole.
www.bls.gov /oco/cg/cgs050.htm   (2724 words)

 Apple - Mac OS X - Printing
Mac OS X Tiger’s streamlined printing system gives you instant access to your most frequently used printing preferences all in one convenient location.
Tiger’s print preview feature lets you reduce the waste by giving you a color-accurate onscreen rendition of your print job that reflects all of your settings — before you commit it to paper.
When you go to print any document from any application that prints, you’ll see that the Print dialog contains a Fax button that lets you send the document as a fax using your Mac’s built-in modem.
www.apple.com /macosx/features/printing   (407 words)

 What You Should Know Before Printing
After printing, go back and remove the color options so that you can view WWW pages as they are again, rather than overriding the colors.
Printing any www page (including your card) is controlled by your own software for browsing the www and your own software that controls your printer (print driver).
Should you need assistance with printing, please contact the technical support departments of the companies whose software you are using.
www.marlo.com /help/cardprnt.htm   (771 words)

 Innovative Users Group   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Printing issues are perhaps the most complicated and frustrating component of the INNOPAC software, with a wide array of possible solutions and work-arounds.
This form of printing uses VT102 Printer Control Codes to 'turn on' the printer, send the print information, and 'turn off' the printer.
Because of the combination of the way the INNOPAC software does this printing and the printer support in various terminals and terminal emulation software packages, users see common problems like one line per page, cover pages for each printed page, or no printing at all (as with the Windows 95 Terminal program).
www.innopacusers.org /faqs/print   (214 words)

 Printing Services Company - Print Shop - Printing at DirectMail.com
Brochures are high-quality pamphlets or folded leaflets used as promotional material that can serve as a mailer, an advertising supplement or a response request for more information.
Print high quality #10 envelopes with or without a window.
Print greeting cards on either 100# Uncoated Cover stock or 120# gloss cover stock.
www.directmail.com /directory/printing   (395 words)

Simplify Printing overcomes common Terminal Server print problems so your end users can print from any application to any printer, using all available printer settings.
Simplify Printing is a component of Simplify Suite, a powerful and comprehensive package of integrated server management tools available for reducing the cost and complexity of administering and supporting your Terminal Server-based infrastructure.
UniPrint’s universal print driver is designed to eliminate the need to manage multiple print drivers on both the client and server.
www.msterminalservices.org /software/Printing   (852 words)

 Open Directory - Business: Publishing and Printing: Printing: Associations   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Canadian Printing Industries Association - CPIA is a national association dedicated to the advancement of the pre-press, press and bindery industries.
IAPHC - An organization dedicated to individuals in the printing and graphic arts industry for the purpose of their self development, their companies' success, and the enhancement of the printing and graphic arts industry in society.
Printing Industries of the Midlands, Inc. - Regional trade association dedicated to the growth and profit of the graphic arts industry serving Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota by providing programs and services.
dmoz.org /Business/Publishing_and_Printing/Printing/Associations   (479 words)

 IEBlog : Make printing work better with the Web
Printing is after navigation/search one of the most used features but it still lacks the fidelity of like say a photo printing program.
Additionally, when i print a page from a site that is new to me (and most are because i do a lot of research) i want to print the whole page, including the left and right columns, so i can later review what's in those.
Printing a web page is always going to be difficult when there is a difference between the size of a character on paper to on screen.
blogs.msdn.com /ie/archive/2005/07/31/445778.aspx   (7250 words)

 JSTOR: Printing JSTOR Articles
When selecting a printing option, it is important to remember that JSTOR.pdf files remain image files, not text files, and therefore the text cannot be copied, pasted or otherwise manipulated.
When JPRINT is configured to work with a browser, it enables you to print high-quality copies of articles in their entirety.
In almost all cases, JPRINT is the fastest printing option because it begins to print the article as soon as the first page has been downloaded.
www.jstor.org /about/printing.html   (595 words)

 Lesson: Printing (The Java™ Tutorials > 2D Graphics)
Since the Java 2D™ printing API enables you to draw on any surface, a natural extension of that is the ability to print Java 2D graphics.
The Java 2D printing API is not limited to printing graphics.
Content can be printed by sending raw data to the printer under the formatting control of the Java 2D printing API, or by using the Java 2D Graphics API.
java.sun.com /docs/books/tutorial/2d/printing/index.html   (275 words)

 Division of Printing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Division of Printing provides printing and copy services to agencies of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
In fiscal year 2000 the print shop processed over 93 million sheets and the Copy Centers processed over 56.5 million impressions.
The Division of Printing has been working to develop and implement an electronic forms program for state government.
www.state.ky.us /agencies/finance/depts/printing/printman.htm   (223 words)

 The Code Project - Free Source Code and Tutorials
Rich Edit controls are great until you want to print the output.
Printing double values with a precision, derived from the given error-bound.
In this article we will consider a one way of printing double values with a precision derived from the given error-bound.
www.codeproject.com /printing   (619 words)

 learn web standards :: css guide - printing
For the page, we need to consider what size it is, whether it is oriented as a portrait or landscape, what printing marks might be required, and what margin it has.
When printing for bound publications, the margins on the left and right hand sides are usually different to take into account the center binding.
A further problem when printing documents arises when only a few lines of a paragraph can fit at the bottom of a page (these are referred to as orphans) or only a few lines remain to be printed at the top of a page (these are referred to as widows).
www.westciv.com /style_master/academy/css_tutorial/advanced/printing.html   (1281 words)

 FlickrBlog   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You can order prints to be delivered by mail, or pick them up at your local Target store for one hour printing, even.
Whether you live in the U.S. or not, you should set your printing preference now —you might have friends and family in the U.S. who you want to print your photos— and wherever you live, we can let you know when printing is available for you.
We're still getting started on this, but the goal is to open it up completely and give you the biggest variety of choices when it comes to doing things with your photos.
blog.flickr.com /flickrblog/2005/10/your_photos_on_.html   (224 words)

 Heiko Idensen - archivX004: The birth of the encyclopedia from printing technology (1751)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When Denis Diderot and Jean Le Rond d'Alembert began compiling a universal dictionary of the fine and mechanical arts in their encyclopedia project on the eve of the French Revolution, this undertaking could only be realized as a cooperative writing project, for which the most various experts were gathered.
Concepts, devices and apparatuses have also had to be found for a productive reception of modern, open art works...
[7]A section from the old printing of the Knowledge Tree may be found in the Imaginären Bibliothek (see footnote 3).
www.hyperdis.de /txt/alte/gb/archi005.htm   (356 words)

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Mac OS X printing.
Mac OS X's streamlined printing system provides a flexible and powerful printing environment that is easy to use, easy to enhance, and easy to support.
The Printing mailing list is for discussion of application programming interfaces for Carbon and Cocoa applications, command line printing tools for Unix, the user interfaces for printing (Printer Setup Utility, the print dialogs, and their plugins), the spooling system (CUPS), printer drivers, PPD files, and so on.
developer.apple.com /printing   (267 words)

 Color Printing of Brochures Postcards Catalogs and Stationery
For professional-quality printed pieces, including brochures, postcards, stationery, catalogs, presentation folders, newsletters and business cards, there is no substitute for true 4-color process lithography on glossy paper, printed on Heidelberg printing presses.
At PrintingForLess.com, producing high-quality, low-cost color printing from any graphics file is what we do......And, because of the efficiencies of the Internet, we do it for about half the price charged by commercial printers.
This is the kind of printing found at "commercial printers", not your local quick-printer shop.
www.printingforless.com   (948 words)

 Printing Recipes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When printing from this website we recommend you copy the document into a word processing program and change the color of the font to fl unless you want the colored text (I'm just trying to save your color ink a little).
Feel free to print any recipe you like.
If you cannot use this option I am sorry but you will have to go back to it through Home.
www.amherst.k12.wi.us /trsdweb/cookscookbook/printing_recipes.htm   (91 words)

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