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Topic: Process (general)

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 Active Skim View of: 3. General Atomics Technology Package
General Atomics’ engineers and field technicians specified the appropriate ' + 'operating conditions to reduce wood particles to less than 1 mm at a process rate of 1,250 lb/hr and DPE suit materials to less than 1 mm at a process ' + 'rate of 70 lb/hr.
The size and number of the rest of the General Atomics ' + 'process equipment are planned to match the throughput of the PMD operation.
The size and number of the rest of the General Atomics process equipment are planned to ' + 'match the throughput of the PMD operation. /nap-cgi/skimit.cgi?isbn=0309076072&chap=27-48   (10616 words)

 WTO 2005 Press Releases -  Four candidates nominated for the post of Director-General   - Press 393
The procedures for the appointment of Director-General, adopted by the General Council on 10 December 2002 (WT/L/509), stipulate that the appointment process must start nine months prior to the expiry of the term of the incumbent Director-General.
The process shall conclude with a meeting of the General Council convened not later than three months prior to the expiry of the incumbent’s term (i.e.
Since the term of office of the current Director-General, Dr Supachai Panitchpakdi, comes to an end on 31 August 2005, the appointment process for the next Director-General began on 1 December 2004. /english/news_e/pres05_e/pr393_e.htm   (345 words)

 Actuarial Outpost - Geometric Brownian motion
In general, exponentiating a general Ito process results in something that looks like a generalized GBM with an upward drift adjustment, while taking the log of a general Ito process results in another general Ito process (which looks nothing like a GBM) with a downward drift adjustment.
For the processes that incorporate time dependency into the a and b functions, does it follow that the logarithm of the underlying variable follows a generalized Wiener process (as for the strict definition of GBM)?
If y = e^x and x follows the Ito process: /actuarial_discussion_forum/showthread.php?t=38565   (345 words)

 Community Conferencing As Transformative Problem-Solving
To assist the diagnosis, it helps to: distinguish disputes from conflicts, and distinguish the general category of mediation from a particular mediation process.
ABSTRACT: In cases where the primary problem is general conflict rather than a specific dispute, the appropriate processes are perhaps best categorized as 'conflict transformation'.
'Mediation' refers to the general category of non-adversarial processes, but also to one specific non-adversarial process within that category. /articles/mooreD.cfm   (679 words)

 Nonlinear System Identification
The identification problem is examined in a stochastic setup where the input is a white Gaussian stochastic process with known intensities.
Current research is focused on the problem of deriving sufficient conditions for persistence of excitation of the input signal and on the extension of the results to more general quadratic ARMA models.
Extension of these results to the case of more general qudratic models and more general stochastic input signals is the subject of ongoing research. /~kalou/projects/nlid.html   (679 words)

As a Medicare Part B carrier, General American acted under contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to process claims submitted by Medicare beneficiaries and their doctors or other health care providers in accordance with Medicare coverage and payment rules.
This settlement resolves the whistleblowers' allegations that General American failed to process claims properly and then submitted false information to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services regarding both the accuracy and the timeliness with which it handled those claims.
The lawsuit and the government alleged that General American breached its contractual obligations by failing to report errors which they had identified in the quality assurance process and further concealed its true error rate by deleting claims selected for review by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service's Kansas City Regional Office. /opa/pr/2002/June/02_civ_367.htm   (881 words)

Some LD instructors were comfortable in the role of general educational support, but others indicated that the uniqueness of LD as a construct, especially as one considers significant underlying information processing deficits, was not being addressed under current instructional configurations.
The LD instructors indicated that they were often asked to support students in the general education curriculum—largely through tutorial support to ensure that students completed assignments from the general education classroom—which might have been at the expense of using alternative curricula or providing specially designed instruction.
In four of six groups, at least 50% of the participants indicated that (a) an efficient process, (b) a valid, research-based process, and (c) an age or developmentally appropriate process were important attributes for a model. /ld-identification.htm   (881 words)

 Rule 0-2 -- General Procedures for Serving Non-Residents
A person may serve a non-resident investment adviser, non- resident general partner, or non-resident managing agent by furnishing the Commission with one copy of the process, pleadings, or papers, for each named party, and one additional copy for the Commission's records.
General procedures for serving process, pleadings, or other papers on non-resident investment advisers, general partners and managing agents.
If process, pleadings, or other papers are served on the Commission as described in this section, the Secretary of the Commission (Secretary) will promptly forward a copy to each named party by registered or certified mail at that party's last address filed with the Commission. /CCL/InvAdvRls/rule0-2.html   (881 words)

 Computer - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch
Computers with general-purpose capabilities are called Turing-complete and this status is often used as the capability that defines modern computers, however, this definition is.
By definition a general-purpose computer can solve any problem that can be expressed as a program and executed within the practical limits set by: the storage capacity of the computer, the size of program, the speed of program execution, and the reliability of the machine.
General-purpose computers must be programmed with a set of instructions specific to the task they are required to perform and these instructions are collectively know as computer software. /computer.htm   (881 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Special reports Profile: General John de Chastelain
Through all the twists and turns of the decommissioning process, General John de Chastelain, the former head of the Canadian armed forces, has kept a low profile - and his patience.
The general's patience has certainly been tested during the process.
That process came to a halt yesterday when unionists were loth to accept that weapons were being destroyed in any significant numbers. /Northern_Ireland/Story/0,2763,1068177,00.html   (881 words)

 sa-latest - US Department of State
CASEY: What you have is a process where people are coming forward and saying that they want to be part of the political process, and they claim to have some -- exercise some level of control over insurgents.
CASEY: The most significant thing that I need to see in the next year is the progress of this political process in Iraq.
We're briefed by generals here who say that they are increasing, they are using new weapons -- (inaudible) -- charges, and there is no lack, apparently, of people willing to give their lives for the jihad. /xarchives/display.html?p=washfile-english&y=2005&m=June&x=20050627175400mgelooto0.5178034&t=sa/sa-latest.html   (881 words)

 Oildale Text
The cogeneration facility also produces 40 MW of electricity for Pacific Gas and Electric in an efficient process that utilizes clean natural gas and keeps tight controls on airborne emissions.
In this process, a GE LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine engine, powered by clean-burning natural gas, turns a generator to produce electricity, enough to power 51,300 homes.
The first process, using water, is conventional: the waste heat transferred to the HRSG heats up water to produce steam, which is piped to the refinery. /cogenoildalebody.html   (881 words)

 Process Philosophy
Under the influence of Darwinian evolutionism, most process philosophers have envisioned a course of temporal development within which value is somehow survival-facilitative so that the arrangements which do succeed in establishing and perpetuating themselves will as a general tendency manage to have done so because they represent actual improvements in one way of another.
Like American philosophy in general, process philosophy is too complex and diversified an enterprise to be captured or even dominated by any one school of thought; it is a highly diversified manifold that encompasses tendencies of thought representing a wide variety of sources.
Process theology accordingly contemplates a wider realm of processes that embrace both the natural and the spiritual realms and interconnect God with the vast community of worshippers in one communal state of macroprocess that encompasses and gives embodiment to such a comprehensive whole. /entries/process-philosophy   (7732 words)

 Harper v. Canada (Attorney General), 2004 SCC 33 (CanLII)
Quebec (A.G.) and the Administration of the Process of Democracy under the Charter : The Emerging Egalitarian Model" (1999), 44 McGill L.J. Thus, the egalitarian model promotes an electoral process that requires the wealthy to be prevented from controlling the electoral process to the detriment of others with less economic power.
Quebec (Attorney General), 1997 CanLII 326 (S.C.C.), [1997] 3 S.C.R. 569, in the regulation of elections.
Quebec (Attorney General), 1988 CanLII 19 (S.C.C.), [1988] 2 S.C.R. 712, at pp. /ca/cas/scc/2004/2004scc33.html   (7732 words)

 221-1m.htm - Personal Property, Motor Vehicle, and Aircraft Management
GSA must receive requisitions by the last day of the consolidated period in order for them to process the request during the consolidation.
When GSA elects to sell surplus property, the APO is responsible for the continued care and handling of surplus property during the sales process.
GSA will process the sales transactions and notify the holding activity or the PMO of sales results. /ppweb/221-01m.htm   (12059 words)

If the process is tainted, the election process can not be deemed fair or democratic-a democratic election must be in the hands of the people, not the state.
Joerg Haider broke none of the EU laws, no Austrain ones, had no one tortured, no one killed, did not subvert the election process, did nothing wrong, and Penguin and Mcleod say it was reasonable to boot him because he was the next Hitler.
An election is un-democratic as soon as the people do not choose for themselves who they elect. /archive/index.php/t-15299   (20495 words)

If the process is tainted, the election process can not be deemed fair or democratic-a democratic election must be in the hands of the people, not the state.
Joerg Haider broke none of the EU laws, no Austrain ones, had no one tortured, no one killed, did not subvert the election process, did nothing wrong, and Penguin and Mcleod say it was reasonable to boot him because he was the next Hitler.
An election is un-democratic as soon as the people do not choose for themselves who they elect. /archive/index.php/t-15299   (20495 words)

If the process is tainted, the election process can not be deemed fair or democratic-a democratic election must be in the hands of the people, not the state.
Joerg Haider broke none of the EU laws, no Austrain ones, had no one tortured, no one killed, did not subvert the election process, did nothing wrong, and Penguin and Mcleod say it was reasonable to boot him because he was the next Hitler.
An election is un-democratic as soon as the people do not choose for themselves who they elect. /archive/index.php/t-15299   (20495 words)

 Social Science Faculty
The largest studied to date are general equilibrium systems with the major characteristics of international trade, meaning multiple countries, multiple production functions, multiple inputs, etc. The general competitive equilibrium works well to predict the asymptote of prices and allocations.
We have hints that in the stable equilibrium cases, the adjustment process might incorporate aspects of the inverse of the Jacobian (a type of Newton adjustment process).
The process at work in all cases appears to be the classical adjustment model in which the rates of changes of prices (scaled by price) is proportional to excess demand. /ss/faculty/cplott   (485 words)

 Fardon v Attorney-General for Queensland [2004] HCATrans 39 (2 March 2004)
The question is not about preventive detention in general terms but the preventive detention of one person and the intrusion of the legislature into the judicial process.
General deterrence, although it is not taken into account, is arguably an effect of the legislation.
So it appeared that he had actually been charged and that rather than wait for the outcome of the process that had been thus commenced, the Act was passed and judicial process sought to be put in train. /au/other/HCATrans/2004/39.html   (485 words)

 Netways - Case Studies of Sites Developed using EAI, E-Commerce / B2C - B2B, EIP, BPA, DMS, CMS, Be Spoke Software Solutions, E-CRM, IT Security, Teamplate, Intershop, Red-Dot, .NET Microsoft
SAGIA, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, was able to easily and cost-effectively move from manual application and approval process to an e-SAGIA through the use of ASP.Net Web Application, Web Services, Teamplate's Business Process Workflow Software.
By automating the process from its previous paper-based management, SAGIA was able to reduce both the costs, risks, but mostly time delay associated with manual management of vital investment applications.
The Saudi Ministry of Hajj awarded 5 companies to automate the relation between the mutamers, external agents, local umra companies, Ministry of Hajj, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. /case_studies.shtml   (256 words)

 Figueroa v. Canada (Attorney General), 2003 SCC 37 (CanLII)
More specifically, the Attorney General submits that the 50-candidate threshold advances three separate goals: (i) to improve the effectiveness of the electoral process; (ii) to protect the integrity of the electoral financing regime; and (iii) to ensure that the process is able to deliver a viable outcome for our form of responsible government.
Accordingly, even if the election of a strong national government is not the only viable outcome of the electoral process, it at least is possible that there are certain benefits associated with the formation of a majority government that has aggregated preferences on a national basis.
Elections are fair and equitable only if all citizens are reasonably informed of all the possible choices and if parties and candidates are given a reasonable opportunity to present their positions. /ca/cas/scc/2003/2003scc37.html   (256 words)

 Photography - The Introduction Of Collodion
Collodion gradually pushed its way, and by 1854 its use had superseded almost all other methods with the general photographer; for by this time photography had become a profession.
To say nothing of its dangers, it was a tedious process, and caused the early photographers an amount of toil and trouble of which the men of today have but little conception.
It almost immediately came into very general use, and many adepts in chemical manipulation gave much time and attention to improve the methods of making the compound, and to discovering the best ways of using it. /articles16/photography-9.shtml   (1624 words)

 James Bond MultiMedia Kenneth Tsang (General Moon) Images
General Moon is not impressed and is killed in the process of trying to stop his corrupt son.
General Moon makes a final attempt to stop his son’s aggression, now in the guise of Gustav Graves, but is murdered by him in the process.
General Moon tells Bond that his plan to educate his son in the West as a bridge between their two worlds has backfired, when Colonel Moon becomes corrupted by the ideas and greed of the West. /bond-allies/kenneth-tsang.php   (1624 words)

 Process Algebra
In this meaning the phrase was sometimes used to refer to their own algebraic approach to the study of concurrent processes [BK86b], and sometimes to such algebraic approaches in general [BK86c].
A process algebra was a structure in the sense of universal algebra that satisfied a particular set of axioms.
An algebraic approach to the study of concurrent processes. /~rvg/process.html   (352 words)

 The first law of thermodynamics
Next: Isochoric Process and Up: General Physics for Bio-Science Previous: General Physics for Bio-Science
Such processes are irreversible in the sense that it is not possible to bring the system back to where it came from by reversing the sequence of time dependent external conditions which induced the process.
Processes which proceed through non-equilibrium states are only represented in the p-V by their initial and final states. /~broholm/l35/node1.html   (495 words)

The Attorney General admits that there is nothing “specifically showing whether appellant was or was not advised of his ’right to counsel and right to remain silent at the interrogation.’” In a number of instances, the police officers conducting the interrogations were asked to relate everything that was said during specific interrogations.
The United States Supreme Court in Escobedo fixed the point at which a suspect is entitled to counsel is that at which “the process shifts from investigatory to accusatory—when its focus is on the accused and its purpose is to elicit a confession.
Normally “the investigation is no longer a general inquiry into an unsolved crime but has begun to focus on a particular suspect” (Id. at p. /lawweb/avalon/curiae/html/384-436/005.htm   (495 words)

 Elections New Zealand
Election teaching Wallace Awards announced 11 Nov 2005 The Electoral Commission has announced Wallace Awards or commendations to teachers from seven schools and a private training establishment to acknowledge excellence in teaching using the 2005 general election context.
No recounts sought on general election results - statement by Chief Electoral Officer 6 Oct 2005 No applications for judicial recounts of the election results were received before the 5 October deadline.
Electoral Commission Annual Report published 8 Nov 2005 The Electoral Commission's Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2005 was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, 8 November 2005.   (342 words)

 House of Lords - European Union - Ninth Report
One area in which the CMS differs from the Barcelona process is in the former's explicit inclusion of the Middle East Peace Process (MEPP), although it is only in the context of a comprehensive settlement that the strategy envisages any participation by Member States in the implementation of security arrangements on the ground.
The answer, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, is that "It adds to the Barcelona process by putting the EU's input into relations with the Mediterranean into a coherent framework, thus speeding up internal EU decision-making on Mediterranean Issues." (p12) But other witnesses have found it hard to define what this means.
While the Italian Embassy attributed this to "the political climate prevailing in the area at the moment of the Conference" assuring us that "the failure to adopt the Charter in Marseilles does not preclude efforts to start defining a more active role for the EU in the Peace Process" (p82), others are more wary. /pa/ld200001/ldselect/ldeucom/51/5103.htm   (342 words)

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