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Topic: Process control

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  Encyclopedia: Process control
The control of the water temperature in a heating jacket, for example, is an example of continuous process control.
Control engineering is the engineering discipline that focuses on the mathematical modelling systems of a diverse nature, analysing their dynamic behaviour, and using control theory to make a controller that will cause the systems to behave in a desired manner.
Temperature control is a process in which the temperature of an object is measured and the passage of heat energy into or out of the object is adjusted to achieve a desired temperature.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Process-control   (1609 words)

 Process control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Batch processes are generally used to produce a relatively low to intermediate quantity of product per year(a few pounds to millions of pounds).
Continuous processes, in manufacturing, are used to produce very large quantities of product per year(millions to billions of pounds).
Applications having elements of discrete, batch and continuous process control are often called hybrid applications.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Process_control   (570 words)

 Process Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
This is usually done when a process is not working properly or the configuration files for that process have been changed.
Process priority can be set with the nice(1) command and changed using the renice(8) command.
All processes which will be started from the shell (bash in many cases), will have the same resource limits.
www.comptechdoc.org /os/linux/usersguide/linux_ugprocesses.html   (928 words)

 Processes and Process Variability   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Shewhart's discovery statistical process control or SPC, is a methodology for charting the process and quickly determining when a process is "out of control" (e.g., a special cause variation is present because something unusual is occurring in the process).
Eliminating special cause variation keeps the process in control; process improvement reduces the process variation and moves the control limits in toward the centerline of the process.
This phenomena occurs when more than one process is being charted on the same chart (probably by accident—e.g., samples from two machines mixed and put on a single chart), the use of improper sampling techniques, or perhaps the process is over controlled or the data is being falsified by someone in the system.
www.sytsma.com /tqmtools/ctlchtprinciples.html   (1352 words)

 Process Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Process control and the ability for inter process communication is handled by the Linux kernel.
The only time this type of process exits is if it sleeps, is rescheduled, or if it must wait on other kernel priorities to be done.
If a process catches a signal, it means that it includes code that will take appropriate action when the signal is received.
www.comptechdoc.org /os/linux/howlinuxworks/linux_hlprocess.html   (626 words)

 Statistical Process Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Statistical quality control refers to using statistical techniques for measuring and improving the quality of processes and includes SPC in addition to other techniques, such as sampling plans, experimental design, variation reduction, process capability analysis, and process improvement plans.
A primary tool used for SPC is the control chart, a graphical representation of certain descriptive statistics for specific quantitative measurements of the manufacturing process.
Control charts are also used with product measurements to analyze process capability and for continuous process improvement efforts.
reliability.sandia.gov /Manuf_Statistics/Statistical_Process_Control/statistical_process_control.html   (373 words)

 Statistical Process Control for Software
Statistical and process thinking principles lead to the use of statistical process control methods to determine the consistency and capability of the many processes used to develop software.
Controlled processes are stable processes, and stable processes enable you to predict results.
When a process is stable, or nearly so, the 3 sigma limits determine the amount of variation that is normal or natural to the process.
www.sei.cmu.edu /str/descriptions/spc_body.html   (3309 words)

 Unix Programming Frequently Asked Questions - 1. Process Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The new process is called the child process, and the existing process is called the parent.
A daemon process is usually defined as a background process that does not belong to a terminal session.
Since a controlling terminal is associated with a session, and this new session has not yet acquired a controlling terminal our process now has no controlling terminal, which is a Good Thing for daemons.
www.erlenstar.demon.co.uk /unix/faq_2.html   (3834 words)

 NWA - Implementing Statistical Process Control
Control charts or graphical trend analysis are used to understand changes in the process mean and process standard deviation.
SPC is based on statistical theory, process control theory and the proper application of the theory to the manufacturing environment.
The process control plan is the heart of the SPC process.
www.nwasoft.com /appnotes/impspc.htm   (1687 words)

 Advanced Process Control
What we have done is to draw upon the experiences of the Advanced Process Control Group at the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Of special significance is the recent attention paid to developing practicable nonlinear controllers, in recognition of the fact that many real processes are nonlinear and that adaptive systems may not be able to cope with significant nonlinearities.
Local controls are increasingly being supplemented with monitoring, supervision and optimisation schemes; roles that traditionally were undertaken by plant personnel.
lorien.ncl.ac.uk /ming/advcontrl/apc.htm   (491 words)

 Process Control: <stdlib.h>,<unistd.h>
On success, fork() returns 0 to the child process and returns the process ID of the child process to the parent process.
On failure, fork() returns -1 to the parent process, sets errno to indicate the error, and no child process is created.
When we spawn 2 processes we can easily detect (in each process) whether it is the child or parent since fork returns 0 to the child.
www.cs.cf.ac.uk /Dave/C/node22.html   (919 words)

 Process Control of David Kazmer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Because of the limited observability, most injection molding processes utilize a hierarchical control architecture in which a process controller provides real time control of critical processing variables and a supervisory controller ensures adherence of the processing variables to the specified processing conditions.
Self regulation of the melt pressure at these high control forces would be delivered when higher melt pressures are supplied at the valve inlet, as is observed for the molding trials that are represented with the cross symbols.
Though not a necessity, it is possible to instrument the molding process with nozzle and cavity pressure transducers to characterize, validate, or debug the process as indicated by the signals with dashed lines.
kazmer.uml.edu /Research/polymer_process_control.htm   (4415 words)

 CACHE TRC, Process Control
Develop statistical process and quality control methods for a single variable, for processes with time dependent data, and for multivariable processes.
Learn about the types of advanced control and their application to make the difference between the failure or success of an advanced control project.
Process control information resources relevant to chemical and process engineering in the Virtual Library.
www.che.utexas.edu /cache/trc/t_process.html   (1575 words)

 Armfield - Process Control Technology
PCT 40 is the new way to teach a wide variety of process control techniques in a simple basic unit.
A range of process control teaching equipment is also available to demonstrate relevant measurement and control experiments using real engineering equipment.The Armfield range is designed on a building-block approach, which ensures that experimental set-ups can be assembled to meet individual course requirements.
This Process Plant Trainer is a miniature version of a real industrial process, having typical problems of dynamics and stability for which control strategies have to be devised and operated.
www.armfield.co.uk /procon.html   (393 words)

 PHP: Process Control Functions - Manual
Process Control should not be enabled within a webserver environment and unexpected results may happen if any Process Control functions are used within a webserver environment.
For detailed information about Unix process control you are encouraged to consult your systems documentation including fork(2), waitpid(2) and signal(2) or a comprehensive reference such as Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment by W. Richard Stevens (Addison-Wesley).
This seems the most natural alternative since PHP disclaims that process control functionality should not be used in a web-server environment.
www.php.net /manual/en/ref.pcntl.php   (1588 words)

 Fast ORB Process Control - Inter Process Communication   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Process control requires the integration of a variety of computers with a vast array of control points.
ORBexpress, tailored to the diverse nature of the process control industry, is targeted to real-time and embedded systems, and available on the widest variety of platforms of any ORB.
The process control system components are made up of more than simple Ethernet and TCP/IP connections.
www.ois.com /markets/vert-6.asp   (185 words)

 Control Charts / Statistical Process Control (SPC)
The tedious task of analyzing control charts for validity of the limits can be eliminated and the resulting report can be used as a tool to keep the process of continuous improvement on track.
When special control strategies are applied to typical process data, the observed relationship between Z(short-term) and Z(long-term) is reproduced, and a relationship to estimate Z(short-term) from Z(long-term, discrete) from defect counts is derived.
Process stability is one of the most important concepts of any quality improvement methodology.
www.isixsigma.com /st/control_charts   (916 words)

 Chemical Process Control
The overall goal of the CPC conference series is to evaluate current progress in the process control field and to identify new intellectual challenges that may have a fundamental impact on future industrial practice.
Assess the current state of process control theory and practice.
Evaluate the current status of process control education at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
www.cpc7.org   (253 words)

 Process control viscometers, sonic velocity detectors, and refractometers.
The process instruments are used for process control of viscosity, concentration, crystallization and neutralization control.
The 8002 electronics provide inline viscosity control of asphalt binder, providing instantaneous results to the control room, reduced labor and automated control loops and safety control.
Process control by sonic velocity uses ultrasonic sensors to measure concentration of liquids, crystallization, neutralization, beer wort and many other types of inline process measurement to ensure constant process monitoring
www.analyticalprocess.com   (360 words)

 machine vision process control thermal infrared scanners
continuous plant sensor or as a transportable process imaging system for investigative and test purposes.
Audio commentary also can be added to provide a comprehensive record of the process under observation.
A separate remote control unit is also available.
www.x26.com /infrared/process_control_factory_automation.htm   (349 words)

 Control Global
All the techniques for preventing reset windup of non-selected controllers will perform comparably to reset feedback if the dynamics of the various loops aren’t too dissimilar.
CONTROL Senior Technical Editor Rich Merritt has done the research for you.
Many industrial processing plants have already screened their facilities and operations for security vulnerability potential and are conducing SVA on the high priority concerns.
www.controlglobal.com   (477 words)

 The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Chemical Engineering: Process Control
Process control information resources relevant to chemical and process engineering.
The mission of CIMPCO is to establish a unifying approach to chemical process operations.
This involves the development and application of the various tools of modeling, analysis, optimization and control, and their integrated use to provide process operations which will have a competitive edge.
www.che.ufl.edu /WWW-CHE/topics/control.html   (307 words)

 Process Control and Instrumentation - PAControl.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Technological advancements in process monitoring, control and automation over the past decades have contributed greatly to improve the productivity of virtually all manufacturing industries throughout the world.
While 90% of global production is still controlled by analog instrumentation, almost all the controls installed as a part of a new plant or plant expansion are Digital Control Systems DCS connected by digital networks.
Geared to practicing engineers faced with designing increasingly more sophisticated control systems in response to present-day economic and regulatory pressures, Plantwide Process Control focuses on the engineering portion of a plant automation improvement project.
www.pacontrol.com   (542 words)

 Statistical Process Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Process stability begins with understanding that producing the highest quality at the lowest cost means constantly striving to reduce variation.
Process stability begins when people realize some variation is natural in every process — and understand that producing the highest quality at the lowest cost comes from constantly striving to reduce it.
Because sometimes process stability is not enough to be competitive, instructors Sara and Tom inspire commitment to continuous improvement.
www.thequalitygroup.net /SPC/002.asp   (906 words)

 APC-U.S. Process Control, L.L.C.
U.S. Process Control, L.L.C. is a firm specializing in Regulatory Process Control, Advanced Process Control, Multivariable Process Control, Process Hazard Analysis, PLC/ESD Systems, and related Project Management for the process industry.
U.S. Process Control's emphasis is on meeting the economic and/or control objects in a way that also satisfies the ultimate end user, THE OPERATOR.
Advanced control applications require expert maintenance periodically and this is a very cost effective way to supplement, and even replace in some cases, on-site visits.
www.usprocesscontrol.com   (928 words)

 Qantam Statistical Process Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A totally new concept of control that enables operators to control complex processes simply and with a minimum of training.
Entry level option is available, using a single PC as a Central Inspection Station/Central Control Unit (CCU).
Data can be entered either through the CCU or using purpose-built Local Control Units (LCUs), which replace the need for computers at every workstation.
www.qantam.co.uk   (246 words)

 Process Control
The features or mechanisms that control the execution of a *Process*, including process initiation, selection of process steps, selection of alternative steps, iteration of steps within a loop, and process termination.
Controlling mechanisms that ensure that a *Process* is conducted to maximum cost-effectiveness, including *Entry Criteria*, formal procedure specifications, and *Exit Criteria*.
In development or manufacturing processes, the rate of *Variations* that reveal themselves as work product *Defects* is in general inversely proportional to the degree in which the process is formalised and followed.
www.isixsigma.com /dictionary/Process_Control-505.htm   (227 words)

 Emerson Process Management - Fisher Control Valves & Regulators
The Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) process is part of a process used in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, which produces aromatics from naphthenes and parafins commonly used as motor fuel.
Emerson Process Management delivers time-tested and innovative solutions designed to help customers reduce plant maintenance cost, reduce capital requirements, reduce cost of regulatory compliance, and increase process availability.
This is enabled by world class products such as Fisher® control valves, regulators, instrumentation and performance services which are the most reliable in the process control industry.
www.emersonprocess.com /fisher   (147 words)

 Process Control Instrumentation
This is the instrumentation technician's reference manual for process control.
The instrumentation control process is made up of an assortment of different type of sensors, the ebook is a guide to those sensors.
As well as describing the inputs from the process, the outputs like electric motors and variable speed drives are discussed.
www.bin95.com /ebooks/instrumentation-control-process.htm   (455 words)

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