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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Procida - LoveToKnow 1911
It is very fertile, and the population is engaged in the cultivation of vines and fruit and in fishing.
Procida, the only town, lies on the east side; its castle is now a prison.
Classical authors explained the name of Procida either as an allusion to its having been detached from Ischia, or as being that of the nurse of Aeneas.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Procida   (155 words)

 In Memoriam: Mary Procida
Mary Procida arrived at Temple therefore as a temporary "visitor." Consequently, two years later she had to once again compete for a tenure-line appointment.
As an assistant professor of history, Procida served Temple and its diverse student population with unsurpassed distinction.
Mary Procida described herself as a British historian, historian of women, student of imperial history, feminist scholar, and cultural historian.
www.historians.org /perspectives/Issues/2003/0305/0305inm3.cfm   (885 words)

  Hotel Island of Procida, Hotels Island of Procida, Welcome, Island of Procida, Hospitality Island of Procida, Lodge ...
The island of Procida is part of an archipelago of islands called the Partenopee, comprising of Procida, Ischia and Capri.
Procida is situated in the Gulf of Naples, between Ischia and Capo Miseno.
Procida is joined by a small bridge to the much smaller island of Vivara, to the west.
www.emmeti.it /Welcome/Campania/Procida/index.uk.html   (161 words)

  History of Procida with Procidatour
Procida is the smallest of the three islands in the gulf of Naples, but it was one of the first to be inhabited.
In the 6th century A.D. Procida was annexed to the territory of Naples under the jurisdiction of the Count of Miseno.
Procida suffered numerous Saracen incursions; the Visigoths of Alarico, the Vandals of Genserico brought destruction to the Campanian coasts.
www.procidatour.it /en/storia.asp   (636 words)

 Procida travel guide - Wikitravel
Procida is the smallest island of the Gulf of Naples; it is rich in attractions and archaeology.
In fact, the history of Procida is concentrated first of all on the medieval village “Terra Murata” and on “Corricella”, the fisher settlement.
The landmarks of Procida reflect the typical Mediterranean pastel colours.
wikitravel.org /en/Procida   (268 words)

 Island of Procida
This island of Procida is located at the northwest entrance to the Bay of Naples, in the region of Campania in southern Italy.
The southwest coast of the island of Procida consists of gorgeous sandy beaches and the yacht harbour Chiaiolella.
Procida is renowned for its Good Friday procession, an annual event that dates back to 1627.
www.italian-weddings.com /destination_wedding_locations/campania/island_of_procida.html?&L=0   (317 words)

Procida is the smallest island of the Gulf of Neaples and it isn’t very famous like the other islands of the Gulf.
Procida offers simply cooking and at least 10 excellent restaurants with plain cooking based on fresh fish that never fails thanks to the 20 fishing boats and a lot of small drifters (fishing-line or bow-nets).
Procida is for people that are able to love and to understand the soul of the island.
www.tirrenoresidence.it /procidaing.htm   (496 words)

Procida offre una ricchezza e varietà di attrazioni che stesso i turisti che la visitano si domandano come mai non sia entrata nei più conosciuti itinerari turistici del meridione d'Italia.
Procida offre la possibilità di passeggiate nei sentieri di campagna, che a volte sono a strapiombo sul mare con scorci paesaggistici eccezionali (sempre a livello escursionistico è possibile visitare i ricchi e interessanti fondali dell’isola.
Procida offre un ottima cucina casareccia grazie ad almeno dieci ottimi ristorantini tutti a conduzione famigliare basati sul pesce fresco che a Procida non manca mai grazie ai circa 20 pescherecci locali e altre decine di piccoli pescatori (di Ienza e di nasse).
www.tirrenoresidence.it /procida.htm   (556 words)

 Procida Tile Importers - Importers of the finest Italian tile.
Procida Tile Importers - Importers of the finest Italian tile.
Serving both consumers and professionals since 1965, Procida has been serving home-owners, interior designers and builders for generations.
Procida Tile Importers is a family-owned and operated national company with locations in Florida, California, Las Vegas and New York.
www.procidatile.com   (161 words)

 La Napoli di Islands: Procida
Procida is the smallest island between the three islands in the Neapolitan Gulf, and many geologists think there was an ancient separation between Ischia and Procida.
Honored from the poets and the Latin historians Procida it was cited by Virgilio that called it " high " and Stazio that defined it "aspera" (steep).
It endured the breakdowns of the Visigoths of Alarico and the Vandals of Genserico.
www.dentronapoli.it /English/Islands/procida_en.htm   (665 words)

Procida, c’est l’archéologie avec l’îlot de Vivara relié à Procida par un pont artificiel.
Procida, c’est aussi une architecture très particulière, une architecture définie comme " spontanée ", parente éloignée de l’architecture grecque.
Procida, point de départ d’excursions pour toutes les destinations touristiques de la Campanie.
www.tirrenoresidence.it /procidafra.htm   (504 words)

 The New York Observer Real Estate: Richard Meier, Meet SDS Procida (and 'Intelligent Design')   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The SDS Procida principals, Louis V. Greco Jr.
Upon announcement of the joint venture, Mario Procida said, "As we move forward with exciting new projects, SDS Procida is poised to become one of the premier developers of distinctive residential developments in the New York metropolitan area.
Greco and Procida are responsible for the highly successful be@ Properties (beatproperties.com) line of residential condominium properties, thoughtfully designed, high quality residences tailored to young urban professionals and their social lifestyle.
therealestate.observer.com /2006/08/richard-meier-meet-sds-procida-and-intelligent-design.html   (989 words)

 Campania - Procida Island
Procida is the smallest island of the Gulf of Naples; it's is rich in attractions and archaeology: the small island of Vivara, linked to Procida by a bridge, has archeological excavations.
The architecture of Procida has a Greek origin in fact the history of Procida is concentrated first of all on the medieval village “Terra Murata” and on “Corricella”, the fishermen settlement.
Procida offers simple cooking and at least 10 excellent restaurants with plain cooking based on fresh fish that never fails thanks to the 20 fishing boats and a lot of small drifters.
www.aaanetserv.com /turismo/campania/procida.html   (206 words)

 Island Procida hotel Solcalante - Hotels Procida, Naples, Italy: description, history   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Procida the smallest and least well known of the Parthenopean islands, off the beaten track of mass tourism, is an unspoilt, tranquil island which preserves its local characteristics that make it so unique.
Charles III of the Bourbons elected Procida as a hunting reservation; this was the period, under the Bourbons, that the island, with its marine and ship building activities in expansion, was at a peak in economic and cultural growth.
In 1799 Procida supported the Neapolitan republic, the short history of which inspired, according to some, the national renaissance, and “Piazza dei Martiri”takes its name from the 16 Procidans executed there by the Bourbons.
www.solcalante.it /en/procida.asp   (743 words)

 Weddings in Procida, Italy - Associated Content
On the approach to Procida from Naples by ship, the first visible landmark is the ancient home of the Avalos family, former Spanish rulers of the island.
Many examples of Procida architecture were demolished in the Fifties due to landslides, but one prime example remains to be seen; the House of Belvedere with it's irregular arches and external stairway.
During the Spanish reign of the 16th century the Procida islanders began to move out of Terra Murata, carving caves in the cliff face to shelter boats, and then building homes nearby in the area that come to be known as Corricella.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/18318/weddings_in_procida_italy.html   (565 words)

 Juventus Soccer Camp in Procida, Italy
Juventus is nearing the South of Italy with its Summer Camp in Procida.
Procida is an ideal location that guarantees all the fun of a seaside camp along with the safety and tranquility necessary for all the activities.
The island of Procida is 15 km away from the coast and it is connected to the harbors of Napoli Beverello and Napoli Mergellina by ferry and fast ferry with daily connections every 40 minutes from 6am until 10pm.
www.internetsportstravel.com /Procida.htm   (309 words)

Siamo a Procida, la terza in ordine di grandezza, delle isole partenopee.
Quattro Kmq di superficie, un perimetro costiero di circa 16 Km, Procida si è formata attraverso l'attività magmatica di sette vulcani.
Procida è collegata a Ischia, Napoli e Pozzuoli da traghetti che la raggiungono in 50 minuti, con l’aliscafo 35 minuti.
www.windowonitaly.com /procida/procidahome.htm   (1010 words)

 Procida Island accommodation, Italy - hotels, apartments, bed and breakfast in Procida Island
Procida is the smallest and oldest island in the Bay of Naples and is, like Ischia, of volcanic origin.Until today Procida has been spared from mass tourism, which can't be ascribed to the former jail, towering above the island.
Hotel Solcalante is a small and lovely twelve-rooms hotel created restructuring an old rural building in the marvellous island of Procida, the smallest among the Naple Gulf islands that has not yet opened its doors to mass tourism.
Run by a family, the hotel offers a kind and informal hospitality and no particular rules except for the respect of peace and quietness of all guests.The hotel is surrounded by a green landscape and perched on the cliffs above the sea at the beginning of Punta Serra, which closes the marvellous Ciriaccio Bay.
www.italialodging.com /selected_accommodation_in_procida_island.htm   (403 words)

 Isola di Procida Turismo, Campania, Italy - Primitaly
Procida è un noto centro peschereccio e balneare, con produzione vinicola e agrumeti.
Per difendersi dalle costanti incursioni saracene, vennero costruite numerose torri di avvistalento, di cui rimangono molte testimonianze, e gli abitanti rivieraschi si spostarono in altura, in luoghi meno vulnerabili dove in seguito venne eretto in castello.
Procida esprime tutto il sapore della natura mediterranea, la tradizione della pesca, l'amore profondo per le cose semplici come le stradine che si snodano tra piccoli ed improvvisi squarci panoramici sul mare, le piazzette e le ripide scale in un continuo saliscendi.
www.primitaly.it /campania/napoli/procida.htm   (917 words)

 Procida. Welcome to Procida with Procida.net.
Procida: both mermaid and pearl in the Gulf of Naples.
All the timings of the ferries and hydrofolis from and to Procida Island.
If you want to spend some days in the island of procida.
www.procida.it /index1.html   (78 words)

 CapriWeb: tourist itineraries in the isle of Procida, Italy
Up to 1500, the whole population of Procida was concentrated in the old centre of Terra Murata.
Beyond the Marina Corricella, going on southwards along the east coast of Procida, we find the cove of Chiaia, with the tufa cliffs rising steep from the sea....
On the west edge of Procida there is the hamlet of Chiaiolella, which is nowadays the main tourist centre of the island with the beach, the bathing...
www.capriweb.com /Procida   (184 words)

 Procida e Vivara geologica
Le isole di Procida e Vivara sono situate all'estremità nord-occidentale del Golfo di Napoli, nel braccio di mare compreso tra l'Isola d'Ischia ed il Monte di Procida (Campi Flegrei).
Le isole di Procida e Vivara sorgono sulla piattaforma continentale e si sviluppano su un basso fondale a partire dalla profondità di circa 20 m.
L'ultima manifestazione eruttiva dell'isola di Procida è rappresentata dall'eruzione esplosiva di Solchiaro, i cui prodotti, costituiti da flussi e surges piroclastici con intercalati depositi da caduta, ricoprono tutta l'isola, mantellano l'isola di Vivara, e si rinvengono lungo la costa flegrea presso il Monte di Procida.
www.procidaresidence.it /vivara.htm   (781 words)

 Procida. Un'architettura del Mediterraneo.
L'abitazione a Procida partecipa all'esperienza sorta nel Vicino Oriente e lungo le sponde meridionali del Mediterraneo e trasmessa in occidente ed in oriente nei propri contenuti e nelle tecniche esecutive.
The features and techniques of house-building on Procida originated in the Near East and the southern shores of the Mediterranean, from where they spread both eastwards and westwards.
On Procida, too, in building their own houses, the inhabitants achieved the general objectives and expressive values consonant with careful protection from the climate, which were determined by the materials used and the structure itself.
www.librerianeapolis.it /pages/Schede/ProcidaJ.html   (505 words)

Procida is the smallest and oldest island in the Bay of Naples and is, like Ischia, of vol-canic origin.
Along the southwest coast of Procida lie beutiful beaches, the yacht harbour Chiaiolella and the small island Vivara that is connected with Procida by a walkbridge.
Until today Procida has been spared from mass tourism, which can't be ascribed to the former jail, towering above the island.
www.neac.eat-online.net /events/procida/island_procida.htm   (434 words)

 Islands of Procida and Capri - photos of sightseeing in Naples on Worldisround
Procida, the smallest of the islands, is much less toured than Capri and Ischia which allows for exploration without the crowds.
Procida was the first island I visited and I had never seen taxis of this...
I enjoyed this travel article, as i have n interest in Procida - my grandfather immigrated from there at the turn of the last century and I remember his vivid stories about growing up on this tiny island and of its beauty.
www.worldisround.com /articles/3808/index.html   (357 words)

 Traghetto, aliscafo, nave veloce di Procida: orari Procida Napoli, Procida Pozzuoli, Procida - Ischia con ProcidaBiz
Gli spostamenti da Procida verso Napoli, Pozzuoli ed Ischia sono garantiti da un efficiente servizio di trasporto marittimo.
Il costo del biglietto d'imbarco da e per Procida varia a seconda della compagnia di navigazione, del mezzo d'imbarco prescelto, della tratta, del tipo di auto.
E' possibile venire a Procida con le auto, solo nei periodi in cui non è attivo il divieto di sbarco: da ottobre sino a marzo.
www.procida.biz /Orari/orari.asp   (684 words)

 Procida. Welcome to Procida with Procida.net.
Procida: perla e sirena del Golfo di Napoli.
Tutti gli orari dei traghetti e degli aliscafi da e per l'isola di Procida (aggiornati al 14.06.07).
Ampia offerta di camere, monolocali, mini-appartamenti, ville, con tutti i confort, vicine al mare.
www.procida.net   (168 words)

 Vacation rental apartments in Campania, Italy - Isola di Procida
Set on the beautiful and unspoiled island of Procida in the bay of Naples, Isola di Procida is a vacation apartment complex located only a few minutes walk from all the amenities and the beach.
The Isola di Procida apartments are only a few minutes walk from the beautiful Pozzo Vecchio beach where the critically acclaimed 1995 film "Il Postino" (The Postman) was filmed.
These comfortable studio apartments are fully furnished and are in the ideal location to make the most of the island.
www.knowital.com /campania/naples/procida/proc2.html   (268 words)

 Procida Florist
These philosophies are still intact, they remain our daily focus and have helped to establish Procida Florist as one of the Sacramento areas leading florists.
Our flower shop is centrally located in the downtown Sacramento area and we provide delivery service to all of the greater Sacramento area communities.
With our close proximity to the Convention Center, Sheraton and Hyatt Procida Florist is well versed in all large event floral work.
www.procidaflorist.com /AboutUs.asp   (472 words)

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