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Topic: Procurator

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  Procurator - LoveToKnow 1911
The procurator was an important official in the reorganized empire of Diocletian.
The procurator duplarum was the collector of fines in certain churches from absent canons, andc.
Procurator di San Marco was a title of honour in the republic of Venice.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Procurator   (673 words)

 East European Constitutional Review
The national procurator, as the deputy of the procurator general, and the other deputies of the procurator general are appointed by the prime minister from among the procurators in the national office on a motion by the procurator general.
Procurators can be relieved of their duties by the procurator general at their own request or dismissed from office by a ruling of one of the procuracy's disciplinary committees.
Procurators also enjoy immunity—they cannot be prosecuted by a court of law or through administrative processes without the permission of the appropriate disciplinary committee, and they cannot be detained without the permission of their superiors.
www.law.nyu.edu /eecr/vol8num1-2/feature/poland.html   (3253 words)

 East European Constitutional Review
The procurator of the USSR was to be appointed by the Central Executive Committee of the Congress of Soviets and was accountable to it and to its presidium.
The Stalin Constitution of 1936 stipulated that the procurator of the USSR was appointed by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for a seven-year term.
Paragraph 4 of the same article states that procurators of the federal subjects (that is, the regions and republics) are appointed by the procurator general, with the consent of the respective local authorities.
www.law.nyu.edu /eecr/vol8num1-2/feature/russia.html   (3896 words)

Procurator: Roman official, appointed by a magistrate or the emperor.
Other procurators were responsible for semi-financial duties, such as the mint, the management of mines, and the 5%-tax on inheritances, but also non-financial tasks, such as the education of gladiators.
The role of procurators was now very important, and from the reign of Tiberius on (and perhaps even Augustus), they were recruited from the equestrian order, the 'second rank' of the Roman elite.
www.livius.org /pp-pr/procurator/procurator.html   (387 words)

 The Shipman Inquiry - Third Report - The System in Scotland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In larger districts, the district procurator fiscal is assisted by a procurator fiscal depute.
The procurator fiscal is under an obligation to report certain categories of death to the Crown Office, for Crown counsel to decide as to the future conduct of the case and as to whether it is necessary for a prosecution to be brought or a fatal accident inquiry to be held.
Fatal accident inquiries are mandatory in the case of a death caused by an accident in the course of employment or in the case of a death in legal custody.
www.the-shipman-inquiry.org.uk /tr_page.asp?id=243   (2255 words)

 Procurator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hence, in canon law, a procurator acts as a sort of agent for a party in a case (as distinguished from the advocate/lawyer), and in some institutions like colleges and seminaries the procurator is effectively the business/supply/buildingsandgrounds manager.
Procurator to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland - chief counsel to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland;
Teutonic procurator - a function in the Monastic State of the Teutonic Knights.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Procurator   (294 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Procurator
AD 60, Roman procurator of Judaea, Samaria, Galilee, and Peraea (c.AD 52-AD 60), a freedman of Claudius I. He was judge of the apostle Paul.
Drusilla, daughter of Herod Agrippa I, married to Felix the procurator and mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles.
Chaumette was general procurator (1792-94) and a chief leader of the Commune of Paris.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Procurator&StartAt=1   (508 words)

The institution of the procuratores regii or procureurs du roi (king's procurators) was established in France during the thirteenth century, and has developed from that time onward; though canon law, previous to that time, had imposed on the bishops the duty of investigating the commission of crimes and instituting the proper judicial proceedings.
The fiscal procurator may be named by the bishop, either permanently, or his term of office may he limited to individual cases (see Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, 1884, no. 299; App., p.
In all these cases the defensor, like the fiscal procurator in criminal processes, represents the public interests; the institution of this office was all the more necessary, as it takes cognizance of causes in which both parties frequently display a desire to have the contract nullified.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/06082b.htm   (655 words)

 BMA - Fees payable to doctors by the procurator fiscal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Procurators Fiscal should give an opinion as to whether expert fees are justified and establish what fee has been agreed with the witness.
The Procurator Fiscal will ensure that all outstanding accounts are paid at the latest by the end of the month in which they were received.
Apart from cases of homicide, when a doctor claims a special fee, the Procurator Fiscal should give his opinion as to whether a special fee is justified.
www.bma.org.uk /ap.nsf/Content/medicolegalscot~procuratorfiscal   (1098 words)

 Kyrgyz Republic Human Rights Practices, 1995   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The procurator's office, which is responsible for the investigation, often nominates the defense counsel, who is required to visit the accused within the first 3 days of incarceration.
Once the procurator is ready, he brings a case to court and tries it before a judge and two people's assessors (pensioners or citizens chosen from labor collectives).
However, the decision of a court to return a case to the procurator for further investigation may not be appealed, and the accused is returned to the procurator's custody and may remain under detention.
www.usemb.se /human/human95/kyrgyzre.htm   (4420 words)

 The St. Joseph Foundation - Canonical Basics
The procurator and the advocate must have at least attained majority and be of good reputation; furthermore, the advocate must be a Catholic unless the diocesan bishop permits otherwise, must have a doctorate in canon law or be otherwise truly expert and must be approved by the same bishop.
Although a lone individual may appoint a procurator, the primary advantage of a procurator is that he can act on behalf of a group of individuals who have appointed him.
Even though the procurator has the status of the duly appointed representative of the parties according to canon law, it must be remembered that in many instances the law does not require a pastor or bishop to deal with a procurator any more than he would have to deal with individuals.
www.st-joseph-foundation.org /cfd16-2b.htm   (961 words)

 BBC - Crime Fighters - Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The job of the Procurator Fiscal is to make preliminary investigations into criminal cases in their districts, take written statements from witnesses and conduct the prosecution in the Sheriff and District Courts.
The Procurator Fiscal Service is divided into regions, with a Regional Procurator Fiscal for each of the six Sheriffdoms in Scotland: Grampian, Highland and Islands; Tayside, Central and Fife; Lothian and Borders; Glasgow and Strathkelvin; North Strathclyde; South Strathclyde, Dumfries and Galloway.
The relationship between the Procurator Fiscal and the police is a close one similar to the Crown Prosecution Service and police in England and Wales.
www.bbc.co.uk /crime/fighters/scotscrownoffice.shtml   (1058 words)

 A Fair Cop?: page 25   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Regional Procurators Fiscal have a duty to investigate all complaints which are made against police officers where the complaint alleges that a crime may have been committed by a police officer or officers in the course of their duty.
If the Regional Procurator Fiscal considers there is any substance in the complaint against the police, he will submit a full report of the evidence to Crown Office along with his assessment of the merits of the case and his recommendation.
The Regional Procurator Fiscal is responsible for informing the complainer, the police and the Procurator Fiscal of the district concerned.
www.scotland.gov.uk /hmic/docs/afcp-25.asp   (1319 words)

 Procurator of Justice - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
The Procurator of Justice was the head of the Imperial criminal justice system, charged with prosecuting political prisoners and administering sentences on entire worlds.
Because of the dangerous nature of the office, the Procurator of Justice was normally anonymous.
It was only after the Emperor's death at the Battle of Endor that the identity of the Procurator was made public.
starwars.wikia.com /wiki/Procurator_of_Justice   (124 words)

 Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, page 519   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The fiscal administration of the imperial pro­vinces was in the hands of a procurator of equestrian rank, under whom were freed-men of the emperor's, bearing the same title, and attending to particular depart­ments of the administration.
In the sena­torial provinces, also, there was an imperial procurator, independent of the governor, to manage the domains and to collect the revenues belonging to the fiscus.
The imperial chief treasury was administered by a procurator a ratwntbus, also called procurator fisci, at first an imperial freed-man, but after the 2nd century a knight.
www.ancientlibrary.com /seyffert/0522.html   (750 words)

A procurator has the right and duty to act according to the terms of the charge committed, but a general mandate does not include cases for which the law requires a special commission.
He is also allowed to elect a substitute, except in cases of marriages, and in general whenever, owing to the serious character of the affair, the procurator is supposed to have been chosen with the understanding that he should transact the business in person.
Unless the procurator acted beyond his powers, the principal must accept whatever the latter did in his name.
www.catholicity.com /encyclopedia/p/procurator.html   (182 words)

 Procurator fiscal - job profile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service in Scotland is responsible for the prosecution of crime in Scotland.
Procurator fiscals, assisted by deputes, are responsible for deciding whether criminal proceedings should take place, based on criminal investigation reports from the police.
Entry to the procurator fiscal’s office would be as a depute, where the starting salary is £19,000–£34,000 a year.
www.springboard.hobsons.co.uk /advice/careers/law_and_related_work/jobs/procurator_fiscal   (136 words)

 University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
On 13 April 1994, the procurator's office told the author that there was no evidence to support her claims that her son had died as a result of acts of violence, and that it had therefore decided not to initiate criminal proceedings.
Telitsina that her son's death was the result of a suicidal act provoked by "deviations of a mental nature" and that the injuries the author claimed to have seen on the deceased's body had not been found.
The author wonders whether the refusal to exhume the body and to analyse the photographs does not show that the Office of the Procurator General is covering up the murder of her son.
www1.umn.edu /humanrts/undocs/html/888-1999.html   (2034 words)

 Statement of the Kazakhstan Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law
However, this document does not even mention that such actions should be at least justified by the evidence or well-grounded suspicion of the planning of criminal activity by this public association, group or individual.
It is totally absurd, as in any country where political competition is a part of everyday political life the plan of the election campaign is one of the top secret documents of any party.
General Procurator’s office in its turn recognizes the fact of incorrect application of legislation but takes no measures at all, finding its own grounds for justification of the decision.
www.eurasianet.org /resource/kazakhstan/links/bhrarol.html   (974 words)

 Jewish History - Pilate The Procurator
But the arbitrary appointment and removal of High Priests by the procurator, placed these powers at the mercy of his caprice, and ultimately the Jews were robbed of these prerogatives altogether.
Even in religious offenses where the High Priest with the Sanhedrin could pronounce the death sentence, the confirmation of the procurator was required for the execution.
On another occasion the Samaritans, to whom Gerizim had all the sanctity that Sinai had for Israel, because the Mosaic Blessings were announced from its heights (sec Deut, xi, 29, Joshua, viii, 33), gathered there on a rumor that sacred vessels were hidden in its soil.
www.oldandsold.com /articles26/jewish-history-14.shtml   (879 words)

 Top procurator: Corruption still rampant
China's top procurator said Monday the number of official crime cases is still large, and called on the country to continue its crackdown on crimes like corruption and dereliction of duty.
In the first 11 months of this year, about 38,025 cases of official crime were filed for investigation and prosecution by the country's procuratorial organs, involving 41,797 suspects.
Jia urged all levels of procurators to pay more attention to official crimes related to areas like finance, real estate, construction project bidding, land-use right acquisition and materials purchasing, which are all prone to crime.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /en/doc/2003-12/23/content_292792.htm   (322 words)

 Procurator Fiscal - Stish
Procurator Fiscals are all legally qualified.  They are employed in the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, a Scottish Executive Department, and their principal responsibilities are the investigation and prosecution of crime and the investigation of deaths(which occur in the following situations).
In most cases, however, a death will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal by a doctor or the police.
If the Procurator Fiscal is satisfied with the Medical Cause of Death Certificate and any further evidence received from the police, no further action is required.
www.stish.org /content/view/115/114   (256 words)

 Pontius Pilate (Fiction Extracts at Davar Web Site)
Later the Procurator received a call from a handsome man with a blond beard, eagles' feathers in the crest of his helmet, glittering lions' muzzles on his breastplate, a gold-studded sword belt, triple-soled boots laced to the knee and a purple cloak thrown over his left shoulder.
he Procurator realized that already there was assembling in the square a numberless crowd of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, excited by the recent disorders; that this crowd was waiting impatiently for the pronouncement of sentence and that the water-sellers were busily shouting their wares.
The Procurator was not frowning because the sun was blinding him but somehow to avoid seeing the group of prisoners which, as he well knew, would shortly be led out on the platform behind him.
www.davar.net /EXTRACTS/FICTION/PILATE.HTM   (7839 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The Procurator General is the head of the Public Prosecutions Department and is at the same time in charge of the court police.
The Procurator General with the High Court of Justice shall be appointed by the Government, upon the advice of the High Court of Justice.
The request for legal assistance is addressed to the Procurator General, who in the interest of a speedy and effective settlement immediately decides in respect of the actions to be taken upon the request (Articles 468 and 469 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).
www.oas.org /Juridico/MLA/en/sur/en_sur-int-desc-outline_cjs.doc   (2120 words)

 Alexandre Dumas : The Three Musketeers : 32. A Procurator's Dinner
Although the Musketeer was not expected before one o'clock, the procurator's wife had been on the watch ever since midday, reckoning that the heart, or perhaps the stomach, of her lover would bring him before his time.
They reached the office of the procurator after having passed through the antechamber in which the clerks were, and the study in which they ought to have been.
The procurator had without doubt been warned of his visit, as he expressed no surprise at the sight of Porthos, who advanced toward him with a sufficiently easy air, and saluted him courteously.
www.classicreader.com /read.php/sid.1/bookid.58/sec.31   (2484 words)

 1996 Human Rights Report: Kyrgyz Republic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The procurator's office responsible for the investigation often nominates the defense counsel, who is required to visit the accused within the first 3 days of incarceration.
The procurator has discretion to keep the accused in pretrial detention for up to 1 year, but there are provisions for conditional release before trial.
The decision of a court to return a case to the procurator for further investigation may not be appealed, and the accused are returned to the procurator's custody where they may remain under detention.
www.usemb.se /human/human96/kyrgyzre.html   (4753 words)

 The Case of Bukharin - Last Plea, Evening Session March 12
Citizen the Procurator explained in the speech for the prosecution that the members of a gang of brigands might commit robberies in different places, but that they would nevertheless be responsible for each other.
Citizen the Procurator asserts that I was one of the major organizers of espionage, on a par with Rykov.
As Citizen the Procurator, if I am not mistaken, formulated it, an attempt to overthrow the Soviet power by forcible means-this I admit; it was the case.
www.marxists.org /archive/bukharin/works/1938/trial/3.htm   (4849 words)

 Literature.org - The Online Literature Library
Although the Musketeer was not expected before one o'clock, the procurator's wife had been on the watch ever since midday, reckoning that the heart, or perhaps the stomach, of her lover would bring him before his time.
They reached the office of the procurator after having passed through the antechamber in which the clerks were, and the study in which they ought to have been.
The procurator had without doubt been warned of his visit, as he expressed no surprise at the sight of Porthos, who advanced toward him with a sufficiently easy air, and saluted him courteously.
www.literature.org /authors/dumas-alexandre/the-three-musketeers/chapter-32.html   (2502 words)

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