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Topic: Product activation

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In the News (Sun 16 Dec 18)

  Microsoft product activation debate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Users must reactivate their product if they change a significant amount of hardware or reinstall the operating system, and if the product is activated too many times, the user must contact Microsoft by telephone to reactivate the product.
Activation over the telephone is a time-consuming process, involving the entry of a 48 digits Confirmation ID Proponents claim that product activation is handled in a professional manner.
If Windows XP's product activation stops the process of loading Windows, then the user cannot use any of the other software either, even that which is nothing to do with Microsoft or their copyrights, because it is an OS that applications run on.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Microsoft_product_activation_debate   (616 words)

 Product activation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Product activation is a license validation procedure required by some computer software programs.
Specifically, product activation refers to a method where a software application hashes hardware serial numbers and an ID number specific to the product's license (a product key) to generate a unique Installation ID.
Some products allow licenses to be transferred from one machine to another using online tools, without having to call technical support to deactivate the copy on the old machine before reactivating it on the new machine.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Product_activation   (507 words)

 wincent: product activation
Activation requires nothing more than a click of button and takes only a few seconds (see a sample screenshot from a development version of Synergy Advance; the email address and license address have been blurred for the purposes of the screenshot only).
Product activation is employed by some of the largest software companies in the world such as Microsoft, Macromedia, Adobe, Network Associates and Symantec and the list is constantly growing.
Product activation addresses the problem caused by this minority and benefits everyone else because profitable software companies have more resources to pour into improving their products and releasing them sooner.
wincent.com /a/support/activation   (1994 words)

 Adobe - Adobe software activation
The Adobe product license agreement allows the primary user to install the product on a primary computer and also on a home or laptop computer for his or her use, provided that the two copies are not used simultaneously.
Product activation applies mostly to the individual retail versions of Adobe software products and is generally not part of the Adobe Open Options programs.
When the product is activated on a computer, this machine identifier and the product serial number are provided to Adobe to help ensure that each genuine copy of its software is not activated more than the permitted number of times.
www.adobe.com /products/activation   (1757 words)

 [No title]
The first step in activating Windows XP via telephone is supplying the call-center agent with the Installation ID displayed by msoobe.exe, the application that guides a user through the activation process.
The DD component of the Product ID specifies which of the public keys in this sequence was successfully used to verify the Product Key.
A Product Key for the 'professional' release could then be signed with a different key than a Product Key for the 'server' release.
www.licenturion.com /xp/fully-licensed-wpa.txt   (3094 words)

 Microsoft and piracy: Try, try again | Tech News on ZDNet
Product activation, which is mandatory, is different from product registration, an optional process in which consumers provide their names, product information, and contact information.
Through activation, a Microsoft-run clearinghouse generates a random "installation ID." This installation ID is based on the product key used during setup and the hardware configuration of the PC, according to Microsoft.
The product activation technology detects the hardware configuration on which the product is being installed, but not through any kind of scanning of a customer's hard drive, Microsoft executives said.
news.zdnet.com /2100-9595_22-527150.html   (841 words)

 Viktor's Home Page: Just Say No to Product Activation
There are many legitimate reasons for installing a product purchased under a single-user license on multiple computers: for instance, you may have a backup computer, or you may have upgraded your computer to a newer model.
Because of Product Activation, the purchaser may not be able to activate a product that you already activated yourself, even if you have completely uninstalled the product from your computer, and destroyed any copies you had in your possession.
Their product works well, and it represents a marginally acceptable compromise: although the software is protected by a license key, this mechanism is used only for printing or netfiling your return.
www.vttoth.com /dontactivate.asp   (1937 words)

 Product Activation
Product Activation reaches beyond Product Keys by more reliably preventing an end-user from sharing his or her legitimately acquired (Personal) Product Key not only through psychological means but also through technical means.
For a pirate the most elegant way to defeat a conventional Product Activation scheme is to analyze the part of the protected piece of software that ensures that the sequence of letters and digits entered by the end-user constitutes a valid Activation Code.
Licenturion Product Activation technology is available as a static library, a dynamic link library (DLL), or a COM component that contain the functionality required to validate Activation Codes.
www.licenturion.com /index.php?id=12   (932 words)

 PJ Technologies - Product Activation
Product activation is a secure and industry-accepted technical measure to help protect PJ Technologies against unauthorized copying of its software in ways that infringes on the software's end user license agreement (EULA).
This activation code will be configured to grant you a certain number of activations based on the number of licenses you purchased and the EULA.
Do not activate your product on computers scheduled to be upgraded to a new operating system or scheduled to be rebuilt.
www.pjtec.com /Activation   (340 words)

 Adobe - Product activation center
Activation is an interactive representation of the license agreement between Adobe and its valued customers.
Activation protects the intellectual property and innovation at the heart of the software industry.
Activation does not collect, transmit, or use any personally identifiable information or hinder licensed users' ability to use the software the way they always have under the Adobe product license agreement.
www.adobe.com /activation/main.html   (220 words)

 product activation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Microsoft Product Activation is an anti-piracy technology that verifies that software products have been legitimately licensed.
If you don't activate within the specified time the products will go into reduced-functionality mode and in Office for example you won't be able to edit documents or create new ones.
No, the only information you need to supply to activate your product is the name of the country where the product is being installed, though you may choose to register your software at the same time so that you receive information about product updates, service releases and special offers.
home.inu.net /dcs/product_activation.htm   (374 words)

 Windows Product Activation Versus Software Registration - News by InformationWeek   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Product registration is voluntary and requires detailed personal information for use by the company's product support and marketing departments.
Activation is primarily a copy-protection scheme that prohibits the long-term use of a single licensed copy of the software on multiple machines.
Product activation won't be an issue with respect to most new PCs purchased with the Microsoft operating system or other Microsoft software already installed.
www.informationweek.com /story/IWK20010907S0008   (479 words)

 Nuance - Support - Product Activation - Activation Tour
If the product is not activated after this period of time, it will either operate in a reduced functionality mode or it will cease to operate completely until it is activated.
The "Activate Manually" button accomplishes the same task as the "Activate Automatically" button, however the user is required to manually enter the Machine Fingerprint and Serial Number into corresponding fields on the Nuance web site and then click on the "Generate Activation Key" button in order to create an activation (unlock) code.
The activation code must then be manually entered into the product to complete the activation process and unlock the software.
support.nuance.com /productactivation/tour.asp   (766 words)

 More On Windows XP Product Activation - HelpWithWindows.com
Activation done in this way is the same as activating a retail version of Windows XP.
Product activation relies on the submission of the Installation ID which is comprised of two different pieces of information - the product ID and a hardware hash
I know that many people are not too happy about product activation, simply because over the years we have been used to buy one copy of the software, and use it on all our PC's.
www.helpwithwindows.com /WindowsXP/activation.html   (1215 words)

 Technical Details on Microsoft Product Activation for Windows XP
Product activation uses several methods and technologies to help achieve Microsoft’s goals of protecting intellectual property rights by making it easy for users to comply with the terms of the EULA and reducing software piracy.
Product activation relies on the submission of the Installation ID. The Installation ID is specifically designed to guarantee anonymity and is only used by Microsoft to deter piracy.
The product ID is unique to the installation of Windows and is created from the product key used during installation.
www.webtree.ca /newlife/WindowsXP_WPA_details.htm   (2479 words)

 Ars Technica: Windows Product Activation: an early look - Page 1 - (2/2001)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Activation will not require your name, address, etc., and registration will be optional as always.
DLT is the technology that supports both the transmission of product activation keys and unique system identifiers and the storage of those numbers.
The important thing to note here is that, unlike in previous releases, product activation is now going to be an interactive experience, wherein the OS actually contacts Microsoft and attempts to discern if it's a valid installation.
www.arstechnica.com /wankerdesk/01q1/wpa-1.html   (944 words)

 eSellerate - Product Activation
During activation, eSellerate looks at the computer's present hardware configuration, and to ensure the end user's privacy, uses a one-way mathematical algorithm to create unique hardware identification data.
Some options for deploying product activation include, but are not limited to, automatically activating the software at the time of purchase, activating the software when the user enters a serial number, and periodically validating that the software is being used on the machine where it was activated.
Deciding if product activation is right for your software can be a difficult process as you balance your customer's wants and needs with that of your own.
www.esellerate.net /productactivation.asp   (505 words)

 Macworld: News: Adobe initiates Activation for Creative Suite 2
Activation is a process the customer must complete sometime during the first 30 days of use in order to verify that the product is using a valid serial number.
While Adobe feels activation will help their anti-piracy efforts, they are realistic on the affect it will have on the overall piracy plague.
The activation dialog box clearly explains what is happening and also has a link to the License Agreement and to Adobe's Web site where you can get more information on their activation policies.
www.macworld.com /news/2005/04/03/activation/index.php   (1630 words)

 Quark: QuarkXPress Product Activation and Registration
License activation ensures that software is not used on more computers than authorized by the license, specifically the unauthorized sharing of software through casual copying.
Activation is not the same thing as product registration; activation does not require that you submit your name, e-mail address, or any other personally identifying information.
During the activation process, the application gathers some information about the hardware configuration of the computer on which you have installed QuarkXPress, converts that information into an installation code that is unique to that computer, and then sends the installation code to Quark.
www.quark.com /products/xpress/tech_info/registration_activation.html   (295 words)

 Symantec adds product activation | CNET News.com
Norton Antivirus 2004, which Symantec announced Monday for release next month, will use product activation, an increasingly common technique to tie a copy of an application to a particular PC.
Microsoft was the first major software maker to broadly use product activation, introducing it in the Windows XP operating system, amid concerns that the technology would balk at simple changes in a PC's hardware.
Smith said Symantec's implementation of product activation is similar to Microsoft's and does not use Macrovision technology.
news.com.com /2100-1046_3-5068370.html   (559 words)

 Windows XP Product Activation
Microsoft's decision to require Windows XP users to use a product activation feature has been a controversial one, and has made more than a few people a little nervous.
There are already a number of programs on the web that can be used to bypass the product activation process or to generate a fake product key.
MPA is an umbrella term for technology such as Windows Product Activation (WPA) in Microsoft Windows XP and Office Activation Wizard (OAW) in Microsoft Office XP.
labmice.techtarget.com /windowsxp/Install/wpa.htm   (718 words)

 Symantec adds product activation
"Our primary motivation for introducing product activation is to protect our customers but it's probably true to say that we probably wouldn't have introduced the technology but for the problem we have with large scale counterfeiting," he said.
The product activation technology is licensed from a third party, which Symantec declines to name for "security reasons".
When Microsoft introduced product activation with Windows XP many expressed fears over privacy implications as well as the ability of the technology to cope with basic changes of configuration in PC hardware.
www.securityfocus.com /news/6825   (627 words)

 Nuance - Support - Product Activation
Product activation helps prevent software piracy and ensure you receive a fully functional software product when purchasing any of our productivity solutions.
Product activation is an anonymous and secure process designed to promote only licensed use of our software.
In some instances pre-installed software may be activated at the factory before delivery to the end user.
support.nuance.com /productactivation   (161 words)

 Macromedia Vaunts Product Activation
While an activation may be a one-time thing, consumers bring up all kinds of questions including, "What happens when I switch machines?", "What if the product doesn't activate?", and "What do you do with the activation information?" Macromedia has been proactive on questions like this by providing plenty of information about the new activation process.
In my opinion "product activation" is usually the first step to having a key server at the software vendor that every time you use the software you have to connect.
MM has not stated that it is certain that product activation will occur in Flash in the future, which if I may assume, is the technology you refer to as being unprotected.
www.actionscript.com /archives/00000539.html   (15221 words)

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