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Topic: Professional services

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Professional Services
Professional Services - Professional Business Services: Aon's Global Practice Group purpose is to serve those in the professional services arena.
Professional service firms and individual practices alike are now facing these and other unique challenges.
Professional indemnity coverage, which protects specialists who promote themselves as having particular expertise in certain areas, continues to be the primary form of insurance sought by the professional services industry.
www.aon.com /industries/professional_services.jsp   (648 words)

 Professional Services Marketing
Second, professional services are highly personalised, involving the skills of (and, frequently, the physical presence of) individual service providers.
As a professional services firm ourselves, we have become skilled at bringing this reality to the benefit and betterment of professional services firms.
Together with elements from our portfolio of Consulting and Training Services but with a specific Professional Services focus brought to each of them, we are well positioned to assist any professional services firm with the achievement of improved practice results.
www.themarketingbureau.co.nz /professional%20services%20marketing.htm   (224 words)

 Society for Marketing Professional Services
The Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) is recognized as an individual who has met a rigorous standard of experience and expertise in marketing professional services and who agrees to adhere to the ethics and responsibilities of the profession as outlined in the CPSM Code of Ethics.
Having spent her entire career in the professional services industry as a marketer, both on the corporate and agency sides, Izenson was the first person in the state of Ohio to take and pass the Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) exam through the Society for Marketing Professional Services.
The Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) designation recognizes individuals who have met a rigorous standard of experience and expertise in marketing professional services and who agree to adhere to the ethics and responsibilities outlined in the CPSM Code of Ethics.
www.smps.org /certification/certification.htm   (3798 words)

 Professional services: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
(the services are considered "professional" and the contract may run to partnerships, EHandler: no quick summary.
Examples of professional services contracts include: accountants accountancy quick summary:
The selection of an independent contractor providing professional services is usually based on skill, EHandler: no quick summary.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/p/pr/professional_services.htm   (221 words)

 Professional Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
It would be easy to say: "Start charging for such services." However, a better solution the dealer may want to consider is the repositioning of his or her dealership to a company known as a source of high level, valuable service offerings — billable professional services.
I wouldn't say that's quite in a pure professional services manner, because what they are doing is taking some of their internal system administrators and they are brokering them out on a project-by-project basis, and it's not a business unit.
Whether the professional services capability is in-house or outsourced, it is a strategy more dealers may want to consider — particularly those seeking an avenue to charge for services now being performed for free.
www.bta.org /public/articles/details.cfm?id=1649   (2727 words)

 Professional Services Group
Professional Services Group is a "Specialty Group" within the Sterling Financial family.
We are a team of HR professionals who will work with you to determine your needs and assist you in a solution.
Professional Services Group will work with you as a partner to help you maximize your company's talent so that you can compete more effectively.
www.sterlingfi.com /psg/psg.asp   (397 words)

 Autodesk - Professional Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Professional Services delivers a wide range of specific custom services — including custom engineering, training and support — as well as broad-scope, full-service solutions.
Professional Services can help you get, and stay, ahead of the competition.
The Autodesk Professional Service mandate is to promote the highest level of Autodesk customer success with respect to creating and leveraging digital assets.
usa.autodesk.com /adsk/servlet/index?id=6901020&siteID=123112   (413 words)

 Professional Investment Services
Professional Investment Services, an Australian Financial Services Licence holder, has one of the largest networks of accountants, financial advisers and life insurance brokers in Australia.
Professional Investment Services offers a broad range of financial and business development services that are backed by our ongoing support and expertise.
Our size, skills and success enable us to offer first class, personal services in financial planning, wealth creation and wealth preservation strategies, while at the same time assuring that we are a progressive company in the ever-evolving financial services profession.
www.profinvest.com.au   (95 words)

 Zavradinos Professional Services - Call (636) 449-0144
has expanded and modified the services provided to meet our clients’ continuously changing needs and to keep abreast of rapidly changing technological development of the engineering and surveying professions.
This attention is characterized by: professional quality work, completion within budget, punctual project completion, and creation of a cooperative team with the client and other members of the project team.
Services can be provided for the entire project or separately in the form of planning, engineering, surveying and construction.
www.zavradinos.com   (311 words)

 Sunrise Professional Services, Michael A Davis, Phoenix, Arizona: Private Investigator and Process Server for the legal ...
Call or e-mail us and let the professionals at Sunrise Professional Services provide you with the prompt, courteous and quality service for which we are known; the kind of service needed by today’s busy legal professional.
Sunrise Professional Services completes most process service the same day, and affidavits of service are filed promptly with the courts.
He provides paralegal services, making available a wide variety of legal document preparation services including, but not limited to, divorce and child custody, support and visitation matters.
www.sunriseprofessional.com   (322 words)

 Arizona Professional Services, Relocation Services for Doctors.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
An unmatched growing economy with unlimited professional opportunities, wonderful climate, low cost of living, and a relaxed life style make Arizona one of the most desirable places to live in the country.
Best of all, our base services are at no cost to our clients, and our advice is always free.
APS works with you at no cost to determine the best community for your needs and lifestyle, provides all real estate services in the purchase or lease of your new residence, and offers contacts to quality local services in support of your relocation.
www.azprofessionalservices.com   (319 words)

 Amazon.com: Marketing Professional Services - Revised: Books: Philip Kotler,Thomas Hayes,Paul N. Bloom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The major professional service firms employ huge marketing staffs whose job is to convince potential clients that they need the company's expertise, and to differentiate that expertise from all other competitors.
Ten distinctive problems in marketing professional services are also described - third party accountability, client uncertainty, experience, limited differentiability, quality control, doers as sellers, time allocated to marketing, pressure to react, conflicting views about advertising, and a limited marketing knowledge base.
If only professional services firms had this book open on their desk they might avoid some of the most obvious pitfalls, like appreciating the service from thier clients point of view, improving planning and tactics and ultimately providing better value.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/073520179X?v=glance   (1327 words)

 Professional Service Industries, Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) is an industry-leading consulting engineering and testing firm with 125 offices nationwide and a history dating back to the 1880s.
PSI is your best choice for engineering, testing and environmental services to support your daily project demands for site selection, design, construction and property management.
It doesn't matter if you need one or many of our services, have a single - or multi-site project, One Company, One Call is your answer.
www.psiusa.com   (89 words)

 Alcatel - Services
Developed in close consultation with network operators all over the world, the Alcatel Balanced Service Partnership is designed to provide you with a wealth of strategic choices, ranging from selected out-tasked activities to the management of your entire network, while letting you retain full strategic control at all times.
The Alcatel Balanced Service Partnership is backed by a dedicated, worldwide service network, bringing service providers the full benefit of our extensive global expertise and understanding of local needs.
Our highly integrated, global service organization consists of a combination of strategically located regional centers and local units that leverage the expertise of thousands of specialists.
www.alcatel.com /services   (473 words)

 Chem&Bio News - Professional Services - ChemBioNews.Com 13.3
These services, which are delivered by a professional service team that possesses both the needed scientific and technological expertise, are typically combined with the capabilities of CambridgeSoft's software products to produce quality, high value solutions for our clients.
CambridgeSoft's professional services staff is equipped to seamlessly incorporate your data into the development of your enterprise system.
Our professional services teams can provide you with those specific features by making custom modifications that will be supported in the future.
chemnews.cambridgesoft.com /art.cfm?S=312   (1401 words)

 Professional Partnership Services
Our multi-disciplinary Professional Partnership Services Team works locally, nationally and internationally to deliver tailored solutions and practical advice to clients wherever they are based.
We understand the issues and opportunities which arise from the operation of a professional practice: not only can our team advise on best practice as a result of their experience with other clients but we can also share with you our own firm’s experiences as one of the world’s largest professional services organisations.
We have a strong commitment to professional partnerships and currently provide tax advisory and compliance services in the UK to more than 30 firms and over 1300 partners.
www.ey.com /global/content.nsf/UK/Tax_-_Professional_Partnership_Services   (263 words)

 Debt management professional services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Debt Management Professional Services Help is simply combining all of your debts into one.
Debt Management Professional Services Help is a good way to get out from under credit card debt, too.
Education is of vital importance to ensure that you do not end up back at the Debt Management Professional Services Help service in a few years.
www.ohiodebtconsolidationquote.com /Debt-Consolidation/Debt-Services/Debt-Management/debt-management-professional-services.html   (1434 words)

 AJM Professional Services and Information Systems Consultants
We provide career opportunities to experienced professionals who are seeking employment at all levels in the information technology field.
Our clients are leading companies who want to hire the most qualified candidates with the specific skills, backgrounds, and motivations to help them attain their short and long term business goals.
Information Technology professionals who are looking for stable assignments with first rate companies can gain access to them through our organization.
www.ajmps.com   (261 words)

 CIA Careers: Professional   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Professionals in this area assist and administer to CIA employees and conduct required medical and psychological exams.
Our goal is to equip all CIA officers with a strong understanding of mission, commitment to shared values and intelligence trade skills needed to help protect the security and people of the United States through advanced teaching and curriculum development.
Undergraduate and graduate students can begin their careers at the CIA through one of several programs within Professional Services that provide practical experience as well as a deeper understanding of concepts learned in the classroom.
www.cia.gov /employment/professional.html   (711 words)

 Apple - Education - Professional Services
Apple Education Professional Services can also guide you to other Apple education resources such as AppleCare support plans that can help maximize your technology investment.
A school district engages System Services to install software, add memory, and upgrade to Mac OS X. Simultaneously, teachers attend Apple Professional Development courses to learn how to use the new operating system effectively.
To finish, our Customized Services and Solutions professionals help design a web-based application to help track student habits and usage of the wireless network to be accessed by all laptop computers.
www.apple.com /education/services   (276 words)

 Professional Services Grimsby Lincs England, Lincolnshire UK
Forrester Boyd has been practising as Chartered Accountants for over 60 years so I guess they are ready to start doing it for real now, they aim to provide professional service and advice to all clients.
Full professional business consultancy services, from corporate identity and media consultancy to feasibility studies in market sizing and resource reorganisation, based in Dudley Street, Grimsby.
Professional Services in Lincoln - Professional Services in Louth - Professional Services in Cleethorpes
www.linc2u.com /grimsby/sites/profes.htm   (392 words)

 Professional Medical Billing Services
Professional Medical Billing's, LTD., INC. medical billing system provides expert medical billing services, including electronic claim submission, consulting, medical claim billing, and insurance billing, to providers all over the state of Michigan.
Professional Medical Billing, LTD., INC. is a leading medical billing company located in Saginaw, Michigan, with numerous medical billing specialists, providing medical billing services to providers all over the state of Michigan.
To obtain for our clients the full financial reimbursement to which they are legally entitled for services provided to patients, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity, compliance, and ethics.
www.promedbilling.com   (261 words)

 J. E. Lowery Professional Services Corporation
Lowery Professional Services Corporation is dedicated to offering our clients a proven method of measuring customer satisfaction and employee performance.
Lowery Professional Services Corporation provides a wide array of professional services for our clients in an effort to help them create better customer relations and a more positive bottom line.
Lowery Professional Services Corporation can help you answer those important questions and concerns that may be causing you to lose customers.
hometown.aol.com /investigator1950/myhomepage/index.html   (777 words)

 UPS Professional Services
Backed by the world’s largest package delivery company, UPS Professional Services is perfectly positioned to support part of your supply chain — or all of it.
UPS Professional Services can deliver global solutions tailor-made for your enterprise, at your particular stage of development and point in time.
UPS Professional Services has the capability — in engineering, technology, project management and much more — to make it happen.
www.ups-psi.com   (280 words)

 Edmonds WA ~ Professional Services in Edmonds, Washington
As your full services community bank, we are committed to complete customer satisfaction and to providing responsive banking service on an individual basis.
Doody Free Pet Service is dedicated to keeping people and their pets together for as long as possible.
All services are provided in the comfort of your home by an experienced pet nurse.
www.edmondswa.com /Shopping/Services/ServicList.html   (3984 words)

 Professional Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Brocade offers a wide range of flexible Professional Services that are designed to align with an organization's critical business challenges and corporate objectives.
These Professional Services can help organizations manage the entire lifecycle of their storage requirements, including an analysis of business requirements, a design of the appropriate solution, and the implementation and ongoing management of the SAN and IT infrastructure.
These services are designed to optimize existing environments and support the migration to the latest technologies, such as provisioning new storage resources or refreshing a particular SAN technology.
www.brocade.com /support/professional_services.jsp   (422 words)

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