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Topic: Professional video camera

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In the News (Mon 24 Sep 18)

  Camera Command: About the Video
The most basic consumer camcorder, and the high-end professional video camera, are discussed, and there is an excellent light ray demonstration of how lenses work in all these devices.
Camera Command is one of the best works I've seen, not only for our profession, but in the larger world of instuctional media as well.
Even if you are a camera expert who already knows how to use your camera in full manual to get the image you want, this program is one of the finest examples of what a special interest training video can be.
www.cameracommand.com /AboutCamcorderVideo/applause_WEVReview.htm   (644 words)

 Panasonic SDR-S100 Video Camera : MobileWhack.com
At the top is the 3CCD, which is indispensable for the professional video cameras because of its outstanding reproductivity in color, detail and gradation.
The MPEG2 is the same codec system that DVD video camera encodes the data, assuring 50 fps at the same rate as TV broadcasts in all XP/SP/LP recording modes to make the motion smooth and natural-looking.
The pictures taken by the video camera have a lot of movement with panning, tilting or zooming and noises are often generated because the movements are too fast for the MPEG2 codec system to catch up with.
www.mobilewhack.com /reviews/panasonic_sdr-s100_video_camera.html   (1940 words)

 Professional Video Camera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Professional digital video cameras capture analog video and audio content, convert the data from analog to digital, and output digital video streams in standard-definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) digital television (DTV) formats.
Wired and wireless cameras include similar function blocks; wired cameras will not implement recording circuitry, as the digital data will be sent to separate recording equipment such as a videotape recorder (VTR) or video disk recorder (VDR).
Cameras so equipped will allow cameramen to have mobility they need to capture the action—without the limitation of cables or saving to tape locally.
www.altera.com /end-markets/broadcast/production/camera/bro-videocamera.html   (544 words)

 Video camera jammer hand held video camera jammer and high powered camera jammer to block and disable video cameras.
Video camera jammer hand held video camera jammer and high powered camera jammer to block and disable video cameras.
This device is not much larger than a packet of cigarettes and when activated, will disable almost any wireless video camera, wireless lans and blue tooth.
This is a professional high powered video camera jammer.
www.spymodex.com /video.htm   (240 words)

 Video Camera Tips: VideOccasions
Digital cameras tend to be more complex in their operation than analog cameras.
Unfortunately, unless you read the technical manuals which came with your camera -- and few camera owners do -- and understand them thoroughly, many of the features which the salesman who sold your camera touted so highly are features that will hinder your ability to make videos that have a professional look to them.
Most video cameras have a zoom lens, which enables you to go from a wide angle view to a close up at the push of a toggle.
www.videoccasions-nw.com /vocamera.html   (865 words)

 Hollywood Lite Running Rig, Professional Dockable Video Camera Stabilizer with Sled, Arm, Vest and Monitor, for Video ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Padded vest, double articulated arm, dynamically balanced sled, 5.9 inch color monitor, video cable, allen wrench, dovetail plate, instruction manual, and an easy to follow video tape, and a 6 months warranty card.
This stabilizer is equipped to handle dockable video cameras weighing 15 to 25 pounds.
Enhanced camera mounting platform allows accurate adjustments to your camera, for/aft and side/side, without complicated locking procedures.
www.adorama.com /VDHLRR.html   (296 words)

 Videomaine.com - Maine Video Production Company   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
We have perfected a system which allows us to create a video presentation for your business that is quick and inexpensive to produce, but very expensive looking on screen.
Third if you do not already have video footage that you shot of your product, we can use your still images from a digital camera, and make the images move on screen.
A copy of the video can be created in windows media format which you can place on your web site or send in emails.
www.videomaine.com /VProd.html   (272 words)

 Professional Video Camera Hire
Our professional video camera hire service is just what you need if you're looking for that edge in the local short film festival.
Or perhaps you need that all-important second angle on an upcoming wedding video or maybe your own gear is due for a service and your clients just can't wait.
The Sony PD-170 is the perfect camera for wedding videography due to it's discreet size, incredible low light operation and huge range of features.
www.guardianmedia.net.au /video_camera_hire.htm   (279 words)

 michaels camera - video - digital - Canon Professional Video Camera Range
The HV10 Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Zoom Lens is designed specifically to capture crisp high definition video.
The high speed imaging engine make possible the recording and playback of images boasting outstanding detail and rich colour gradation and allows video and photos to be shot simultaneously.
With built-in high quality HD-SDI output, Gen lock input and Time code input/output, the XL H1 can be integrated into a professional studio environment and used as part of a multi camera shoot.
www.michaels.com.au /video/vidcanon2.htm   (1072 words)

 DSM Professional Video Camera Power Batteries
With the invention of portable video and later the camcorder, we quickly realised, all video equipment was very power hungry.
We responded quickly, by producing a range of long lasting battery belts with connecting cables to fit every video camera.
All the major names in TV have DSM batteries, we supplied 100’s of battery belts to broadcasters, who issued camcorders to the general public making video diaries and fly on the wall documentaries.
www.dsmpower.tv /About_DSM.htm   (289 words)

 Sony Professional Video Cameras   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Sony Professional Video Cameras come in many flavors primarily dicated by the video format one want to use
This camera employs the latest 2/3-inch CCD, and advanced 30-bit digital-processing technology into a newly designed, heavy-duty chassis, the DSR-450WSL provides the creative control, picture quality, ruggedness, functionality, and ease of use that the DVCAM format has become famous for.
These cameras are offered in two different versions: the DXC-D50H and L are 4:3 models and DXC-D50WS 16:9/4:3-switchable model.
www.compumodules.com /professional-video/sony/sony-professional-video-cameras.shtml   (1366 words)

 Professional Video Cameras : X10.com!
The Vanguard is the camera our customers have been waiting for — a professional-quality camera with a fantastic 44X zoom lens.
X10's NEW Sentinel video security and surveillance system is the clear choice for small to medium sized business owners and individuals who demand superior performance, the ultimate in flexibility and outstanding value.
Use your Vanguard as a wired camera or wirelessly within 100 feet of the included Video Receiver.
www.x10.com /cameras/cameras_professional.html   (1006 words)

 JVC Professional Camera Dealer, Professional Recorders, Professional Video Monitors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Today we are focusing on the DV CAM cameras and recorders....We also know a lot about MPEG-2 and HDV and expect to provide you with great support for all products.
Professional Video Recorders and Players are used by both content creators and the content distributors.
Professional Video Displays are used by everyone whether content originators.
www.compumodules.com /jvc-sony-hitach-viewcast-products/jvc-dvc-hdv-cameras.html   (148 words)

 U.S. Sports Video
Designed to meet the needs of high school and collegiate video crews, the Mark IV Action Monitor System from U.S. Sports Video gives you top features previously available only on expensive ($55,000 and up) commercial studio video camera systems.
This professional fluid-damped tripod head is machined by U.S. Sports Video to incorporate our custom-fitted quick disconnect Action Monitor platform.
In sports video, it's imperative to be able to zoom in and out on the field of play.
www.ussportsvideo.com /usspt2.htm   (1209 words)

 Tinsley Labs Stabilized 3 CCD Professional Video Camera   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Schwem GX-4 is a stabilized, 3 CCD color professional video camera manufactured by.
In case you don't know, they are the people NASA called to fix the Hubble Space Telescope when they miscalculated the lens parameters and it wouldn't focus to infinity.
The Sony platform they chose as a basis for their camera offers maximum flexibility for operator "soft control" of the camera's functions.
www.surplusserver.com /cgi-bin/catalog/index.cgi?pid=75   (184 words)

 Camcorders - Professional Camcorders - Consumer Camcorders - Canon USA Consumer Products (via CobWeb/3.1 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Canon's range of professional digital camcorders is made for demanding creative videographers who want the proper tool to realize their unique creative goals.
At the heart of all these video cameras is Canon's philosophy of creative control, flexibility, and capability, in both High Definition and Standard Definition formats.
Canon camcorders are perfect for capturing all of your life's most precious moments, for beginners and advanced users alike, and make it easy to share your video with family and friends.
www.canondv.com.cob-web.org:8888   (210 words)

 sony DCRVX2100 professional digital video cameras discount Australia
This is one serious semi professional video camera with features that cost tens of thousands of dollars elsewhere.
As a training provider wanting to shoot support video films for all my training products, I was faced with having to hire a professional video camera or hire the services of a professional video cameraman.
Sony is one of the first manufacturer of semi professional video imaging equipment to invest in high quality lens.
safecityshop.com.au /video/sonydcrvx2100.htm   (824 words)

 US Sports Video: Home of the Skyhawk, Mark Action Monitor System, Camera Systems, Video Editing Systems, DVD Recorders, ...
US Sports Video: Home of the Skyhawk, Mark Action Monitor System, Camera Systems, Video Editing Systems, DVD Recorders, VCRs, Projectors, Cowboy Remotes and all Sports Video Accessories.
Camera remote control with zoom, zoom rate, focus, power on/off, record/pause and tally light
Ideal for any indoor sport Falcon provides professional video capabilities for all of your athletic programs.
www.ussportsvideo.net /products.html?TB_LINK=table_3fbbf092a8a9c   (326 words)

 Used video equipment and professional broadcast and editing gear--TV Pro Gear
TV Pro Gear has a large inventory of new, b-stock and used video and broadcast equipment including professional video cameras, editing equipment, Sony digital betacam and betacam sp vtrs.
Our used video production equipment is serviced in our state-of-the-art repair facility.
Our highly trained staff and video engineers have over twenty years experience in video distribution system design.
www.tvprogear.com   (199 words)

 surveillance video camera system. Digital surveillance video camera system products.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Our surveillance video camera systems are the most advanced on the market.
Don't be fooled by similar remote video surveillance capture card products which have many software and hardware bugs and are very unstable.
Our DVR cards and surveillance video camera systems are professional long lasting products.
www.bezerkmedia.com /surveillance/dvr/cameras/surveillance-video-camera-system.htm   (297 words)

 Professional Digital Video Camera
You may also be able to get the Professional Digital Video Camera REFURBISHED or USED from Half.com
Please help us improve our site by telling us what you think could be changed or added.
Back to top of Professional Digital Video Camera page
www.energenix.com /professional-digital-video-camera.html   (137 words)

 ShootDC Professional video production services, Washington DC camera crew, Virginia, Maryland.
ShootDC Professional video production services, Washington DC camera crew, Virginia, Maryland.
Professional Video Production Services in Washington, DC • Virginia • Maryland
ShootDC is the source for professional video shooting services in the Washington DC / Baltimore metropolitan area.
www.shootdc.com   (157 words)

 Plum | Chicago Video Production Company | Camera Editing | Film HD
Chicago digital video production company film and video studio with hd director producer editing house.
Chicago video production company professional cameraman shoot videotape meeting digital video editing.
video camera crew betacam beta sp camera operator video production studio digital editing suite.
www.plum.tv   (141 words)

 Ocean Images Underwater Video Camera Housings - Sony - Canon - Sharp - Panasonic - Custom (via CobWeb/3.1 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
At Ocean Images we have been manufacturing quality and affordable underwater video camera housings to the sport and professional scuba diving community for several years.
The quality and functionality of digital camcorders has grown quickly in a short period of time and it's a constant challenge to keep up with the new models that appear in the video camera marketplace.
We specialize in Sony digital video camera housings and carry a large inventory for the most popular models including the Sony PC-110, PC-105, PC-109, PC-120, PC-101, PC-330, IP-220 and IP-55.
www.oceanimagesinc.com.cob-web.org:8888   (293 words)

 Discount Security Cameras: CCTV DVR and Security Camera Systems
We have a security digital video recorder for every budget and application.
Our Professional CCTV Digital Video Recorders are the most feature-rich, reliable, and cost effective DVR available.
We import and test our security cameras and camera accessories to bring you the best product and value for your money!
www.discount-security-cameras.net   (168 words)

 Sony DXC-D30WS Professional Digital Video Camera
When the SETUP switch is set to the STD position, setting of the camera parameters or defining of the switch functions can be done with the VF Menu System, the same way as with conventional Sony cameras.
It is useful not only for the camera operator if there is a need to re-take the same shot, but also for checking the operating conditions during a particular shoot.
The improved CCD process combined with the camera's new digital circuits means CCD noise is reduced.
www.thing-z.com /home2/film&ani/data/sonydxcd30-2.htm   (485 words)

 Web-Connected Video Camera
Designed as a professional-quality video camera with the capacity to stream MPEG-4, the Streamcorder is a solid performer that holds its own against competition such as the Canon XL-1 in the prosumer video arena.
JVC has designed the Streamcorder with the connections and controls professionals prefer, such as XLR audio inputs and real-time manual exposure control, in contrast to the more automated exposure controls common in cameras in the same price range.
On our tests, the Streamcorder consistently delivered excellent picture quality, but as with many professional cameras, you have to adjust for lighting changes more than you would with a typical consumer camera.
www.pcmag.com /article2/0,1759,523212,00.asp   (1048 words)

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