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Topic: Profiler

In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Performance analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Profilers use a wide variety of techniques to collect data, including hardware interrupts, code instrumentation, operating system hooks, and performance counters.
As the summation in a profile often is done related to the source code positions where the events happen, the size of measurement data is linear to the code size of the program.
Sysprof is a statistical profiler for Linux that uses a kernel module to profile all running processes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Profiler_(computer_science)   (983 words)

 Profiler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Criminal profiler - a criminologist who studies a criminal's behavior for clues to psychology to aid in capturing them.
In computer programming, a profiler is a program that can track the performance of another program.
Profiler is a television drama series about a criminologist profiler that aired on NBC.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Profiler   (118 words)

 Driver Training, Testing, Driving Safety = Profiler
Profiler requires drivers to maneuver through a realistic driving environment and react to potential hazards.
Profiler driver training tests and trains drivers to continually scan their environment.
Profiler is based on more than ten (10) years of studies using computer-based programs to assess visual and decision-making skills.
www.profiler-vr.com   (451 words)

 Radon, Radiation Measurement, IMRT QA, IGRT QA, Radiation Therapy, PROFILER 2 for Linac, IVD, Daily QA, Dose Calibrators
The PROFILER™ has established itself as a gold standard in the QA market due to the fact that it is easier to use, and provides more data at a lower price than competing products.
PROFILER™ data is viewed on the PC screen in real time, and can be viewed in either dose or rate mode.
Profiles just taken can be easily compared against earlier profiles with the click of a mouse.
www.sunnuclear.com /products/profiler/profiler.asp   (558 words)

 Eclipse Profiler Plugin
Profiler has native part compiled with gcc 3.2, but if you have old gcc or libraries you can build native part yourself.
Profiler tab allows the user to define packages which shouldn't be instrumented, thus, all time usage will be referred to calling methods.
The profiler modifies loading byte-code by adding profiler's method call "enter" in the beginning of the every method of loading class and at the end of it - "leave".
eclipsecolorer.sourceforge.net /index_profiler.html   (1696 words)

 Aldec Inc. - The Design Verification Company - Products - Riviera - Design Profiler
Profiling data is very accurate and reliable, even for small designs.
Therefore, except for profiling large designs, you can also create test cases for individual constructs and coding styles and verify which descriptions are faster to simulate.
Hardware acceleration is based on the concept of pushing parts of the design that slow down the simulation (as indicated by the profiler) to hardware, and simulating those parts on an accelerator board.
www.aldec.com /products/riviera/pages/profiler   (242 words)

 The Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface (JVMPI)
If the defining events are not enabled, the profiler agent may receive an unknown ID. In that case the profiler agent may request the corresponding defining event to be sent on demand by issuing a RequestEvent call.
It is not safe for the profiler agent to call this function in the thread suspended mode because the current thread may block on the raw monitor already acquired by one of the suspended threads.
The profiler must allocate the space for the modified class file data buffer using the memory allocation function pointer sent in this event, because the VM is responsible for freeing the new class file data buffer.
java.sun.com /j2se/1.4.2/docs/guide/jvmpi/jvmpi.html   (6246 words)

 Build your own profiling tool
Profiling is a technique for measuring where software programs consume resources, including CPU time and memory.
Note that the example profiler and complete source code for this article are based on the Java Interactive Profiler (JIP) -- an open-source profiler built using aspect-oriented techniques and the Java 5 agent interface.
Some profilers require that you launch the application through the profiler, which means reconstructing your execution environment in terms of an unfamiliar tool.
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/java/library/j-jip/?ca=dgr-lnxw01JavaProfiling   (2390 words)

 Enterprise Java Community: Code Analysis with the Eclipse Profiler
Profiling is a technique used to capture information about the execution of code at runtime.
Using the remote debugger is useful, because the profiler emits a continuous stream of profiling information and it is sometimes difficult to follow this information in real-time.
The Profiler follows the tradition of quality, free Eclipse tools and I have found that it saves a considerable amount of time when presented with the often daunting task of digging into code and assimilating the meaning of it.
www.theserverside.com /articles/article.tss?l=EclipseProfiler   (2746 words)

 Digital Mars - Trace Dynamic Profiling
Such dynamic profiling information can then be processed to yield an order in which functions should be placed by the linker.
The library does not have profiling instrumentation in it, so the library functions are not grouped by the linker, nor is any profiling information collected for library functions.
The profiler tries to compensate for this, but the overhead times are not always consistent.
www.digitalmars.com /ctg/trace.html   (963 words)

 Profiler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
How is it that someone who is supposed to be the best criminal profiler in the FBI can catch every other serial killer/rapist and general bad guys in one episode but it takes her forever to catch Jack.
Since sinking "Profiler" in The Tank, she Guest Appeared on "That's Life", although that was just one of many Jumps that actually pleasing show took.
Profiler was a really awful show, and that's what made it so watchable for me. I've concluded that the reason Ally Walker was cast in the show was because she was able to move her eyes independent of each other, like a chameleon.
www.jumptheshark.com /p/profiler.htm   (2417 words)

 Profiler Complete Documentation
The Profiler is a tool to show you which parts of your code are using the most CPU time.
The Profiler can be used to highlight the "slow" points in your code however it is up to you to assess if the time taken is reasonable or not.
The method that the Profiler uses to compute the CPU time for each line of your source code adds a huge overhead to the work that the CPU has to do.
www.capesoft.com /docs/Profiler/Profiler.htm   (907 words)

Sam and the team profile the murders and determine their suspect is someone who was probably an organ recipient in the past.
The victims are able to provide the team with a number of clues which Sam uses to form her profile of the assailant.
The team tries to catch a diabolical killer determined to take revenge on people who are so blinded by their love of money that they can't see the repercussions their actions have on the other side of the world.
www.p2ptv.co.uk /396.html   (3986 words)

 [No title]
This way the profiler runtime will have a complete picture of the run, so building key information such as parent-child relationships between functions is guaranteed to be correct and the profiler can report perfect call trees necessary for you to easily find the call paths that took the longest time.
With a fully instrumented application, probe profilers can cause so much of a slowdown that it is almost impossible to run the instrumented binary on a production system, so you truly can't take advantage of the profiler when you need it most.
If you are profiling a heavily multithreaded application, this sampling statistic will snap the data when you are transitioning from user mode to kernel mode, which indicates that you have threads that are potentially blocking on kernel objects more than necessary.
msdn.microsoft.com /msdnmag/issues/04/12/enterpriseperformance/default.aspx   (5846 words)

 10.9 hotshot -- High performance logging profiler
profiler does not yet work well with threads.
It is useful to use an unthreaded script to run the profiler over the code you're interested in measuring if at all possible.
is the name of a log file to use for logged profile data.
docs.python.org /lib/module-hotshot.html   (92 words)

 Cocoon Profiler
The profiler does not show the time spent in components during pipeline setup.
First, check that the profiling pipeline implementations (caching and/or noncaching) are declared in the map:components section of the sitemap.
profiling has a very negative impact on performance and memory usage, since it buffers all data between pipeline components.
cocoon.apache.org /2.1/userdocs/concepts/profiler.html   (575 words)

 Intel® Thread Profiler - Instrumentation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The instrumentation code is automatically inserted when you run a Intel Thread Profiler for Windows* or Pthreads* API activity in the VTune™ environment or the Microsoft.NET* Development Environment.
Intel Thread Profiler for Windows* or Pthreads* API does not support source instrumentation or instrumentation added at compile-time.
The first run of your software under Intel Thread Profiler for Windows* or Pthreads* API will accumulate the overhead of instrumentation and reflect the overhead in the results.
support.intel.com /support/performancetools/threadprofiler/sb/cs-009642.htm   (438 words)

 Profiler - Scoring Table Application Tutorial   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Due to the restrictions of a Profiler Limited License, tests taken on machines with Limited or no licenses MUST BE SCORED using a Limited (per test) license.
You can change the Profiler configuration for the computer you are running the toolkit on by logging in as Instructor.
See the section on Configuring Profiler for an explanation of all the settings you can change and what they mean.
www.profiler-vr.com /Toolkit/ScoringTableTutorial.html   (1952 words)

 Cougaar Memory Profiler
The profiler can help figure out which classes are being leaked and when/where they were allocated, which is often sufficient for most debugging.
Arrays can't be profiled, since they're native to the VM and lack a constructor method.
This is different than the profiler's normal operation, since arrays constructed by non-profiled classes won't be tracked, as opposed to the current behavior where profiled classes are tracked regardless of which code constructed them.
profiler.cougaar.org   (2243 words)

 EPA/OPPT/Persistence, Biocummulative and Toxic (PBT) Profiler
The PBT Profiler is a subset of methods included in the P2 Framework, which is an approach to risk screening that incorporates pollution prevention principles in the design and development of chemicals.
The PBT Profiler is linked to a database containing the CAS RNs and the associated chemical structures for over 100,000 discrete chemical substances.
In addition, the PBT Profiler compares the results of a profile with the PBT criteria established for Premanufacture Notices (PMNs) submitted under section 5 of TSCA; and the final rule for reporting chemicals under the Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI), under section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).
www.epa.gov /oppt/pbtprofiler   (603 words)

 nprof: The .NET profiler application and API   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The last remaining project goal for 1.0 is the profiler run snapshot capability.
Finally, I fixed a bug that I introduced in 0.5 that made large profile runs load very slowly (it was sorting the listview on each insertion).
Number two priority is fixing some of the numbers within the profiler that are supposed to be showing percentages, but are showing decimals instead.
nprof.sourceforge.net /Site/SiteHomeNews.html   (2070 words)

 profiler: NetBeans Profiler
NetBeans Profiler is a project to provide a full-featured profiling functionality for the NetBeans IDE.
The profiling functions include CPU, memory and threads profiling as well as basic JVM monitoring, allowing developers to be more productive in solving memory or performance-related issues.
The profiler module, visualgc module, as well as the JFluid engine, the modified JVM and jvmstat libraries are only available in binary form under Sun Binary Code License (BCL).
profiler.netbeans.org   (195 words)

 Pipe Inspection - Profile Density X-Ray from LIXI, Inc.
No costly and messy removal and replacement of insulation, no need to cut a test hole and clean and prep the pipe surface - the Profiler is used with the insulation in place.
No wondering if the spot tests you ran caught the problem - the Profiler can be used on all of the pipe, not just in spot areas.
The Profiler allows you to do the job faster, more completely, and more cost-effectively than any other method.
www.lixi.com /profile.htm   (216 words)

 Enterprise Performance Tools Team
Profiler improvements in the July CTP release of Visual Studio Team System
Here is an article that links to all the walkthroughs and technical articles from various team members regarding the new profiler in Visual Studio Team System 2005.
Profiling FAQ #4: The top sampled function is [ntdll.dll], now what do I do?!
blogs.msdn.com /profiler   (805 words)

 SQL Server 2000 Administrator's Pocket Consultant: Profiling and Monitoring
Profiler enables you to trace events that occur in SQL Server.
SQL Profiler templates are used to save trace definitions that contain the events, data columns, and filters used in a trace.
Profiler displays information for multiple traces in separate windows that can be cascaded or tiled.
www.microsoft.com /technet/prodtechnol/sql/2000/books/c10ppcsq.mspx   (7246 words)

 JRTCA - Jack Russell Online Profiler
We've developed the Jack Russell Terrier Profiler program that analyzes you and your environment and provides recommendations about how compatible a Jack Russell Terrier might be for your household.
The recommendations of the Profiler are based upon the Bad Dog Talk brochure which has been one of the JRTCA's primary written education tools for several years.
Many of the recommendations generated by the Profiler are phrased as absolutes and generalities, however, in real life, nothing is absolute.
www.terrier.com /breed/jrprofiler.php3   (316 words)

 The NetBeans Profiler
It uses innovative technology to allow a developer to tightly control which parts of an application are profiled, resulting in reduced overhead and easier to interpret results.
Using dynamic bytecode instrumentation and additional algorithms, the NetBeans Profiler is able to obtain runtime information on applications that are too large or complex for other profilers.
In addition, its dynamic capability means that profiling can be turned on and off for different parts of your application without requiring a restart.
www.netbeans.org /products/profiler/index.html   (269 words)

 Siberian Husky Online Profiler
We've developed the Siberian Husky Profiler program that analyzes you and your environment and provides recommendations about how compatible a Siberian Husky might be for your household.
The recommendations of the Profiler are based upon the breed standard and input from many responsible and knowledgeable Siberian Husky owners/breeders and various rescue groups.
Please use this Profiler in the spirit for which it was intended - to help educate potential owners about the unique nature of the Siberian Husky.
shusky.hypermart.net /husky.htm   (276 words)

 Profiler Tool   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
A profiler's primary mission is to automate the techniques you can carry out by hand: instrument your program to gather performance data at precisely identified points, then collect a very large number of samples to ensure maximal accuracy.
As with every such tool, once the repetitive aspects of the task are automated you still have to invest some effort in analyzing and interpreting the data, deriving from it some testable conclusions as to where the problem lies, devising, implementing and verifying a solution.
The best profiler I have used by far is Shark (formerly Shikari, a much better name) on MacOsx.
c2.com /cgi/wiki?ProfilerTool   (301 words)

 IanWho's bLog : Using the new Visual Studio Team System Profiler in the IDE - Part 1: Starting a new performance session
When you are consider the massive amounts of data that our profiler produces, you see the issues with turning that raw data into a 2D collection of pixels that will allow a developer or tester to isolate performance issues in their code.
This profiler is a part of the upcoming Visual Studio Team System.
But in general, the best way to profile is to start with sampling mode to isolate “hot spots” in your code where there are performance issues.
blogs.msdn.com /ianhu/archive/2005/02/07/368779.aspx   (1388 words)

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