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Topic: Programmable logic controller

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Programmable Logic Controller (PLCS) - Servo Control - Motor Controller
Depending on the application, motion control can refer to simple on-off control or a sequencing of events, controlling the speed of a motor, moving objects from one point to another, or precisely constraining the speed, acceleration, and position of a system throughout a move.
In many cases, motion-control techniques are intimately tied to the controller as well as to the positioning hardware and actuator.
No overview of motion control would be complete without a discussion of the various control options that are widely used.
www.motion-controller.machinedesign.com   (373 words)

  What is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)?
A modern programmabl logic controller is usually programmed in any one of several languages, ranging from ladder logic to Basic or C. Typically, the program is written in a development environment on a personal computer (PC), and then is downloaded onto the programmable logic controller directly through a cable connection.
The programmable logic controller circuitry monitors the status of multiple sensor inputs, which control output actuators, which may be things like motor starters, solenoids, lights and displays, or valves.
Programmable logic controllers were first created to serve the automobile industry, and the first programmable logic controller project was developed in 1968 for General Motors to replace hard-wired relay systems with an electronic controller.
www.wisegeek.com /what-is-a-programmable-logic-controller.htm   (462 words)

 Programmable Logic Controller & Programmable Logic Controllers
A programmable logic controller, or PLCS, is a software-based equivalent of a relay panel.
Programmable logic controllers (PLCS) were once primitive devices capable of providing only minimal feedback about machine operation and status.
Whereas the first programmable logic controllers (PLCS) generally provided only limited information about the status of relay contacts, new monitoring capabilities let the user know exactly what is happening on the floor.
www.motion-controller.machinedesign.com /guiEdits/Content/bdeee2/bdeee2_6.aspx   (331 words)

 PLC Training - Programmable Logic Controller Programming   (Site not responding. Last check: )
PLC Training is designed to instruct electrical control professionals on how to successfully integrate a PLC into actual day-to-day industial electrical processes.
PLC Training is also designed to help delegates keep abreast of the latest PLC technologies and techniques available in this area, this tutorial offers an excellent opportunity for delegates to ask specific questions and exchange ideas relating to their own applications.
Programmable Logic Controller and PC based systems each have their relative merits and disadvantages.
www.electricityforum.com /forums/plc.htm   (786 words)

 Programmable logic controller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
PLCs were invented as replacements for automated systems that would use hundreds or thousands of relays and cam timers.
PLCs contain input and output devices compatible with industrial pilot devices and controls; little electrical design is required, and the design problem centers on expressing the desired sequence of operations in ladder logic (or function chart) notation.
PLCs may include logic for single-variable feedback analog control loop, a "proportional, integral, derivative" or "PID controller." A PID loop could be used to control the temperature of a manufacturing process, for example.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Programmable_logic_controller   (2285 words)

 PLC Programmable Logic Controller
Programmable logic control or PLC is the most commonly used industrial automation technique in the world.
Programmable logic control originated from the creation of computerized versions of relay control systems used to control manufacturing and chemical process systems.
A PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is a user friendly, microprocessor specialized computer that carries out control functions of many types and levels of complexity.
www.kronotech.com /PLC/plc.asp   (344 words)

 Programmable logic controller
Programmable controllers were initially adopted by the automotive manufacturing industry, where software revision replaced the re-wiring of hard-wired control panels.
The load cell is connected to one of the PLC's analog inputs and the rate valve is connected to one of the PLC's analog outputs.
Before the PLC, control, sequencing, and safety interlock logic for manufacturing automobiles and trucks was accomplished using relays, timers and dedicated closed-loop controllers.
www.mrsci.com /Digital-Electronics/Programmable_logic_controller.php   (2095 words)

 Control of a four-level elevator system using a programmable logic controller International Journal of Electrical ...
The PLC may be considered as a special-purpose computer with a basic architecture similar to that of any other known computer such as a central processing unit (CPU).3,4 It is based on a memory and a number of input and output terminals.
PLCs come in various sizes and different capabilities; the sizes range from small controllers with limited inputs and outputs used for controlling small processes, to very large ones with more inputs and outputs provided which are used to control much larger processes and operations.
Determining the appropriate PLC to be used is based on analysing the process to be controlled and accordingly identifying the number of inputs and outputs required.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3792/is_200204/ai_n9033259   (907 words)

 High speed programmable logic controller - Patent 5594917
A high speed programmable logic controller according to claim 1, wherein said execution unit includes a plurality of registers which are loadable to allow continuation of a task that was previously stopped and saved.
A high speed programmable logic controller according to claim 8, wherein said boolean processor means in response to said AND instruction reads a bit from said image memory means, "ands" said bit with the top of said push down stack and places the result back on the top of the push down stack.
Another object of the present invention is to produce a programmable logic controller, comprising a microprocessor operatively connected to a memory device, a boolean co-processor and an image RAM, wherein separate instruction and data buses are utilized, and wherein the boolean co-processor can inquire and fetch instruction separately from the microprocessor.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5594917.html   (9140 words)

 Programmable Logic Controller
The SIMATIC® S7-200™ Micro PLC is a full featured, programmable logic control system offering stand-alone CPU's, micro-modular expansion capability, and cost effective HMI solutions.
SIMATIC® C7 control systems combine all the capabilities of the SIMATIC S7-300™ programmable controller and an HMI in one unit.
The failsafe SIMATIC® controllers monitor themselves, detect faults autonomously, and change into a safe state or remain in their current safe state the instant a fault occurs.
www2.sea.siemens.com /Products/Automation/Programmable-Controllers/Programmable-Controllers.htm   (317 words)

 Maintenance Management of your company's PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) are the brains of your operation.
When the PLC is not functioning properly, lines shut down, plants shutdown, even city bridges and water stations could cease to operate.
The PLC replaces thousands of relays that were in older electrical panels, and allows the maintenance technician to change the way a machine works without having to do any wiring.
www.bin95.com /maintenance_management_plc.htm   (1930 words)

 Programmable Logic Controller, Digital Logic Control and Fuzzy Logic Training
Programmable logic control or PLC is the most commonly used industrial automation technique in the world.
This allows standard logic problems such as stepper motor control and position encoders to be simulated and standard practical problems such as traffic light sequencing to be investigated.
Fuzzy logic can be complicated to understand initially because it is a different approach to control, and so the Fuzzy Logic Trainer has been developed to show clearly how the various fuzzy logic elements in a fuzzy system operate.
www.control-systems-principles.co.uk /programmable-logic-controller.html   (525 words)

 Programmable logic controller computer system with micro field processor and programmable bus interface unit - Patent ...
The programmable logic controller computer system of claim 1 wherein the programmable bus interface unit includes means for mapping the host programmable logic controller to the field programmable logic controller.
As a part of process control, a PLC is used to monitor input signals from a variety of input points (input sensors) which report events and conditions occurring in a controlled process.
The bus interface unit is advantageously programmable to control mapping between the host programmable logic controller, the plurality of I/O ports and the field programmable logic controller.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5978593.html   (9300 words)

 IP1612 Programmable Logic Controller
Can either be programmed by relay ladder logic (RLL, see IP-EPS), or driven by computer serial port as an external I/O box for your computer.
Logic includes normally open contacts, normally closed contacts, output coils, set and reset coils, jumps, master sets and resets, step sequencer, nested ladders, nested outputs.
Built-in programmable 4.5-digit LED display for timer, counter, analog value or other status monitoring and operator interface to program setpoints.
www.ipmiplc.com /ip1612.html   (452 words)

 Programmable automation controller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unlike PLCs, PACS offer open, modular architectures, the rationale being that because most industrial applications are customized, the control hardware used for them needs to allow engineers to pick and choose the other components in the control system architecture without having to worry whether or not they will be compatible with the controller.
PLCs are often programmed in ladder logic, a graphical programming language resembling the rails and rungs of ladders that is designed to emulate old electrical relay wiring diagrams.
PAC control programs are usually developed with more generic software tools that permit the designed program to be shared across several different machines, processors, HMI terminals or other components in the control system architecture.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Programmable_automation_controller   (449 words)

 Control Stuff - Programmable Logic Controllers
Control logic can be as simple as a switch turning on a light, or as complicated as market fluctuations on Wall Street, controlling production runs in Puerto Rico.
The Programmable Logic Controller based Controls are by far, the most widely accepted means of industrial control today.
A time proven method, Hardwired - Relay Based Control will always have a place in the world of industrial control.When the input/output counts are low, when multiple timers and counters are not required or when electrical isolation is required for safety reasons, this control scenario can be a cost effective solution to basic control problems.
www.controlstuff.com /Controls.htm   (591 words)

 PLC Training - Programmable Logic Controller Programming   (Site not responding. Last check: )
PLC Training is also designed to help delegates keep abreast of the latest PLC technologies and techniques available.
The Programmable Logic Controller has evolved over the years, and this course will provide the information required to make knowledgeable decisions about PLC applications in individual manufacturing environments and allow students to make well-informed decisions about existing control applications and determine what is required for future applications.
This PLC training course will also allow students to determine if plant personnel are prepared to meet the new challenges of the ever-changing plant manufacturing environment or if personnel require additional training to meet these challenges.
www.electricityforum.com /forums/plc-training-2007.html   (1294 words)

 PLC Expert: Richard Hooper, PhD, PE - Programmable Logic Controllers
From the National Electrical Manufacturers Association: A programmable logic controller is a digital electronic device that uses a programmable memory to store instructions and to implement specific functions such as logic, sequence, timing, counting and arithmetic to control machines and processes.
The parts of the PLC that are quite different from the typical desktop computer are the input and output modules.
These outputs may control motor speed and direction, actuate valves, open or close gates, and control all the motions and activities of the machine.
www.safemachines.com /plc.htm   (251 words)

 Programmable Logic Controller System for Flow Diversion Devices from Custom Control Products, Inc.
The firm proposes to enhance the previously reviewed programmable logic controller (Allen Bradley SLC 100) which can currently be used with all approved flow diversion devices (M-b-313 and M-b-313 Supplement 1).
When the Allen Bradley SLC 500 is programmed as shown in the attached ladder logic diagrams, the system complies with the intent of the Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and Coded Memo M-I-88-11 regarding the use of computerized systems for public health controls on HTST pasteurizers.
The hard-wiring to the input board of the control system will vary slightly depending on which approved flow diversion device is used with the SLC 500.
www.cfsan.fda.gov /~ear/m-b-319.html   (577 words)

 [No title]
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are stand-alone microprocessor based control systems commonly used by industry and utilities.
The parts of the PLC that are quite different from the typical desktop computer are the input and output modules.
These outputs may control motor speed and direction, actuate valves, open or close gates, and control all the motions and activities of the machine.
www.lycos.com /info/programmable-logic-controller.html   (507 words)

 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
The TMR PLC is a state-of-the-art programmable logic and process controller that provides a high level of system fault tolerance.
The control program generates a table of output values which are based on the table of input values according to customer-defined rules built into the application.
In this manner, the three control legs are physically and logically extended to the Expansion Chassis without sacrificing performance.
www.100megspop2.com /automation/plcdoc.htm   (4335 words)

 Programmable Logic Controller Repairs
We repair your programmable logic controller to "as new" condition, test it and ship it back to you quickly.
PLC repairs - In many cases, your programmable logic controller can be repaired fast, and at a fraction of the cost of buying a new PLC.
Our inhouse programmable logic controller repair facility and distribution system gets your plc repaired and back to you fast.
www.psi-repair.com /99.html?programmable-logic-controller   (480 words)

 Programmable Logic Controller PLC
PLC as master and motion controller as slave or motion controller as master and PLC as slave
NLogic is based on an IEC61131-3 compliant PLC kernel that has been field tested in thousands of installations worldwide.
Virtual I/O can be used as a programming resource for inter-task communication, transferring data between PLC and motion tasks, or temporary holding registers.
www.aerotech.com /ACSBrochure/plc.html   (211 words)

 PLC- Programmable Logic Controller
PLCs control the machine’s operating parameters and allow programming or changing of those parameters to accommodate differing application requirements.
PLCs programs are generally written in a special application on a personal computer then downloaded over a custom cable to the PLC.
Modern PLCs can be programmed in a variety of ways, from ladder logic to more traditional programming languages such as BASIC and C. Another method is State Logic, a Very High Level Programming Language designed to program PLCs based on State Transition Diagrams.
thermometer-thermocouple.info /PLC.htm   (513 words)

 NBT Programmable Logic Controller, PLCs for SCADA Systems
The SM800 Series Telemetry PLC combines the functionality of a data logger, a programmable logic controller, and a communications controller into one powerful, cost-effective unit.
Remote Monitoring and Control - The SM800 allows you to monitor various points in a single piece of equipment, a complex process, or a complete facility.
You can perform real-time control and/or program the unit to control any point in the system as well as have the control based on arithmetic calculations such as Min./Max.
www.nbtinc.com /Hardware/telemetry-plc.html   (527 words)

 Programmable logic controller   (Site not responding. Last check: )
PLC controllers have been developed as a low cost flexible alternative to old relay logic controllers used in process and automated manufacturing control.
This allows for easy reprogramming of the control programs stored within the PLC memory and eliminates the need for any hardware modifications when a different control process is to be implemented.
The basic PLC system configuration and internal operation is provided, however the main focus is on the actual programming languages which are evaluated in detail.
kernow.curtin.edu.au /www/plc/CAE.HTM   (193 words)

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