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Topic: Project MAC

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  Project MAC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Project MAC was principally funded by DARPA and the National Science Foundation.
Project MAC's founders -- Fano, Fernando J. Corbato, and Marvin Minsky (with inspiration from former colleague John McCarthy), among others -- envisioned the creation of a "computer utility", which would be as reliable as source of computational power as the electric utility was a source of electrical power.
One of the early focuses of Project MAC would be the development of a successor to CTSS, Multics, which was to be the first high availability computer system, developed as a part of an industry consortium including General Electric and Bell Laboratories.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Project_MAC   (644 words)

 Project MAC
Project MAC was a research project, originally led by J.C.R. Licklider at MIT in 1963.
Project MAC was heavily funded in its early years by DARPA and the National Science Foundation.
Project MAC was responsible for the development of computer time sharing and one of the original online computer setups with the 1965 development of Multics.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/pr/Project_MAC.html   (208 words)

 Project MAC - Wikipedia
Project MAC, in seguito MIT Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS), è stato un importante laboratorio e centro di ricerca del MIT.
Il Project MAC ebbe inizio il 1 luglio 1963 con un sovvenzionamento iniziale da un trasferimento dal DARPA di due milioni di dollari.
I fondatori del Project MAC -- Fano, Fernando J. Corbato e Marvin Minsky (con l'ispirazione dal precedente collega John McCarthy), per citare alcuni nomi -- idearono una sorta "accessorio per computer", che doveva rendere disponibile l'elaborazione informatica con la stessa facilità con cui si può avere l'energia di cui si ha bisogno dalla rete elettrica.
it.wikipedia.org /wiki/Project_MAC   (735 words)

 Multics Glossary -P-
The system registers a name and password for each person; when a person logs in, he or she specifies a project (possibly by default), and the combination is called a user.
Among the responsibility of the Project Administrator is registering and deregistering users on the project (a user can only log in if he or she has a project to log in to), and creating home directories under the project directory.
MIT Project MAC, suggested by J.C.R. Licklider, was the organization that began the research that led to Multics.
www.multicians.org /mgp.html   (3616 words)

 Project MAC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Project MAC, later MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, was a research laboratory, started at MIT on July 1, 1963 with initial funding from a two-million-dollar DARPA grant.
Project MAC's founders -- Fano, Fernando J. Corbato, John McCarthy, and Marvin Minsky, among others -- envisioned the creation of a "computer utility", which would be as reliable as source of computational power as the electric utility was a source of electrical power.
In 1975, Project MAC was renamed the Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS), and went on to do further ground-breaking work, including a significant role in the development of the Internet.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/project_mac   (580 words)

 Box 4.2: Project MAC and Computer Time-sharing | 4: The Organization of Federal Support: A Historical Review | Funding ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
While Project MAC was not responsible for the first time-sharing system, it played a significant role in the technology's development.
Project MAC was not the first time-sharing initiative, but it significantly pushed the state of the art.
Project MAC was largely responsible for bringing the computer out of the laboratory and business and leading it to the home.
www.nap.edu /readingroom/books/far/ch4_b2.html   (1298 words)

MAC stood for Multiple Access Computers on the 5th floor of Tech Square, and Man and Computer on the 9th floor.
Project MAC was a research project, started at MIT in 1963 and led by J.C.R. Licklider for a number of years.
In 1976, Project MAC was renamed the Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS), and went on to do further ground-breaking work, including a significant role in the development of the Internet.
www.websters-online-dictionary.org /definition/PROJECT+MAC   (533 words)

 mini-itx.com - projects - mac itx
Now, I am hardly the first person to put an ITX board in a Mac case, but I was after something a bit different from all the other ones I've seen.
Getting it home and ripping the guts out the Mac and the monitor showed that (hooray) the tube is almost exactly the same dimensions as the Mac original, and fits perfectly in the original mounting points without any modification.
The Mac designers must have really thought in 3D because all the Mac boards only fit because of the way the heights of the components are distributed.
www.mini-itx.com /projects/mac-itx   (760 words)

 project mac
Project MAC was a research project, started at MIT on July 1, 1963 with initial funding from a two-million-dollar DARPA grant.
In the late 1960s, internecine warfare (of an academic sort) broke out between those in the project who desired operating systems that could continue to be customized and tinkered with, and those who desired a stable computing environment so that they could concentrate on their research in other fields of computer science.
This culminated with the secession of Marvin Minsky's artificial intelligence group in 1970, leaving Project MAC to form the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.
www.fact-library.com /project_mac.html   (497 words)

 Mackinac Suspension Bridge
The bridge project officially began on May 7 and 8, 1954, at St. Ignace and Mackinaw City.
With a main span length of 3800 ft. and towers that rose 552 ft. in the air, this project was was a monumental signature of the great designer, Dr. David B. Steinman.
The center span of 3,800 ft. was the second-longest in the world, but the overall length of suspended deck - the main span and the two side spans - was the longest ever, and remained so until 1998.
bridgepros.com /projects/Mackinac/Mackinac.htm   (257 words)

 Help with mac microsoft project
To plan and manage large complex projects with various parallel and dependent activities you will need to put together a 'Critical Path Analysis' and a spreadsheet on MS Excel or equivalent.
Various project management software is available, much of which is useful, but before trying it you should understand and concentrate on developing the pure project management skills, which are described in this process.
Mac OS X Our Mac version of Steelray Project Viewer is now available.
www.project-management-guidance.com /mac-microsoft-project.html   (722 words)

 UCLA Project MAC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Project MAC seeks to ease the transition and alleviate the traumas that the children, adolescents, and young adults of the MacLaren Children's Center suffer from through cultural arts-and-crafts, sports, tutoring, and educational field trips.
Project MAC visits the center every Thursday night from 5pm to 9:30pm, and Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm for a total of 16 times each quarter.
Project MAC aims to achieve the its ultimate goal of eradicating the vicious cycle of child abuse by providing the children of the MacLaren Children's Center with a loving, nurturing, and educational environment.
students.asucla.ucla.edu /csc/MAC   (169 words)

 Mac Project
A project to bring GnuPG to Mac OS X with a nice front end and inter application services.
The goal of this project is to port Linux to the 68k-based Macintoshes (not Power Macs) and to support as much hardware as possible.
Project Mac, associated with the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, builds a wide...
www.outsource-hub.com /resources/Mac-project.php   (258 words)

 Darwin - Open Source
The sources for Darwin 8.2, which correspond to Mac OS X 10.4.2, are available for download.
The sources for Darwin 8.1, which correspond to Mac OS X 10.4.1, are available for download.
For access to Apple-developed open source projects, you will need to register as a member of the Apple open source community by accepting the Apple Public Source License and choosing a user name and password.
developer.apple.com /darwin   (1299 words)

 ScriptLance.com - custom freelance programming, web designers, job listings and more...
The project you are looking for was deleted by our staff for term violations.
The project you are looking for was cancelled over 2 months ago and has been removed from our servers to save space.
The project you are looking for was deleted as per request by the user who posted it (privacy issues).
www.scriptlance.com /projects/1111681241.shtml   (108 words)

 GTK+OSX Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
CinePaint currently uses Fink and the XDarwin X server on the Mac, a technology that enables X Windows programs to run on the Mac almost seamlessly.
The Mac's native interface is called Aqua, and unlike X is proprietary to Apple.
That's why it is desirable to have GTK+ run natively on the Mac without X. GTK+OSX was based on the abandoned mac-gtk project, an OS 9 effort that has laid dormant since 2000.
gtk-osx.sourceforge.net   (383 words)

 Keep It Simple hosts Project Mac
The goal of Project Mac is to unite Sims creators and website owners who want their downloads to have the largest possible audience in the Sims community.
To encourage that, Project Mac provides an explanation of the problems that face Mac users who play The Sims, and offers advice on what creators and website owners can do to prevent those problems and make their downloads "Mac-Friendly".
The Mac user then has to go through their unzipped files and make sure they all have the proper filename extensions so that the game can recognize them.
keepitsimple.confusticate.com /projectmac.html   (402 words)

 Project Auditors Mac Project Management Tool / Tools
Basecamp - not a true project management tool, more of a web-based To-Do list on steroids, allowing you to identify when an item is due and who is responsible for it.
While not a full project management tool, I put it on this list because requirements gathering and management goes to the core of good project management.
Their terminology and approach is non-standard, and you cannot create stand-alone project schedules if you're managing multiple projects.
www.projectauditors.com /PMLinks/PMMacTools.html   (925 words)

 Part III - CTSS and Project MAC   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Remembering how Project MAC created an on-line community, Fano recalled, "friendships being born out of using somebody else's program, people communicating through the system and then meeting by accident and say `Oh, that's you.' All sorts of things.
The achievements of Project MAC and the other time-sharing systems built as a result of Licklider's tenure at ARPA provided the basis for the vision that would guide the development of the ARPANET.
It didn't exist until the time of Project MAC because it was just that year that Corby finished the model that really could serve a community.
www.roug.org /soren/books/netizens/x827.htm   (3257 words)

 Project Ultimate Mac Status
As regular readers of the main site know I nicknamed this Mac "Elvis" since it is the current King of all the Macs I own.
Vendors who would like to have their products be a part of this project are invited to Contact Me.
This will be a series of illustrated, step-by-step reports on upgrading all aspects of your Mac's performance to levels you may not have imagined possible.
www.xlr8yourmac.com /ULTIMATE_MAC   (740 words)

 MacGIMP - GIMP 2.2 on Mac OS X
Mac GTK Discussed on Planet Gnome and Beyond (0)
poppler is a pdf-handling component of the FreeDesktop project from Xpdf.
The incorporation of poppler to import pdf files into the GIMP was paper-prototyped by Sven Neumann recently and was discussed at some length in his blog.
www.macgimp.org   (743 words)

 Mac Joystick Project #1
As a Mac user, trying to find information about Mac-specific joystick projects is kind of hard.
By far the two most popular Mac projects are EV's and Tobias Jachmann's.
After a little investigating I came across EV's page which let me know for sure that it could be done with a Mac.
www.vm68.com /macstick1   (1587 words)

 VLC media player for Mac OS X
Needed skills are C-knowledge and some experience in programming for Mac OS X by using Cocoa and Xcode.
If you would like to join the project, feel free to send us an e-mail to the vlc-devel mailing list or to contact us through our forum.
VLC for Mac OS X is distributed as a disk image.
www.videolan.org /vlc/download-macosx.html   (215 words)

 CenterStage - The Macintosh Media Center Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
See our Mac Extras pages for add ons to help integrate your Mac into a home theatre system, including Remote Control, Multichannel Audio, Video Output, TV options and other Miscellaneous Extras.
So we are actively inviting new programmers to join the project so that we can show the potential of CS, but to do that effectively we need more man power.
CenterStage is an extension of your Mac into your living room and we never want you to forget you are using a Mac.
centerstageproject.com   (1043 words)

 PYR A MAC - Pyramac Project Main - Pyramid Mac G4
Building page is up with a ton-o-pics, 51 exactly so please be patient.
Project Pyramac is a symbolic mod for the Mac G4 transformation or resurrection if you will, into the Mac G5, heh, guess it worked :-)
If you have any questions feel free to send them to me, however, please be patient for a reply.
www.riscx.com /pyramac   (140 words)

 TEA - Interagency - Medicaid Administrative Claiming
The Medicaid Administrative Claiming Project (MAC) provides school districts with the ability to receive reimbursement for certain outreach and case management activities.
The outreach services may be to a student or their family and for activities that include coordinating, referring, or assisting the student/family in accessing needed medical/health or mental care services.
Revenue generated from MAC is dedicated to the provision of health services and may be used to enhance, improve and/or expand the level and quality of health/medical services provided to all students within the district.
www.tea.state.tx.us /interagency/mac.html   (922 words)

 Project Mayo is now a part of DivX.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Project Mayo is now a part of DivX.com
This should not be a surprise, given that we stopped actively updating Project Mayo about 3 years ago when we launched DivX.com, but we finally are shutting down projectmayo.com and moving its relevant content to DivX.com where it belongs.
Project Mayo Forum content will be available as a searchable archive at DivX.com.
www.projectmayo.com   (68 words)

 riscx.com - Case Mods - Pyramac - BlueIce G4 - Mac Mods
Fellow Mac Modder Kirk Newcombe has revealed his latest creation where he takes a Mac G4 Tower and transforms it into the Xyris Project.
Project Pyramac is a symbolic mod for the G4 transformation or resurrection if you will, into the G5 :-) View Project Pyramac.
View the Rev. 1 and Rev. 2 mods performed on a Graphite Mac G4 here, including the LCD mod and illuminated Apple Pro keyboard at: BlueIce G4 Project.
www.riscx.com   (582 words)

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