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Topic: Prometheus Bound

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  Prometheus Unbound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Both are concerned with the torments of the Greek mythological figure Prometheus and his suffering at the hands of Zeus.
John Herington's translation of Prometheus Bound it is hypothesized that the cast also included Earth and/or Sky, as part of an elemental cycle across the entire trilogy.
It is inspired by Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound and concerns the final release from captivity of Prometheus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Prometheus_Unbound   (415 words)

 Prometheus 1, Greek Mythology Link - www.maicar.com
Prometheus 1 is mainly remembered for having stolen fire from the gods, and for the terrible punishment he suffered as a consequence.
Prometheus, himself a Titan, forewarned by the Titaness Themis, who knew that neither the brute nor the violent would prevail, rallied with her to the side of Zeus, who finally prevailed.
It is said that Zeus did not release Prometheus 1 from all binding, since he had sworn to that, but for commemoration bade him bind his finger with stone and iron; and that is why, men adopted the custom of wearing rings fashioned of stone and iron, that they may seem to appease Prometheus 1.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Prometheus1.html   (1755 words)

 Prometheus Bound - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The play is based on the myth of Prometheus, a titan who gave the gift of fire to mortals and was punished by the god Zeus for this.
Prometheus is then visited by Io, a maiden whom Zeus pursued, and who has been changed into a cow by Zeus to save her from the wrath of Hera; Prometheus gives her knowledge of her own future, telling her that one of her descendants will release him from his torment.
Prometheus Bound was not highly regarded among Greek plays until the early nineteenth century, when Romantic writers came to identify with the defiant Prometheus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Prometheus_Bound   (516 words)

 Prometheus Bound   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The central figure in both dramas was Prometheus chained to a crag; the chorus of sympathetic Titans corresponded to the chorus of ocean nymphs; and the narrative of Hercules' journey to the West served as a sort of pendant to Io's wanderings in the East.
In the Prometheus Bound he is represented as a new ruler, setting at defiance the laws of universal justice, typified by Prometheus and the gods of the underworld; while the reconciliation effected in the following play was the result of the slow purification of his soul, brought about by the lapse of ages.
Prometheus, bound to a rock, discourses about his sufferings with Oceanus and the ocean nymphs, refuses to reveal to Hermes the fatal secret of which he is possessed, and is finally plunged into an abyss beneath the earth.
www.theatredatabase.com /ancient/aeschylus_003.html   (1337 words)

 GradeSaver: ClassicNote: About Prometheus Bound
Prometheus Bound is one part of Aeschylus' trilogy on the Prometheus myth.
In the case of Prometheus Bound, the Chorus is constituted by the daughters of Oceanos, beautiful winged goddesses of the sea.
Consistent with the norms of Greek drama, Prometheus Bound is not divided into acts or discrete scenes.
www.gradesaver.com /classicnotes/titles/prometheus/about.html   (717 words)

 PROMETHEUS : Greek Titan god of forethought, creator of mankind ; mythology ; pictures
Prometheus meanwhile, was arrested and bound to a stake on Mount Kaukasos where an eagle was set to feed upon his ever-regenerating liver (or heart).
Prometheus was loosely identified in cult and myth with the fire-god Hephaistos and the giant Tityos.
Prometheus was thus exposed to perpetual torture, but Heracles killed the eagle and delivered the sufferer, with the consent of Zeus, who thus had an opportunity of allowing his son to gain immortal fame (Hes.
www.theoi.com /Titan/TitanPrometheus.html   (9117 words)

 Amazon.ca: Penguin Classics Prometheus Bound And Other Plays: Books: Aeschylus,Philip Vellacott   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Prometheus Bound is one of the most tragic and would likely bother most people about his fate and the uptmost arrogance of Strenght.
Prometheus Bound is the third one I've tried - after Oedipus Rex and The Clouds - and I've found them all lacking, the tragedies overblown and rigid, the comedy an imposter to the name.
The popular "Prometheus Bound" is concerned with the conflict between force and injustice on one side and intelligence, justice, and altruism on the other.
www.amazon.ca /Penguin-Classics-Prometheus-Bound-Other/dp/0140441123   (1644 words)

 SparkNotes: Prometheus Bound: Plot Overview
Prometheus calls on nature to witness the suffering of a god at the hands of other gods, specifically the new ruler Zeus.
Prometheus hears the sound of wings and discovers that it is the Chorus of Oceanids, daughters of Oceanus, on winged chariots.
Prometheus almost reveals his prophecy to the Chorus, but stops himself, saying only that it will free him because Zeus is a slave to necessity like all others.
www.sparknotes.com /drama/prometheus/summary.html   (961 words)

 UMD Theatre Prometheus Bound
Thematically, there was a strong connection between Prometheus' choice to protect humankind from extinction and a period within most of the audience's memory when it could be argued the human race was not living up to Prometheus' optimism.
Prometheus and his rock were clearly the focal point of the space.
It's especially evident in Prometheus' prophecy for Io and her descendants, which seem to foretell events millennia in the future, such as wars, African famine and the North American slave trade.
www.d.umn.edu /~mharvey/prometheusbound.html   (1207 words)

 Enjoying "Prometheus Bound", by Aeschylus
And ready-witted Prometheus he bound with inextricable bonds, cruel chains, and drove a shaft through his middle, and set on him a long-winged eagle, which used to eat his immortal liver; but by night the liver grew as much again every day as the long-winged bird devoured in the whole day.
The Catholic Encyclopedia mentions that a single ancient vase shows Prometheus "bound to a beam which serves the purposes of a cross." Otherwise, Prometheus is described as nailed and/or chained to the Caucasus mountains, which the Greeks thought might as well be at the ends of the earth.
Prometheus is one of the moons of Saturn, and the name of a large volcano on Jupiter's moon Io.
www.pathguy.com /promethe.htm   (6105 words)

 Prometheus Bound summary
Prometheus was a god from the old order, the Titans, who had now all been overthrown by a group of young upstarts, the Olympians - all, that is, except for Prometheus.
But Prometheus was outraged at this proposal; he was a god, and would not stoop to such an apology.
Prometheus, a god made subject to suffering by the pettiness of gods, is symbolic of man's petty inhumanity to man. Even as the figure of Prometheus, with the daughters of Oceanos around him, sinks out of sight, the great Titan-god cries out:
www.awerty.com /prometheus2.html   (1613 words)

 ARTSEDGE: Prometheus Bound: Rebel with a Cause
Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound is the first play of his Prometheus trilogy, and the only manuscript of the three plays recovered intact.
The primary "action" of the play is Prometheus’ response to each of the "visitors" who come to him after he is chained to the rock and the psychological impact each visit has on him.
Prometheus Bound is the first play of the required trilogy to enter the "contest" of the spring festival of Dionysus.
artsedge.kennedy-center.org /content/3618   (3284 words)

 Prometheus Bound
The heavily chained Prometheus, punished by a vengeful and ungrateful Zeus, visually contrasts with the softly spoken and floatily clad chorus of maidens that are drawn to him to hear his story.
His love for mankind is touching - Prometheus saved humanity from certain death by giving them fire and also, intriguingly, by protecting them from the knowledge of their own death and hence despair.
The sounds of their mutual agony and the clattering of Prometheus' chains contrasted with the sweet Chorus's Gaelic inspired tunes, which, whilst pleasing, doesn't seem quite in tune with the general atmosphere.
www.culturewars.org.uk /2005-01/prometheus.htm   (540 words)

 Lines 1-399. Aeschylus. 1909-14. Prometheus Bound. The Harvard Classics.
Prometheus (Forethought) is the son of Themis (Right), the second occupant of the Pythian Oracle (Eumen.
The silence of Prometheus up to this point was partly, as has been said, consequent on the conventional laws of the Greek drama, but it is also a touch of supreme insight into the heroic temper.
Prometheus, representing the active intellect of man, bestows new powers, new interests, new hopes, which at last divert them from that fear.
www.bartleby.com /8/4/1.html   (2917 words)

 Amazon.com: Prometheus Bound (Dover Thrift Editions): Books: Aeschylus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The play opens as Prometheus is being bound by the reluctant Hephaestus, god of fire, who is the first of several characters to beg him to repent and apologize to Zeus.
Prometheus Bound is the tale of Prometheus, a titan, who is being punished by Zeus.
Prometheus Bound is one of the earliest surviving tragedies, written by the man, Aeschylus, who created the classical Greek style of drama.
www.amazon.com /Prometheus-Bound-Dover-Thrift-Editions/dp/0486287629   (1791 words)

 Prometheus Bound
PROMETHEUS I know the heart of Zeus is hard, that he hath tied Justice to his side; But he shall be full gentle thus assuaged; And, the implacable wrath wherewith he raged Smoothed quite away, nor he nor I Be loth to seal a bond of peace and amity.
PROMETHEUS Thou would'st find it hard To bear what I must bear: for unto me It is not given to die,-a dear release From pain; but now of suffering there is No end in sight till Zeus shall fall.
PROMETHEUS I tell thee that the self-willed pride of Zeus Shall surely be abased; that even now He plots a marriage that shall hurl him forth Far out of sight of his imperial throne And kingly dignity.
www.sacred-texts.com /cla/aesch/promet.htm   (7975 words)

 Amazon.com: Aeschylus: Prometheus Bound: Books: Paul Roche   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In his Prometheus Bound, the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus presents the dramatic conflict between the free spirit of human progress and the limitations set by divine law.
Prometheus was chained to a mountain, sentenced to endure a hideous and eternal torture for wresting fire from the gods to bring it to earth.
There was a point at which some critics contended that "Prometheus Bound" was not actually written by Aeschylus, arguing that someone else, perhaps his son Euphorion, who was also a dramatist, was the actual author.
www.amazon.com /Aeschylus-Prometheus-Bound-Paul-Roche/dp/0865162387   (1256 words)

 Prometheus Bound   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Prometheus Bound is the first and only surviving play of a Prometheus trilogy by Aeschylus.
Prometheus tells of all the results of his bringing fire to humankind; he is ultimately responsible for their having astronomy, math, language, agriculture, medicine, dream theory and divination, etc.
Prometheus knows that it is destined that a descendant of hers will release him from the chains (thirteen generations from now), but he also knows how long her suffering and wanderings will last, so she gets a choice which she wants to hear about.
www.wsu.edu /~delahoyd/prometheus_bound.html   (564 words)

 Prometheus Bound
It is traditionally attributed to Aeschylus, but is now considered by some scholars to be the work of another hand, perhaps one as late as the 4th century BC.
Prometheus (whose name means 'foresight') possessed prophetic knowledge of the person who would one day overthrow Zeus, but refused to divulge this information.
Prometheus (whose name means 'foresight') possessed prophetic knowledge of the person who would one day overthrow Zeus, but refused to divulge this knowledge.
www.mlahanas.de /Greeks/LX/PrometheusBound.html   (549 words)

Prometheus (he was wise and his name means "Forethought") took over the task of creation and considered ways to make humans superior.
Prometheus had created humans in the likeness of gods, using the clay and water of Panopeus, and Athena had breathed a living soul into them.
Zeus did make Prometheus wear a ring, in which a piece of the Caucasus rock was set, as a symbol of his painful connection with the mountain.
thanasis.com /modern/pro01.htm   (2408 words)

 Prometheus Bound   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Prometheus was a god who loved humans most of all gods.
Zeus raged, commands god Hephaistos to chain Prometheus on a mountain all alone, away from gods and humans.
Prometheus, who was a prophet, asks from Zeus to release him and in return he would tell him who, when and how would take his throne from him.
users.panafonet.gr /ekar/prom.html   (144 words)

 Prometheus Bound Summary & Essays - Aeschylus
A minority of scholars debate Aeschylus's authorship of Prometheus Bound.
Because of positions the play presents on various religious and cultural issues, as well as because of certain poetic peculiarities, some believe it is written by another author.
Most scholars do believe Aeschylus wrote Prometheus Bound, however, and in any event, the authorship debate does not detract from the play's powerful drama.
www.enotes.com /prometheus-bound   (384 words)

 Prometheus guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Perhaps the best place to start would be to consider what associations the name "Prometheus" has in your mind, and then compare Aeschylus' presentation of this character.
Prometheus and his mother were the only Titans on Zeus' sid e.
The god Might's antagonism towards Prometheus represents an important pattern in Greek thought wherein force is opposed to guile; note Prometheus' account of this on p.144.
www.temple.edu /classics/prometheus.html   (441 words)

 Prometheus Bound
Prometheus, all too plainly I behold: And for the best would counsel thee: albeit Thy brain is subtle.
I mourn for thee, Prometheus, minished and brought low, Watering my virgin cheeks with these sad drops, that flow From sorrow's rainy fount, to fill soft-lidded eyes With pure libations for thy fortune's obsequies.
Ah, not thus on me was shed The rapture of sweet music, when I hymned The marriage-song round bath and bridal bed At thine espousals, and of thy blood-kin, A bride thou chosest, wooing her to thee With all good gifts that may a Goddess win, Thy father's child, divine Hesione.
www.grayson.edu /grayson/division/artsci/english/1302/prometheus.html   (7666 words)

 Prometheus Bound Chains of Imagery in Prometheus Bound
Prometheus Bound Chains of Imagery in Prometheus Bound
In this excerpt, Mossman discusses the imagery in Prometheus Bound, illustrating the large role it plays in relating the drama.
There are some fragments which suggest that images familiar from Prometheus Bound appeared in the other two plays as well; to these I shall return, but first...
www.enotes.com /prometheus-bound/10362   (110 words)

 Prometheus Bound * People, Places, & Things * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
Prometheus Bound * People, Places, and Things * Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant
One of the seven surviving tragedies by the Athenian playwright Aeskhylus (Aeschylus).
Prometheus Bound is a wonderful play dealing with the punishment of Prometheus by Zeus; while Prometheus was bound to a mountain the heifer maiden, Io, questioned him as to his crime and his fate; Prometheus in turn gives Io hope for release from her own curse.
www.messagenet.com /myths/ppt/Prometheus_Bound_1.html   (325 words)

 Translations of Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Thomson does, however, introduce one potentially significant distortion, viz., in the way in which Prometheus' mother is referred to.
One possible reason for Thomson's doing this is that he was somehow influenced by Shelley, Prometheus Unbound (early nineteenth century), in which Themis is not mentioned, and Prometheus' mother is given simply as Earth.
After a search of eight other translations of Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound (both hard-copy and internet), I have found no others that consistently omit mention of Themis, in the way that Thomson does.
www.pitt.edu /~edfloyd/Class1130/prometheus.html   (678 words)

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