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Topic: Propeller wind generator

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In the News (Fri 22 Jun 18)

 Propeller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A propeller is a device which provides thrust for propulsion of a vehicle such as an airplane, ship, or submarine though a fluid such as water or air, by rotating two or more twisted blades about a central shaft, in a manner analogous to rotating a screw though a solid.
However, the blades of a propeller don't push directly on the fluid, but rather act as rotating wings, and produce force via Bernoulli's principle, generating a difference in pressure from the forward and rear surfaces of the airfoil-shaped blades.
Contra-rotating propellers involve a second propeller rotating in the opposite direction immediately 'downstream' of the main propeller so as to recover energy lost in the swirling motion of the air in the propeller slipstream.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/propeller   (2006 words)

 Propeller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Since this is an extremely inefficient regime in which to operate the propeller, it means that most propellers are fitted with mechanisms to allow variable pitch – coarse pitch for high speed flight and fine pitch for climbing or accelerating at lower speeds.
James Watt of Birmingham, England is generally credited with applying the very first screw propeller to an engine albeit an early steam engine, so the idea of engine propulsion utilising a propeller was born.
The airfoil shape of modern aircraft propellers was pioneered by the Wright brothers.
www.butte-silverbow.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Propeller   (1851 words)

As the relative air speed at the blade is rotation speed plus axial speed, a propeller blade will reach sonic speed sometime before the rest of the aircraft (with a theoretical blade the maximum aircraft speed is about 845 km/h (Mach 0.7) at sea-level, in reality it is rather lower).
More air is taken in and the fan therefore operates at a efficiency equivalent to a larger unducted propeller, noise is also reduced by the ducting and should a blade become detached the duct would contain the damage.
He had tested, and rejected, the screw-propeller and it was not until the 1830s that the propeller came to be used, at first in mixed paddle and propeller designs (vide the 1858 Great Eastern).
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/p/pr/propeller.html   (1577 words)

 Encyclopedia: Propeller   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
A propeller's efficiency is determined shit Efficiency is the capability of acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort.
A ducted fan is an arrangement of a propeller-driven aircraft where the propeller is mounted inside the fuselage, within a duct.
Propeller walk is the term for a propellers tendency to rotate a boat as well as accelerating it forwards or backwards.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Propeller   (3813 words)

 Propeller   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
On an aircraft the propeller is an airfoil much like the wing of an aircraft except that the of the airfoil varies along the length the blade however any point on the describes a helix as it moves through the air.
Very high efficiency propellers are similar in section to a low drag wing and as such are poor operation when at other than their optimum of attack.
However with a propeller at a pitch of 45° at low flight speeds the of attack will be high possibly high to stall the aircraft.
www.freeglossary.com /Propellor   (1636 words)

 Wind turbine : Propeller wind generator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
A wind turbine, windmill or wind generator is a device for converting wind power to mechanical rotation with a low velocity turbine designed for compressible fluids.
As a general rule, wind generators are practical where the average windspeed is greater than 12 mph (19 kph).
Wind power is practical in most areas of the North American great plains, and the central Eurasian plains, as well as selected ridges of major mountain-chains.
www.eurofreehost.com /pr/Propeller_wind_generator.html   (353 words)

 Propeller - free-definition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
On an aircraft, the propeller is an airfoil, much like the wing of an aircraft, except that the shape of the airfoil varies along the length of the blade; any point on the blade describes a helix as it moves through the air.
Since this is an extremely inefficient regime in which to operate the propeller, it means that most propellers are fitted with mechanisms to allow variable pitch - Coarse pitch for high speed flight and fine pitch for climbing or accelerating at lower speeds.
More air is taken in and the fan therefore operates at an efficiency equivalent to a larger unducted propeller, noise is also reduced by the ducting and should a blade become detached the duct would contain the damage.
www.free-definition.com /Propeller.html   (1576 words)

 * Generator - (Home): Definition
In the 1920s and '30s, farm families throughout the Midwest used wind to generate enough electricity to power their lights and electric motors...
Generators turn mechanical energy into electricity and are commonly used as backup electrical systems for homes and to supply power to small tools and machinery.
Wind turbine: A machine that generates electricity from the wind by turning a generator-connected wind propeller.
en.mimi.hu /home/generator.html   (546 words)

 EERE: Wind Energy - Basics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Wind turbines capture the wind's energy with two or three propeller-like blades, which are mounted on a rotor, to generate electricity.
Wind turbines can be used as stand-alone applications, or they can be connected to a utility power grid or even combined with a photovoltaic (solar cell) system.
For utility-scale sources of wind energy, a large number of turbines are usually built close together to form a wind farm.
www.eere.energy.gov /RE/wind_basics.html   (217 words)

 Building Your Own Wind Turbine - S. Hicks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The most desirable generators are the ones with the lowest rated rpm since it will lower the wind speed at which the generator starts to put out usable power.
In higher wind speeds this prop has put out 3 kiloWatts but the generator isn't capable of this amount of sustained power so the governor is adjusted to limit the output to 1700 Watts.
The generator is always fully loaded which maximizes the output and limits the governor wear and tear.
www.awea.org /faq/brew/hp-brew2.html   (1408 words)

 Propeller   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Constant-speed propellers automatically adjust the blade pitch to alter resistance torque in response to changes in speed.
A fan is a propeller with a number of blades.
Propellers are referred to as "lift" devices paddles are "drag" devices.
www.freeglossary.com /Propeller   (1636 words)

 Bay Weekly
A three-bladed propeller is attached to the front; a tail drooping at the stern like a spade rudder is indeed a rudder, helping to steer the device into the wind.
It is an elderly Toyota pick-up with a camper bed, a KISS wind generator mounted on the roof of the camper.
The propeller on the water generator is eight inches in diameter.
www.bayweekly.com /year01/issue9_40/lead9_40.html   (2180 words)

 Science Fair Wind Generators
Some wind generators produce alteranting current (AC), in this case the component is an 'alternator.' Wind machines that produce direct current use a 'generator.' In both cases, however, the electricity is produced by magnets moving quickly past coils of wire--or coils of wire moving quickly past magnets.
In a wind generator, the flat sides of the blades face into the wind, and the airfoil sides face away from the wind, the OPPOSITE of an airplane propellor.
Generally, the pipe and fittings fit together tightly without the use of glue, but you might wish to use PVC cement on your machine after it is together and working.
www.otherpower.com /toymill.html   (2828 words)

 Propeller   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Korean shipbuilder has been at the top of the global propeller market since 1987 with a 35 percent market share.
This mechanism, which is uncommon but not unique to AE Aqr, is referred to as a magnetic propeller.
He had tested, and rejected, the screw-propeller and it was not until the 1830s that the propellor came to be used, at first in mixed paddle and propeller designs (vide the 1858 Great Eastern).
www.wikiverse.org /propeller   (1691 words)

 So You Want to Build a Wind Generator - M. Sagrillo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
In simple terms, the first law states that the power available in the wind is proportional to the cube of the wind speed.
An increase in wind speed from 10 to 11 miles per hour results in a 33% increase in the power of the wind.
Generally speaking, it can be said that the more advanced the design, the longer the components will last.
www.awea.org /faq/brew/hp-brew1.html   (1997 words)

 Building for Health - Whisper Wind Generator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The Whisper Wind generator is easily installed by the owner, require no scheduled maintenance and feature the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry.
Attractive design, sealed ball bearings throughout, protection to winds of 120 mph and high quality materials make the Whisper a reliable source of electricity from the wind for decades.
With extra-large propeller diameters, Whisper wind generators are optimized for the low average wind speeds of locations where most people choose to live.
buildingforhealth.com /windgenerator_whisper.html   (150 words)

 FINCA FORUM - D.I.Y. Wind Generator
This generator is a little different to the accepted type of windmill (ie a propeller), but has a number of advantages.
The actual electricity generation would be by the use of an alternator (possibly from a car) connected to one end of the spindle.
2 shows one way that the wind generator could be coupled to the alternator, with a little ingenuity, bevel gears could be used, but bear in mind that every bearing surface in the drive chain saps power in the form of heat.
website.lineone.net /~fincaforum/ff-windgen.htm   (432 words)

 [No title]
BASIC ANATOMY In it's simplest form, a generator or alternator is merely a coil of wire passing through a magnetic field, as follows: Figure 1: Generator When our coil of wire passes through a magnetic field voltage is induced in that coil (suffice it to say that this is something akin to magic).
The current generating coils of wire are called the armature in a generator and the stator in an alternator.
An alternator is an inside-out generator: the field, or rotor, rotates in the stationary generating coils, or the stator.
www.ibiblio.org /london/alternative-energy/homepower-magazine/archives/19/19pg24.txt   (1732 words)

 electric wind generator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
in 1931 with the 100 kilowatt Balaclava wind generator on the shore of the Caspian Sea.
OPPD owns the wind turbine generator, electric distribution equipment and the generated electricity, which is being fed into the utility?Äôs distribution system.
Wind Power A Wind Electric System for Household Needs Wind powered battery charging systems can be cost effective if the average wind speed is 9 mph or more at the location of the wind generator...
www.home-generators.us /electricwindgenerator   (1470 words)

 Homebrew wind generator
The other drawback is that when the wind changes direction, a 2 blade prop tends to vibrate quite a bit while turning.
We have very gusty winds, the direction changes frequently so it is difficult for me to offer specifics on output vs wind speed.
It is possible that a regulator could be made with a matching transformer or possibly a linear current booster that would better match the load to the alternator and provide significantly more output, I've not tried this yet.
www.otherpower.com /danb_windmill.html   (2357 words)

 Wind Generator Demo
a propeller or fan blade to serve as the turbine.
In Montana our electricity is generated at coal-fired plants and hydroelectric dams at a cost of about 7 cents per kilowatt-hour.
This coupled with the fact that wind energy would not contribute to global warming, make wind power a viable option for the 21st century.
formontana.net /gendeme.html   (602 words)

Generates signals to connect/disconnect the windpower unit to/from the network.
Generates emergency braking signals and executes the emergency braking algorithms.
Provides manual control of the windpower unit from a local control statt from a local control station.
savoiapower.8k.com /raduga.html   (222 words)

 ◊ Wind Power Work at Go Solar Powered   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
All Whisper turbines are delivered with the capable and good-looking E-Z wiring center, which includes a complete monitoring package with easy-to-read LED display, circuit breaker input for wind, a brake switch for the wind plant, and a built-in diversion controller with sufficient wattage to handle the turbine output.
The generating component of the Harris turbines is an automotive alternator equipped with custom-wound coils appropriate for each installation LEARN MORE
Our bike generator provides a sturdy, adjustable stand that raises and clamps the rear axle of your bike, with an adjustable friction wheel, a flywheel for steady power, and a DC generator that can deliver over 500 watts.
gosolarpowered.com /wind-power-work.html   (1527 words)

 wind electric generator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Jim is proud of his contribution in the building and wiring of the city's first, wind-powered electric generator, which can be seen on East 11th street, between Avenues A and B in Manhattan.
The first wind-powered electric generator was built in 1891 by a Danish inventor named Poul de Cour, one of the pioneers of modern aerodynamics.
View Patent Detail Wind powered electric generator...base and a pair of helical rotors rotatably connected with the housing for driving a pair of electric generators when the rotors are rotated by...
www.home-generators.us /windelectricgenerator   (1075 words)

 the Otherpower.com Discussion Board || Micro Power wind generator
It turns well in very light winds producing a good torque and reaches a maximum of 120 RPM before it is set to tilt out the wind.
It is perfectly possible to produce a silent machine with a better propeller with a tip speed ratio of 4 that would let you use a lot higher speed, but it is perfectly possible with your sailwing rotor.
As there is a huge amount of emphasis upon generation of electricity at relatively high wind speeds but in your average year most people experience seemingly few days with adequate wind.
www.fieldlines.com /story/2005/2/15/163459/952   (2466 words)

 Wind generator for a Piper Cub
A commercial generator is north of $500, but here's a home fix by Mattias Johnsson of Sweden.
No matter how stable the bracket (seen from behind) is, it's very easy to come into oscillations (one rotating propeller blowing on another) which creates a very annoying sound.
My generator produces over 50 volts at cruise speed without the regulator and no load.
www.pipercubforum.com /windgen.htm   (667 words)

 Wind turbine blades propellers wind generator blades Aluminum carbon fiber Wind turbine propeller blade Permanent ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The maximum wind speed rating on the blade extension kits is about 90 MPH while stalled or 110 MPH while rotating.
In a down wind configuration the folding hub design is a cheap failsafe that saves your wind turbine from more extensive damage and rebuilding costs after a hurricane.
The best idea of coarse is to take your wind turbine down when you know hurricane is on it's way.
members.surfbest.net /shane@surfbest.net/bladekitsEXTN.html   (437 words)

 Photovoltaic And Wind Generator Systems
In a rooftop PV system, the electricity generated by a multitude of solar cells is channeled into an inverter and converted into a usable alternating current (AC) power source.
The modern equivalent of windmills –; wind turbines –; capture the wind using two or three propeller-like blades mounted on a shaft to form a rotor.
When the wind blows, the combination of lift and drag spins the rotor like a propeller, and the turning shaft spins a generator to make electricity.
www.ameren.com /environment/ADC_EV_WindSystems.asp   (220 words)

 The Aerodrome Forum - Wind driven "Generator" on a camel
9 September 2003 12:18 PM Mark Miller and I have a photograph of a Naval Camel in early 1918, eguipped with a wind driven generator or dynamo on the port front undercarriage leg.
When he was flying in formation he was nice and warm, but during a dogfight or when diving he was nearly cooked because of the increased speed, as there was no thermostat fitted to the suit the faster you flew the warmer the suit until it became an oven.
It looks a lot like the wind driven generator on Hendon's Bulldog and I feel sure I have seen illustrations of a similar fitment on 'tween wars Bristol Fighters.
www.theaerodrome.com /forum/printthread.php?t=1229   (616 words)

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