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Topic: Province of Oristano

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  Oristano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Coordinates: 39°54′N 08°35′E Oristano is a town and commune in Sardinia, Italy, the capital of the province of Oristano.
Oristano was the Byzantine Aristianis, which was founded next to the ancient Phoenician city of Othoca (current Santa Giusta).
In the Middle Ages Oristano was frequently warring against the other Sardinian kingdoms, which culminated in the attempt to conquer the whole island by Mariano IV (reigned 1347-75) and his daughter Eleanor (1475-1404).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oristano   (415 words)

 Oristano and hinterland
Oristano was founded in the XI century by the inhabitants of the ancient town of Tharros, which was the most important Sardinian centre of the Punic civilisation.
It stands on the west coast of the island, near the mouth of Tirso river, not far from the sea, surrounded by fertile fields and flourishing cultivation.
Oristano stands in a propitious geographical position, so that it can offer products of different civilisations: that of the shepherds, that of the peasants and that oh the lagoons.
www.lamaddalena.it /itinerari_provincia_oristano_inglese.htm   (784 words)

 Hotels, B&B, Farm Holiday, Apartments in oristano Italy
IL GIGLIO Agriturismo is a farm situated on the outskirts of Massama, a small agricultural village a few kilometres from Oristano, on the western coast of Sardinia.
The B&B Porta a Mari?, is located in one of the most important street of Oristano, only 5 minutes walk from the historical centre, near to the most important monuments and tourist boards.
Villetta placed in the beautiful mean of a garden with very green where the stone typical of the Sinis and wood also characterize the struttura,realizzata in an only accessible level to the carriers of handicap the B&B the Nest it has a room with the tub idromassaggio, besides al...
www.bbplanet.it /st_en.asp?provincia=ORISTANO   (491 words)

 Province of Oristano - Sardegna - Italy (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.netlab.uky.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
The Province of Oristano has a surface area of 3,040 square km, with a total population of about 165,000 inhabitants, the largest centers being Oristano, Terralba, Cabras.
The territory includes the Lago Omodeo, and a number of shallow water bodies, the Stagno de is Benas, Stagno di Cabras and Stagno di Santa Giusta.
In 2005 when four new province in Sardinia were established, 10 communes from the province of Nuoro were administratively moved to the Province of Oristano.
www.italyworldclub.com.cob-web.org:8888 /sardegna/oristano   (98 words)

 Hotel Oristano, Hotels Oristano, Welcome, Oristano, Hospitality Oristano, Lodge Oristano, Lodges Oristano, Lodging ...
Oristano is situated in the Campidano Oristanese plains, a vast area in the centre of Sardinia along the West coast.
The town and province are practically uncontaminated therefore maintaining rich natural resources which, today, 6ffer the main economical development of the region.
All this is present in the Oristano province and its cultural heritage offers remarkable testimony.
www.emmeti.it /Welcome/Sardegna/Oristano/index.uk.html   (261 words)

 A gastronomic tour of Sardinia. 6/7
From the province of Nuoro the tour goes towards the province of Oristano, where the traditional cuisine is based on a mix of sea foods, fish, agriculture and animal husbandry.
In the province of Oristano there are many "stagni" (salt water ponds) so there is a tradition of both pond and open sea fishing.
The province of Oristano has as its prestige symbol one of the most ancient and interesting Sardinian wines - "Vernaccia di Oristano D.O.C".
www.sarnow.com /sardinia/gast6.htm   (371 words)

The Province of Oristano is made up of 78 communities and has a population of about 160,000 inhabitants.
The numerous itineraries embrace such treasures as the Marceddì lagoon, the district of Arborea, the town of Santa Giusta and its lagoon, the Romanesque-Pisan Basilica, the ancient, buried settlement of Othoca, and, of course the town of Oristano and the panoramic area of Torregrande.
Other unforgettable sights include the Cabras lagoons and fish lakes, the ancient Roman settlement of Tharros, a number of fascinating Nuraghi and the spectacular Sinis coast.
www.hellosardinia.com /eng/oristano/or_terr.htm   (403 words)

Following a hypothetical oenogastronomic itinerary through the province of Oristano starting from the Sinis peninsula, we pass by typical vineyards and wine-shops producing Vernaccia di Oristano.
The Oristano hinterland also boasts delicate white wines, although less prestigious than Vernaccia: from the older Nuragus to the more recent Vermentino del Campidano from Marrubiu-Terralba, Sangiovese and Nieddera, moving then to the hills around Mogoro where we find Semidano, Moscato and red Bovale.
Typical dishes from the Oristano area are extremely varied and range from fish from Cabras (giltheads, bass, eels) in many different forms to merca: mullet boiled in salt water and wrapped in marsh leaves (zibba).
www.sardiniapoint.it /7362.html   (262 words)

 festeinsardegna.it   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
I's the last province in Sardinia, the Youngest but also the "oldest" capital of the legendary Giudichessa Eleonora.
In Oristano "La Sartiglia" the last Sunday of Carnival, and on shrove Tuesday – an equestrian joust.
Not less suggestive are the religious processions, the Easter Friday in Oristano.
www.festeinsardegna.it /inglese/poristano.htm   (219 words)

 Province of Cagliari - B&B Sardegna
Three parts of its borders are on the sea, while the north borders on the Province of Nuoro and the Province of Oristano.
It is the most extended Sardinian province with 109 towns; the plain of Campidano is the largest Sardinian plain which extends from Cagliari to Oristano, limited by the relieves of Sarrabus-Gerrei and of Sulcis-Iglesiente.
The climate of the Province, as in the other parts of the island, is Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters, with modest seasonal range and average temperatures range from 4°C in winter to 40°C in Summer.
www.sardegnabb.it /cagliari-e.asp   (317 words)

 Sardegna at Caribbean Topfunwebsites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
It was called "Ichnusa" by the Phoenicians and "Sandalyon" by the Greeks because of its shape, recalling a footprint.
The region is divided into four provinces: Cagliari, Sassari, Nuoro and Oristano; another four provinces (and Medio Campidano) have been proposed to enter effect in 2005.
Especially after the conquering of Sicily in 832, the Byzantines were unable to effectively defend their most distant province, and the provincial judge assumed independent authority.
www.topfunwebsites.com /cuba/sardegna.html   (955 words)

 [No title]
This is a new subject, and it remains to be seen from both content and results if it is appropriate to talk about a “new tourism” without distorting the value which the new disciplines of Bioenergy and Archaeoastronomy certainly have.
However, it must also be said that while in Sardinia the state of tourism is positive as a whole, it is negative for the Province of Oristano.
In 1999, Oristano was the only Sardinian province to have a decreased number of visitors.
web.tiscali.it /lollobuy/int_tiziana.html   (434 words)

 Province of Nuoro - B&B Sardegna
To the north it borders on the Province of Sassari, to the south west on the Province of Oristano and to the south on the Province of Cagliari.
The Province borders on sea on westward and eastward.
The climate is temperate, with differences of temperature between coast and inner areas of the island, with colder and rainier winter and fresher summer in the hinterland.
www.sardegnabb.it /nuoro-e.asp   (193 words)

The province of Oristano is a beautiful stage where naturalistic oasis, nuragic villages, cliffs, small hidden bays, Phoenician history and Roman civilization.
The enchanting Sinis Peninsula, where the wild nature is dipped in a white stony landscape and the sandy dunes are spotten with the green Mediterranean bushes, draws a coast line from Cape Mannu to the Gulf of Oristano.
The first impression you have when you look Oristano is that Eleonora is still the heroine “giudicessa di Arborea” that from 1383 al 1404 supported fates of this country.
www.campingspinnaker.com /camping-sardinia/landscape.html   (302 words)

 ItalianMade.com - WINES: Sardegna Semidano DOC
Nowadays Semidano is grown mostly in the southern territories of the province of Oristano as well as in some areas of Campidano di Cagliari.
The D.O.C. regulation, however, sets no geographical limits to its cultivation and the Semidano is expected to spread to the rest of this sunny Mediterranean island in the future.
Currently, Semidano has one geographic subcategory - the Mogoro - which includes the municipality of Mogoro, as well as eight other municipalities in the province of Oristano and three in the province of Cagliari.
www.italianmade.com /wines/DOC10273.cfm   (267 words)

 Province of Oristano (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab2.isi.jhu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-14)
Provincia di Oristano) is a province in the autonomous island region of Sardinia in Italy.
There are 78 communes in the province (source: Italian institute of statistics Istat, see this link).
The outer air, penned between high buildings, to sing in a coil of dingy pipes, and a smell of cooking cup of tea.
province-of-oristano.kiwiki.homeip.net.cob-web.org:8888   (185 words)

 "Su Livariu" di Teresa Casu
“Su Livariu” is situated in the province of Oristano, in the small village of Siamaggiore.
By car from Oristano take the direction towards the beach.
At the intersection for the tiny village “Rimedio”, take the road for Sassari, and then proceed for about 2 km towards Siamaggiore.
www.sulivariu.it /raggiungerci_ingl.html   (90 words)

 Genetic and Environmental Factors for Type 1 Diabetes: Data from the province of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy -- Frongia ...
Genetic and Environmental Factors for Type 1 Diabetes: Data from the province of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy -- Frongia et al.
Data from the province of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy
Frongia O, Mastinu F, Sechi GM: Prevalence and 4-year incidence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in the province of Oristano (Sardinia, Italy).
care.diabetesjournals.org /cgi/content/full/24/10/1846   (804 words)

In Pittau's opinion, Sardian was an IE language and Caralis is related to Greek kholos 'bile', which is from the IE root *g'hel- 'to shine, green, gold, blue'.
But for what seems to be the phonetic features of the Sardian language, it is more likely a derivation from the IE root *ger- 'to gather, put together'.
The Sardinian scholar Pittau believes that the name mentioned by Ptolemy should be corrected in *Sarrapos, from the survival of the name Sarrabus, an historical sub-region, and from the existence of a town at its mouth called probably Sarrapos.
xoomer.virgilio.it /asciatopo/sardinia.html   (2233 words)

 Riso della Sardegna
The joint-stock company "RISO DELLA SARDEGNA" was the first rice-factory to be established in Sardinia.
Cesello Putzu, a well-known building manager from Selargius (Cagliari), set up in Oristano the first rice working equipment with a productive capacity of 4 quintals per hour.
Annibale Bertazzoli from Brescia, who realised how good was the quality of the rice produced in the surrounding lands of Oristano.
www.risodellasardegna.it /pag_ing/azienda.htm   (241 words)

 Bed and Breakfast Oristano. Complete Italian B&B Directory. Bed & Breakfast Italia.
This simple, friendly B&B is in Oristano in the central area of the city, just 5 minutes from the centre and a few minutes walk from the main monuments and tourist offices.
The B&B is a studio flat located in the main house courtyard.
This old noble stone mansion in Spanish architectural style is located in the province of Oristano.
www.bbitalia.it /en/bed-breakfast-oristano.html   (99 words)

 Sardinia - all culinario in Sardinia you can find, Restaurants, Pizzerias, wine and vineyards, and some more
A selection of restaurants in the city of Oristano...
A selection of restaurants in the province of Oristano...
A selection of pizzerias in the city of Oristano...
www.sardegna.net /docs/culinario/culinario_e.html   (305 words)

 ItalianMade.com - WINES: Vernaccia di Oristano DOC
That is certainly true of this Vernaccia, which seems to do well only in the valley of the river Tirso in the province of Oristano.
Since the search for its origins seems highly problematical, it may be just as well for once to accept the legend that it originated in the tears of Santa Giusta, patroness of Oristano.
According to the story, an epidemic of malaria was sweeping across the island, claiming many victims.
www.italianmade.com /wines/DOC10307.cfm   (343 words)

It is a land of shepherds and meat and cheese are the main ingredients in local cooking
Crossing the province of Nuoro from Gallura, we arrive in the heart of Barbagia.
Moving upwards along the western coast, we reach Planargia, between the provinces of Nuoro and Oristano, where we can taste another traditional dessert wine, Bosa Malvasia, a source of pride for this area, excellent with almond sweets and cakes.
www.sardiniapoint.it /8596.html   (243 words)

 Crafts - World Travel Jet
Starting from Northern Sardinia, in the province of Sassari it is easy to bump into a world of old craft traditions shown in the cork fancy goods from Gallura, beautiful carpets from Nule and Bonorva, as well as the resolzas, very famous jack-knives from Pattada.
Not to mention basketwork, typical of the North-West coasts of the province: hampers and baskets are produced in every shape and dimension in Sorso, Sennori, and Castelsardo.
Going more South we meet the province of Oristano, where the wide and rich craft production of Santulussurgiu is worth mentioning.
www.worldtraveljet.it /code/pagina/LINGUA/EN/menu/22/id/48   (823 words)

 Province of Oristano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Map highlighting the location of Oristano in Italy
Oristano (Italian: Provincia di Oristano) is a province in the autonomous island region of Sardinia in Italy.
There are 88 municipalities (comuni) in the province [1]).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Province_of_Oristano   (98 words)

 Hotel Sardinia Oristano Abbasanta Accommodation In Italy Vacation & Holiday Rentals
Hotel Sardinia Oristano Abbasanta Accommodation In Italy Vacation and Holiday Rental
We are in the Montiferru mountain by the paddocks surrounded by centuries old woods in a quiet countryside.
We offer different types of activities: walks, hacks., mountain bikes or boats on the beautiful coasts of Oristano.
www.italy-vacationrental.com /hotel/sardinia/oristano/abbasanta   (509 words)

 Arborea | | Dictionary & Translation by Babylon
Arborea is a town and commune in the province of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy.
Arborea est une commune italienne de la province d'Oristano dans la région Sardaigne en Italie.
Arborea is een gemeente in de Italiaanse provincie Oristano (regio Sardinië) en telt 3989 inwoners (31-12-2004).
www.babylon.com /definition/Arborea/All   (273 words)

 Area marina protetta Penisola del Sinis - Isola di Mal di Ventre - Protected Area
The nuraghic presence should have been intense, given the number of nuraghic towers present in the area, the many finds discovered in the nuraghic complex of S'Uraki, and the discovery in Monti Prama of several sandstone statues representing nuraghic warriors.
The lack in structures still is one of the braking elements of tourism development in Sardinia, in particular in the province of Oristano.
The about fifteen kilometers of coast delimiting the Marine Protected Area Penisola del Sinis - Isola di Mal di Ventre are a paradise for seamen.
www.parks.it /riserva.marina.penisola.sinis/Epar.html   (577 words)

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