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Topic: Psi ball

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  Psi ball - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A psi ball is claimed to be a manifestation of gathered psychic energy that is formed into a ball shape by a practioner of psionics, to be used in a variety of ways.
Psi balls are said to be capable of performing many different tasks, such as healing, telekinesis, or sending short telepathic messages.
In psionics, the creation of psi balls is often seen to be one of the first steps a beginner may take in developing their psychic skills.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Psi_ball   (267 words)

 Psion Guild Glossary File
A Net is a group of psis (or other energy workers) who have linked themselves together in order to act as one--permanent nets may even be able to use abilities of any net member and are aware of other net members on many levels at all times.
A psi genetics term for a person who was born with low-level psi abilities, and a few instincts to use them.
Psi energy has the unique property (along with other psychic energy types) of being able to hold a stable pattern outside of a physical container or force.
www.psionguild.org /glossary.html   (2625 words)

 Gatorsports.com :: 100 years of Gator Football   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The "psi" catalyst, as with many paranormal forces, is often referred to generally as an "energy" whose physical properties are generally thought to be difficult or impossible to measure in terms of standard or current physics.
Psi balls are said to be capable of performing many different tasks, such as healing, protection, telekinesis, or sending short telepathic messages.
In many internet communities that claim to practice psionics, the creation of psi balls is seen to be an essential skill and one of the first steps beginners may take in developing their psychic skills.
www.gatorsports.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?template=wiki&text=Psi_ball   (1570 words)

 [No title]
There is something called a "psi ball" which follows the same basic techniques that are used to create a "ki ball".
If the psi ball is real then it is possible that the ki ball is real but, by a false name.
Even if the psi ball came first and is "real" we all know that it cannot be used to hurt people or do anything the dbzers say it can do.
www.fightingarts.com /ubbthreads/printthread.php/Board/7/main/15816428/type/post   (208 words)

 Physics FAQ
Balls go farther at high altitude because of the reduced drag from the air, which is thinner as you go higher up.
It is recommended that you use a pressure gauge to measure the exact amount of pressure in a ball after inflating and before use.
Balls with natural rubber bladders need to be re-inflated more often than balls with butyl bladders.
www.soccerballworld.com /physics-faq.htm   (888 words)

 High Level Design--Pool in a box
When a ball hits the the rail, called a rail or a bank shot, the angle of incidence is the same as the angle of reflection.
On impact, the object ball, ball 2 moves in the direction of n (direction of the impact line).
Ball 1 moves in the direction of t, perpendicular to the direction of motion of ball 2.
instruct1.cit.cornell.edu /courses/ee476/FinalProjects/s2005/dc273/submit/high_level.htm   (1689 words)

 psi-balls and telekinesis ::
How To Psi technolgy is the latest technique in the wingmakers technology and Psi energy balls can be used in any way, shape, or form.
The psi technology are both a physical and visual techniques and you should master the art of making Psi balls before moving on.
Once you have the ball to the size you want it at, throw it with a physical movement of your hands and visualize it going where you want it.
www.freewebs.com /psiball/psiballs.htm   (380 words)

 Ball Screw Repair
Ball screw rotary-to-linear motion is unequaled for high-precision positioning.
From simple ball screw maintenance and repairs to full ballscrew replacement, the PSI ball screw repair facility has the capacity and the in-house resources to handle all your ballscrew repair needs.
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www.psi-repair.com /101.html?ball_screw_repair   (310 words)

 PSI ball is cool! - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums
A strange thin go i wanted to ask is that i got the psi ball down really fast and actually had one visually appear.
PSI energy cannot be observed, detected, measured and neither can it's effects on surrounding enviroments.
The most logical scientific answer I can give regarding a psi ball is that they simply do not exist and neither does psi energy.
www.unexplained-mysteries.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=85962   (1211 words)

 LJBOY585 on 43 Things
Psi is similar to ki but Psi is more with the Mind.
Make a psi ball (you should know to do this by now) and visualize a drop down list appearing from the psi ball with options, now visualize your selected option appearing on the list.
Then, make a normal psi ball, then picture the electricity bolts coming out of your hands and your fingertips, and merging with the psi ball, making little sparks and shocks around and inside the psi ball.
www.43things.com /person/LJBOY585   (1110 words)

 Psi Ball Guide - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums
-you may move your hand through the psi ball, and it may possibly have a warm feeling to it, as if the air around it is slightly warmer then air not around the ball.
Psi will become a sixth sense if you give it time, it is not just some cheap parlor trick you can master in a week or two.
Psi is energy, but as a psi ball is it is not nearly enough energy to cause any noticable harm to anyone.
www.unexplained-mysteries.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=11624&st=0   (1997 words)

 Ball Valves - Valve and Equipment Consultants
Series 20 ball valves can be furnished as fire safe to API 607 4th Edition standards.
Series F15/F30 ball valves are available as non-fire safe or fire safe to API 607 4th Edition and are designed in accordance with ANSI B16.34 specifications.
Series RF15 ball valves are available as non-fire safe or fire safe to API 607 4th Edition and are designed in accordance with ANSI B16.34 specifications.
www.valveandequipment.com /catalog/valves_ball-valves_20.html   (1589 words)

 High Pressure Ball Valves - Wainbee
The BVAH Series is a 414 Bar (6,000 PSI) ball valve with ports from 1¼" to 2".
Parker's 2-way ball valves operate to either off or full flow by rotating the handle 90°.
Ball valves are not designed to be a metering or flow control device.
www.wainbee.com /prod_hydraulics/hydraulic_valves/ball_valves_hiPress_IHD.asp   (845 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions of Psionics - A Bravenet.com Faq
Psi manipulation is the ability to form psi balls with psi which is contained inside a person.
I guess you are the same guy I already spoke with, but anyways.....The Encyclopedia says psi and telekinesis are fake because it has never been proved to anyone (because the people who do it don't want to be sideshows or examined like a lab rat).
Psi manipulation is sortive similar to chi in that both energies are contained inside of you.
pub18.bravenet.com /faq/show.php?usernum=1519950436&catid=4931   (1351 words)

ok now to move on to shielding...this is manipulating psi energy to make varias shields to do things from absorbing pings...blocking scanners....and more!
basic "psi wall" - this is he most basic shield there is...
gather your enger like a psi ball(see psi balls) and exert it around your body.
www.angelfire.com /psy/psinet/shields   (177 words)

 Articles On Astral Projection, Spiritual Discussion and Information
A Psi Ball is commonly referred to as the resulting orb of energy created by placing your hands together and focusing your energy between your hands.
The energy used for creating a Psi Ball is commonly personal stored energy, unless you draw the energy from another location.
No, a Psi Ball is made of subtle energy, on a lower vibration than that of a person’s aura and will almost always dissipate when coming in contact with another person’s aura.
www.astralsociety.com /as/index.php?Page=Articles&Type=Show&AID=78   (346 words)

Psi A term used to encompass all paranormal abilities.
Psi energy is the most often used energy.
Psi energy is our life force and when we use any paranormal ability psi energy is being used.
www.jackowitch.com /basicPSI.html   (367 words)

 PSI club | Psions of all ages can join!
The Psi ball is the easiest PSI skill.
With your mind you "talk" with the PSI ball and you tell it what to do.
Throwing a PSI ball is the same as throwing a baseball.
www.freewebs.com /psiclub/psiballsbypedza.htm   (217 words)

 Throwing psi balls   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Just tell the ball to "fly off in that direction" or "go there" in the appropriate mental way, and it'll probably do so.
Program the psi ball to be sticky, and just simply attach it to whatever you want it to perform its task on.
Psi and psionic influence can travel faster than the speed of light and can travel backwards in time as well as forwards.
forums.vsociety.net /topic/4286.0   (1213 words)

 Psi Balls - Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism Community
I do an energy-working exercise with groups that involves forming a "ball" of energy, then passing it around the circle.
I have them practice adding things to the ball (emotional "flavorings", if you will) to see if others can sense what was added.
just so you know summer ray a psi (psy?) ball is a ball of emotional energy that you create by channeling your energy into a ball between your hands.
www.inthemist.org /forum/viewtopic.php?TopicID=2249   (1345 words)

 Re: Psi Balls Science Fiction ?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
But that is probably because a psi ball is a very dangerous thing.
Wicca and magick are dangerous, yes, but a psi ball is instant.
I will tell you a very interesting and great way to start on psi balls, but you have to promise not to breathe a word of it to anyone because it is very powerful.
www.dimensional-doorways.com /discussions/_psdisc/000001ae.htm   (255 words)

 Oceaneering International; Inc.
ROV Operable Ball Valves are Subsea (typically Autoclave) ball valves that have been adapted for ease of use by an ROV.
The purpose of this two piece arrangement is to isolate and protect the ball valve stem from side loading and bending from ROV manipulator use.
The ball valve can be configured in several orientations to address plumbing and clearance issues.
www.oceaneering.com /BOP.asp?id=882   (195 words)

 FightingArts.com Forums: Ki balls / psi balls gotta hate em
But as far as I understand this, the guys that create psi balls believe that they are different from ki balls.
And I AM certain that the "ki ball" was first (not in the DBZ way of course).
^there that makes my point psi and ki balls do not exist psi balls were created for people who realized radkiballs were fake yep.
www.fightingarts.com /ubbthreads/showflat.php?Number=15816428   (601 words)

Be careful when using detergents to clean the ball.
Outer coverings and stitching on some balls may be adversely affected by concentrated cleaners.
The water on the ball could freeze and cause injuries.
www.soccerballworld.com /BallCare.htm   (647 words)

 Electronic Drain Valve for Compressed Air
4008 TEC 44 1/2'' NPT 230 VAC 720 PSI
See the literature (brochure) for complete details The ball valve is connected to the gear motor with a coupling to eliminate any small misalignment and reduce any chance of premature ball valve failure.
4028 TEC 44 1/2'' NPT 115 VAC 720 PSI
www.ecompressedair.com /drainvalves/autodrainvalves.shtml   (1214 words)

 PsiPog.net : Science is Evolving
I just got the psi flowing to my hands, played with it, and then focused it into a ball, the size of a golf ball.
I didn't label it as a "psi ball" to my mind, so in that sense, it wasn't associated strongly with my past exercises.
But at the same time, it's a psi ball, and I'm sure my body remembered on some level.
www.psipog.net /blog/2006/02/psi-ball.html   (335 words)

 killing insects/rodents with psi balls its a fun game!!
I thew the psi balls but they either kept missing or they fell apart before hitting the target i assume i did not flare them so i couldnt see.
i programed the psi ball to only desenegrate after it hits the fly and causes the k.o feeling kind like a heat seeking tracking missle.
I threw the psi ball and i knocked down the flies outta the air.
forums.vsociety.net /topic/2730.0   (1275 words)

 Aerocon Systems Gemini Valves
Gemini© Pneumatically Actuated Ball Valves offer a unique combination of three elements required for long trouble free life - a premium quality ball valve, a quality actuator designed to meet the torque requirements of the valve and a mounting bracket and connection which assures alignment and rigidity.
The Gemini coupling eliminates this possibility with the ëmissing linkí i.e., the actuator shaft is precisely coupled directly to the valve stem, thereby eliminating misalignment and backlash often found with the commonly used torque and groove connecting linkage.
The valve stem nut is fixed within the actuator shaft These features, combined with a rigid mounting bracket, result in a pneumatically actuated ball valve which minimizes backlash, assures optimum stem seal life and prevents any possibility of stem nut back off.
www.aeroconsystems.com /plumbing/gemini.htm   (511 words)

 PSI energy in martial arts media - Dream Views Lucid Dreaming Forum
Mortal Kombat- The ice guy, Can't remember his name, but a guy is running to attack him, and he cups his hands and makes a psi ball of freezing energy, and shoots it at him and he freezes.
Later on when he is fighting he creates a psi shield around himself of freezing energy.
I am 99% sure that phenomena -the so called PSI- do exist even though I dont believe Psi's existence, I just call them likely.I mean these effects can happen but it doesnt mean that it's psi that causes them.Psi is pinpointed only to explain them.
www.dreamviews.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=14548   (1257 words)

 Biokineses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Ok,there are far to many possibilities of visualization so I have to ask that you take it upon yourself to create a clever visualization for yourself where it is needed.
Ok,now the fun stuff.To start off,meditate for about 5-10 minutes.Then,make a psi ball in your chest at about the heart level.Then,program the ball have the desired effect on your genes.Then,start to shrink it untill its about the size of a normal needle.See a string attach to your chest.Make the string a small tube.
Then see the needle move up to your skull.And lie at the area your head and neck connect.Program the needle again to have the deisred effect on you.Still trailing the string se it rocket to a part of your brain that controls that aspect.
home.earthlink.net /~shards_of_winter/id34.html   (136 words)

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www.psi-repair.com   (202 words)

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