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Topic: Psychotic illness

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

 Psychosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Psychosis should also be distinguished from the state of delirium, in that a psychotic individual may be able to perform actions that require a high level of intellectual effort in clear consciousness.
Psychotic states occurring after drug use may be particularly linked to drug overdose, chronic use and drug withdrawal.
For example, people experiencing a psychotic episode in the context of depression may experience persecutory or self-blaming delusions or hallucinations, while people experiencing a psychotic episode in the context of mania may form grandiose delusions or have an experience of deep religious significance.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Psychosis   (3165 words)

 International Kraepelin Society
Abstract: analysis of specimens of disturbed language of a psychotic patient - influence of the family name - model analogous to the model for the disturbed language in Emil Kraepelin's dreams - the patient's support of the analysis by an account of a change in his family name that took place in early childhood.
Schizophrenia is typically a catastrophic illness that begins in adolescence or early adulthood.
Although severe psychotic disorders have been recognized for centuries, as evidenced by descriptions in medical writings and literary portrayals, the classification of psychotic disorders into specific forms such as manic-depressive illness or schizophrenia only occurred approximately one hundred years ago.
www.kraepelin.org.futuresite.register.com /_wsn/page3.html   (2341 words)

 Major depression with psychotic features Information on Healthline
Although there are no obvious risk factors, a family history of depression or psychotic illness increase the risk of this condition.
The symptoms of psychotic depression are a combination of symptoms of depression and psychosis.
Psychotic depression requires immediate medical attention to prevent self-harm or harm to others.
www.healthline.com /health/mental_health/000933.html   (543 words)

 A Z Psychiatry
Only one person suffers from a genuine psychotic disorder; the delusions are induced in the other(s) and usually disappear when the people are separated.
The psychotic illness of the dominant person is most commonly schizophrenic, but this is not necessarily or invariably so.
However, if there are reasons for believing that two people living together have independent psychotic disorders neither should be coded here, even if some of the delusions are shared.
www.azpsychiatry.info /icd/psychosis/induced.htm   (266 words)

 Psychotic depression   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
An algorithm used to increase the consistency of appropriate treatment of psychotic major depression disorder.
Some of the interpretation of psychotic depression is response to antipsychotic medications.
it is known that those with a family history of depression or psychotic illness will be more susceptible.
health.hrum.com /info-psychotic-depression.html   (164 words)

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