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Topic: Law of Public Health

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In the News (Thu 21 Feb 19)

  LAW OF PUBLIC HEALTH - Online Information article about LAW OF PUBLIC HEALTH
Numerous acts dealing with public health were passed from 1849 to 1874; and the law was digested into the Public Health Act 1875, as amended by the Local Government Act 1894 and other acts.
The law as to the Metropolis was consolidated, and is now regulated by the Public Health (London) Act 1891.
Public health is under the control of the local authorities to a greater extent than in England.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /PRE_PYR/PUBLIC_HEALTH_LAW_OF.html   (1931 words)

 AHLA | Teaching Public Health Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Public health law allows the tenets of constitutional law to be reinforced through the examination of different cases and materials than generally appear in most constitutional law classes.
Because public health is intertwined with administrative law, it affords students the opportunity to be exposed to this area if they have not taken a class in administrative law, or for their knowledge to be strengthened if they have already studied the topic.
Public health law allows students to explore some of the most important and fascinating contemporary problems such as emerging infectious diseases and bioterrorism, chronic diseases (e.g., smoking and obesity), and injuries.
www.healthlawyers.org /Content/NavigationMenu/Membership/Law_Professors/Teaching_Public_Health_Law.htm   (1632 words)

 Public Health and the Law Information on Healthline
Thus, public health law forbids persons to engage in activities that endanger the health of others, and it specifies government agencies to carry out certain programs to advance public health and to prevent activities that are harmful to the health of individuals or of the public.
The case upheld a Massachusetts law that enabled the city of Cambridge to require all adults to be vaccinated to prevent the spread of smallpox against a claim that the law violated the defendant's right to life and liberty without due process of law.
The case also demonstrates that the public health powers of local governments are derived by delegation from the state legislature, as in situations where city boards of health may pass an ordinance to prevent the spread of communicable disease.
www.healthline.com /galecontent/public-health-and-the-law   (790 words)

 Health Law Program
Another collaboration joins Law School students and faculty with faculty from neurology, internal medicine (geriatrics), and psychiatry, as well as the University's new Institute on Aging, to work on issues related to aging and the law such as access to health care, health care decision-making, and end-of-life problems.
Students and Health Law faculty are also frequent contributors to Developments in Mental Health Law, a journal published by the University's Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy and edited by professor Thomas L. Hafemeister.
Law students may apply for funding from the Law School's health law fellowship program to work with faculty, health lawyers, and public health professionals in a variety of settings, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Law Program.
www.law.virginia.edu /html/academics/health/program.htm   (549 words)

 Law and the Public's Health Issues in Science and Technology - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century, most were realized, at least in part, through law reform or litigation: vaccinations, safer workplaces, safer and healthier foods, motor vehicle safety, control of infectious diseases, tobacco control, and fluoridation of drinking water.
Law, therefore, can be a powerful agent for change in society, and policymakers need to be familiar with all the legal tools at their disposal.
To understand the role of law in public health, it is useful to begin with a description of the legal basis for government authority (the police power) and the limits on that authority.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3622/is_200504/ai_n13617875   (848 words)

 Boston University School of Public Health - Health Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Law also regulates the financing and operation of the health care system, including access to emergency care and prescription drugs, the accountability of managed care plans, hospital and insurance company licensure, and the dissemination of new technology.
The writing requirement for health law concentrators is to produce a problem-solving paper, using legal and public policy analysis and making a specific recommendation for legal change (legislative, regulatory, judicial, or private sector policy-including a health facility policy) to solve an important public health problem.
Health Law concentrators, law students, and lawyers are required to complete LW 751 and should not take this course.
www.bu.edu /bulletins/sph/item11.html   (2850 words)

 GSU College of Law :: Center for Law, Health & Society :: Home
Health law is a broad field that covers laws impacting the health of individuals, families, and communities.
Law students can take advantage of extensive legal externship opportunities with federal, state, and nonprofit agencies and courts throughout the metropolitan area in fields related to health and society.
The Health Law Partnership (HeLP) is an interdisciplinary community collaboration between the law school's Center for Law, Health & Society, the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to improve the health of low-income children and their families in metropolitan Atlanta.
law.gsu.edu /clhs/about/index.php?nav=about   (784 words)

 Public health law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Public health law focuses on legal issues in public health practice and on the public health effects of legal practice.
Public health law typically has three major areas of practice: police power, disease and injury prevention, and the law of populations.
The law of populations is a relatively new theoretical framework in jurisprudence that seeks to analyze legal problems using the tools of epidemiology.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Public_health_law   (234 words)

 Health Law Program: Centers & Organizations
Health reform proposals, especially patient-focused and consumer-oriented initiatives, are evaluated and discussed.
Contemporary issues in forensic mental health are explored, including: adjudicative competency (e.g., competence to stand trial, competence to waive rights); criminal responsibility (e.g., the insanity defense, diminished capacity); capital cases; sex offenders; mental health expert testimony; and mental disorders and violence.
Riley Traditional public health law has its roots and focus on infectious disease, but this is changing, as chronic diseases now account for seven out of 10 deaths in the United States.
www.law.virginia.edu /html/academics/health/curriculum.htm   (2404 words)

 Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint
Consequently, in thinking about public health regulation, he takes a hard look at the tradeoffs-between the common welfare on the one hand and the personal burdens and economic interests of individuals and businesses on the other.
Public Health Law creates an intellectual framework for the field of public health-as distinct from related fields that center on personal health care delivery and regulation-and supports that framework with rich material illustrating the intellectual, scientific, political, and ethical issues involved.
Lawrence O. Gostin is Professor of Law at Georgetown University and Professor of Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University.
www.pohly.com /books/publichealthlaw.html   (375 words)

Health care regulation and structural issues include how health care institutions are legally organized, accreditation, medical staff disputes, managed care, fraud and abuse, health care transactions, and antitrust.
HEALTH LAW CLINIC*/** gives students the opportunity to gain experience in the health law field through placements in nonprofit or governmental agencies, such as a hospital’s general counsel’s office or risk management department, or a nonprofit advocacy group.
LAW AND PSYCHIATRY is a study of current topics in law and psychiatry, including civil commitment, right to treatment, right to refuse treatment, competency to stand trial, the insanity defense, and the psychiatrist’s role in the sentencing process.
www.law.uh.edu /llm/healthlaw.html   (2297 words)

 LPH : Faculty in Law and Public Health
LPH : Faculty in Law and Public Health
Mello is Associate Professor of Health Policy and Law in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health.
Lazzarini received her law degree from the Hastings College of Law at the University of California and her M.P.H. degree from the Harvard School of Public Health.
www.hsph.harvard.edu /lph/faculty.html   (750 words)

 Health Law News
Kelly Dineen, assistant director of the Center for Health Law Studies who is responsible for organizing the school's health law moot court teams, paid tribute to her teams, as "incredibly driven, collegial and disciplined in preparing for the competition.
The Health Law Scholars Workshop is a collegial forum in which faculty new to health law and bioethics scholarship present works-in-progress and receive in-depth advice and critique from experienced scholars and teachers.
The Workshop draws health law and bioethics scholars from across the country, inviting senior faculty from a variety of law schools and disciplines to review the works-in progress and participate in the weekend.
law.slu.edu /healthlaw/news/index.asp   (1573 words)

 Welcome to the Center for Law and the Public's Health
The Turning Point National Collaborative on Public Health Statute Modernization seeks to transform and strengthen the legal framework for public health through a collaborative process to develop a model state public health law to better protect and promote the public's health.
Released on September 16, 2003 after three years of development and a national commentary period, the Turning Point Model State Public Health Act is designed to serve as a tool for state, local, and tribal governments to use to revise or update public health statutes and administrative regulations.
The annual award is given by the the Public Health Law Association to acknowledge outstanding achievement in the development, use or application of law as a means to promote healthy people in healthy communities.
www.publichealthlaw.net /Resources/Modellaws.htm   (1469 words)

 Center For Public Health
Most of the public health law system in the United States was developed in the early part of the twentieth century.
Among the first laws enacted were state and local quarantine, isolation, and immunization laws, which represented a balancing of the interests of public health and individual liberty.
The Center for Public Health Law Partnerships will coordinate professional education for a range of groups that play an important role in public health law, including public health officials, law enforcement personnel, judges, prosecutors, and public health lawyers.
www.publichealthlaw.info /introduction.htm   (382 words)

 The Law and the Public's Health
His prior experience includes teaching at the School of Law and the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and working with the Department of Health in California and the National Health Law Program.
Health Administration Press is a division of the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).
Founded in 1972 with support from the W. Kellogg Foundation, Health Administration Press has grown from a small office on the campus of the University of Michigan to one of the largest publishers of books and journals on all aspects of health services management, including textbooks for use in college and university courses.
www.pohly.com /books/thelawandthepublic.html   (663 words)

 Academics: Center for Law, Science and Global Health - UWLS
In addition concentration track students must complete a substantial analytic writing project in health law and are encouraged to engage in the health law-focused public service externship.
Several of the courses are cross-listed between the law school and the public health school, medical school, public affairs, Jackson School or department of philosophy.
Graduates with the joint degree will not be limited to the traditional career opportunities of legal work in a law firm, but will also have the ability to move more directly into government, national and international public agency and public interest organizations focusing on public health and health care issues, services and resources.
www.law.washington.edu /HealthLaw/academics.html   (401 words)

 Welcome to the Center for Law and the Public's Health
Lawrence O. Gostin is open to highly qualified candidates in public and private sectors with their J.D. (or a first degree in law from outside the United States) and strong interests or backgrounds in global and domestic health laws and policies.
The Johns Hopkins University announces the creation of The Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health to bridge the international work of the Bloomberg School of Public Health, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing in a coordinated worldwide effort to combat threats to health—especially in developing countries.
The Center co-hosted a leadership summit on Legal and Ethical Issues on the Front Lines of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response with the Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness and the Phoebe R. Berman Bioethics Institute on June 29, 2006 in Washington, DC.
www.publichealthlaw.net   (937 words)

 Center for Law & Health Programs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This module is a collaboration with the law school's Center on International and Comparative Law and the Indiana University Center for Bioethics.
The Hall Center for Law and Health on behalf of the law school and the Indiana University Center for Bioethics on behalf of the IU School of Medicine decide upon the awardee.
This project primarily entails scholarly analysis of critical issues in bioethics and law, with the goals of deepening our theoretical understanding of the issues and developing public policies that enhance the possibilities for fair and just outcomes.
indylaw.indiana.edu /centers/clh/about/programs   (624 words)

In March 2004, the Health Law and Policy Institute hosted a pioneering educational program intended to bridge the gaps and build relationships of trust between these actors in the public health arena.
The conference, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Law Program, the Texas Department of Health, the Health Law Section of the Houston Bar Association, and others, was a pilot program to be used by the CDC as a model for other states.
For local health care attorneys and public health lawyers, the conference provided education about ways in which they can help their clients achieve greater preparedness for the legal and practical ramifications of a public health emergency in their communities.
www.law.uh.edu /healthlaw/publicpolicy.html   (440 words)

 Public Health Law and Ethics
This incisive selection of government reports, scholarly articles, and court cases is designed to illuminate the ethical, legal, and political issues in the theory and practice of public health.
The excerpts and commentaries in the reader analyze the legal and constitutional foundations of public health, juxtaposing them with the emerging importance of public health ethics and human rights.
Scholars, legislators, and public health professionals, as well as faculty and students in schools of law, public health, medicine, nursing, government, and health administration, will benefit from the contemporary case studies covering a wide range of topics from bioterrorism to public health genetics.
www.ucpress.edu /books/pages/9593.html   (357 words)

 DePaul University College of Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
DePaul is the only law school in the country currently providing a first-year section of health law legal writing and research.
One of the Institute's newest features is its Health Law Scholars Job Placement program, which provides outstanding qualified DePaul students with paid summer experiences at the most distinguished law firms and health organizations in Chicago.
LL.M. health law students also have presented at international conferences and are involved with the intellectual and social life of the Institute.
www.law.depaul.edu /institutes_centers/health_law/curriculum.asp   (594 words)

 PHLA - Public Health Law Association Home
The Public Health Law Association (PHLA) is a non-profit, membership organization for everyone who shapes, uses, teaches, studies or conducts research in the highly dynamic field of public health law.
The “Awards for Excellence in Public Health Law” were presented by PHLA during the Public Health Law Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, June 12-14, 2006.
Professor Lawrence O. Gostin, Director, Center for Law and the Public’s Health at Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities, is the recipient of the 2006 PHLA Distinguished Career Award in Public Health Law.
www.phla.info   (756 words)

 Law and Public Health Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Law and Public Health (LPH) program, housed within the Department of Health Policy and Management, is devoted to both teaching and research.
Graduates of the program receive an MPH degree and are prepared for positions in a health, law, or environmental section of a law firm, local, state and federal government, a hospital legal counsel's office, a nonprofit advocacy organization, or academia.
The Law and Public Health faculty are dually trained in law and health services research and policy.
www.hsph.harvard.edu /lph/index.html   (169 words)

 Chicago-Kent College of Law: Joint Degree Programs
Lawyers who have a background in public health are more marketable in the field of health law and policy than their counterparts without a health background.
LSAT scores may be substituted for GRE scores as part of the application to the School of Public Health.
Students are assigned faculty advisors chosen from among the attorneys on the faculty of the school of Public Health and from the faculty members engaged in health-related issues at Chicago-Kent.
www.kentlaw.edu /academics/multidegree/jd_mph.html   (860 words)

 LSUHSC School of Public Health - Health Law and Medical Ethics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The section is committed to the development of: curriculum in health law and medical ethics throughout LSUHSC; clinical faculty who will serve as small group leaders in health law and medical ethics and who will integrate these subjects into teaching in clinical services; and joint programs with LSU Law School.
It also plans to establish longitudinal "themes" in health law and medical ethics in existing courses, and publish a book of case studies in medical ethics and health law.
The curriculum directed under this section includes: the Health Law and Medical Ethics course in the MPH program, the Medical Ethics course for first year medical students, and the health law lectures within the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course for second year medical students.
publichealth.lsuhsc.edu /ph_health_law.asp   (197 words)

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