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Topic: Public art

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  Local Authorities: Public Art and Local Authorities
Public Art is about collaboration and the integration of ideas, often between artists, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers, planners and other professionals and the public as well as with the commissioners.
Public Art is often viewed as permanent, but temporary works or interventions have an important role to play as they can provide a test bed for a programme of work that occupants may decide to pursue as part of the animation of their surroundings.
Public art policies work best if they are viewed as a corporate policy; they may be integrated with a public realm strategy and should be always be a component of a cultural strategy.
www.publicartonline.org.uk /practical/la.html   (2143 words)

 Public art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Public art is not confined to physical objects, dance, procession, street theatre even poetry have proponents that specialise in public art.
Sculpture intended as public art is often constructed of durable, easily cared-for material, to avoid the worst effects of the elements and vandalism.
State sponsored public art, particularly murals, are often used by totalitarian regimes as a tool of mass-control and propaganda.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Public_art   (1414 words)

 Public Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The art is paid for by one percent of the construction costs for most projects in the county's capital improvement fund.
Public Art Coordinator Mary Hutchinson, who was once on the advisory board, hopes someday they will be able to receive more funding to increase the number of artistic works for free, public display throughout the county.
Arts Council of Stuart and Martin County is sponsored in part by the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, Florida Arts Council, City of Stuart and the Martin County Board of County Commissioners.
www.martinarts.org /public.asp   (1495 words)

 Public Art
The Public Art collection includes many of Florida's outstanding artists and is on display in public buildings, parks, recreation centers, water towers, highway entrance ramps, fire stations and libraries.
With work in every corner of the city, public art is available to residents and visitors.
The Public Art Commission seeks to acquire high quality works of art which "connect" with residents and visitors, help to develop the community's sense of identity and provide opportunities for informed community dialog.
www.stpete.org /publicart.htm   (171 words)

 Arlington Arts: Cultural Affairs
The public is invited to attend a public meeting to learn about Arlington's Public Art Master Plan, and view a slide presenttion of Arlington's permanent and temporary public art collection as it has devloped over the last two decades.
Public art projects that relate to a sense of place and identity for the county as a whole should be given the highest priority.
Public art projects should be focused around specific initiatives in order to best use time and energy and to maximize the impact of projects.
www.arlingtonarts.org /cultural_affairs/publicart.htm   (2283 words)

 TCAnet: Public Art: Public Art
Miami-Dade Art in Public Places is an internationally recognized public art program dedicated to bringing the vision and talent of a diverse group of artists out of galleries and museums and to the Miami community.
Art on the San Diego tidelands has proven to be instrumental in developing the regional economy, encouraging environmental awareness and servicing those in the community.
The aim of the exhibition project is to liberate artworks from the strict confines of art gallery premises and to take them onto various types of public spaces and thus confront contemporary art with wide audiences in their everyday life.
www.arts.state.tx.us /publicart/links.asp?pi=80   (2111 words)

 FORECAST Public Artworks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
FORECAST Public Artworks strengthens and advances the field of public art locally, regionally and nationally by expanding participation, supporting artists, informing audiences, and assisting communities.
Public Art Affairs is funded by Jerome Foundation.
Public Art Review is the only national journal focused on exploring the many dimensions of public art.
www.forecastart.org   (274 words)

 Public Art Links
Public sculpture at Bangor University and relationship between the sculptor and the Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics at the University.
Public Art South West: Large well-designed site on the work of this agency, based in the South West of England, as well as a lot of more general information including national and international case studies.
Public art project that investigates and commemorates lost New York City History through the installation of a series of uniquely cast manhole covers.
public-art.shu.ac.uk /weblinx.html   (8060 words)

 New Mexico Arts - Art in Public Places
The Art in Public Places program was established through the New Mexico State Legislature in 1986 as a means to administer 1% of capital outlay projects for the acquisition of public art.
State agencies receiving capital outlay appropriations for construction or renovation of public buildings exceeding $100,000 are required to set aside 1% of the funds to acquire public art to be placed on, in or around that building.
Competitions for public art projects and other AIPP programs are announced through press releases sent to news media and other organizations inside and outside the state.
www.nmarts.org /artpublic.html   (926 words)

 City of Oakland Cultural Arts Department - Public Art Program   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
In 1989 the City of Oakland adopted a Public Art Ordinance (11086 C.M.S.) and an Oakland Redevelopment Agency (89-8 C.M.S.) resolution for a "Percent for Art Ordinance" plan which authorizes the allocation of 1.5% of municipal capital improvement project costs for commissioning of public artwork.
In Oakland, Public Art can create a sense of identity for a city and individual neighborhood and a unified vision for the city.
Public Art is a process where we invite artists to share their vision and creativity with the City and to surprise us with their own definition of what is possible.
www.oaklandculturalarts.org /main/publicart.htm   (245 words)

 City of Toronto, Arts Heritage & Culture
An art collection exhibited outdoors requires ongoing maintenance due to exposure to harsh weather conditions, vandalism and air borne pollution.
An art program sponsored by the TTC with funding from the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto.
The art program is intended to express the character of Spadina Avenue by celebrating its rich history and cultural heritage.
www.toronto.ca /culture/public_art.htm   (624 words)

 SAC - Public Art
A primary function of the Spokane Arts Commission is coordinating the selection, placement and other planning and design factors of municipal art projects in accordance with the overall municipal arts plan.
The City's art collection is an important cultural asset for the community and is on view for the enjoyment of all Spokane's citizens.
The Spokane Arts Commission is proud of the City's Art Collection and its economic, educational, and cultural contribution to the citizens of Spokane.
www.spokanearts.org /publicart.asp   (1649 words)

 Arts in Public Places - Arts Empowerment - Arts Has the Power (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab-2.cs.princeton.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Public Art in Birmingham UK - An Exhibition of photographs taken in December 1997 of the public art in Birmingham, UK, by A. Ramesar of the Public Art Observatory, Barcelona.
The Art in Public Places ordinance was established in 1988 with the view that cultural and artistic resources enhance the quality of life within a city, and that development diminishes the availability of the community’s resources.
In 1977 the Colorado General assembly passed the Art in Public Places Act, requiring that one percent of the construction cost of new or renovated state-owned buildings be set aside for the acquisition of works of art for the project site.
www.artslynx.org.cob-web.org:8888 /heal/public.htm   (4304 words)

 Scottsdale Public Art
Some of the City's first settlers were artists, craftsmen, architects, art collectors, educators, and others who believed that art should be part of the fabric of the community.
Prior to the establishment of the public art program, Scottsdale's art collection grew as a direct result of the efforts and generosity of local citizens.
In 1985 Scottsdale further strengthened the presence of arts in the community by adopting a percent-for-arts ordinance.
www.scottsdalepublicart.org   (302 words)

 culturalindy : public art
The competition’s seven-person Selection Committee comprised of local art experts heard presentations by the ten finalists, considered public input, and then recommended the two projects, which were approved by staff of the Arts Council of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission.
The public reviewed the 10 “great ideas” in January when the artists’ concepts, models and drawings were displayed at the Indianapolis Artsgarden and online at www.indyarts.org.
The inaugural Public Art Great Ideas Competition is being managed by the Arts Council of Indianapolis and funded by the Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission with support from Starbucks Coffee and the Efroymson Fund, a donor-advised fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF).
www.bsu.edu /web/capic/culturalindy/publicart/media/031405_press.html   (1090 words)

 City of Wichita - Public Art Public Art (A-G)
She graduated from the Karpel Academy of Fine Arts in Paris and with Sir Joseph Epstein in England.
This limestone sculpture was designed by Karl Ramberg of Lawrence, Kansas, and was acquired in 1994 by the Public Art Advisory Board.
The sculpture was acquired in 1995 by the Public Art Advisory Board.
www.wichitagov.org /CityOffices/Park/PublicArt   (712 words)

 Port of San Diego - Public Art
The Public Art Department opens its doors each December welcoming the community to meet with its staff, volunteers and committee members to celebrate successes and see what projects are underway for the upcoming year.
Art, culture and community accessibility to San Diego Bay are top priorities for the Port of San Diego.
Public art programs are inspired by a variety of goals including: encouraging artistic expression, inspiring a sense of civic pride, addressing social issues and integrating the arts into a community partnership process.
www.portofsandiego.org /sandiego_publicart   (867 words)

 City of Palo Alto Public Art Community Website
This website is a work of art, a website installation by artist and website designer Hasan Dasdemir, HD Projects, commissioned by the City of Palo Alto Public Art Commission.
The Public Art Commission is charged with recommending to and advising the City Council on the selection of artists for a project, the selection of particular works of art, and the approval of designs and plans for works of art under the Art in Public Places Program.
The arts fulfill an essential role in human experience, and the Palo Alto community has long endorsed the value of the arts for its citizens.
www.paloaltopublicart.org   (206 words)

 Bronx Public Art
Public Art in the Bronx, a project of Lehman College Art Gallery/City University of New York, examines the rich collection of public art found in our borough.
Public Art in the Bronx has been developed as a multimedia guide for elementary school teachers and is intended to enrich the classroom curriculum by exploring the potential of Web-based learning and by focusing on the extraordinary cultural resources within the community.
Each is accompanied by the National Standards for Visual Arts Education and the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts addressed by the lesson.
www.lehman.edu /publicart   (324 words)

 Utah Arts Council -- Public Art Program
Contact Us Utah's Public Art Program helps bring the arts to all of the citizens of the state through the commission and installation of site-specific art for State public buildings.
The selection committee is a community partnership, comprised of representatives from the Utah Arts Council or arts community, the Division of Facilities Construction and Management, the community, the architect and representatives from the user agency.
All works of art acquired and placed throughout the state are part of the Utah Arts Council's Public Art Statewide Collection.
arts.utah.gov /public_art_program/index.html   (297 words)

 City of Berkeley Public Art
As the Civic Arts Coordinator, I am very happy to be here in the midst of such exciting times for the arts in the city.
We have researched public art programs throughout the west coast and put together the most recent thinking in the field.
Art is for everyone and public art truly reflects this outlook.
www.ci.berkeley.ca.us /civicarts/publicart.htm   (347 words)

The RACC Public Art Program includes artwork in the Permanent Public Art Collection created by the following programs: Percent for Art for the City of Portland and Multnomah County, the Portable Works Collection, the Visual Chronicle of Portland, and several Temporary Public Art Programs.
Public education, regional outreach and collection management are the mainstays of the Public Art Program.
The Public Art Advisory Committee, comprised of a RACC board member, artists, architects, and arts professionals, is responsible for making recommendations to the full Regional Arts and Culture Council on all matters of public art.
www.racc.org /publicart   (635 words)

 Public Art
Created by visiting artist Leslie Nemour, it was sponsored by the Social and Public Art Resource Center and made possible through a contract with the City of LA's Cultural Affairs Dept.
The City Art Collection is composed of approximately 2,000 artworks which have been acquired through gift, purchase and extended loan since the beginning of this century.
The purpose of the Collection is to promote understanding and awareness of the visual arts for City employees and visitors, to enhance the climate for artistic creativity and support, and to document and preserve the artistic heritage of the City of Los Angeles.
www.glenarts.net /pubart.htm   (884 words)

 Public Art Program - City of Albuquerque
The City of Albuquerque's Public Art Program, one of the oldest in the country, began in 1978, with the passage of the Art in Municipal Places Ordinance.
The Public Art Program is administered by a professional staff under the auspices of the volunteer Albuquerque Arts Board.
Look at some examples of art to be found in the city and learn about our governing ordinances and guidelines.
www.cabq.gov /publicart   (366 words)

 Public Art in Philadelphia
The City of Philadelphia's Public Art Program consists of the Percent for Art Program, and the Conservation and Collection Manangement Program, and supports the commissioning of new works of public art and oversees the presevation of the City's public art collection.
The program is responsible for the City of Philadelphia's public art collection in its entirety and is the centralized agency for all public art-related responsibilities including the selection, purchasing, commissioning, conservation, maintenance and day-to-day management of the public art collection.
The Public Art Program also serves as a liaison to facilitate communication between artists, design professionals, City departments, and the public.
www.publicartphiladelphia.com   (102 words)

 Portland Public Art
The public pronounced it delightful, and insisted it be placed...somewhere.
A bashful admission: usually any disrespect of public art leaves me in a huff, but I have to admit I chuckle each time someone stuffes a Starbuck's cup in the father's outstretched hand.
Circling the base of the monument are the names of the places our troops saw action, and on the south face of the column are the names of 64 men who died, most of them from the tropical diseases of territories where they fought.
www.portlandpublicart.org   (1052 words)

 Owensboro Public Art Commission   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Public art is a visual representation located in a publicly accessible place and intended for the free enjoyment, benefit and inspiration of the public and the aesthetic enhancement of the community.
The Owensboro Public Art Commission (OPAC) resolves that in every project it undertakes, the first and most important consideration will be to ensure the very highest quality product and outcome.
In order to maintain this goal of artistic integrity, OPAC will seek the advice and counsel of appropriate professionals, arts educators and artists, and its decision-making policies will be open to public comment and review.
www.opublicart.org   (184 words)

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