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Topic: Public finance

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Public Finance - MSN Encarta
Public finance is a field of economics concerned with paying for collective or governmental activities, and with the administration and design of those activities.
Public Finance, field of economics concerned with how governments raise money, how that money is spent, and the effects of these activities on the economy and on society.
Public finance studies how governments at all levels—national, state, and local—provide the public with desired services and how they secure the financial resources to pay for these services.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761580660/Public_Finance.html   (1074 words)

 Bastable: Public Finance, Front Matter: Library of Economics and Liberty
Thus, the discussions on the classification of public expenditure, the theory of minimum sacrifice as the principle for distribution of the public burdens, the controversies as to the division of taxation between countries with a common revenue system, as well as those on the rue principles of local taxation, have been noticed.
These measures, when considered, as they should be, in connexion with the legislation on matters of economic policy of the past seven years, indicate a disposition on the part of the predominant political party to depart from the financial principles which have prevailed since 1860.
In the present work I have sought to temporarily supply this need by going over the whole field of Public Finance and presenting the results in a systematic form, so that a student may at least obtain a general knowledge of the leading facts and present position of this branch of political science.
www.econlib.org /library/Bastable/bastbPF0.html   (1401 words)

 [No title]
A positive difference between public income increased by funds derived from foreign sources, not returnable, and public expenditures, established for the accounting period, shall be a surplus of the public finance sector, while a negative difference shall be a deficit of the public finance sector.
Public expenditures may be borne for the purposes and in the amount established in the Budgetary Act, a budgetary resolution of a local government unit and in the financial plan of a unit of the public finance sector.
Unintentional violation of public finance discipline shall occur when the perpetrator had no intention of perpetrating it, yet does this as a result of failure to preserve caution as required in the given circumstances, even though he had foreseen the possibility of perpetrating a punishable act or was able to foresee it.
www1.worldbank.org /publicsector/pe/BudgetLaws/PolandPublic-Finance.doc   (14844 words)

 Public finance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Public finance" (government finance) is the field of economics that deals with budgeting the revenues and expenditures of a public sector entity, usually government.
Public education transfers wealth to families with children in these schools.
Public road construction transfers wealth from people that do not use the roads to those people that do (and to those that build the roads).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Public_finance   (297 words)

Public Finance (or Public Sector Economics, as it is increasingly called) covers the areas of taxing, spending and budgeting activities of government and their influence on the allocation of resources and the distribution of income.
Public Choice analyzes the behavior of elected officials and bureaucrats in the public sector and examines the implications of government failure.
Some public sector economists are of the opinion that in the absence of constitutional restraint, there is no guarantee that government borrowing will be used effectively.
www.publicbonds.org /public_fin/public_fin.htm   (555 words)

 Subject Guides - Public Finance
The sections of interest are public finance and comparative fiscal and economic data for the states.
Public Policy Institute of California is a think tank provides reports on California public finance.
Public Agenda is a nonpartisan opinion research group that gives information on the federal budget.
www.csulb.edu /library/subj/public_finance   (1053 words)

 Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal LLP - Public Finance
In bond financings for nonprofits, we represent underwriters, banks, finance companies, issuers and a wide variety of health care and community organizations, including hospitals, academic medical centers, continuing care retirement communities, universities, private schools, cultural organizations and social service agencies.
Tax increment financing, tax abatement, sales tax sharing agreements, public funding of roads and utilities, transportation development and other special taxing districts, state and federal tax credits, grants, job training funds and joint development agreements are among the funding tools that make these projects succeed.
Our finance experience combined with our nationally known health care practice and work with nonprofit clients in regulatory, governance, tax and other areas allow us to structure financings for nonprofits that will appeal to the market and deliver the needed capital at a competitive rate, while maximizing corporate flexibility and minimizing restrictive covenants.
www.sonnenschein.com /practice_areas/corporate2/corecomps/cc8/index.aspx   (928 words)

 Lebanonwire.com | Fitch says Lebanon's public finances unsustainable
Despite the very difficult state of Lebanon's public finances, Fitch does not believe that the sovereign is necessarily facing imminent default.
Public sector external amortisation payments this year are only USD300 million and the country's external liquidity ratio - measuring liquid external assets as a share of amortisations plus short-term liabilities - is comfortably over 100%.
The agency warns, however, that time is running short for the government, and with the risks of devaluation and a further slowdown in growth of the banks' deposit base, the authorities must act to avoid a financial crisis.
www.lebanonwire.com /0204/02041101LW.htm   (500 words)

 Indonesia - Public Expenditure in Indonesia
The mission of the Public Finance and Regional Development team is to improve the allocation and operational efficiency of public finance through better monitoring and assessment practices, and to provide timely policy advice and technical assistance at both central and sub-national levels of government.
The Public Finance and Regional Development team is one of the World Bank’s main AAA drivers in Indonesia supporting the implementation of decentralization and regional development.
The public expenditure analysis reports produced by the participating universities and the Public Finance and Regional Development team are usually published in both bahasa Indonesia and English and launched in seminars in Jakarta and the region involved.
www.publicfinanceindonesia.org   (2371 words)

 ::: MBO ::: PUBLIC FINANCES IN 2003 :::   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In a Communication on the state of public finances in EMU adopted in May 21st 2003, the European Commission calls for a coherent medium-term strategy for the Union, which simultaneously tackles the problem of growing budgetary imbalances and the need to raise growth in line with the Lisbon strategy.
To ensure sustainable public finances, Member States with deficits first need to achieve and sustain the SGP goal of budget positions of 'close to balance or in surplus'.
Secondly, the sustainability of public finances has been re-assessed on the basis of the 2002 updates to stability and convergence programmes leading to firm policy conclusions by the Council.
www.tcin.com /mbo.nsf/print/Public+Finances+in+2003   (1407 words)

 Fitch Corporate
The U.S. Public Finance group rates debt of state and local governments and their authorities, and issuers of taxable debt.
The U.S. Public Finance group is located in Fitch Ratings New York office with regional offices in Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, Tampa, and Washington D.C. These regional offices enable an analytical approach that is more sensitive to local legislative or legal constraints facing issuers of debt.
The Fitch Ratings U.S. Public Finance group rates 70 percent of new issues on a par value basis; 90 percent of all states actively issuing debt; 90 percent of all tax-supported issues with par values greater than $100 million and 90 percent of the largest cities and counties actively issuing debt.
www.fitchratings.com /corporate/sectors/sector.cfm?sector_flag=&marketsector=3&body_content=about   (336 words)

 Finansministeriet - 3. Economic policy and public finances
Gross public debt is expected to decline to 39.4 per cent of GDP by the end of 2003 compared to 42.9 per cent by the end of 2002, cf.
Gross public debt ratio in Denmark and EU The fiscal effect, which measures the first year impact of discretionary fiscal policy changes on GDP, is estimated at 0.2 in 2002, cf.
Due to considerations for future generations, it is necessary to have a rather large surplus on public finances in these years in order to bring about a significant reduction in the public debt.
www.fm.dk /visArtikel.asp?artikelID=1137   (2510 words)

 BBC News | UK Politics | Brown unveils shake-up of public finances   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He said that "strong public services would be based on strong public finances, " and that the reforms would end the "boom and bust which has prevented this country from achieving its potential for 30 years".
The chancellor said that public finances would be governed by two rules: over the current economic cycle current spending would be covered by revenues and that there must be a prudent debt to GDP ratio.
Central to the issue of public spending, he announced that the annual spending review is to be abolished and replaced with "firm plans and fixed budgets for three years at a time".
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk_politics/110959.stm   (249 words)

 Blank Rome LLP Public Finance
Public finance focuses on the financing of the capital needs of state and local governments and their agencies, including transportation, housing, utilities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, cultural facilities, sports and recreation facilities, and other public facilities.
Our public finance attorneys are recognized for structuring complex and innovative financing transactions, including public/private partnerships, and for their ability to develop novel and tailored solutions to clients’ problems.
public finance lawyers have held many leadership positions in and are active members of the Pennsylvania Association of Bond Lawyers and the National Association of Bond Lawyers.
www.blankrome.com /index.cfm?contentID=14&itemID=30   (602 words)

 Summary of Public Finance
Public goods, on the other hand, are one such that one person's consumption does not diminish any other person's consumption.
A better example of a pure public good would be a program to detect asteroids that are on a collision path with Earth and provide for their deflection.
For the pure public good each consumer is getting the same amount the marginal benefit of another unit of the public good and therefore the marginal social benefit is the sum of the marginal benefits of all the consumers.
www.sjsu.edu /faculty/watkins/e132.htm   (3099 words)

 The Role of Public Finance in Economics
The study of public finance has assumed increasing importance in the recent decades.
In modern times public finance includes four major divisions: public revenue, public expenditure, public debt, and certain problems of the fiscal system as a whole, such as fiscal administration and fiscal policy.
Public finance, like economics, generally deals with people, and this means that many of its problems depend on human behaviour which is the subject matter of psychology.
www.socyberty.com /Economics/The-Role-of-Public-Finance-in-Economics.128658   (306 words)

 Public Finance Law Firm | Saul Ewing, Mid-Atlantic Law Firm
Over the last half century, Saul Ewing's Public Finance Department has grown to be one of the largest in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving government entities, investment banking and other financial institutions, 501(c)(3) organizations, and other participants in tax-exempt and taxable financings.
We facilitate state and local bond issues as well as alternatives to traditional financing methods (such as interest rate swaps and other derivatives) ranging into billions of dollars each year for schools and universities, hospitals and other health organizations, transportation and utility systems, housing projects, and other critical infrastructure and public facilities.
Through our experience as authors of public finance legislation, bond counsel for issuers and conduit borrowers, tax counsel, and counsel for underwriters and trustees, we are able to provide our clients with a multifaceted perspective and range of experience that is critical in helping them deal with their legal issues.
www.saul.com /practice_areas/details.aspx?leftnav=3&pracID=722   (541 words)

 Public Finance
Orrick’s Public Finance Department consists of approximately 90 attorneys and 18 project managers/paralegals in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Pacific Northwest, and Washington, D.C. From these offices, Orrick repeatedly serves as bond counsel for issuers in more than four-fifths of the states, several territories, and some non-U.S. countries.
Orrick is fundamentally a finance firm and as such has very diverse expertise in federal and state securities laws relating to the sale of and disclosure about virtually all types securities, both in the initial and secondary market.
Orrick is involved in legislation affecting public finance on the state and federal levels.
www.orrick.com /practices/public_finance/description.asp   (924 words)

 [No title]
municipal finance: both tax-exempt and taxable financings, fixed and adjustable-rate bonds, auction rate securities, premium and discount bonds, interest bearing and capital appreciation bonds, insured and uninsured bonds and rated and non-rated issues.
The public finance professionals representing City Securities will use their combined 175 years of experience to analyze, design and underwrite all types of bond and note issues for our clients.
public finance is unique, no other financial services company has committed the resources in people and capital to finance
www.citysecurities.com /PublicFinance/default.aspx   (285 words)

 Public Finance and Public Law - Thompson Coburn LLP
Governmental clients in the public finance area include states, state agencies, state universities, counties, cities, school districts, water and sewer districts, public hospitals and other public health agencies, industrial development corporations and other governmental entities.
Thompson Coburn Public Finance attorneys serve as bond counsel, disclosure counsel and in other roles in connection with the issuance by cities, counties, school districts and other governmental entities of general obligation bonds for public infrastructure and other projects.
Public Finance attorneys serve as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, issuer's counsel, borrower's counsel and credit enhancer's counsel in financing transactions for public and private colleges and universities, school districts and private elementary and secondary schools.
www.thompsoncoburn.com /Firm_Information/Practice_Areas/Public_Finance_and_Public_Law/index.aspx   (986 words)

 The Scotsman - Business - UK public finances at lowest in six years   (Site not responding. Last check: )
BRITAIN’S public finances worsened last month to the lowest level in six years, with a deficit in December of £9.4 billion compared with £6 billion the month before, fresh data showed yesterday.
The news on Britain’s finance gap came as the Institute of Directors issued a survey saying that business optimism in the fourth quarter of 2001 slid to its lowest level since the second half of 1998.
Public sector net borrowing figures - the government’s preferred figures, which give an underlying picture - stood at £5.4 billion in December, compared with £2.4 billion the same month the previous year.
thescotsman.scotsman.com /business.cfm?id=79362002   (518 words)

 Ropes & Gray LLP: Public Finance
Our clients represent key sectors of the public finance marketplace, including issuers of general obligations and revenue bonds, conduit borrowers (such as health care, educational, and research institutions), underwriters, and tax-exempt mutual funds.
Our practice is best established in the areas of revenue bonds and notes for revenue bond authorities, state revolving funds and bond banks, financing of health care, educational, research, cultural and other not-for-profit institutions, industrial development bonds, and tax advice in complex situations.
Our Public Finance Practice lawyers are listed in the latest edition of the Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace Directory (the "Red Book"), and we are active participants in the National Association of Bond Lawyers and the American College of Bond Counsel.
www.ropesgray.com /publicfinance   (824 words)

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