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Topic: Public limited company

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In the News (Tue 18 Dec 18)

The Public Limited Company is a company of a capitalist nature in which the corporate capital is divided into shares which may be freely transferred and in which the shareholders are not personally liable for the debts of the company (Article 1 of the Public Limited Company Act).
The formation of the company is conditional on the execution of the public deed and its registration at the Company Registry.
A workers co-operative is a public limited company in which at least 51% of the corporate capital belongs to the workers who work full time in the company and whose services are paid in a direct personal manner for an indefinite period of time.
www.siecan.org /ingles/informacion/guia_empresas/Cap3g.html   (1885 words)

Public limited companies are able to obtain more capital than other firms due to the share sales and also banks are more likely to give out loans to them as they have better credit.
However, shares allotted in a public company must be paid-up to at least a quarter of their nominal value and the whole of any premium (except that this does not apply to shares allotted under an employees' share scheme).
Public companies are more restricted in what they may accept in payment for shares and non-cash payments must be valued before shares are allotted (except in the case of bonus issues, mergers or arrangements whereby shares in another company are cancelled or transferred to the company).
www.solarnavigator.net /sponsorship/public_limited_companies.htm   (3637 words)

 Denmark Company Danish Company Corporations Limited Company
Private limited companies are typically used as holding companies or in connection with the operation of small-sized companies.
It is not a requirement that a private limited company has a board of directors, however, in such case the company must have at least 1 managing director.
Public limited companies and private limited companies are basically governed by the same rules and regulations.
www.offshorecorporation.com /denmark   (547 words)

 PwC Iceland - Establishing a business in Iceland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Limited companies and companies in a corresponding legal form domiciled outside the European Economic Area may operate a branch in Iceland, if this is permitted in an international treaty to which Iceland is a party or by the Minister of Commerce.
A public limited company must have at least two founders, at least one of whom must reside in Iceland or be a resident and a citizen of an EEA or OECD country.
Public limited companies are mainly aimed at seeking capital from a wide number of shareholders among the public at large, for example on the stock market.
www.pwc.com /extweb/service.nsf/docid/C7EBDF8E203B208480257199004E5272   (1616 words)

 Public limited company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The initials PLC after a UK or Irish company name indicate that it is a public limited company, a type of limited company whose shares may be offered for sale to the public.
The designation plc, Plc or PLC (any form is acceptable) was introduced in the UK by the Companies Act 1980, and in the Republic of Ireland by the Companies (Amendment) Act 1983.
When a new company is incorporated in either England and Wales or Scotland, it must be registered with Companies House, which is an Executive Agency of the Department of Trade and Industry.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Public_limited_company   (2362 words)

 About Us - Guidance
For a company exempt from using the word 'limited' in its name, the fact that it is a limited company.
For a company with share capital, it is not necessary to state the share capital on stationery but, if the company chooses to do so, it must state its paid-up share capital, not its authorised capital.
Company directors have a personal responsibility for making information about the capital structure, management and activities of their companies available both to the members of the company and to the general public.
www.companieshouse.gov.uk /about/gbhtml/gbf1.shtml   (6714 words)

 ☞ Public Company Formation in the UK. PLC Incorporation Services. Forming a PLC in England. What Then is the ...
It is extremely important that an experienced agent help you set up a Public Company as there is a requirement that the authorized share capital not be less than £50,000 and there is a capitalization requirement that at least 1/4 of the nominal value be paid up.
PLC must have an issued share capital of not less than fifty thousand pounds of which a minimum of 25% must be fully paid up.
A PLC is not obliged to float its shares or offer them for sale, and it can remain as private as the shareholders wish and as with private limited companies if the shares have been fully paid there is no shareholder liability.
www.coddan.co.uk /s-1G-public-company-formation-uk.html   (3552 words)

—(1) The name of a public limited company must end with the words "public limited company" or "cuideachta phoiblí theoranta" which may be abbreviated to "p.l.c." or "c.p.t." respectively and those words or abbreviations may not be preceded by the word "limited" or its abbreviation "ltd." or "teoranta" or its abbreviation "teo".
(b) the company has not since the appointed day or the day of the company's incorporation, as the case may be, either been re-registered as a public limited company or become another form of company.
Limitation on reduction by a public limited company of its allotted share capital.
www.acts.ie /zza13y1983.3.html   (4123 words)

 Public Limited Company - UK Company Formation Services - Offshore Company Formations and Registration Services   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A public company can be defined as either is limited by guarantee or by shares and the fact that it is a PLC is stipulated in the articles of association.
There are no provisions for the company name to exclude public limited company from its name and thus this or PLC must fall at the end of the name.
Public limited companies are subject to increased restrictions by law and certainly if they obtain a public listing the restrictions increase significantly.
www.westbury.co.uk /company_formation/companiesmadesimple/plc.html   (178 words)

 Public Limited Company
A type of company that is permitted to sell its shares to the general public.
Public limited companies usually have a more diverse allocation of shares amongst a wide circle of shareholders.
To form a public limited company there must be a minimum capital investment of £50,000.
www.company-wizard.co.uk /Glossary/Public_Limited_Company.htm   (68 words)

 Public limited company: Legal advice - London solicitors: overview of Public limited company
The accounts of a public company must be filed within 7 months of its accounting reference date, is not entitled to exemptions for filing accounts that amy apply to private companies and may not be voluntarily struck off the Register of Companies.
The company secretary of a public limited company must have the requisite ability and knowledge to properly discharge the functions of a company secretary.
Public companies may be listed or unlisted, which is a reference to a listing on the Stock Exchange.
www.gillhams.com /dictionary/50.cfm   (403 words)

 Public Company Formation: Incorporate Public Limited Company - Start-Up Publicly Traded Company, Advantages UK PLC ...
It is differentiated from privately held companies where the shares are held by a small group of individuals often members of one or a small group of families or otherwise related individuals (or other companies).
This meaning of a public company comes from the fact that government debt is sometimes referred to as public debt (however there are no public bonds), government finance is sometimes called public finance, and so on.
Private companies are formed between 2 to 50 members and it prohibits invitation to public for capital issues.
www.ukincorp.co.uk /s-1G-public-company-formation-uk.html   (5770 words)

 Limited company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A limited company in the United Kingdom is a company whose liability is limited by English law or Scots law.
There are three main types of limited companies which are set up by the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association:
A limited company can be registered in London, England, England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Limited_company   (267 words)

 TO INCORPORATE A PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
             The Registrar of Companies will ordinarily inform within a period of fourteen days from the date of submission of your application whether any of the names applied for is available or not.
                    in the case of public companies limited by shares as in that case.
       The date given by the Registrar of Companies on the certificate of incorporation will be the date of incorporation of the company and on that date, the company will come into being as a separate legal entity.
www.yourcompanysecretary.com /PROCEDURES/1a1.htm   (1251 words)

 A1 Public Limited Company (PLC) Formation
The key difference between UK public limited companies and UK private limited companies is that a UK public limited company may offer to sell its shares to the public.
A PLC cannot start business until it has a Certificate, issued by Companies House, entitling it to do so.
To order a new company with or without a fast track business bank account, simply download, print off and fill in the appropriate order form, contact us via our enquiry form or call us on 020 8458 9637.
www.a1companies.com /plc   (267 words)

 uk company formation, uk company incorporation, uk company registration, agent, private limited company, businesslegal
A Public Company Limited by Shares is similar to a private limited company save that its shares can be offered for sale to the general public.
The cost of a non-listed and standard format PLC (ie one which will not apply for a Public Listing of its shares) will be between £300 and £500 depending on the special requirements and discussions concerning the content of the Memorandum and Articles.
Please note we do not deal with companies who require a public listing of shares as we recommend you should use top commercial solicitors for this type of company.
www.businesslegal.ltd.uk /php/public_limited_company_formation.php   (193 words)

 The European Public Limited-Liability Company (Fees) Regulations 2004
Further information about the publication of legislation on this website can be found by referring to the Frequently Asked Questions.
"public company" means a public company as defined in section 744 of the 1985 Act[5];
For registration of a public company by the conversion of an SE in accordance with Article 66 of the EC Regulation
www.opsi.gov.uk /si/si2004/20042407.htm   (1017 words)

The company contributes to and sponsors alternative projects, to include this website, featuring movies, music and several thousand pages of general information, which generates in excess of 3 million visits a month already.
The company may also sponsor the London to Brighton Solar Car Run in 2008 (dependent on the number of university entries received).
The company is forecast to produce excellent results for investors, with sustained growth to be followed by an eventual flotation on the Stock Markets of the world in the next few years.
www.solarnavigator.net /venture_capital/PLC_Public_Limited_Company.htm   (909 words)

 Company Formations - Public Limited Company Formation
Today, company registration matters are dealt with in law, by the Companies Act 1985 and the updating legislation contained in the Companies Act 1989.
One of the main differences is that before a PLC can trade they must have at least £50,000 worth of shares issued and at least 25% of them have to be paid up.
Also a PLC Company can sell shares to the public and if they want they may be listed on The Stock Exchange.
www.ukbf.com /plc-uk-limited-company.htm   (281 words)

 Public Limited Company Formations (PLC) by Business Inc Company Formation Agents
A Public Company must have at least £50,000 worth of shares issued and at least 25% of them have to be paid up.
A PLC Company can sell shares to the public and may be listed on The Stock Exchange.
For detailed information on public companies read the company guides section of this website.
www.business-inc.co.uk /public-limited-company-plc.php   (133 words)

 Iceland Trading Company (ITC), Iceland Bank Accounts
When a limited liability company is established a memorandum of association must be prepared containing a draft of articles of association, names and addresses of founders, subscription price of the shares and deadline for subscription and payment of subscribed capital.
Shareholders: A public limited company must have at least two founders, at least one of whom must reside in Iceland or be a resident and a citizen of an EEA or OECD country.
Directors of the company: A public limited company must have a board of directors consisting of at least three persons, and must appoint at least one managing director.
www.mydeltaquest.com /english/prices_Iceland-trading-company   (1130 words)

 Public Limited Company (plc) - Moneyextra Financial Dictionary
A 'plc' is now the standard form for a public company in the UK.
A public limited company is defined as one limited by shares or by guarantee, whose memorandum states that it is a public company and which has registered as such.
It is a legal requirement that the words public limited company or plc must follow the company's name.
www.moneyextra.com /dictionary/public-limited-company-003838.html   (168 words)

 PLC Public Limited Company Formations by Fletcher Kennedy Limited
PLC Public Limited Company Formations by Fletcher Kennedy Limited
PLC (Public Limited Company) - Frequently Asked Questions
It must state that it is a public limited company both in its memorandum and in its name.
www.fletcherkennedy.com /plc.html   (662 words)

This is basically the same as a private limited company, in that there is limited liability.
The key difference between public and private companies is that a public company may offer to sell its shares to the public.
Before it can start in business or borrow money, a public company must satisfy Companies House that at least £50,000 worth of shares have been issued and that each share has been paid up to at least a quarter of its face value.
www.startinbusiness.co.uk /flowchart/4flowchart_legalformat_plc.htm   (385 words)

 Online Incorporation of Limited Company & Public Limited Company by eFAZe with Free Companies House Search
Elective, Ordinary and Written Resolutions (Elective resolution to be signed and filed at Companies House).
Limited Liability Company Formation with eFaze provides unrestricted access to our data base to complete, amend or update the following forms for submission online.
Normally a company can be incorporated the same day*.
www.efaze.com   (337 words)

 Financial dictionary: PLC (Public Limited Company)
Under UK law there must be a minimum of seven shareholders in a PLC.
Shares in PLCs can be bought or sold on the Stock Market by the general public.
By implication, most big companies choose this route to growth as it provides access to large amounts of capital that can be used for investment, expansion and acquisition.
www.specialinvestor.com /terms/611.html   (100 words)

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