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Topic: Public policy

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Public Agenda Online
Two public opinion research studies from the nonpartisan "Facing Up to the Nation's Finances" initiative conclude that the public has little difficulty understanding the magnitude of the fiscal challenge facing the nation and is willing to consider tough tradeoffs to address the growing national debt.
Public Agenda's research probes beneath superficial responses to discover not only what Americans think about important issues but why they hold their views and what they want to see happen.
Public engagement brings together diverse members of the public to address tough issues through dialogue, deliberation and new forms of collaboration.
www.publicagenda.org   (244 words)

 Public policy (law) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Public policy or ordre public is the body of fundamental principles that underpin the operation of legal systems in each state.
As such, this is an exception to the policy in the Law of Contract which usually allows the parties autonomy to enter into whatever agreement they want and which might otherwise be taken to permit the parties to exclude the normal operation of the law as between themselves (see the policy of freedom of contract).
The general rule is that all higher courts have an "inherent jurisdiction" or "residual discretion" to apply the public policies of their state to clarify or more properly interpret the letter of their domestic laws and procedural rules.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Public_policy_(law)   (1834 words)

 Public policy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Public policy is a course of action or inaction chosen by public authorities to address a problem.
Many public policy analysts earn Ph.D., Master of Public Policy and Master of Public Administration degrees in public policy schools, while others earn specialized degrees, such as an M.Ed for specializing in educational policy or an MSW for specializing in social welfare policy.
Guy Peters: "Stated most simply, public policy is the sum of government activities, whether acting directly or through agents, as it has an influence on the life of citizens".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Public_policy   (442 words)

 Welcome to the website for the Public Policy Program at RIT
You will receive an introduction to the concept of public policy and the policymaking process, the role of stakeholders and interest groups, and the dimensions of qualitative and quantitative policy analysis.
RIT’s public policy program is unique because it offers two degree options: a four-year program leading to a bachelor of science degree in public policy or an accelerated five-year program leading to both a bachelor of science in public policy and a master of science degree in science, technology, and public policy.
The student will take six courses that demand they apply skills acquired in public policy courses to specific policy areas or "domains." Many courses are offered through other programs and colleges of the university and include courses that provide a firm grounding in the science and technology aspects of the chosen specialization.
www.rit.edu /~ppolicy   (451 words)

 Public Policy Forum
In order to measure public perception about education in Milwaukee, the nonpartisan, nonprofit Public Policy Forum conducted telephone interviews May 18th through June 27th, 2006, with a representative sample of 900 adult residents of the City of Milwaukee.
Public schools can be considered a form of workforce development, and thus it is important to measure the “work product” of the schools.
The Public Policy Forum acknowledges the importance of excellent schools by publishing this annual report which includes input and outcome data for each of the 51 school districts in the seven-county region.
www.publicpolicyforum.org /issues.php?category=2   (578 words)

 >Swarthmore College Public Policy Concentration
Public policy is the array of government decisions and acts, born of private and public sector interactions, that shape a nation's political, economic and moral structures, and consequently, its citizens' private lives.
Growing state intervention during the twentieth century means that today, all citizens have a stake in understanding public policy -- its origins, rationale and moral basis.
he concentration in Public Policy enables students to combine work in several departments toward both critical and practical understanding of public policy issues, including those in the realm of social welfare, health, energy, environment, multiculturalism, gender, food and agriculture, and national and global security.
www.swarthmore.edu /SocSci/PublicPolicy   (221 words)

 Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy | University of Michigan
Russian and East European Studies and Public Policy
Cecilia Muñoz, Vice President, Office of Research, Advocacy, and Legislation, National Council of La Raza; Harry A. and Margaret D. Towsley Foundation Policymaker in Residence, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.
Ann Arbor lies a short distance by air from a key hub of the public policy world in Washington, DC.
www.fordschool.umich.edu   (281 words)

 Public Policy Institute
The AARP Public Policy Institute (AARP PPI) is the focal point for public policy research and analysis (federal, state, and international) at AARP.
Its mission is to inform the development of AARP's public policy positions and to contribute to and influence public debate on issues of importance to midlife and older Americans.
This seventh edition of the AARP Public Policy Institute’s biennial compilation of data on many facets of long-term care and independent living in each state and the District of Columbia presents comparable state-level and national data for 150 indicators from a wide variety of sources in a single document.
www.aarp.org /research/ppi   (639 words)

 ABA Law Day: For Schools: Lessons 4-6: Influencing Public Policy
This particular policy states, "Hats may not be worn in the school building during school hours." Present the viewpoints of students and teachers at the school, and write them in note form on the board:
Define a public policy as a plan or course of action made and followed by the government (local, state, or federal) and the citizens.
The new policy states that students may wear hats in the school building unless the hats are disrupting the learning process.
www.abanet.org /publiced/lawday/schools/lessons/46_policy.html   (700 words)

 Public Policy Office
The Public Policy Office tracks and analyzes events in the legislative, regulatory, and related public policy arenas in the U.S.A. and, to the extent that resources permit, in other countries such as Canada.
Working with the AIBS Board of Directors, the AIBS Executive Director, and the AIBS Public Policy Review Committee, the Public Policy Office develops and articulates AIBS's public policy positions in the interest of its members and other researchers and educators in the biological sciences.
Write and disseminate the biweekly AIBS Public Policy Report, an electronic newsletter providing policy analysis, legislative alerts, and other information about science policy developments, including funding for federal research grant programs and threats to the teaching of evolution in states and local communities.
www.aibs.org /public-policy   (636 words)

 The Annenberg Public Policy Center
Established in 1993, the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania conducts and disseminates research, hosts lectures and conferences, and convenes roundtable discussions that highlight important questions about the intersection of media, communication, and public policy.
The publication, named best book in clinical medicine published in 2005 by the Association of American Publishers, is a project of the Adolescent Mental Health Initiative of the Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands and the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.
Annenberg Public Policy Center research on the smoking habits and risk perceptions of young people was cited in a federal court decision last week that concluded that cigarette makers had engaged in a half-century conspiracy to deceive the public about the dangers of smoking.
www.appcpenn.org   (5615 words)

 About Sun: Public Policy
We believe that public policy is best made by legislators who know and understand our issues.
Sun views its public policy role as a provider of information: Local, state, national, and international policy makers must be given the opportunity to develop a complete understanding of the role of technology in the future of the world.
Our public policy efforts will be focused on a number of issues that affect the way people will use or have access to technology.
www.sun.com /aboutsun/policy   (376 words)

 ACM: Computing and Public Policy
ACM is committed to bringing potentially significant technical and public policy issues to the attention of the ACM membership and the community.
The ACM Office of Public Policy works with ACM members, subunits, and the computing community to assist policymakers and the public in understanding information technology issues and to advance a policy framework that supports innovations in computing and related disciplines in ways that benefits society.
USACM is the U.S. Public Policy Committee of the Association for Computing Machinery.
www.acm.org /serving   (192 words)

 University of Maryland - School of Public Policy
Core: PUAF 640 “Microeconomics and Policy Analysis ” OR (with permission of Professor Ruth) PUAF 698x“Microeconomic Applications of Public Policy”
Core: PUAF 640 “Microeconomics and Policy Analysis” OR (with permission of Professor Ruth) PUAF 698x “Microeconomic Applications of Public Policy”
Core: PUAF 640 “Microeconomics and Policy Analysis” OR (with permission of Professor Ruth) PUAF 698x“Microeconomic Applications of Public Policy”
www.publicpolicy.umd.edu /current/roadmaps.htm   (1072 words)

 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics - Public Policy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
AIAA takes you to the center of public policy developments now shaping the future of aerospace.
Our active public policy and public information programs make AIAA a leading advocate for aerospace among government decision-makers - and a trusted information resource for the media on all subjects relating to aerospace technology.
Foster relationships with the media and the public to give them a better understanding of how aerospace programs benefit the nation's economy, security, and technological growth.
www.aiaa.org /content.cfm?pageid=7   (381 words)

 National League For Nursing - Public Policy Home Page
The involvement of our members is vital to the NLN's goal of being the leader in setting standards, advancing quality and innovation, and advocating for all types of academic and lifelong learning programs in nursing.
The NLN's objective in the public policy arena is to shape and influence those policies that affect nursing workforce development.
We encourage all NLN members to use the information provided here and on the Public Policy Action Center to take an active role in molding the policy issues facing the nursing profession today.
www.nln.org /Policy/index.htm   (154 words)

 Welcome to the APA Public Policy Office Homepage
The Public Policy Office of the American Psychological Association represents the largest and most visible national presence advocating for psychology.
Through its Public Policy Office, APA maintains a close liaison with decision-makers on Capitol Hill and in the federal agencies, working with them and their staffs as they formulate legislation and regulations of interest to psychologists.
See what else is new from Public Interest Policy.
www.apa.org /ppo   (273 words)

 Public Policy Home
The PhD Program in Public Policy prepares qualified candidates to shape the direction of public policy research and to train the next generation of researchers, analysts, and leaders.
Recent recipients of the PhD in Public Policy degree have taken positions at Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dartmouth College, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Duke University, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, UBS Paine Webber, and other top academic institutions, NGOs, and in the private sector.
The PhD in Public Policy is administered jointly by the Kennedy School (KSG) and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).
www.ksg.harvard.edu /ksgdoctoral/publicpolicy   (150 words)

 W3C Public Mailing List Archives
This mailing list, which has a public archive, is for comments about the W3C Process Document, which is managed by the W3C Advisory Board.
Public list for archiving notifications of changes to Bugzilla issues related to the Web Services Policy Working Group.
Public mailing list for discussing translations of W3C specifications, and official place to notify W3C about translations as required in the Copyright FAQ.
lists.w3.org /Archives/Public   (1432 words)

 IEEE-USA: Building Careers & Shaping Public Policy
On Aug. 25, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) released for public comment a proposed five-year strategic plan to revamp the nation's patent system in order to foster American innovation and competitiveness.
A new General Accountability Office (GAO) report affirms that the H-1B program has little oversight, and statutory changes are necessary to ensure it serves the national interest.
In first of a planned series of reports, the National Academy of Public Administration notes that offshoring is a "difficult, elusive and exceedingly complex phenomenon." Last year, IEEE-USA worked with Senator Frank Wolf to support passage of a bill rider that funded this study.
www.ieeeusa.org /policy/default.asp   (559 words)

 Welcome to the Science Public Policy Homepage!
The APA Science Policy Office advocates in multiple areas to influence policy decisions that advance and preserve the infrastructure of psychological science.
The Science Public Policy Office is a part of the APA Science Directorate, which promotes and represents psychological science and scientists.
Keep up with policy issues that affect psychological science and scientists at the national level.
www.apa.org /ppo/science   (111 words)

 Welcome to the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy | University of Maryland | College Park
Established in 1976 at the University of Maryland and now part of the School of Public Affairs, the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy was founded to conduct research into the conceptual and normative questions underlying public policy formulation.
This research is conducted cooperatively by philosophers, policymakers and analysts, and other experts both within and outside the government.
The Institute invites the readers of Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly to add themselves to the e-mail list of subscribers.
www.puaf.umd.edu /IPPP   (274 words)

 ACHE Public Policy Initiatives
By the nature of the healthcare management field, many of the issues you face are a matter of public concern.
ACHE's Public Policy Statements originate from affiliate and staff suggestions and are drafted at the committee level.
The Board Policy Committee then reviews the statements before they are brought before the Board of Governors for final approval.
www.ache.org /policy/public_initiatives.cfm   (386 words)

 AAOHN: Public Policy
The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. (AAOHN) strives to shape legislation, regulations and public policy that positively impact the occupational and environmental health nursing profession and result in healthy, safe work and community environments.
We monitor, provide input about and initiate legislation and regulations that coincide with the Association's ends, and actively participate in executive and legislative activities on health and safety issues.
In addition to our efforts to impact federal policy on these issues, AAOHN also works with chapters and members to develop strong state-level governmental affairs programs.
www.aaohn.org /public_policy   (128 words)

 The National Center for Victims of Crime - Public Policy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The National Center works to advance laws and policies that create resources and secure rights and protections for victims at the federal and state levels.
results of our 2005 Public Policy Poll -- find out what our members and other advocates see as priorities for the coming year.
Find out more about key policy issues affecting victims of crime.
www.ncvc.org /ncvc/main.aspx?dbID=DB_PublicPolicy185   (963 words)

 Los Angeles Business from bizjournals: Public Policy Institute of California company profile
The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving public policy in California through independent, objective, nonpartisan research.
Studies within these programs examine the underlying forces shaping California's future, cutting across a wide range of public policy concerns: California in the global economy; demography; education; employment and income; environment, growth, and infrastructure; government and public finance; health and social policy; immigrants and immigration; key sectors in the California economy; and political participation.
Because public policy problems are complex and demand consideration from many perspectives, PPIC has recruited a multidisciplinary staff with expertise in economics, demography, political science, city and...
losangeles.bizjournals.com /losangeles/gen/Public_Policy_Institute_of_California_E0C47FFF8D924684BB2074973607C052.html   (398 words)

 Internet Society - Public Policy - Home
In pursuing our public policy objectives, we operate collaboratively and inclusively, working with governments, national and international organizations, Civil Society, the private sector and other parties to reach decisions about the Internet that conform to our core values.
The Internet Society’s public policy programs for 2007 through 2009 build on a sustained leadership position in the Internet governance space and an expectation among the ISOC community and beyond that ISOC will play a growing central role on key issues of import to the Internet.
ISOC’s public policy programs will broaden and deepen for the 2007 to 2009 period to address some unprecedented challenges facing the Internet of today and tomorrow.
www.isoc.org /pubpolpillar   (318 words)

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