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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

 Public Private Partnership
Public Private Partnership will be an important part of the State's strategy to facilitate the continued development of the tourism industry in an economic, environmentally sustainable and spatially balanced manner.
A Public Private Partnership (PPP) is a partnership between the public and private sector for the purpose of delivering a project or service which was traditionally provided by the public sector.
The core objectives of the Department's PPP Unit are to ensure an efficient competitive process and a fair balance in the division of responsibilities between the public and private sectors. /DOEI/DOEIPol.nsf/wvNavView/wwdPPPartnership?OpenDocument&Lang=en   (4327 words)

 Public-private partnership - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Public-private partnership (PPP) is a system in which a government service or private business venture is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies.
A typical PPP example would be a hospital building financed and constructed by a private developer and then leased to the hospital authority.
In other types (notably the Private Finance Initiative), capital investment is made by the private sector on the strength of a contract with government to provide agreed services. /wiki/Public-private_partnership   (537 words)

 The public-private partnership model
In PPP schemes, the public sector asks the private sector to fund, provide and take some of the risks inherent in the project, in return for the possibility of making a profit.  The idea is that the public body purchases a service.
Public service provision in India is seen by many as inadequate. It is not that India lacks the engineering expertise or the desire to provide reliable and quality public services (a quick journey on the New Delhi Metro proves that); it is just a matter of organisation and funding.
Public sector workers may also consider (rightly or wrongly) that their employment rights will be reduced and job security threatened and this may lead to industrial action. /money/2003/jun/27spec.htm   (938 words)

 Public-Private Partnership Resolution 30072
Partnerships between Public Development Authorities and private entities (including non-profit organizations) would be subject to these standards whenever they involve $5 million in City investment and have been identified as a targeted partnership in a Council resolution.
The Partnership Protocol should be re-evaluated by the preparing City agency three to five years after the investment is made to determine the extent to which anticipated City costs and public benefits have materialized.
Housing development partnerships and street vacations in which the City is engaged shall not be subject to these standards because the means of defining and reviewing their public benefit is already established. /ppp/pppres2.htm   (579 words)

 BBC NEWS UK What are Public Private Partnerships?
Tony Blair is keen to expand the range of private public partnerships because he believes it is the best way to secure the improvements in public services that Labour promised at the last election.
Any collaboration between public bodies, such as local authorities or central government, and private companies tends to be referred to a public-private partnership (PPP).
Public Private Partnerships are at the heart of the government's attempts to revive Britain's public services. /1/hi/uk/1518523.stm   (1245 words)

 Public - Private Partnership
One of the solutions to such problems is to invite private sector representatives to participate in a project and to execute it using the Public and Private Partnership.
Public Sector entities do not always have sufficient funds to construct new facilities or to provide extra capital for specific areas of the infrastructure.
The conference on PPP "Partnership under construction" took place on 9 December in Cracow. /pl/eng/about/svcs/abas/ppp   (78 words)

 EUROPA - Internal Market - Public Procurement - Public Private Partnerships
Nevertheless, all contracts in which a public body awards work involving an economic activity to a third party, whether covered by secondary legislation or not, must be examined in the light of the rules and principles of the EC Treaty including in particular the principles of transparency, equal treatment, proportionality and mutual recognition.
PPPs qualifying as "works concessions" are covered only by a few scattered provisions of secondary legislation and PPPs qualifying as "service concessions" are not covered by the "public contracts" Directives at all.
PPPs that qualify as "public contracts" under the Directives coordinating procedures for the award of public contracts must comply with the detailed provisions of those Directives. /comm/internal_market/publicprocurement/ppp_en.htm   (979 words)

 Public Private Partnerships
Partnership detractors in the forest management community argue that self-interested corporations may use public-private partnerships as a means to thwart environmental protections and expand the economic profitability of forests through increased timber extraction or recreation activity.
Public-private partnership is a variation of privatization in which elements of a service previously run solely by the public sector are provided through a partnership between the government and one or more private sector companies.
Public administration theorists who recognize the limits of the administrative state and the liberal free market offer models for governance that may help reframe the meaning of partnership and its role in achieving ecologically sound and democratically accountable forest management. /fwatch/Public_Private_Partnerships.html   (6233 words)

 Public Private Partnership Innovation
The Chamber recognizes that the advent and development of Public Private Partnerships (P3s) is a trend that will bring dramatic change to the manner by which programs services and capital projects are planned, delivered and maintained in our province.
That the provincial government work with The Chamber in partnership with local chambers and the private sector, to champion a P3 forum aimed at meeting the education, best practice, and public relations needs of small and medium sized businesses and municipalities with regard to P3s, other than large capital projects.
We believe that private sector participation at the formative stages of a given P3 is integral to the development of effective P3 processes. /Policy_and_Positions/Provincial_Policy_Statements/Finance/P3_Innovation.asp   (469 words)

 Focus on public private partnership
The PPP Knowledge Centre was established to initiate and stimulate the use of public-private partnerships.
The purpose of public-private partnership (PPP) is to generate added value.
It is not for nothing that the public and private sectors – government and industry – are increasingly joining forces to carry out major capital-intensive projects efficiently. /?CMS_ITEM=17E51D38FAB048EFA0FF43F470914A33X1X61047X61   (140 words)

 Welcome to The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships
Over 60 people from both the public and private sectors met in Augusta, Georgia on September 15 to discuss the use of public-private partnerships with municipal water and wastewater systems...
Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are an increasingly attractive tool for infrastructure development in the United States.
Congressman David Camp (R-MI), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Revenue Measures of the House Ways and Means Committee, has scheduled hearings for March 16 on Private Activity Bonds (PABs) for water infrastructure.   (619 words)

 Chapter 6
Timeline: outsourcing and the public sector, The Guardian.
The most ironic PPP initiative is the 'Strategic Transfer of the Estate to The Private Sector ' (STEPS) by the Inland Revenue (IRS equivalent).
Further advisory roles were taken with regard to the privatisation of British Steel and British Coal as well as the regional electricity and water boards. /chapter_6_.htm   (1255 words)

 Coalition 2000: A Public-Private Partnership
Coalition 2000 is one of the most prominent examples of a "private-public partnership" in the area of anti-corruption.
Members are prominent public personalities with established integrity and reputation as well as representatives of public and private institutions.
the structure is flexible as it incorporates both public and private institutions as well as prominent individuals. /programs/corruption/c2000.htm   (722 words) - Public-Private Partnership
The vision for the partnership was outlined by the Washington State Legislature in 1997 as a creative plan for financing the construction of a new stadium and exhibition center.
Ensure the public's contribution was capped at $300 million and that the financial risks assumed by the PSA and public were minimized;
The partnership, which has attracted attention around the nation, was structured to: /constrPublicPrivate.asp   (179 words)

 Public Private Partnership Instructions
Disclosure Reporting Requirements: The activities and financial interests as outlined in Section VI, subsection 2 of the Board's Public Private Partnership Policy must be reported by the employee using Appendix A Step 1 Disclosure Form, and approved prior to engaging in the activity.
The Board also recognizes that employees involved in research and development activities may also involve themselves in public private partnerships or have some other relationship with business or other entities that require an exemption under the provisions of the Public Private Partnership Act.
Given the nature of such partnerships and relationships, there exists a real potential for actual or perceived conflicts of interests between the employee’s obligations to the university or colleges and the relationships attendant to his or her research or development activity. /research/compliance/PPPInstructions.htm   (384 words)

 Welcome to the Irish Government Public Private Partnership (PPP) website — Portal
Through this site, the Central PPP Policy Unit (see About the Central Unit) aims to provide a central point of access to the Public-Private Partnership process in Ireland.
PPP is basically just a different method of procuring public services and infrastructure by combining the best of the public and private sectors with an emphasis on value for money and delivering quality public services.
In addition, we aim to provide contact details for other Department/Agencies active in the PPP process in Ireland, links to counterparts’ abroad and facilitate partners by means of a list of interested firms (see Company Listings).   (192 words)

 Public private partnership (PPP)
In future, the private sector will have to play a greater role in development aid in close partnership with the public sector.
PPP initiatives are implemented by private companies in cooperation with the German Investment and Development Company (DEG), the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW), the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) or the Foundation for Economic Development and Vocational Training (SEQUA).
These are projects implemented by the private sector which are in the interest of the company and are at the same time beneficial in terms of development policy. /www/en/aussenpolitik/aussenwirtschaft/entwicklung/ppp_html   (236 words)

 Smith Parker, P.L.L.P. - Staff: Louis Smith
Smith has broad experience in structuring public-private partnerships, and providing strategic counsel to clients confronting a wide array of public policy challenges.
Louis Smith is a senior attorney whose practice is devoted to public law and government litigation.
He has represented governmental agencies and private clients in a wide variety of federal, state, and local proceedings. /au_staff_SMITH.html   (404 words)

 The Public/Private Partnership
Downsizing is taking place in a number of areas, but effective programs to blend the public and private sectors are rare.
A key element of private support comes from a growing Membership Program which, in return for an annual fee, provides a series of benefits, including copies of this Foundation Newsletter, free admission to the Museum, and discounts at the Museum Store.
The Kennedy Library Foundation is a private nonprofit organization created in 1984 to promote the Library's goals and raise private contributions. /~rwhealan/jfk/partnership_nl_fall98.html   (451 words)

 Public Private Partnership Project Management in Poland
The Polish PPP law has been passed by the parliament on the 6th of September 2005 and this formally opens the way for the Public Private Partnership undertakings to happen.
Public Private Partnership is relatively new way of procuring Services of General Economic Interest in Poland.
For the last four years political and economic adjustment to the new forms of public procurement has accelerated in Poland and I happen to be involved in the process. /project_management_2000   (250 words)

 BBC News UK POLITICS Prescott's Tube plan 'fatally flawed'
Bob Kiley, who is credited with rescuing New York's ailing subway, criticised government plans to introduce a "public-private partnership" (PPP) for the Tube in a report commissioned by Mr Livingstone.
His idea would include a bond issue, but would also rely on substantial partnership with the private sector.
Mr Livingstone's rejection of PPP and his own favoured version of a bond issue has put him on a long-standing collision course with the government. /1/hi/uk_politics/1068592.stm   (627 words)

 A Public Private Partnership
Although the form of PPP Dr. Lynn originally proposed was not adopted in the reform process, another variant of public-private partnership was agreed and implemented in the 2002 ICANN bylaws.
At its birth, ICANN was all about "private sector leadership." The "partnership" language came to the forefront in Dr. Lynn's Reform paper, I believe, as a response to GAC/government pressure for a greater role.
The advice of the Governmental Advisory Committee on public policy matters shall be duly taken into account, both in the formulation and adoption of policies. /   (819 words)

 Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure
The goal of WBI's Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure (PPPI) program is to support developing countries' efforts to etablish a sound regulatory and business environment conducive to the development of public-private partnerships for the provision of affordable and sustainable infrastructure services.
Public-Private Partnerships in Transport: The Tanzanian Challenge, Dar es Salaam, April 26-28, 2006
Private Sector Advisory Services at the World Bank /WBSITE/EXTERNAL/WBI/WBIPROGRAMS/PPPILP/0,,menuPK:461142~pagePK:64156143~piPK:64154155~theSitePK:461102,00.html   (183 words)
4ps works in partnership with all local authorities to secure funding and accelerate the development, procurement and implementation of PFI schemes, public private partnerships, complex projects and programmes.
Public Private Congress 2006 - the premier event for PPP Professionals - London May 2006.
If you have any comments or suggestions please complete our feedback form.   (100 words)

 Public-Private Partnership Summit: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to Provide High-Quality Services or Infrastructure in a Cost Effective Manner - Event Overview
As state and local government agencies face budget shortfalls and fiscal dilemmas, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are increasingly in popularity as a way to tap into the financial and managerial resources of the private sector.
Public-Private Partnerships offer a new paradigm for economic development and can be applied to a wide range of projects.
Understand the role of PPPs as an effective means to generate necessary capital for public infrastructure /ppp   (325 words)

 Public/Private Partnership
This contract confirms the City's confidence in its nearly twenty-year partnership with the Conservancy.
In 1998, the City of New York awarded the Central Park Conservancy a management contract that ensures the continuing maintenance, public programming, and capital restoration of Central Park.
the fee will be determined by a formula that requires the Conservancy to raise and spend a specified minimum amount of private funds in the Park on an annual basis. /aboutcpc/partnership   (179 words)

 FDA Public/Private Partnership Program
The Food and Drug Administration is actively interested in partnering with the private sector through arrangements which leverage FDA assets and resources.
Partnerships can be formalized through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA), contractual arrangements, or innovative partnerships.
The FDA will give preference to ideas and proposals which will enhance the delivery of mission-related FDA functions and do not require funding from the FDA. /oc/ofacs/partnership   (82 words)

 A Decade of Permanency through a Public/Private Partnership - Seminar Training CDs & Tapes/Agency Issues and Concerns
This achievement of permanency is the result of a partnership between the public child welfare system and a statewide system of private adoption agencies.
A Decade of Permanency through a Public/Private Partnership - Seminar Training CDs & Tapes/Agency Issues and Concerns
This presentation will demonstrate the development of that partnership and describe the tools needed for success. /p815/seminar-training-cds-tapes-agency-issues-and-co...   (280 words)

 The Public-Private Partnership Forum
On the surface, Public-Private Partnerships would appear to be paving the way for transportation and economic development projects that might otherwise go nowhere because of a shortage of public funds or support.
The Public-Private Partnership Forum brings together policy makers and authorities from across Virginia who will join with national experts to assess what’s working and what’s not around the nation and in Virginia.
This Forum takes a close look at all sides of the issue including how these partnerships are created, who’s really taking the risk and how to measure performance and accountability and assure public trust.   (139 words)

 Public-Private Partnership in CEE
The Public-Private Partnership in CEE Conference will bring together a comprehensive speaker panel of 30+ experts who will guide the audience through case studies of the most remarkable European PPP projects.
Public-Private Partnership in CEE is an exclusive two day event supported by Central European Initiative.
The conference was designed to create a unique platform for networking and discussion and to enable the participants to meet the representatives of governments and municipalities and to share experience with experts from all sectors of the PPP world. /buxus/generate_page.php?page_id=162   (266 words)

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