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Topic: Pula, Croatia

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Pula Istria, Pula Croatia
On the southern part of the Istrian peninsula, at the end of the Gulf of Pula, a town of antiquity, of parks, and of summer festivals dominates.
Pula, the largest city and port in Istria, a communication economic and administrative center, is an attractive place to spend a holiday for many tourists, with some 2,350 hours of sunshine a year.
The history of the town is etched in every stone, which is indicated by the large number of cultural historic monuments from almost all periods of its past, of which many are an integral part of the fabric of the city.
www.histrica.com /istria/blue/pula   (291 words)

  Pula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pula (Italian Pola, Slovenian Pulj) is the largest city in Istria, Croatia, at the southern tip of that peninsula, population 58,594 (2001).
As a result of its rich political history, Pula is a city with a cultural mix of people and languages from the Mediterranean and Central Europe, ancient and contemporary.
Pula is the end point of the EuroVelo 9 cycle route which runs from Gdansk on the Baltic Sea through Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Pula,_Croatia   (974 words)

 Pula -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The natural beauty of Pula's surrounding countryside and turquoise blue water of the (An arm of the Mediterranean between Slovenia and Croatia and Montenegro and Albania on the east and Italy on the west) Adriatic have made the city an internationally popular summer vacation destination.
Pula is the end point of the (Click link for more info and facts about EuroVelo) EuroVelo 9 cycle route which runs from Gdansk on the Baltic Sea through Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.
Pula has a local (An airfield equipped with control tower and hangers as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo) airport, but like the nearby (Click link for more info and facts about Rijeka) Rijeka airport it is not a major international destination.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/p/pu/pula.htm   (925 words)

 Pula - Istria - Croatia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Pula is the economic centre with developed shipbuilding industry (Uljanik), textiles, metal industry and building trades as well as glass manufacturing.
Tourism in Pula experiences its peak in the 1960s, when on the beautiful, well-indented and green coast south of Pula the construction of modern tourist resorts was initiated (Zlatne Stijene, Ribarska Koliba, Verudela).
Pula ACI Marina has 294 berths in the sea and 100 places on the land, provided for the vessels of a length between 6 and 18 m; Veruda Marina has 610 berths in the sea and 150 places on the land; vessel length between 6 and 15 m.
www.kroatien-online.com /en/tourism/cities/pula.htm   (796 words)

 Pula, Croatia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
In 1848, Pula and Istria came under the rule of Austria and became a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
For a number of years following that war Pula was administerd by the United Nations, including U.S military forces, as Istria was partitioned into occupation zones until the region became largely united with the rest of Croatia within the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY).
Pula's architecture reflects these layers of history that have settled on the city.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/pula__croatia   (719 words)

 PULA Croatia: PULA MAP and PULA amphitheater INFO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Pula (“Pola” in Italian) is the largest city in Istria, western Croatia, located on southern tip of the Istrian peninsula.
The Pula amphitheater (“arena”; in Croatian) was built at the end of first century B.C. It is sixth largest amphitheater in the world, with capacity of 22 000 people.
Pula was taken by the Venice Republic in 1148, and 200 years later overtaken and destroyed by Genovese.
www.find-croatia.com /cities-croatia/pula-croatia.htm   (509 words)

 NK Pula - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It also played under the name NK Istra, because Pula is located in the region of Istria (Istra in Croatian).
In 2003 the club took the name NK Pula 1856, because in the year 1856, the Austro-Hungarian Empire made Pula the port of its arsenal, and the shipyard Uljanik was opened.
In 2005 it was renamed to NK Pula Staro Češko due to a sponsorship contract with the brewery Daruvarska pivovara - Staro Češko is a beer brand.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/NK_Pula_1856   (156 words)

 Pula Istra Croatia holidays Holidays apartment hotels house yachtcharter cruises cruiser
This area of Pula is magnificent, with its mixture of country stone houses, modern architecture, taking you back in time to the ancient cultures of the world.
From the middle of the 12th century, Pula swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen of the Seas, accepting the status of a vassal state, paying tributes, building and fitting out galllons, participating in wars, pursuing and capturing "sea-pirates plying the waters between Medulin and Rovinj and handing them over to the Venetian authorities.
The rate of population growth was considerable: in 1842 Pula had 1,126 inhabitants, by 1857 that number had increased seven-fold, and by the end of the century the population had risen to 40,000.
www.croatia-istria.com /files/pula_en.html   (687 words)

 Croatia Exhibition Pula by Photo Croatia - 1185 Photos of Croatia, Croatia Hrvatska Pula Photos of Pula Pictures of ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The famous Pula Arena from the 3rd century of our era is the symbol of a town of monumental heritage, admired by Roman rulers, Renaissance poets and Venetian noblemen.
They left to Pula a rich heritage of their works of hands and mind, while nature gave it a mild Mediterranean climate and the sea proclaimed to be the cleanest one in the Mediterranean.
Pomer (Pula) Pomer is a tourist destination close to Pula, in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula.
www.photocroatia.com /GALLERY/list.php?exhibition=2   (1560 words)

 Pula - holiday, accommodation, apartments, skiing, lodging, rooms
Pula is a city situated on the south-western end of the Istrian peninsula and on the interior part of the bay where the islands of St. Katharine, St. Andrew and Uljanik lie and surrounded by three harbour pools.
The heart of Pula is filled with historical monuments such as the Arena, the shrine of Augustus, Zlatna and Dvojna vrata (the Golden and Double door) and the fortress of Kastel.
Pula is known for its many first class restaurants which are some of the best in Croatia.
www.travel-tourist.com /pula_en.htm   (325 words)

 Pula, Croatia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
As a result of its rich political Pula is a city with a cultural of people and languages from the Mediterranean and Central Europe ancient and contemporary.
Pula is the end point of the 9 cycle route which runs from Gdansk the Baltic Sea through Poland the Czech Austria Slovenia and Croatia.
Pula has a local airport but like the nearby Rijeka airport it is not a major destination.
www.freeglossary.com /Pula%2C_Croatia   (919 words)

 Apartments Pula Croatia Apartments Pula Istria Croatia
Pula is also a well-known congress centre (the large congress hall in Hotel Histria).
The town can be reached by various means of transport, and there is an airport in the immediate vicinity of Pula (6 km), constructed to meet the requirements of international air traffic.
Pula is also a centre of sport tourism because domestic and international sports teams and athlets find the favourable climate, quality sports facilities (tennis courts, sports halls, football stadiums, football fields, track-and-field courses, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water sports facilities, etc.) suitable for winter training season.
apartments-croatia.info /145/pula_en.htm   (222 words)

 Yacht Charter and Boat rental in Croatia - Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Primosten
Croatia is bordered by Italy on the West/across the Adriatic Sea - Slovenia and Hungary on the North - Serbia/Yugoslavia on the East - Bosnia/Herzegovina on the South.
Croatia has three geographically distinct landscapes - Mountains mostly in the North and inland from the Adriatic Sea - Coastal in the West - Plains in the eastern third of Croatia.
Croatia has an amazing 5,800km of coastline, of which 4,000km belong to islands, cliffs and reefs.(Zlarin, Zirjz, Skradin, Vodice, Primosten, Drenik, Trogir, Split, Milna, Stari Grad, Hvar/ Palmezana, Rogac, Rogoznica).
www.croatiayachtcharter.com   (325 words)

 Encyclopedia: Pula, Croatia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Like the rest of the region, it is known for its mild climate, tame sea and unspoiled nature.
Pula has also been Istria's administrative center since ancient Roman days.
Subsequently the official name was changed to Pula.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Pula%2C-Croatia   (827 words)

 Car Hire Pula Croatia from carhire.co.uk
When looking for a car in pula make sure that you get a good deal and the vehicle you want, that is why we have built or pre-booking car rental system, that gives you choices of vehicles and great prices, hopefully leaving you more time and money to enjoy your holiday in pula.
Pula is located south of Rjeka and conveniently close to Triest in Italy.
It dates from Roman times and Pula has many impressive monuments from its history, the most famous being the Amphitheater built in the 1st century AD during the reign of the Emperor Vespasian.
www.carhire.co.uk /car-hire/pula.html   (379 words)

 Visiting Pula, Croatia
Pula is one of Istria's most authentic and complex cities.
Croatia Airlines has weekday flights to Zagreb from which there are connections to other Croatian and international destinations.
Pula has a catamaran connection to Venice that operates June through August plus other connections to Italy and Slovenia.
www.croatiatraveller.com /Istria/pula.htm   (410 words)

 Holiday home vacation rental Igor House, Pula, Istria, Croatia holiday homes, vacation rentals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Pula is a 3000 year old town with many tourist attractions and cultural sights, situated on the south point of peninsula Istria.
Pula is most recognized with famous monuments, such as the 2000 years old amphitheatre, Roman temple, arch and many other historical monuments.
Also which is important for the guests, all around the city along the coast (from the “cape of Kamenjak” in Premantura to the tourist-recreation center “Verudela”) there are a lot of nice and clean beaches which give you a pleasure to enjoy in your holiday.
www.vacationvillas.net /index.cfm/holidayrental/22651   (619 words)

 Hotel Pula Pula Croatia
The hotel Pula is located in the city of Pula, Croatia.
Hotel Pula is just 2km away from many historic sights dating back 3.000 years such as the Coliseum.
For those who enjoy sports the hotel is ideally located, within walkig distance of a triathlon jogging trail, 12 tennis courts, 2 football (soccer) fields and a multifunctional sports centre.
www.cybevasion.com /hotels/monde/hotel_pula_pula_croatie_15632.html   (161 words)

 Pula Croatia, Pula Croatia information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Following the disappearance of the major native dynasty by the end of the 11th century, the Croats eventually recognized the Hungarian ruler Coloman as the common King for Croatia and Hungary in a treaty of 1102 (often referred to as the Pacta Conventa).
Croatia beach Pjescana Uvala Pula apartments Croatia Apartments Croatia Pula accommodation Pjescana Uvala Pula Croatia...
Croatia is bordered by Italy on the West/across the Adriatic Sea...
www.croatias.co.uk /PulaCroatia   (1393 words)

 Vacation Rentals Pula Istria - Holidays Pula Istria, Accommodation Croatia Apartments
The City of Pula is situated on the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula.
Legend has it that this is where the Argonauts settled after an unsuccessful battle and futile pursuit of a sea vessel transporting stolen treasures.
The international airport is connected to European cities all year round, while the new road network, which transverses Istria in its entirety, enables quick and safe travel.
dmmedia.com /pula/pula_gb.htm   (1072 words)

It lies in the south-eastern part of the city of PULA port, only 5 km from Pula Airport, in the southern part of Istrian peninsula, Northern Croatia.
There are regular bus and rail connections from Pula to other Croatian regions and cities.
Pula is world famous for its Roman Amphitheatre (Arena) dating from the 1st-2nd cc.
www.ldnbglobal.com /charterbasepula.htm   (310 words)

 Croatia Ferries 2005/2006 - Ferries Ancona Split - Ancona Zadar - Bari Dubrovnik - Pescara Hvar - Ferries Croatia
From Split (Croatia) to Stari Grad (Hvar Island), to Supetar (Brac Island), to Vis (Vis Island), to Vela Luka
From Drvenik (Croatia) to Sucura (Hvar Island) From Makarska (Croatia) to Sumartin (Brac Island)
Croatia: Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia
uk.geocities.com /my_ferries/croatia.html   (746 words)

 Barbara Apartments in Pula, Croatia, Europe
Barbara Apartments are situated in a very quiet part of Pula, a 3,000 year old Istrian town, where many writers and composers have sought inspiration.
Pula is rich with Roman monuments: the Amphitheatre, Augustus temple, Golden gate among others.
Summer carnivals and the regular festivities in Pula and the surrounding villages will provide you with many captivating spectacles.
reservations.bookhostels.com /travellerspoint.com/hostel.php?HostelNumber=3883&SubID=it&DateStart=2005-07-19&NumNights=3   (216 words)

 networld-voyager: Pula - Istra - Croatia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Famous writers and composers (Dante, Thomas Mann, James Joyce, Franz Lehar, and others) were inspired by the town that has existed for three millennia, and where the old meets the new.
The area of Pula is magnificent, with country stone houses and modern buildings, quiet huckleberry shade and the view to the culture of mankind.
Therefore Pula cannot be avoided and you will be tempted to return once again.
www.networld-voyager.com /city/pula.htm   (130 words)

 croatia pula hotel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Continua PulaHotel Pula Istria The hotel Pula is located in the city of Pula, Croatia.
Croatia 120 km from Krk www.airport-pula.hr Zagreb, Croatia Pleso Airport 210 km from Krk www...
Three Star Accommodations Pula Sisplac 31 The hotel Pula is located in the city of Pula, Croatia.
www.croatiatopics.com /croatiapulahotel   (1444 words)

 Apartments Paradiso in Pula, Holiday in Croatia,Private,apartments in Pula Istria Croatia,private accomodation,-Privat, ...
Croatia extends from the foothills of the Julian Alps in the north-west and
Convention was signed between Croatia and the country they come from.
There is a network of veterinary clinics and centres in Croatia.
www.inet.hr /~smandzuk/description.html   (1331 words)

 [No title]
In 1930, the Library was relocated to Pula, where it was merged with the "Biblioteca civica" (City Library of Pula) and the Library "Società Istriana di Archeologia e Storia Patria" (Library of the Archeological and National Historical Society).
Marine-Bibliothek" (Austrian Marine Library), which was established in Venice in 1802 and active in Pula from 1866 to 1918.
In 1992, the Marine Library was officially registered as a cultural monument of the Republic of Croatia.
knjiga.skpu.hr /skpuVUR/UnivLibPulaGUIDE.htm   (409 words)

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