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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Punjab - LoveToKnow 1911
Geographically the Punjab is the triangular tract of country of which the Indus and the Sutlej to their confluence form the two sides, the base being the lower Himalaya hills between those two rivers; but the British province now includes a large tract outside those boundaries.
The Punjab enjoys two well-marked seasons of rainfall; the monsoon period, lasting from the middle of June till the end of September, on which the autumn crops and spring sowings depend; and the winter rains, which fall early in January, and though often insignificant in amount materially affect the prosperity of the spring harvest.
The principal reserved forests are the deodar (Cedrus Deodara) and chil (Pinus longifolia) tracts in the hills, the plantations of shisham (Dalbergia Sissu) and sal (Shorea robusta) in the plains, and the fuel rakhs or preserves (Acacia, Prosopis, andc.).
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Punjab   (5030 words)

 [No title]
The state of Punjab is located in India's fertile northwest "breadbasket", bordering Pakistan on the west, and the Indian states of Haryana and Rajasthan in the south, Uttar Pradesh in the east, and Jammu and Kashmir in the north.
Most of the militant groups in Punjab trace their origins to Bhindranwale, who rose to prominence in the mid-1970s as a fiery orator and rigid fundamentalist.
Punjab was under direct rule from Delhi between 1984 and 1986, and again between 1988 and 1992.
www.hrw.org /campaigns/kashmir/1994/kashmir94-03.htm   (7073 words)

 Punjab tourism, Punjab holidays, hotel bookings & package tours Punjab India.
The Land of Guru Nanak, the land of Bhangra and the land of the Sardars; Punjab is most famous for its Golden Temple and more for the operation Blue Star in the temple.
Punjab has been one of the those states in India which has undergone a turbulent past and even then has always come out of that like a Phoenix bird.
Travel to Punjab can introduce you to the people who believe in toiling hard and have faith in the Gurudwaras.
www.t2punjab.com   (491 words)

  Punjab: No security checks on the national highway
Senior officials of the Punjab Police claim that security arrangements across the state have been beefed up following the blast at a Ludhiana multiplex on Sunday, which claimed six lives.
Hardly any police nakas were visible during the journey from Delhi, through Haryana and Punjab, and there were no police personnel deployed to keep a check on visitors entering the state via the national highway.
On Tuesday, a meeting of senior police officials was convened to ensure that the shortcomings in the system are rectified to prevent such dastardly terrorist attacks.
www.rediff.com /rss/redirect.php?url=http://www.rediff.com/news/2007/oct/16punjab.htm   (267 words)

  Punjab - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.
Punjab: A region that is split across the political borders of India and Pakistan.
Punjab, northwestern India, is bounded on the west by Pakistan, on the north by Jammu and Kashmir, on the north east by Himachal Pradesh and on the south by Haryana and Rajasthan.
Punjab is one of the smallest states of India representing 1.6 per cent of its geographical area and 2.6 per cent of it's cropped area.
www.sikhiwiki.org /index.php?title=Punjab   (1089 words)

  Punjab (Pakistan) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Punjab is Pakistan's second largest province at 205,344 kmĀ² (79,284 square miles) and is located at the northwestern edge of the geologic Indian plate in South Asia.
In 1947 the Punjab province of British India was divided along religious lines as the western Punjabis voted to join the new state of Pakistan while the easterners joined India.
The crafts in the Punjab are of two types: the crafts produced in the rural areas and the royal crafts that flourished in the urban centres particularly in Lahore.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Punjab,_Pakistan   (2898 words)

 Punjab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Punjab region, an area of South Asia shared by India and Pakistan
Khalistan, one of the parties contesting the non-Pakistani portion of the Punjab.
Punjab (India), the Indian (Hindustani) claim to the non-Pakistani portion of the Punjab.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Punjab   (172 words)

 Punjab. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The numerous Punjab hill states were merged into the union territory of Himachal Pradesh (now a state), other princely states were formed into the Patiala and East Punjab States Union, and the remaining area became the Indian state of East Punjab.
In 1956, however, the state of East Punjab and the union territory of Patiala and East Punjab States Union were merged to form the state of Punjab.
Punjab is governed by a chief minister and cabinet responsible to a bicameral legislature with one elected house and by a governor appointed by the president of India.
www.bartleby.com /65/pu/Punjab.html   (619 words)

 Punjab, India Exposition @ HigherPower.org (Higher Power)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1947, the Punjab was partitioned between newly-independent India and Pakistan along religious lines, with the mostly Sikh and Hindu eastern portion going to India and the Muslim western portion of the region going to Pakistan.
Punjab is one of the five states in India that does not have a Hindu majority.
The Indian government's reaction to the movement for Khalistan was to declare Punjab as a disturbed area and to grant the security forces draconian powers in the hopes of crushing the militancy and support for an independent state by force(Operation Blackthunder - I and II and Operation Woodrose).
higherpower.org /encyclopedia/Punjab,_India   (937 words)

 Punjab - india   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Punjab extends from the latitudes 29.30° North to 32.32° North and longitudes 73.55° East to 76.50° East.
Punjab is the only place where the dances for men and women are not the same and are of varying forms.
Punjab being a predominantly agricultural state that prides itself on its food grain production, it is little wonder that its most significant festival is Baisakhi, which marks the arrival of the harvesting season.
www.newkerala.com /india/punjab-news.php   (1953 words)

 ShaikhSiddiqui Punjab
Punjab is Pakistan's second largest province at 205,344 km² (79,284 square miles) and is located at the northwestern edge of the geologic plate in South Asia.
Punjab is one of the most industrialized provinces of Pakistan; its manufacturing industries produce textiles, sports goods, machinery, electrical appliances, surgical instruments, metals, bicycles and rickshas, floor coverings, and processed foods.
The Punjab is the most stable province of Pakistan as Punjabis comprise the largest ethnic group in the country and thus dominate much of the nation by sheer numbers.
www.shaikhsiddiqui.com /punjab.html   (1285 words)

 Tourism in Punjab, Punjab Tourism India, Tourism of Punjab, India Tourism ,Turismo en la India,Tourismus in ...
The land of Punjab is a land of exciting culture, myriad images of swaying emerald green fields and hearty people whose robust rustic ways of camaraderie and bonhomie are very much a part of their heritage.
Punjab is bounded on the west by Pakistan, on the north by Jammu and Kashmir, on the northeast by Himachal Pradesh and on the south by Haryana and Rajasthan.
Punjab was the first place on the Indian subcontinent where the Aryans actually decided to settle after a long period of grazing and fighting with the aboriginal communities.
www.tourism-of-india.com /punjab.html   (1817 words)

 Punjab: The Cultural Craddle of India
In 206 BC, Punjab was invaded by Antiochus, grandson of Seleukos.
Eneradites, king of Bactria, invaded Punjab in the year 165 BC and his successors, ruled Punjab from 126 BC to 110 BC About the year 110 BC, the Scythic element was predominant in the Punjab.
Babur occupied Punjab in 1525 and defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in 1526 at Panipat.
www.indtravel.com /punjab/punjab.html   (1291 words)

 Punjab Online: Introduction
Punjab, a region in Northern India and the east side of Pakistan, has a long history and rich cultural heritage.
Punjab is the land where spiritual aspirations arose.
The Vedic and Epic period of the Punjab was socially and culturally very prolific as during this glorious period, the people accelerated in the fields of philosophy and culture.
www.punjabonline.com /servlet/library.library?Action=Intro   (662 words)

 Punjab Kesari NewsDetails   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Punjab is called the "Granary of India" or "India's bread-basket." It produces 60 per cent of India's wheat, and 40 per cent of rice.
Thus, the State of Punjab in India produces two per cent of the world's cotton, two per cent of its wheat and one per cent of the world's rice.
Punjab, which is divided into 138 hydrogeological blocks, already has 61 per cent of them categorised as dark zones that are over-exploited.
www.punjabkesari.com /frmChNewsDetails.aspx?uid=39242&CatName=Punjab   (865 words)

 Information about Punjab
Historicaly, the area west of Punjab was under the sphere of influence of the Persians, the east was the heartland of the Indian civilization, the south under the influence of the Arabs and the north under the Turko-Mongolian influence.
The historical area of Punjab was defined to the east from the basin of the river Bias (including Dehli) to the basin of River Indus in the west.
Chandigarh on the border of Punjab and Haryana, remains the capital of the two states, yet is administered as a Union Territory from Delhi.
www.punjabilok.com /misc/punjab/pun_geninfo1.htm   (731 words)

 Punjab terminates all water agreements   (Site not responding. Last check: )
According to the bill, the Punjab government is no longer bound by any of the agreements relating to water sharing of the Beas and Ravi rivers.
It is being seen as a desperate measure by the Punjab government to avoid obeying the orders of the Supreme Court that the Satluj Yamuna link canal be completed within a year failing which the work would be handed over to a central agency.
The Punjab government is banking on the fact that laws made by the legislature are immune from judicial review.
www.ndtv.com /topstories/showtopstory.asp?slug=Punjab+terminates+all+water+agreements&id=14867   (386 words)

Punjab witnessed heavy destruction and damage during Partition, yet, it is one of the most affluent states in the country, today.
The mainstay of Punjab's economy, and the source of its affluence is agriculture.
The famous Punjab Agricultural University is situated on the outskirts of Ludhiana.
www.ashextourism.com /Punjab/punjab_main.htm   (1618 words)

 Punjab Yatra,Punjab Travel Guide,Golden Temple Amritsar,Punjab in North India
For decades, Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab, was known as an affluent but quiet, laid back city ideal for retired people that had little to offer beyond its modern town people and its relaxed way of life.
Yet in Punjab, you will find occasions that especially stand out for managing to capture the popular imagination to the extent of transcending the religion and faith it originated with, crossing over boundaries of caste and creed to bind the state in jubilation.
Punjab, situated in the northern part of the country is well connected to major destinations all across the country and is an easy access from many parts of the world.
www.shubhyatra.com /punjab   (1847 words)

Historically, the area west of Punjab was under the sphere of influence of the Persians; to the east was the heartland of the Indian civilization.
The historical area of Punjab was defined to the east from the basin of the river Bias (including Delhi) to the basin of River Indus in the west.
The high time for Punjab was during the reign of Mughal emperor Babur, when Punjab along with Babur's empire stretched from Delhi in the east to Kabul and Ghazni to the West.
www.mnsu.edu /emuseum/cultural/oldworld/middle_east/punjab.html   (871 words)

 Tourism of India - States of India - North India - Punjab
Punjab, the chief wheat producing area of the country, and predominantly an agricultural state, is the overland entry point into India.
Punjab was the part of India that suffered the most destruction and damage at the time of partition, yet today it is far and away the most affluent state in India, the result of sheer hard work.
Ludhiana is another prominent industrial city of Punjab known for its hosiery and woollen garments sold in prestigious stores all over the world.
www.tourismofindia.com /sts/stpunjab.htm   (473 words)

 South Asia: Punjab
Physically, the Punjab is a large, flat plain of rich alluvial soil (see landuse map).
The northern boundary of the Punjab is formed by the foothills of the Himalayas (the Pir Panjal range in Pakistan and the Shivalik Hills in India).
The northwest sections became the state of Punjab, the southeast area became the state of Haryana, and the hilly regions in the northeast went to the state of Himchal Pradesh.
www.cotf.edu /earthinfo/sasia/punjab/PJtopic1.html   (417 words)

 Punjab cinema blast kills six | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
Besides Islamic militancy, the Punjab was also the scene of a bloody Sikh insurgency, started by militants demanding a separate state, in the 1980s.
Sunday's was the first bombing in seven years, putting the state on high alert, with security tightened at bus and railway stations and around government buildings.
KPS Gill, a former director of police in the state, told the Indian Express his instinct was that Sikh groups were behind the bomb but that Islamic groups "could not be ruled out since militants groups in Punjab and in Jammu and Kashmir have been in touch in the past".
www.guardian.co.uk /india/story/0,,2191554,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=12   (398 words)

 Two spots make room for more - The Boston Globe
Two popular places — the Venezuelan restaurant La Casa de Pedro in Watertown and Punjab, an Indian eatery in Arlington Center — did just that recently, banking on their popularity to carry them to the next level.
La Casa de Pedro moved from a tiny room where the kitchen was open because there was no space for it elsewhere and where the owner, Pedro Alarcón, and his relatives passed dishes over the heads of diners in the cramped dining areas.
Punjab also has some service issues, possibly part of adjusting to a larger room and a slightly more formal feel.
www.boston.com /ae/events/articles/2007/02/22/two_spots_make_room_for_more   (893 words)

 Punjab - Punjab India,Punjab Travel,Punjab Tourism,Punjab State India,Punjab Travel Guide,Punjab Tours,Travelling in ...
While in Punjab, head for Amritsar and the Golden Temple, which is the most revered temple for the Sikhs.
Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and the language spoken is Punjabi.
Punjab subsequently came under various Muslim rulers until the victorious entry of the Mughals in 1526.
www.indiantravelportal.com /punjab   (891 words)

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