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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Puntarenas, Costa Rica
In 1879, a stretch of railroad track was completed which connected Puntarenas with the town of Esparza (one of the country's earliest Spanish settlements, founded in 1554, a decade before the Central Valley began to be colonized) where the oxcart trail came out of the mountains.
In fact, the southern part of Puntarenas province remained sparsely populated by non-natives until the mid-1930's when banana plantations in the Caribbean lowlands were severely affected by a fungal infection known as "Panama disease" leading the United Fruit Co. to abandon those areas and look for somewhere to begin new plantations.
The heat and high rainfall of the southern Pacific lowlands made for an ideal banana-growing climate (again, as in the Caribbean, at the expense of vast areas of tropical rain forest), and so it was that between 1936 and 1955 this area experienced an unprecedented wave of human impact.
www.angelfire.com /bc/gonebirding/puntarenas.html   (2094 words)

 Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Puntarenas lies where the Nicoya Gulf meets the Pacific Ocean and was Costa Rica's major port during the 19th C. Goods, especially coffee, were hauled from all over the country to be shipped to Europe from Puntarenas.
Puntarenas remained the most important port on the Pacific coast while rail access to the Caribbean coast was being built.
Puntarenas is a pleasant town, and many travellers use it as a jumping off point to visit the southern Pacific coast or the Nicoya Peninsula.
www.planetware.com /costa-rica/puntarenas-crc-pu-pu.htm   (224 words)

 Puntarenas Costa Rica
Also belonging to Puntarenas, another feature is the Corcovado National Park -located south, and constituting the habitat of important endemic species such as the gold frog- as well as the Tárcoles River, whose margins are guarded by hundreds of American crocodiles.
Puntarenas is one of the most important tourist regions of Costa Rica.
Puntarenas now boasts a cruise ship terminal at the remodeled Puntarenas Wharf, which has a series of piers and docking areas from which ferries depart for established tourist destinations such as Paquera and Cóbano, as well as tours around the islands and mangrove swamps in the Puntarenas estuary.
www.costa-rica-puntarenas.com   (2841 words)

 Puntarenas Costa Rica Map
Puntarenas is the largest province of Costa Rica.
Puntarenas means “sandy point” and the world known beaches of Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Montezuma and Playa Hermosa are some of the breathtaking locations that this region holds.
While in Puntarenas you can experience some of Costa Rica’s most kept traditions: enjoy eating a whole fresh grilled fish and have a “Churchill” for dessert in one of the many restaurants and sodas along the shore.
www.vacationcity.com /costa-rica/map/puntarenas   (248 words)

 Puntarenas Adventure Travel - Puntarenas Travel Guide
In 1998, Puntarenas initiated a large public works and renovation project that has so far yielded a new cruise-ship docking facility, a convention and recreation center, a modest maritime museum, and an artisans' row where visitors can stock up on regional arts and crafts.
Because Puntarenas is a city, a former port town, and a commercial fishing center, this beach has a very different character from any other in Costa Rica.
Puntarenas is also popular as a weekend holiday spot for Ticos from San José and is at its liveliest on weekends.
away.com /destination-overview/Puntarenas-327235-travel-guide.html   (591 words)

 Puntarenas.com - General Information about Puntarenas, Costa Rica
The geografic coordenates of Puntarenas is 09 11'05" latitude north and 83 59'52" longituded west.
It's width is the most of three hundred and forty kilometers, in a northwest to southeast direction, wich goes from Punta Flor, in the Isle of Chira, Gulf of Nicoya to El Salto, in Punta Burica, that is the international limit with the Republic of Panamá, in Golfito.
Being the coutry's most important fishing port, Puntarenas is the perfect place to enjoy fresh seafood, be it camarones al ajillo (shrimp scampi), pescado entero (a whole fried fish), or ceviche de corvina (bits of fresh fish marinate in lime juice with onions, peppers and spices).
www.puntarenas.com /puntarenas/index.html   (315 words)

 Puntarenas Costa Rica Hotels - Puntarenas City Vacation
Puntarenas is Costa Rica’s largest Province situated 75 miles west of San Jose.
Puntarenas Costa Rica has suffered some economic stagnation but is recovering because of current tourist booms.
Puntarenas remains Costa Rica’s most significant fishing port, making it perfect to enjoy fresh seafood.
www.vacationcity.com /costa-rica/hotels/puntarenas   (203 words)

 Costa Rica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cocos Island stands out because of its distance from continental landmass (24 km² or 9.25 sq mi, 500 km or 310 mi from Puntarenas coast), but Calero Island is the biggest island of the country (151.6 km² or 58.5 sq mi).
Puntarenas (along most of the Pacific coast, with a large bulge in the south-west and a smaller one at the northern end at both sides of the Golfo de Nicoya, where the eponymous capital is located)
Historically, Costa Rica's economy has been based on agriculture, including the production of coffee, bananas, pineapples, and ornamentals, but in recent times ecotourism, electronics, pharmaceuticals, financial outsourcing and software development have become the prime industries.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Costa_Rica   (2874 words)

 Puntarenas - Costa Rica
Puntarenas and Jaco beaches are located on a Gulf in the Pacific coast, about 30 miles from San Jose.
Situated in the gulf protected by the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast, the Puntarenas area has good beaches and a lively atmosphere.
Colonial style resort hotel set in a 1100-acre rainforest bordering Herradura beach, near the town of Jaco, in the Puntarenas region.
www.skylinetravel.com /html/puntarenas.shtml   (590 words)

 Puntarenas Province by the Costa Rica Internet Directory.
MontezumaThis province is very important for Costa Rica because of its beautiful beaches and the fast growth of the hotels for vacation area for national and international tourism.Puntarenas is recognized by Costa Ricans as EL PUERTO, happy place with a nice and good night ambient, excellent seafood, restaurants with national and international food.
An important characteristic of Puntarenas is its annual carnivals that do not go unnoticed for national tourist and many foreign visitors have taken a good experience with them for enjoying this party due to of the annual and big mobilization of these people.
Puntarenas is an ideal place for fishing as sport, also, is a place for fishing as an important source of income and jobs for the residents of this province.
www.costaricainternetdirectory.com /ppuntarenas.htm   (445 words)

 Costa Rica Hotels Chamber / Puntarenas, Beaches and Islands of the Gulf   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Of note are several National Monuments, the old Port Military Headquarters, the Mora and Cañas Parks and the Central Church.
Running parallel to Puntarenas’ main beach, the “Tourist Strip” is highly frequented for its variety of quality tourist services and seaside activities.
Visitors may rest in the shade of the island’s palms, sunbathe on its sugar-white sands or enjoy activities such as touring its forest canopies or kayaking and diving in its crystalline waters.
www.costaricanhotels.com /php/info_zones/Puntarenas_Beaches_b.php   (652 words)

 PUNTARENAS, COSTA RICA - 9*59'N/84*49'W WORLD PORT DIRECTORY HENRY NOWICKI - Travel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Puntarenas, located in the west central part of Costa Rica along the Gulf of Nicoya, is a mid-sized sea port primarily engaged in fishing, exporting of agricultural products and promoting tourism.
Puerto Caldera, the nation's largest port on the Pacific, is ten miles southeast of Puntarenas.
Puntarenas is situated on a four-mile-long spit that extends east-west from the narrow waist of Costa Rica.
maxpages.com /centralamerica/Puntarenas - !http://www.maxpages.com/centralamerica/Puntarenas   (215 words)

 Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Ferry Schedules from Puntarenas to Paquera and Naranjo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The ferry dock is at the tip of Puntarenas, 2 km from the center and the bus terminal.
Its mooring is in the center of Puntarenas behind the fish market, only 3 blocks away from the bus terminal.
From the ferry dock in Puntarenas a local bus drives into the center from where you walk two blocks to the bus terminal.
www.nicoyapeninsula.com /general/boat.html   (261 words)

 Puntarenas City, Costa Rica Canton of Puntarenas
In 1845 the Congress of the Republic declared Puntarenas a duty free Port (with the exception of Cognac and hard licor).
Situated along the Paficic Coast, the district of Puntarenas streches from the Cordillera de Guanacaste and cerros de Tilarán till the Peninsula of Nicoya at the northeastern end and till Garabito at the southern end.
Puntarenas is also the starting point for many excursion and the ferries that go to Playa Naranjo, Paquera, Tambor, Cábano and Malpaís.
www.1-costaricalink.com /costa_rica_provinces/puntarenas_costa_rica/puntarenas_city_costa_rica.htm   (503 words)

 Puntarenas Province Information of Costa Rica
Puntarenas Province Infomation with facts and numbers about history, location, size, banner, population, the different districts, a map with the cantons, weather, borders, coordinates, capital and the anextion a Costa Rica.
During the pre-Columbian time, Puntarenas and the surrounding areas of the Gulf of Nicoya, were occupied by the indigenous group called 'Chorotegas'.
In 1720 the name Puntarenas appeared, and in the beginning of the nineteenth Century the governor Don Tomás de Acosta requested the Royal Audience of Guatemala to declare Puntarenas as Port of the Province of Costa Rica.
www.1-costaricalink.com /costa_rica_provinces/puntarenas_costa_rica.htm   (316 words)

 Costa Rica Nature Tours   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
La Roca: is one of the natural viewpoints more beautiful of the Gulf of Nicoya, where part of the coast of the sea Pacific is appraised,and where we will be able to observe great variety of animals.
Located approximately 1 hour from San José and 1.2 hrs from Puntarenas, the picturesque village of Sarchí is the cradle of wood crafting and decorating in Costa Rica, particularly known for its production of colorful ox-carts.
In this last type of forest, the epífitas plants like mosses, ferns, bromelias and orquídeas abound that grow on the trunks of the trees.
www.puntarenas-cr.com /nature/tours.htm   (976 words)

Puntarenas es una lengua de arena que de adentra en el Golfo de Nicoya sobre la que se asienta la Ciudad del mismo nombre que es puerto de pescadores y del turismo nacional y extranjero.
En playa Organos frente a las islas Tortugas de arenas blancas y parajes escondidos se divisa la entrada y salida de bostes y barcos pesqueros con el encanto natural de esa coloración intensa que caracteriza a esta entrada de mar, que invita a vivir intensamente.
También forma parte de Puntarenas la encantadora y exótica Isla Del Coco, cercana al ecuador, y que remonta a mundos de piratas y tesoros con una exuberante y majestuosa fantasía.
www.lectorias.com /crpuntarenas.html   (572 words)

 Puntarenas Vacation Rentals, Puntarenas Rentals, Condos, cabins, villas, cottages and vacation homes, Central ...
Puntarenas Vacation Rentals can feature Condos, cabins, villas, cottages and vacation homes in Costa Rica.
Costa Rica > Puntarenas > Central Pacific/Nicoya Peninsula > Manuel Antonio > Manuel Antonio
Costa Rica > Puntarenas > Southern Pacific/Osa Peninsula > Cabo Matapalo, near Pto.
www.cyberrentals.com /Puntarenas/s/7960/fa/find.squery   (614 words)

History: The peculiar shape of Puntarenas province has a very sensible explanation.
At least six species can be seen in a ten or fifteen minute viewing span on any day of the year, but you can easily find yourself lingering a lot longer as these feathered fireballs zip back and forth between the feeders and frequently hover just inches away from you.) Puntarenas Costa Rica
Puntarenas, shore trips, cruise tours, Costa Rica, puntarenas costa rica, limon costa rica, limon tours, puntarenas tours
www.cruceros.co.cr /puntarenas.htm   (2286 words)

 Hotels in Puntarenas, Costa Rica from ThisisTravel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Puntarenas hotel and flight deals for every budget.
We currently have 0 hotels in Puntarenas, Costa Rica
We also list facilities and show photographs of all our hotels in Puntarenas.
www.thisistravel.co.uk /sitemap/city/hotels-in-Puntarenas-Costa-Rica-city-hotel-277667.html   (212 words)

 Puntarenas, Costa Rica hotel - Porto Bello
Exotic gardens and multicolored flowers, combined with a waterfront scene of cruising yachts and flocks of gliding seabirds creates a feeling of serene tranquility.
Tropical, casual and private, Porto Bello, offering all the services of a modern luxury hotel, is but minutes away from downtown Puntarenas.
Puntarenas, the principal port on the Pacific, is a scenic one and a half hours drive from San Jose along an excellent highway.
members.aol.com /portbello/hotel.htm   (198 words)

 Costa Rica - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Cocos Island stands out because of its distance from continental landmass (24 km², 500 km from Puntarenas coast), but Calero Island is the biggest island of the country (151.6 km²).
Costa Rica has no military by constitution and maintains only domestic police and security forces for internal security.
Puntarenas (along most of the Pacific coast, with a large bulge in the south-west and a smaller one at the northern end at both sides of the Golfo de Nicoya, where the homonymous capital is located)
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/c/o/s/Costa_Rica_e226.html   (1706 words)

 Puntarenas - Search Results - ninemsn Encarta
Puntarenas, town in western Costa Rica, capital of Puntarenas Province, on the Gulf of Nicoya (an arm of the Pacific Ocean).
Costa Rica is divided into seven provinces: Alajuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Heredia, Limón, Puntarenas, and San José.
Help with Spanish, French, German, and Italian homework.
au.encarta.msn.com /Puntarenas.html   (54 words)

 Royal Caribbean International - Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Tiny Puntarenas, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, is situated between the volcanic beaches of the Golfo de Nicoya and some of the country's highest mountain peaks.
The port of Puntarenas was once the main port for coffee exported to England.
Most visitors to Puntarenas will not want to leave without taking home the delicious flavor of Costa Rican coffee.
www.royalcaribbean.com /findacruise/ports/group/home.do;jsessionid=0000kB2FmHLhFA5ehOu4vQfxst2:v2mocbr0?portCode=SJO   (437 words)

 Puntarenas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Among the most prominent of mine is the town of Puntarenas where I was swindled into a horrible and expensive room, brought to a brothel for a dinner with a "friend", and got lost at nearly every turn.
I woke up before sunrise, determined to catch the first ferry to the Nicoya Penninsula.
Pictured here is the Isla Tortuga silhoetted against this tranquil scene.
www.tburleyphotography.com /Gallery/Puntarenas.htm   (93 words)

 Puntarenas, Costa Rica - SailNet Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
I will be sailing to Costa Rica in February and I am trying to look up an old sailing bud.
I am told that he may be living on his boat in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.
Don't know your bud, but am taking a shot in the dark that you came to Puntarenas and are heading back to the states soon and would like a deck hand.
www.sailnet.com /forums/general-discussion/455-puntarenas-costa-rica.html   (138 words)

 HOTEL PLAYA ESPADILLA, Puntarenas, Costa Rica - Discount Hotel Reservations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Book your hotel room at the HOTEL PLAYA ESPADILLA, Puntarenas with us and save up to 75% OFF normal room rates.
HOTEL PLAYA ESPADILLA, Puntarenas Description: Hotel Playa Espadilla is made of 16 comfortable rooms fully equipped with airconditioner, hot water, cable TV,telephone and safety box.
Located on the Puntarenas City and 200 mts.
www.stayxs.com /new/booking/hotel_detail.asp?hhm_id=4506   (358 words)

 Book Puntarenas Hotels with Local Support and Rates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
: Casitas Eclipse situated in Manuel Antonio, Quepos, 5th kilometer on the highway to Manuel Antonio in Puntarenas.
This independent mediterranean two story houses, offering elegant privacy amidst lush tropical landscaping.
Actual price may vary according to the day/days on which reservation is made.
www.stayxs.com /new/booking/hotel_list.asp?wsid=66&cityid=827   (490 words)

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