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In the News (Fri 25 May 18)

 * Pus - (Disease): Definition
Pus may collect in the inner corner of the eye, appearing also as a dried crust in the eye when you awaken.
Pus forms as a collection of fluid, destroyed tissue cells, white blood cells, and live and dead microorganisms.
Ask the doctor for advice if there's mucus, pus or blood in the diarrhoea; severe stomach pains; no passing of urine over a 12-hour period; if the diarrhoea is continuing after four days; and if there are signs of dehydration.
en.mimi.hu /disease/pus.html   (1183 words)

 pus on Encyclopedia.com
PUS [pus] thick white or yellowish fluid that forms in areas of infection such as wounds and abscesses.
Le joueur monégasque Javier Chevanton (G) aux prises avec Ales Pus de Gorica, mercredi à Nova Gorica Victorieux 3-0 à l'al.
Effects of Streptokinase and Deoxyribonuclease on Viscosity of Human Surgical and Empyema Pus(*).
www.encyclopedia.com /html/p1/pus.asp   (641 words)

Pus is a whitish-yellow or yellow substance that can be found in regions of bacterial infection, including superficial infections, such as pimples, and deeper infections, such as abscesses.
Pus mainly consists of white blood cells and dead bacteria, as well as inflammatory exudate.
When seen in a wound, pus indicates it is infected, and it should be cleaned with an antiseptic.
www.wikiverse.org /pus   (213 words)

El análisis de sangre indicará si existen otros órganos afectados, ya que el útero es un órgano en principio aislado, los encargados de depurar el pus que pasa a la sangre son los riñones y el hígado, que también se pueden ver afectados.
Siempre será mejor el pronóstico en una piómetra abierta, dado que en una piómetra cerrada existe riesgo de que el útero, al seguir llenándose de pus, se rompa y se llene la cavidad abdominal de pus, con la consiguiente producción de peritonitis y riesgo de muerte de la perra.
En casos muy determinados el veterinario puede instaurar un tratamiento encaminado a eliminar el pus, vaciar el útero y restaurar el equilibrio hormonal, pero sólo se suele aplicar en hembras con gran valor reproductivo o en aquellas que por su edad o por otras causas no puedan ser operadas.
www.webmascotas.com /e_piomet.htm   (453 words)

 Skin Diseases Caused By Pus Germs
The pus germs responsible for this condition are rather virulent, yet, almost as soon as they invade the skin, their activity is greatly curtailed.
The varieties capable of causing pus are two in number: the staphylococci, which resemble bunches of grapes when studied under the microscope, and the streptococci, which occur in chains when similarly studied.
Before describing the common skin conditions caused by pus germs, it would not be amiss to discuss, in brief, the characteristics and the mode of action of these germs.
www.oldandsold.com /articles06/skin-care-18.shtml   (1152 words)

 Polyurethanes — An Introduction
PUs can be processed into elastomers, coatings, adhesives, binders, sealants and foams for a host of applications in, amongst others, the shoe, clothing, furniture, domestic appliance, building, marine, electrical engineering and transport industries.
Uniquely PUs can be tailored, by both chemistry and processing, to yield products in a wide variety of forms and which allow the processor to control the nature and the properties of the end product.
The outstanding properties of PU adhesives have resulted in widespread use for rigorous engineering applications, particularly in the automotive sector where high strength/weight ratios and reliability are important.
www.azom.com /details.asp?ArticleID=217   (784 words)

 Pus and Us
The pus we find shows up in one of five colors: clear (not very lame); pink (fresh puncture), white (seeping and sore) gray and black (three-legged-lay-down lame).
The notch is just deep enough to drain the pus from the abscess, but not deeper into the blood line.
In the case of the hoof, this path is through the laminae, exiting through the white line or the coronary band (as a gravel) or out through the wound if caused by a puncture.
www.horseshoes.com /advice/pusandus/pusandus.htm   (1011 words)

Pus consists of macrophages (a type of white blood cell), debris, dead and dying cells and necrotic tissue complements, formed by the process of necrosis.
An accumulation of pus in an enclosed tissue space is known as an abscess.
Pus is a whitish-yellow or yellow substance that can be found in regions of bacterial infection, including superficial infections, such as pimples.
www.omniknow.com /common/wiki.php?in=en&term=Pus   (345 words)

 ¿Qué es una infección de oído?
Cuando el pus se acumula en el interior del oído medio, uno tiene la sensación de que el oído se le ha convertido en un globo que está a punto de explotar, lo que puede ser muy doloroso.
El oído medio es un una pequeña cámara de aire que tenemos detrás del tímpano.
Si el médico considera que lo que tienes es una infección bacteriana, probablemente te recetará un medicamento llamado antibiótico.
www.kidshealth.org /PageManager.jsp?dn=familydoctor&lic=44&cat_id=20267&article_set=41701&ps=304   (836 words)

 Virginia Hospital Center - Empiema
El empiema es causado por una infeccin que se disemina desde el pulmn y que lleva a una acumulacin de pus en el espacio pleural.
El mdico coloca una sonda torcica para drenar completamente el pus y puede ser necesario que un cirujano efecte una decorticacin (pelado de la cubierta del pulmn) si el pulmn no se expande adecuadamente.
El lquido infectado se puede acumular hasta una cantidad de una pinta (470cc) o ms, ejerciendo una presin en los pulmones que causa dolor y dificultad para respirar.
www.virginiahospitalcenter.com /adam/content.asp?genContentID=SP_ENCY000123   (403 words)

 The Spectrum Online:
El Pus is a self-proclaimed fusion of rap and punk from Atlanta, whose lyrics embody none of the raw passion associated with those genres of music.
El Pus may be a fusion of different musical styles, but their output is pure garbage.
Unfortunately, El Pus lacks any form of tact in exploiting such a unique element.
wings.buffalo.edu /publications/spectrum/article.php?id=19131   (308 words)

 MilkSucks.com: Got Pus?
PETA is calling on the USDA to lower the legal limit of allowable pus cells in milk to the limit used by the rest of the industrialized world.
One culprit causing the hundreds of millions of pus cells in every liter of milk may be “bovine growth hormone,” the Monsanto chemical company’s growth hormone marketed as Posilac.
Pus can contain paratuberculosis bacteria, which are believed to cause Crohn’s disease in human beings.
www.milksucks.com /pus.html   (464 words)

 Acné para adolescentes- versión breve -- Pediatric Advisor
El pus debe salir por sí mismo sin necesidad de presionar el barro.
Limpie el pus y lave el área afectada con agua y jabón.
El acné se observa infectado (es decir, en caso de que se observen granillos grandes, rojizos y sensibles).
www.medformation.com /ac/crspa.nsf/file/crs-pa-hhgspan_acne_sv   (450 words)

 Static Multimedia - El Pus - Hoodlum Rock: Vol. 1
El Pus is a genre melding quintet from Atlanta who bring the styles of punk, emo, hip-hop, and rap with a hard core gangsta look to a unique blend unto themselves.
El Pus will hit the road this summer on the Vans Warped Tour where they could easily be the best band on the bill, and they could easily fit on any other tour they wish.
Virgin Records was smart in picking up El Pus, who recently released their first album Hoodlum Rock.
www.staticmultimedia.com /content/music/reviews/cd/review_1113511929   (496 words)

 Pus Cell Count In CA's 'Happy Cow' Milk Soars
The latest state-by-state pus cell count, as reported in the April 10, 2004 issue of Hoard's Dairyman, the "National Dairy Farm Magazine," (page 268) reveals that the number of pus cells in milk from California's unhappily diseased "Happy Cows" has soared to a new heights.
When pus cell counts increase, that is a sign of diseased and stressed cows, not happy cows.
Their pus cell count has been reduced from an average of 297 million to 286 million.
www.rense.com /general51/pus.htm   (386 words)

 Tratamiento y prevención de la sinusitis
El niño debe mantenerse tumbado sobre le regazo de la madre y con la cabeza situada entre las rodillas del padre, situándola un poco más baja que los hombros.
El problema es que los preparados comerciales de soluciones salinas contienen preservativos que pueden ser irritantes para la nariz del niño y además las botellas son demasiado grandes.
El mecanismo principal parece ser que estos contaminantes enlentecen el funcionamiento normal de los cilios de la nariz.
www.redmedica.com.mx /medicina/txprevsinus.html   (1121 words)

Se realiza una punción en el cerebro a través de un pequeño agujero (trépano) practicado en el cráneo, para aspirar el pus contenido en el absceso.
El tratamiento antibiótico por sí solo no suele ser suficiente, por lo que habitualmente es necesario intervenir quirúrgicamente para evacuar el pus del cerebro.
Los objetivos del tratamiento son tres: identificar el germen causante de la infección, iniciar tratamiento con antibióticos, y evacuar el pus contenido en el cerebro al exterior.
www.senec.org /absceso.htm   (646 words)

 El Pus: "Hoodlum Rock, Vol. 1." AccessAtlanta
El Pus is as much a rock band as a rap group, but the rock elements are more punk than Papa Roach.
It's Atlanta quintet El Pus (pronounced poose), and the band's major-label debut is a party on a little silver disc.
The CD might remind you of the genre-busting N.E.R.D. albums of the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, but El Pus is rawer and rowdier.
www.accessatlanta.com /music/content/music/cds/0305/01elpus.html   (300 words)

 El Pus - Skateboard UK
But El Pus defiantly shun the categories, smashing the rules and regulations of what music should be with a bold disposition.
How's this for a collision course, Jay-Z? This is the ultimate mash-up: the world of El Pus (pronounced "El Poose"), the Atlanta-based band fronted by vocalists and producers Cufi and Cosmo, and also featuring lead guitarist C.J. (aka Johnny Rock), bassist "the Woodchuck," and drummer Young Pete.
El Pus started to play around the city of Atlanta, a place that embraces musical mash-ups.
www.sk8uk.co.uk /forums/index.php?showtopic=6199   (958 words)

 Mauro de Salerno (ca 1130-1214)
El llamado el segundo Galeno de Salerno fue uno de los mas prolíficos autores de su tiempo.
Pero si como dice Hipócrates, el dolor persiste mas de veinte días, se supone que la naturaleza tuvo fuerza suficiente para soportar el dolor y si a fiebre continua, eso indica que la materia no se congregó para formar el absceso pero fue eliminada a traves de hemorragia nasal".
En relación con los abscesos cerebrales dice "antes de comenzar el absceso de la duramadre hay dolor agudo, cuando invade la pia, el dolor se aumenta y cuando llega al cerebro alcanza su máxima intensidad, se acompaña de trastornos mentales y la muerte sobreviene rapidamente.
www.compumedicina.com /historia/hm_251200.htm   (429 words)

 PRESS RELEASE Virgin's El Pus Emerging as Prime Genre-Busters of 2005; Group Joins Warped Tour Through Summer
As the mainstream media discovers El Pus, an obvious sense of surprise and satisfaction is developing, that the still-unfinished business between punk, pop and hip-hop is being concluded with such creativity, style and energy: "They pull it from everywhere," raved Boston's Louder Magazine.
The excitement surrounding the band is in large part based on a growing realization that El Pus are the players who've found the key to cracking the boundaries between rock and hip-hop for once and for all.
The crucial fusion of styles, in fact, had been an unpredictable stroke of good and bad luck for the band, when a sampler was stolen from gigging hip-hop MC duo Kufi and Cosmo, and the show went on with live guitar, bass and drums.
www.marketwire.com /mw/release_html_b1?release_id=84514   (697 words)

 Blogger: Email Post to a Friend
El Pus manages to accomplish what we haven't seen the likes of since, perhaps, Fishbone: formed an all-black rock band that raps and sings with equal power.
El Pus is equal parts Red Hot Chili Peppers, N.E.R.D. and OutKast, with flows and delivery that will make you bang your head, bounce and laugh at the same time.
Within weeks of reading this, I think El Pus will probably explode in popularity and even people who don't like rap will be singing their anthemic rock song, "Suburb Thuggin'".
www.blogger.com /email-post.g?blogID=7386929&postID=111179688077966808   (515 words)

 Radio Progreso - Su Reportero RP
Hasta ese momento se practicaba en el país -a partir de una experiencia europea- la variolación, consistente en la contaminación con el pus de las viruelas humanas, por lo que el procedimiento de Romay abrió el debate sobre la efectividad de su método.
Para probar la eficacia, el galeno acudió a una demostración pública: dos de sus pequeños hijos (uno de ellos de apenas 29 días de nacido), previamente inmunizados, fueron inoculados con el pus de un enfermo de viruelas y no contrajeron la enfermedad.
El 13 de julio de 1804 quedó constituida en La Habana la Junta Central de Vacuna, de la cual el sabio cubano fue Secretario Facultativo, cargo que ocupó por más de tres décadas.
www.radioprogreso.cu /despliegue.php?de=reportero&idti=4813   (802 words)

 Periapical Abscess: Tooth Disorders: Merck Manual Home Edition
Depending on the location of the tooth, the pus may drain into soft tissues (cellulitis), causing swelling in the jaw, or drain to the floor of the mouth, in the area of the cheeks, or even to the skin.
The body attacks an infection with large numbers of white blood cells; pus is the accumulation of these white blood cells, dead tissue, and bacteria.
Usually, pus from a tooth infection drains into the gums first, so the gums swell near the root of the tooth.
www.merck.com /mmhe/sec08/ch114/ch114d.html   (159 words)

 Las Vegas Entertainment -- LvTv
An interview with the band, El Pus, whose energy, attitude, and music are breaking all the rules.
www.lvtv.com /vegasnoise/vn22-elpus-index.html   (17 words)

 Printable Version
El Pus has never been interested in masquerading as a DJ -- even at its purist hip-hop moments.
Whereas the rap-rock of the late '90s was more about riffs than rhymes, El Pus build grooves and verses simultaneously, the rhythm of the words playing up beat and vice versa.
By the time the duo had assembled a quick band out of friends and studio musicians, the idea for El Pus was fleshed out almost completely.
www.lasvegascitylife.com /articles/2005/04/26/music/music03.prt   (509 words)

 RS Management ~ The Urban Agency & Management Group
EL Pus is not your Kid Rock or Limp Bizkit, or whatever bands you may have conjured from the description of their style; they have talent.Their lyrics are well thought out and written with a driving force behind them.
El Pus’s songs on their debut album on Virgin Records “Hoodlum Rock” (Volume 1) crosses many musical boundaries.
The first single “ Suburb Thuggin,” is a somewhat humorous look at the suburban youth and the way they may dress and act.
www.redskyyent.com /inthenews.htm   (520 words)

 Ojo, Pus O Supuración - Childrens Hospital San Diego
Pus seca en los párpados y pestañas.  Es probable que, en especial, las pestañas amanezcan pegadas con lagañas.
Quite la pus: Quite toda la pus seca y líquida del ojo con agua tibia y con un pedazo de algodón mojado por lo menos cada hora.  Una vez que obtenga las gotas de antibiótico, quite la pus antes de poner las gotas para que puedan hacer efecto.
No tiene pus en el ojo, vea OJO, ENROJECIMIENTO (SIN PUS)
www.chsd.org /1137.cfm   (425 words)

 7 Digital - News
El Pus (pronounced "El Poose"), are a five-piece from Atlanta, Georgia, that have the perfect mix of punk-pop and hip-hop, and a good dose of crunk.
They're fresh off a North American tour supporting Reel Big Fish, and festival appearances at Pukkelpop and Lowlands in BeNeLux (apparently the audience and crew forced the band to play an encore).
downloads.7digital.com /content.aspx?id=1775   (137 words)

'el joH *pe'tlho* *tlhaw'DIyo* je, cha' wej ghap latlh je.
'el *tlhaw'DIyo*, joH *pe'tlho*, *baltlha'Sar*, weQ ghajbogh wej'e' loS'e' ghap je.
'el *le'ona'to*; qanbogh *'anto'nIyo*, *le'ona'to* loDnI' je 'ej ghom.
services.tos.net /text/klingon/kli-ado.txt   (5738 words)

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