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Topic: Putsch

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Mr. Putsch goes to Washington
Putsch has wrecked that, and now wants to convince the American people that what they really, really want is a government that is less effective and helpful, but which costs more.
Putsch is also facing mounting opposition to his theocracy scheme whereby churches take public money and tell the public what they must do in order to get it back.
Putsch also has to deal with the bact that people are asking about his promises to improve spending on public schools and not to touch the social security funds.
www.zeppscommentaries.com /Politics/Putsch.htm   (1218 words)

 Putsch's first budget
Putsch’s first budget is out, and if you need any evidence that Putsch and his junta are a bunch of mean, greedy, short-sighted, stupid bastards, the proof is all there in fl and white.
Putsch even managed, while wrapping himself and his budget in the flag, to renege on promises made to New York City that funds for the WTC victims would be in addition to the $20 billion allocated to the city.
But Putsch will gleefully run medicare and social security into the ground, crow that it failed because it was inefficient, and turn it over to his buddies who will provide the social services at a fat profit at the expense of the taxpayer.
www.zeppscommentaries.com /Sociology/budget.htm   (1028 words)

 Wikinfo | Beer Hall Putsch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Beer Hall Putsch (German Hitlerputsch) occurred in the evening of Thursday, November 8 to early afternoon of Friday, November 9, 1923 when the nascent Nazi party's Führer Adolf Hitler, the popular World War I General Erich Ludendorff, and other leaders of the Kampfbund, unsuccessfully tried to gain power in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
Around 3 in the morning, the first casualties of the putsch occurred when the local garrison of the Reichswehr spotted Röhm's men coming out of the beer hall.
Hitler's first mention in the NY Times was on November 9, 1923, or within a couple of days of that date, about a year before the Putsch, in which the article noted that there was a movement by someone named "Hittler" who fancied himself a "Bavarian Mussolini".
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Beer_Hall_Putsch   (2202 words)

 ::The Beer Hall Putsch of 1923::
The Beer Hall Putsch of November 1923, or the Munich Putsch, was Hitler’s attempt to overthrow the Weimar government of Ebert and establish a right wing nationalistic one in its place.
On November 8th and 9th1923, Hitler used the anger felt against the Berlin government in Bavaria to attempt an overthrow of the regional government in Munich in prelude to the take-over of the national government.
In later years, Hitler portrayed the Beer Hall Putsch as a great example of bravery but such was the control of information from 1933 to 1945, we may never know the full truth.
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /beer_hall_putsch_of_1923.htm   (1640 words)

 Kapp Putsch - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Kapp Putsch, a failed revolt by right-wing Germans which began on March 13, 1920 and was led by Wolfgang Kapp, a Reichstag member in the...
The Weimar Republic, which was established in the wake of Germany’s defeat in World War I, met with enormous opposition from both conservative...
The SA was the creation of Ernst Röhm, who first met the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in January 1920 and joined him in supporting the failed Kapp Putsch...
uk.encarta.msn.com /Kapp_Putsch.html   (124 words)

 Beerhall Putsch
On the evening of November 8, 1923, the Putsch began at the Bürgerbräukeller, where a large group of prominent Bavarians had gathered, among them Kahr, Lossow, and Seisser, as well as Hitler and Erich Ludendorff.
The former army general quartermaster, Ludendorff was the man who was mainly responsible for Germany's military policy and strategy in the latter years of World War I. For half an hour, Kahr had been reading a prepared speech to the crowd of 3,000 packed into the Burgerbräukeller, when Hitler made his grand entrance.
The next morning, a bitterly cold one, with the putsch rapidly crumbling, Hitler and Ludendorff decided on a demonstration march to Röhm’s rescue through the city.
stevenlehrer.com /beerhall_putsch.htm   (901 words)

 Putsch Mortem   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
But it was a stillborn putsch at best, nipped in the bud by its sheer idiocy.
Even as the crowd at Edsa had swelled to the hundreds of thousands, it was clear that the overthrow of the Arroyo administration and the return of Estrada to power was a most unlikely scenario.
The ringleaders of the putsch certainly geared the pro-Estrada forces for political battle: the opposition party Puwersa ng Masa (PnM) and its big business and criminal financiers; pro-Estrada local government officials and candidates; the People’s Movement Against Poverty (PMAP); and party-list groups allied with PnM like Kammpil, Aasahan, Jeep, PRP, PMP and Bagong Bayani.
www.bulatlat.com /archive/012putschmortem.htm   (1306 words)

 Munich Putsch
The Putsch grew out of Hitler's attempt to exploit the crisis of 1923.
Although the Putsch failed, it - and the trial that followed - turned Hitler into a national hero, and laid the foundation of his future success.
In September 1923, the German Chancellor, Stresemann, called off the general strike in the Ruhr (it was ruining Germany).
www.johndclare.net /Weimar_Munich_putsch.htm   (581 words)

 Algeria - The Generals' Putsch
The leaders of this "generals' putsch" intended to seize control of Algeria as well as topple the de Gaulle regime.
The "generals' putsch" marked the turning point in the official attitude toward the Algerian war.
The army had been discredited by the putsch and kept a low profile politically throughout the rest of France's involvement with Algeria.
countrystudies.us /algeria/34.htm   (676 words)

 Funagain Games: Putsch
Government and Opposition, Military and Financiers and of course the Guerillas are the participants in Putsch.
Putsch is a game featuring cards, bidding, money, and many interactive elements.
Putsch has up to eight countries to vie for (depending on the number of players), with each country having five groups all represented in card form.
www.funagain.com /control/product/~product_id=04476/~affiliate_id=LUDI   (1844 words)

 Putsch news page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In a sense, it would be superfluous for Countdown to Putsch to officially "call it quits", since doing so would not change our state of inactivity, but would only serve as a decision to not do anything as Countdown to Putsch in the future.
Countdown to Putsch is now in the process of trying to get as much press as possible to compensate for its low level of public performances, despite a couple of great shows in December.
Countdown to Putsch is a band of musical activists that, due to the individual workloads of each member (Chris, Ben and Rich), has always operated under severe restrictions of time and resources.
life.bio.sunysb.edu /~cjjensen/putsch/putsch.html   (12919 words)

 Beer Hall Putsch
Hitler jumped onto a table, fired two shots in the air and told the audience that the Munich Putsch was taking place and the National Revolution had began.
Leaving Hermann Goering and the SA to guard the 3,000 officials, Hitler took Gustav von Kahr, Otto von Lossow, the commander of the Bavarian Army and Hans von Lossow, the commandant of the Bavarian State Police into an adjoining room.
After hiding in a friend's house for several days, Adolf Hitler was arrested and put on trial for his role in the Beer Hall Putsch.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /GERbeer.htm   (1071 words)

 ::Kapp Putsch::
The Kapp Putsch took place in Weimar Germany in March 1920.
Wolfgang Kapp was a right-wing journalist who opposed all that he believed Friedrich Ebert stood for especially after what he believed was the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles.
The Kapp Putsch was a direct threat to Weimar’s new government.
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /kapp_putsch.htm   (474 words)

 Weimar Problems
This led to hyperinflation and a number of rebellions (particularly Hitler's Munich Putsch)..
It failed to support government during the Kapp Putsch or the crisis of 1923.
After the Kapp Putsch, 700 rebels were tried for treason; only 1 went to prison.
www.johndclare.net /Weimar3.htm   (582 words)

 The Beer Hall Putsch
The failure of the “Beer Hall Putsch” brought the obscure man with the funny moustache his first national publicity.
On December 20, 1924, Hitler was released from prison.
The failure of the “Beer Hall Putsch” taught Hitler valuable lessons that he would use to win and hold power later.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Holocaust/beer.html   (658 words)

 The Kapp Putsch
A right-wing coup d'état in March 1920, the Kapp Putsch--named for its leader, Wolfgang Kapp--failed only because of a general strike.The military had refused to intervene, although it did brutally suppress some Communist-inspired uprisings shortly thereafter.
The establishment's tacit support of unlawful right-wing actions such as the Kapp Putsch and violent repression of the left endured to the end of the Weimar Republic.
This support could also be seen in the sentences meted out by the courts to perpetrators of political violence.
www.schoolshistory.org.uk /ASLevel_History/kappputsch.htm   (549 words)

 Putsch - Wikipedia
Häufig folgt auf einen Putsch eine Militärdiktatur oder die Herrschaft eines autoritären Regimes.
Bei einem Putsch wird der gewaltsame Sturz der Regierung von außen versucht (etwa vom Militär), während an einem Staatsstreich ein oder mehrere Mitglieder der aktuellen Regierung beteiligt sind.
April 1961: le putsch des généraux oder Putsch d'Alger, ein Versuch hochrangiger franz.
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/Putsch   (518 words)

 The Beer Hall Putsch - Prologue
In February 1924, the leader of a small extreme right wing party in Germany was put on trial for treason, a mere incident in a long line of similar rebellions against the government that had been going on since 1919.
It is one of the fascinating what-ifs of history to speculate what if Ludendorff had not been on trial.
The Beer Hall putsch, so called because the first overt act of the attempted take-over of government took place in the Buergerbraukeller, in south-east Munich, was the first instance of Hitler overreaching himself and the first of many where he showed his ability to recover and even to enhance his position.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/third_reich/48321   (462 words)

 The Kapp Putsch
As a matter of self-preservation the SPD, USPD and trade union leaders appealed to the workers to put down this military putsch and defend the republic.
In June 1920 the USPD became the second largest party in the Reichstag with 81 deputies; in the Landstags of Saxony, 'I'huringia and Brunswick it became the largest party.
There was widespread revulsion - as with the Kapp putsch and moves towards united working class action, which the KPD used to the maximum effect.
www.marxist.com /germany/chapter4.html   (3062 words)

 Putsch, page
In 1923 Hitler tried to seize power in München (Germany), believing he had the support of elements of the military.
Lenin's seizure of power in November 1917 from the Provisional Government was a typical Putsch.
It is distinguished from a coup d'etat (golpe de estado) which is usually the seizure of power by the leaders of the military, classically by capturing or killing the current head of state.
www.angelfire.com /mac/egmatthews/worldinfo/glossary/putsch.html   (110 words)

 The Beerhall Putsch: The Violent Birth of the Third Reich and Nazi Rise to Power
Southern Germany was in turmoil: a very conservative area with fractioned political parties, it had a strong over-representation of members and sympathizers of the fringe radical group "The National Socialists" (the Nazis) under the volatile little leader named Adolf Hitler and his cohort, Goebbels.
The Beer hall Putsch failed in toppling the Weimar, and Hitler was banned for a few years from public speaking, but by 1930 the Weimar would fold and an emergency government would rule Germany until '33.
It took only 10 years from the time Adolf Hitler was jailed for violence and sedition to his appointment as president and chancellor of Germany.
www.shoaheducation.com /putsch.html   (617 words)

 The Rise of Hitler - Nov. 8/9 1923 The Beer Hall Putsch
The Rise of Hitler - Nov. 8/9 1923 The Beer Hall Putsch
A series of financial events unfolded in the years 1921 though 1923 that would propel the Nazis to new heights of daring and would even prompt Hitler into attempting to take over Germany.
Troops were rushed in and by dawn the War Ministry building containing Röhm and his SA troops was surrounded.
www.historyplace.com /worldwar2/riseofhitler/putsch.htm   (1481 words)

 Decades History Timelines - Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
When the putsch failed, Hitler was initially despondant and considered suicide.
Once he learned that he would not be executed and would have a public trial, he focused on turning it into a publicity platform.
During his prison time, he wrote the first part of "Mein Kampf." He was released on parole after serving about eight months.
www.decades.com /Timeline/n/961.htm   (699 words)

 A.Word.A.Day -- putsch
An infamous example was the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.
Hitler and his cohorts stormed a beer hall in Munich where a meeting of the Bavarian government was taking place.
The putsch failed and they were sentenced to prison.
wordsmith.org /words/putsch.html   (200 words)

 Browse by Artist: PUTSCH '79
An album laden with joyous steaming grooves made for the hips as well as the mind, and all the product of two Finnish guys (living in the extreme north of Finland) toiling thru 24 hours without daylight making musical sunshine to entertain themselves.
Surprising enough (When you take into account Finland has one of the highest rates of suicide) its not all doom and darkness in Finland, because Putsch '79s debut is an album that sparkles, bringing a smile to your faces and a wiggle to your butt.
Recently Putsch '79 did produce remixes for Naked Music, Mood Music Juan Maclean on DFA, B.W.H. on Radius, and they have influenced several other producers.
www.forcedexposure.com /artists/putsch.79.html   (568 words)

 The Munich Putsch
The consequences of the Munich Putsch were probably of more significance than the uprising itself.
At his trial, Hitler was allowed to make long speeches explaining his reasons.
I propose that, until accounts have been finally settled with the November criminals, the direction of policy in the National Government be taken over by me. Adolf Hitler, in a speech made during the Munich Putsch.
www.schoolshistory.org.uk /ASLevel_History/munichputsch.htm   (568 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with putsch
Find Deals on putsch and other Home and Garden at DealTime.
Find, compare and buy Putsch and other Home and Garden products.
You can give your photos a "tag", which is like a keyword.
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/putsch   (83 words)

 Putsch 79 interview by dax DJ *
Sami: Putsch '79 is about grooving disco beats, throbbing basslines, smooth chords with influences from house and techno.
Lots of references to good old disco and funk.
I wish there would be more vocal tracks there but that’s the territory we’re going to explore more in the future.
www.family-house.net /putsch79.html   (430 words)

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