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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Pyrenees Guide .com - Pyrenees tourism travel guide
The Pyrenees Mountains are said to be "a wonderland to the holiday-maker", whether your interests be hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, skiing or simply the desire for adventure.
In the past thirty years the Pyrenees have been rediscovered and is everyday increasing in popularity and becoming an alternative to the well-known Alps.
Pyrenees Guide.com wants to be the information resource for all English Language walkers and climbers interested in the Pyrenees.
www.pyreneesguide.com   (108 words)

  Pyrenees - LoveToKnow 1911
Pyrenees], a range of mountains in south-west Europe, separating the Iberian Peninsula from France, and extending for about 240 m., from the Bay of Biscay to Cape Creus, or, if only the main crest of the range be considered, to Cape Cerbere, on the Mediterranean Sea.
The central Pyrenees extend eastward from the Port de Canfranc to the valley of Aran, and include the highest summits of the whole chain, Aneto or Pic de Nethou (11,168 ft.), in the Maladetta ridge, Posets (11,047 ft.), and Mont Perdu or Monte Perdido (10,997 ft.).
In the Atlantic Pyrenees the average altitude gradually diminishes westward; while in the eastern Pyrenees, with the exception of one break at the eastern extremity of the Pyrenees Ariegeoises, the mean elevation is maintained with remarkable uniformity, till at last a rather; sudden decline occurs in the portion of the chain known as the Alberes.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Pyrenees   (1995 words)

 GGAC Pyrenees
The Pyrenees is a mountain chain extending for some 1500 km from the northwestern Iberian Peninsula to the eastern Alps.
In the east, the Pyrenees were overprinted by the Neogene extensional features related with the opening of the Gulf of Lions and the drift of the Corso-Sardinian block.
The central Pyrenees have the characteristics of an asymmetrical tectonic double-wedge of upper crustal rocks.
www.ub.es /ggac/research/piris/piris.htm   (1182 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Pyrenees   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the Eastern Pyrenees, with the exception of one break at the eastern extremity of the Pyrénées Ariégeoises, the mean elevation is maintained with remarkable uniformity until a sudden decline occurs in the portion of the chain known as the Albères.
The eastern part of the Pyrenees consists largely of granite and gneissose rocks, while in the western part the granite peaks are flanked by layers of limestone.
In the summer and autumn, the Pyrenees are featured in two of the sport of cycling's grand tours, the Tour de France held annually in July and La Vuelta a España held in September.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Pyrenees   (1326 words)

 American Kennel Club - Great Pyrenees
The Great Pyrenees dog conveys the distinct impression of elegance and unsurpassed beauty combined with great overall size and majesty.
Proportion--The Great Pyrenees is a balanced dog with the height measured at the withers being somewhat less than the length of the body measured from the point of the shoulder to the rearmost projection of the upper thigh (buttocks).
Although the Great Pyrenees may appear reserved in the show ring, any sign of excessive shyness, nervousness, or aggression to humans is unacceptable and must be considered an extremely serious fault.
www.akc.org /breeds/great_pyrenees/index.cfm   (1191 words)

 Great Pyrenees Information and Pictures, Flock Guardian
The Great Pyrenees is a capable and imposing guardian, devoted to its family, and somewhat wary of strangers - human or canine.
The Pyrenees is considered the aristocratic relative of the St. Bernard and the Newfoundland.
Born to live in the mountains, this versatile breed has also served man in other ways: as an avalanche rescue dog, as a cart-puller and a sled dog, as a pack dog on ski trips, and as a companion and defender of family and property.
www.dogbreedinfo.com /greatpyrenees.htm   (893 words)

 Pyrenees. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The high stage of civilization reached in the Pyrenees by early humans is evidenced by the prehistoric cave paintings at Altamira and Aurignac (see Paleolithic art).
Characteristic of the French Pyrenees, which are much steeper than the southern slopes, are the torrents called gaves, often falling in cascades, and the natural amphitheaters known as cirques, notably the famous Cirque de Gavarnie.
The Pyrenees are rich in timber and in pastures, and the many streams are utilized by hydroelectric power stations.
www.bartleby.com /65/py/Pyren.html   (570 words)

 Pyrenees wine region - Wine regions of Western Victoria - Wineries - Victoria, Australia
And the reputation of the shiraz from the Pyrenees is well-known in Europe where these wines are regarded similarly to those from the Rhône Valley.
Primarily known for its red wines, the Pyrenees region was originally selected by the French Remy Martin group in the 1960s for the production of brandy.
The 6.5 hectare vineyard and winery is in the northern foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges.
www1.visitvictoria.com /displayObject.cfm/ObjectID.000CE0DE-7045-1A66-88CD80C476A90318/vvt.vhtml   (401 words)

 Pyrenees Accommodation
Pyrenees Accommodation.com offers you a selection of the best charming Hotels in the Pyrenees Mountains.
We offer you friendly and warm quality accomodation throughout the Pyrenees, located in beautifully restored palaces and historic houses.
Discover the Pyrenees, a diverse area with a superb cuisine and a rich culture lapped by the Costa Brava and the Basque Coast.
www.pyreneesaccommodation.com   (72 words)

The Great Pyrenees dogs take their name from the Pyrenees mountain range in southwestern France where they long have been used as guardians of the flocks.
Many stories are told of the Great Pyrenees who has protected his herd at the risk of his own life.
The Great Pyrenees, while being very large and having a fearsome, deep bark and growl, is actually quite a friendly animal.
www.sugarcreekfarmandinn.com /pyrenees.htm   (388 words)

 What to feed a Great Pyrenees
The idea was to provide pet owners (both those who wanted to cook for their companion pets or those who wanted to buy an all-breed/any-breed preservative filled food for their pets) information about food sources to use or avoid.
The Great Pyrenees developed in the Pyrenees mountains, on the border between France and Spain.
There are over 170 different molecular forms of the mineral "calcium." The source of the mineral calcium that a Great Pyrenees can easily assimilate can be hard for a different breed to assimilate and thus that other breed can develop kidney stones on the best source of calcium for a Great Pyrenees.
home.att.net /~wdcusick/GreatPyrenees.html   (1412 words)

 Great Pyrenees: What's Good About 'Em? What's Bad About 'Em?
The Great Pyrenees is patient with his own family's children, but some are overprotective when neighbors join in for rough-and-tumble play.
Great Pyrenees have a deep, impressive bark, which they tend to use freely, especially at night when they are most vigilant.
To keep your Great Pyrenees in, and to keep other animals out, fences should be high, with wire sunk into the ground along the fence line to thwart digging.
www.yourpurebredpuppy.com /reviews/greatpyrenees.html   (1188 words)

 Pyrenees France - French Guide - IndigoGuide Pyrenees
The west Pyrenees are covered in the Basque Country section, with guides to Biarritz and Bayonne.
In the central Pyrenees, Pau is home to the first 18-hole golf course to be built on continental Europe, in 1860.
The eastern area of the Pyrenees is distinctly Catalan in feel and it was only incorporated into France in 1659.
www.indigoguide.com /france/pyrenees.htm   (558 words)

Situated in a pretty village in the foothills of the Pyrenees a village house with 177m² habitable surface.
Situated inon the borders of the Hautes Pyrenees, Pyrenees Atlantic and the Gers 35 minutes from Pau and 29 kms from Tarbes.
Originally built in the 17th century this huge L shaped house set in 3 hectares of land has been updated with new oak beams and roof and is now awaiting the renovation work to be completed.
www.sudfr.com /immobilier/hautes_pyrenees.htm   (2424 words)

 Walking in the Pyrenees
The Pyrenees is a range of mountains running along the border between Spain and France, in Europe.
This applies to most of the main walks in the Pyrenees: the terrain is difficult, and a certain degree of physical training is necessary.
The scenery is splendid, with the silhouette of the high Pyrenees is the distance.
perso.orange.fr /fevre/html/pyren_en.htm   (1486 words)

 Horseriding treks in the French and Spanish Pyrenees
- The Eastern and Cathar Pyrenees - The Catalan Pyrenees - Pyrenees Discovery - Morocco
Goueytes Dijous enjoys an exceptionally beautiful situation near the village of Saurat in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees, close to Cathar country and the Spanish Pyrenees.
In little villages seemingly at the end of the world you'll be warmly welcomed by inhabitants who still live by the rythm of the seasons.
www.ariege.com /goueytes-dijous/info.html   (159 words)

 Pyrenean Mountain Tours | Pyrenees Holidays | Sitemap
Pyrenees activity holidays: outdoor adventure holidays perfect for families and groups - based in Luz St Sauveur in the heart of the French Pyrenees
Pyrenees accommodation: hotels, apartments and gites for rent in the Pyrenees
Choose from a range of hotels, apartments and gites to rent in the Pyrenees.
www.pyrenees.co.uk /sitemap.html   (499 words)

 Dog Owner's Guide Profile: Great Pyrenees
Today, the Great Pyrenees ranks 45th in popularity among the AKC registered breeds with 4,521 individuals and 1639 litters registered in 1996.
As thick and plush as the coat is, the Great Pyrenees should not be shaved in the summer; instead he should be given a shady spot and plenty of fresh water.
Great Pyrenees rescue groups are often inundated with dogs that were purchased without understanding of the size, independence, and hairiness of the breed.
www.canismajor.com /dog/gpyr.html   (1500 words)

 Toulouse-Blagnac Airport
Welcome to the Pyrenees, the mountainous home to the izard, bear, ramondia and lily.
Welcome to the place where the sky looms large, the sun is close by and time moves slowly.
The purpose of the park is to safeguard the harmonious relationship between man and nature and preserve the remarkable wealth of fauna and flora - a delight for nature lovers.
www.toulouse.aeroport.fr /US/pageEdito.asp,UIDcNode,154,UIDcRoot,15,IDPAGE,467.rwi.html   (248 words)

Imagine a mountain chain measuring 400 km by 70 km, with hundreds of peaks between 2800 m and 3404 m and snow from 1500 m.
The Pyrenees contain only a few vestigial glaciers so crevasse rescue equipment is not required.
It is worth using wide skis since they cope better with a wide range of snow conditions, floating better in powder and on soft spring snow.
pistehors.com /backcountry/wiki/Ski-Areas/Pyrenees   (716 words)

 Self catering accommodation and B&Bs for holidays in the Pyrenees
Hotel Badain is a family run hotel situated on the slopes of the Ordesa valley and Monte Perdido, near...
Hostal Marbore is a rural, family run guesthouse in the centre of the village of Bielsa.
Casa Guillen is holiday accommodation in Gistaín, on a gentle slope at the foot of Iguerra peak at the...
www.coloursofspain.com /rent/pyrenees_holidays   (517 words)

The Pyrenees have always impressed me, even when I was young, but not with the same the impact than after a whole year of walk in Scotland, which provided me another approach of mountaineering.
I have been a lot of times (mostly for skiing) to various places in the Pyrenees, but without been interested by their geography neither their particular summits.
But finally, for reassuring, the Pyrenees are indeed well known to have most summits accessible without any real scramble, for every determinated hillwalker.
members.tripod.com /Eric_V/SudOuest/pyrenees.html   (1396 words)

 Great Pyrenees - Associated Content
The dogs are known to be relatives to the St. Bernard and the Newfoundland.
The first pair of Great Pyrenees was brought to the United States in 1824 by General Lafayette as a gift for his friend, J.S. Skinner.
The Great Pyrenees has worked as avalanche rescue dogs, sled dogs, cart-pullers, pack-dogs on ski trips and such, and as a defender of their owners and property.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/56305/great_pyrenees.html   (581 words)

 Spanish Pyrenees - walking the GR11
These are the highest parts of the Pyrenees, with the Monte Perdido and the Vignemale.
In the East the high peaks of the Pyrenees are visible.
This area is one of the highest parts of the Pyrenees.
www.traildatabase.org /pyr99/index.html   (3321 words)

 Great Pyrenees
This is a Great Pyrenees group for great pyrenees owners to come together to discuss the role of this breed, rescue information, show information....etc.
The goal at Callisto German Shepherds and Great Pyrenees is to strive for the complete German Shepherd and Great Pyrenees, a beautiful, strong, companion that not only excels in the show ring but as a family member as well.
Small kennel doing breed of Great Pyrenees and you can find us on Askoy in Norway where we live on a small farm,in an idyllic environment, near by Hjeltefjorden that are one of the fjords that`s leeds in to the town Bergen, hence the name Fjordvokteren.
u.webring.com /hub?ring=greatpyreneesweb   (622 words)

 Pyrenees National Park official site
Pyrenees National Park protects environment and the mountain in Pyrenees.It spreads on Bearn valleys of Ossau and Aspe in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques and on Bigorre valleys of Arrens, Cauterets, Luz-Gavarnie and Aure in " Hautes-Pyrénées ".
In the national park, but also in the peripheral zone, is present a rich fauna : bear, isard, lammergaier, vulture, desman, eagle, trout, grouse.
Forest are constitued by beeches and firs and at the subalpin level, mountain pine.Park wardens assure the control and study of the natural environment but also educational activities and reception of public.
www.parc-pyrenees.com /index_english.htm   (173 words)

 Pyrenees travel guide
Pyrenees travel guide - The best resource for sights, hotels, restaurants, bars, what to do and what to see
In winter it's great for skiing, with a sun a bit hotter than in the Alpes and snow just as white.
Additional travel guides are available in ten languages at wikitravel.org.
www.world66.com /europe/france/midi/pyrenees   (219 words)

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