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Topic: Python mythology

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  Python (Mythology) - LoveToKnow 1911
PYTHON, in Greek mythology, son of Gaea, an enormous serpent, said to have been produced from the mud after the flood of Deucalion.
646), Python, surnamed Dracon (serpent), was a brigand near Delphi.
The python in reality represents the pestilential vapours rising from stagnant lakes and pools, which are dispersed by Apollo and his arrows - that is, the shafts of the sun.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Python_%28Mythology%29   (0 words)

 Python (snake) - MSN Encarta
Pythons are primitive snakes that, like their close relatives the boas, still show signs of lizard ancestry.
Many of the bones in a python’s skull are loosely attached with ligaments or skin, allowing the snake to stretch and expand the shape of its head and jaws to aid in swallowing large prey.
Other well-known pythons are the 6.7-m (22-ft) Indian python, a favorite of snake handlers; a subspecies of the Indian python, the Burmese python, which can reach similar size; the 9.8-m (32-ft) African rock python; and the 1.5-m (5-ft) ball, or royal, python of equatorial Africa, which coils into a ball when molested.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761561532/Python_(snake).html   (0 words)

 Python (mythology)
In Greek mythology, Python was a dragon that lived at Delphi.
It was a child of Gaia and the mud that was left over after the flood of Deucalion ended the Golden Age.
Apollo killed it and made its former home an oracle, one of the most famous in Greece.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/py/Python_(mythology).html   (50 words)

  PYTHON : She-dragon of Delphi ; Greek mythology : DELPHYNE
PYTHON was a monstrous serpent which Gaia (Mother Earth) appointed to guard the oracle at Delphoi.
Python was described as both a male or female drakon in alternate accounts.
PYTHON (Puthôn), the famous dragon who guarded the oracle of Delphi, is described as a son of Gaea.
www.theoi.com /Ther/DrakainaPython.html   (2023 words)

 Python (mythology) - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Python (mythology), in Greek mythology, great serpent, the son of Gaea, Mother Earth, produced from the slime left on the earth after the great...
Apollo (mythology), in Greek mythology, son of the god Zeus and Leto, daughter of a Titan.
In Greek mythology Python was the earth-dragon of Delphi, always represented in the vase-paintings and by sculptors as a serpent.
ca.encarta.msn.com /Python_(mythology).html   (0 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Python (mythology)
The version related by Hyginus holds that when Zeus lay with the goddess Leto, and she was to deliver Artemis and Apollo, Hera sent Python to pursue her throughout the lands, so that she could not be delivered wherever the sun shone.
Thus when the infant was grown he pursued the python, making his way straight for Mount Parnassus where the serpent dwelled, and chased it to the oracle of Gaia at Delphi, and dared to penetrate the sacred precinct and kill her with his arrows beside the rock cleft where the priestess sat on her tripod.
Erwin Rohde wrote that the Python was an earth spirit, who was conquered by Apollo, and buried under the Omphalos, and that it is a case of one god setting up his temple on the grave of another.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Python_%28mythology%29   (0 words)

 Bagheera: An Endangered Species and Endangered Animal Online Education Resource
Python and other snake skins are made into fashionable accessories such as purses, shoes, and belts.
In addition, the python's jungle habitat is disappearing as trees are cut down for lumber, firewood and to make room for spreading human settlement and agriculture (see Spotlight on tropical rain forests).
Pythons are listed in CITES Appendix I. All trade in live pythons or python products is prohibited.
www.bagheera.com /inthewild/van_anim_python.htm   (0 words)

Apollo's first achievement was to rid Pytho (Delphi) of the serpent (or dragon) Python.
Apollo killed Python with his bow and arrows (Homer wrote "he killed the fearsome dragon Python, piercing it with his darts").
However, to make amends for killing Python, as the fearsome beast was the son of Gaia, Apollo had to serve king Admetus for nine years (in some versions eight) as a cowherd.
www.pantheon.org /articles/a/apollo.html   (1628 words)

 Python (mythology) - MSN Encarta
Python (mythology), in Greek mythology, great serpent, the son of Gaea, Mother Earth, produced from the slime left on the earth after the great flood.
The monster lived in a cave near Delphi on Mount Parnassus and guarded the oracle there.
The god Apollo slew the Python, claimed the oracle for himself, and was thereafter known as Pythian Apollo.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761561519/Python_(mythology).html   (0 words)

 Tololy’s Box » Mythology
After the birth of the younger sister’s child, they continued their journey and one day stopped near a water hole where the great python Yurlunggor lived… The older sister polluted the water.
The outraged python came out, caused a deluge of rain and a general flood and then swallowed the women and their children.
When the python raised himself the waters covered the surface of the earth and ite vegetation.
www.tololy.com /category/mythology   (0 words)

 Startling Discovery: The First Human Ritual | LiveScience
A startling discovery of 70,000-year-old artifacts and a python's head carved of stone appears to represent the first known human rituals.
It is known to modern Sanpeople as the "Mountains of the Gods" and the "Rock that Whispers." Their legend has it that mankind descended from the python, and the ancient, arid streambeds around the hills are said to have been created by the python as it circled the hills in its ceaseless search for water.
The elephant, with its long trunk, is often a metaphor for the python in San mythology.
www.livescience.com /history/061130_oldest_ritual.html   (791 words)

Under this rubric are snakes, usually of the python kind (despite the fact that naga is usually taken literally to refer to a cobra,) deities of the primal ocean and of mountain springs; also spirits of earth and the realm beneath it, and finally, dragons.
In Indian mythology, Nagas are primarily serpent-beings living under the sea.
The tradition of Sera Monastery holds that when Sakya Yeshe was on his way back from visiting China, it so happened that the set of Tengyur (Buddhist scriptures) donated by the emperor fell into the water while the party was fording a river.
www.khandro.net /mysterious_naga.htm   (2209 words)

A monstrous serpent in Greek mythology, and the child of Gaia, the goddess earth.
It was produced from the slime and mud that was left on the earth by the great flood of Deucalion.
Article "Python" created on 03 March 1997; last modified on 27 December 1998 (Revision 2).
www.pantheon.org /articles/p/python.html   (139 words)

 Mythology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Demeter In Greek mythology, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture.
Hermes In Greek mythology, Hermes (Roman, Mercury), the son of ZEUS and Maia, was a ubiquitous and agile deity with many functions: protector of flocks and shepherds; guide and protector of travelers; conductor of souls to the underworld; a messenger of Zeus; bringer of good luck; and patron of orators, writers, athletes, merchants, and thieves.
Rhea In Greek mythology, Rhea was on of the TITANS, the daughter of URANUS and his mother GAEA, whose position as goddess of the Earth she assumed.
crh.choate.edu /english/loeb/Courses/Mythology.htm   (3986 words)

 Roman Mythology   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ROMAN MYTHOLOGY, various beliefs, rituals, and other observances concerning the supernatural held or practiced by the ancient Romans from the legendary period until Christianity finally completely supplanted the native religions of the Roman Empire at the start of the Middle Ages.
mulius, in Roman mythology was a descendant of the Trojan hero Aeneas.
Python was an oospring of Gaia, mother earth, which issued revelations through a fissure in the rock so that a priestess, the Pythia, could give answers to any questions that might be asked.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Delphi/8991/roman.html   (4901 words)

 Do Not Adjust Your Set | PopMatters Television Review
After 45 episodes of their eponymous TV show, five films (one of them of a live show), and a slew of records, their effects on modern comedy, much like the number of people who can recite bits from "The Spanish Inquisition" and "The Dead Parrot Sketch," are immeasurable.
As the years pass and the mythology snowballs, the demand for something new, or anything that's even remotely related to the mythology, grows.
For the Fab Four, the mythology is so vast and that demand so high, that fans often resort to illegal measures just to hear home demos, alternate takes, and unreleased songs.
www.popmatters.com /tv/reviews/d/do-not-adjust-your-set.shtml   (1134 words)

 Indecent Images
Lilith is a pagan figure, a vengeful deity of storms and wind in Mesopotamian mythology.
She brought disease and death to the unworthy, and came to be viewed as a goddess of retribution.
Two of the characters in my novel Wyccad discourse on the nature of the lady, which has engendered a remarkable degree of flaming from a few readers of the book who originally appear to have thought "Wyccad" was a drawing application.
www.mindworkshop.com /alchemy/indcnt.html   (5372 words)

 Python (mythology) - Education - Information - Educational Resources - Encyclopedia - Music
When Zeus lay with the goddess Leto, and she was to deliver Artemis and Apollo, Lady Hera sent Python to pursue her throughout the lands, so that she could not be delivered wherever the sun shone.
Thus when the infant was grown he pursued the python, making his way straight for Mount Parnassus where the serpent dwelled, and chased it to the oracle of Gaia at Delphi, and dared to penetrate the sacred precinct and kill it with his arrows beside the rock cleft where the priestess sat on her tripod.
Robert Graves, who often read into primitive myths a retelling of archaic political and social turmoil, saw in this the capturing by Hellenes of a pre-Hellenic shrine.
www.music.us /education/P/Python-(mythology).htm   (0 words)

 Greek and Roman Mythology — Infoplease.com
Using Greek mythology as a metaphor to enhance supervision.
Norse mythology and the lives of the saints.
Power of the gods: ancient cultures were grounded on a fear of lighting.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0197622.html   (3186 words)

 The Serene Dragon : Sources of the Myths, Tales, Legends and other miscellany here.
Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable; The Age of Chivalry; Legends of Charlemagne.
Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest: Katharine Berry Judson.
Python: A Study of Delphic Myth and Its Origins.
www.theserenedragon.net /sources.html   (1087 words)

 Indian Art: Exotic India
Wrathful Guardians of Buddhism - Aesthetics and Mythology
Your articles are great to read as I am especially interested in mythology.
Thank you for your great coverage of art and mythology images--I am always impressed with your articles.
www.exoticindiaart.com /newsletter.php3   (3405 words)

 Python, Greece, Greek mythology
A huge snake or dragon that was created out of the mud left after the great flood.
Python lived in a cave on Mount Parnassus near Delphi.
When Apollo killed it the oracle that was already there dedicated to him, and his priestess, the one that foretold the future, was called Pythea.
www.in2greece.com /english/historymyth/mythology/names/python.htm   (124 words)

 PEP 255 -- Simple Generators
However, Stackless is a controversial rethinking of the Python core, and it may not be possible for Jython to implement the same semantics.
A new statement is introduced: yield_stmt: "yield" expression_list "yield" is a new keyword, so a future statement[8] is needed to phase this in: in the initial release, a module desiring to use generators must include the line from __future__ import generators near the top (see PEP 236[8]) for details).
[1] PEP 234, Iterators, Yee, Van Rossum http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0234.html [2] http://www.stackless.com/ [3] PEP 219, Stackless Python, McMillan http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0219.html [4] "Iteration Abstraction in Sather" Murer, Omohundro, Stoutamire and Szyperski http://www.icsi.berkeley.edu/~sather/Publications/toplas.html [5] http://www.cs.arizona.edu/icon/ [6] The concept of iterators is described in PEP 234.
www.python.org /dev/peps/pep-0255   (2516 words)

 Python - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
No Python library is complete without it; O'Reilly releases "Python in a Nutshell, Second Edition".
It could be the only thing Python programmers have lacked O'Reilly releases "Python in a Nutshell".
It's PYTHON night; Fans of Michael Palin are in for a double delight this month.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-Python.html   (439 words)

 Confronting The Spirit Of Python
In Greek mythology, Python was a serpent that dwelt in the caves of Mount Parnassus and was slain by the Greek god Apollo, who then founded the sacred oracle at DELPHI or took it over from Python's guardianship.
In the Hellenistic belief, a python was a spirit, which possessed certain persons and prophesied unknown to them through their mouths like a ventriloquist without control of the body.
This isn't just witchcraft but the spirit of python, I would be robbed of the very life of God and afraid to say anything that would challenges the authority, I just felt shut down in their presence.
www.etpv.org /2002/python.html   (5247 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for pythons   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The reticulated python (Python reticulatus) of se Asia vies with the...
A form of perception found in all snakes of the subfamily Crotalinae, the pit vipers, including rattlesnakes and pythons, in which infra-red radiation emitted by warm objects such as prey animals is detected by a snake's pit organs, a pair of deep cavities in the sides of its...
Pythons bugged in effort to trap their male mates: With the python invasion of the Everglades showing no signs of abating, scientists and agencies launch a plan to step up eradication efforts.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=pythons   (663 words)

 Oldest known ritual: python worship, archaeologist says   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An apparent se­cret cham­ber lay be­hind the py­thon stone, she added, and parts of its en­trance were worn smooth, sug­gest­ing many peo­ple had passed through it over the years.
Coulson said she discovered evidence of the python ceremonies while studying the origin of the San people of Ngamiland, a sparsely inhabited area of northwestern Botswana.
Coulson said her find shows that people from the area had a specific ritual location associated with the python: a small cave on the hill’s’ northern side, so secluded and hard-to-access that it was was unknown to archaeologists until the 1990s.
www.world-science.net /othernews/061130_python.htm   (1769 words)

The head of the python was up by her head and whispering in her ear.
The snake was constricting, squeezing and choking the life of God out of her and weighing her down and making it very difficult for her to be free and rise in the Lord's presence.
I was bound by a spirit of death and manifested the spirit of python.
upstream.homestead.com /python.html   (4828 words)

 Paestan red-figure calyx krater | Musée du Louvre
On the extremely slender bowl of the Louvre calyx krater, Python has chosen to revisit a mythological theme that was portrayed twice by his master Asteas: the battle between the Theban hero Cadmus and the dragon.
Though different in character from Asteas, Python retained the decorative principles of his master in his choice of subject matter, the stepped composition with bust-length figures placed in the upper register, the stocky figures with round heads, and his taste for polychromy.
Python signed two vases and produced some large kraters with complex compositions frequently inspired by those of Asteas.
www.louvre.fr /llv/oeuvres/detail_notice.jsp?CONTENT<>cnt_id=10134198673225763&CURRENT_LLV_NOTICE<>cnt_id=10134198673225763&CURRENT_LLV_DEP<>folder_id=1408474395181112&CURRENT_LLV_DIV<>folder_id=2534374302024496&FOLDER<>folder_id=9852723696500785&bmUID=1124831977612&bmLocale=en   (804 words)

 AllRefer.com - Leto (Folklore And Mythology) - Encyclopedia
Leto[lE´tO] Pronunciation Key, in Greek mythology, daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe and mother of Artemis and Apollo.
When she conceived twins by Zeus, Hera sent the serpent Python after her and forbade all to give her rest or help.
The twins were devoted to their mother and assiduously protected her, as in the stories of Niobe and Python.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/L/Leto.html   (187 words)

 Pagan News - Pagan News & Information
Apollo is a god in Greek mythologyGreek and Roman mythologyRoman mythology, the son of Zeus and Leto, and the twin of Artemis (goddess of the hunt).
As a young man, Apollo killed the vicious dragon Python (mythology)Python, which lived in Delphi beside the Castalian Spring, according to some because Python had attempted to rape Leto while she was pregnant with Apollo and Artemis.
Apollo killed Python but had to be punished for it, since Python was a child of Gaia (mythology)Gaia.
www.pagannews.com /cgi-bin/gods3.pl?Apollo   (2387 words)

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