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Topic: Quadi

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  Quadi - Biocrawler
In the 1st century BCE, according to Roman written sources, the Quadi were migrating alongside the more numerous Marcomanni, whose name simply means the "men of the borderlands" living on the frontiers of Germany, where it was bordered by the River Danube, south of which lay Roman territory.
A couple of years later the Marcomanni and Quadi, with assistance from other tribes that had crossed the Danube, overwhelmed a Roman army, passed over the plain at the head of the Adriatic and put the town of Aquileia in northern Italy under siege.
In the 4th century, Valentinian spent much of his reign defending the Rhine frontier against a mixed horde of Sarmatians, Goths, and Quadi under their king Gabinius, who was slain at the treaty table by the Roman Marcellinus, son of the praefect of Gaul, Maximinus.
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 [No title]
QuadI R. Herbold National Bureau of Standards, Washington 25, D. comment QuadI is useful when integration of several func- tions of same limits at same time using same point rule is desired.
The interval (a, b) is di- vided into m equal subintervals for an n-point quadrature integration.
It evaluates (c) the * function (as indicated by j) for B. I[j] is the result * of integration for function j.; */ /* Note that in this implementation QuadI allocates its result * from dynamic memory.
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  The Quadi
The first appearance of extended German tribes in written history were the Quadi and the Marcomanni, who invaded the region along the Danube in the period from 166 to 180 A.D. The two tribes both arose in the region of present-day Bohemia.
The existence of the Quadi and the Marcomanni as unified Germanic tribes was brought to an end by the Romans against whose Empire their invasion was directed.
The Quadi complained, that the ground for an intended fortress had been marked out on their territories; and their complaints were urged with so much reason and moderation, that Equitius, master-general of Illyricum, consented to suspend the prosecution of the work, till he should be more clearly informed of the will of his sovereign.
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