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  Quality control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quality Assurance has developed a good deal during the last 80-90 years (in about 20 year intervals) from its inception to the current state of the art.
These full time inspectors were the real beginning of inspection quality control; and this was the beginning of large inspection organizations of the 1920s and 1930s, which were separately organized from production and big enough to be headed by superintendents.
The systematic approach to quality started in industrial manufacture during the 1930s, mostly in the USA, when some attention was given to the cost of scrap and rework.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quality_control   (993 words)

 Quality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Energy quality, associated with both the energy engineering of industrial systems and the qualitative differences in the trophic levels of an ecosystem.
The other is Quality Control which is the "detection of defects", most commonly associated with testing which takes place withn a Quality Management System typically referred to as Verification and Validation.
In this context the two aspects of classical object-oriented and romantic subject-oriented quality roughly parallel aesthetic quality and functional quality.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quality   (755 words)

 Glossary of 200 Common Quality Management Words, Acronyms and Terms
Quality audit (also quality assessment, or conformity assessment) A systematic and independent examination and evaluation to determine whether quality activities and results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve objectives.
Quality surveillance The continuing monitoring and verification of the status of procedures, methods, conditions, products, processes, and services, and analysis of records in relation to stated references to ensure that requirements for quality are being met.
Quality system audit A documented activity performed to verify, by examination and evaluation of objective evidence, that applicable elements of the quality system are suitable and have been developed, documented, and effectively implemented in accordance with specified requirements.
www.1stnclass.com /quality_glossary.htm   (4054 words)

In science, the work of Aristotle focused on measuring quality, whereas the work of Galileo resulted in a shift towards the study of quantity.
ISO 9000 defines quality as "degree to which a set of inherent characteristic fulfils requirements".
"Quality" as defined by the American Society for Quality is "the characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs." Therefore, the quality of a product relates to how well the product serves the needs of the customer; as perceived by the customer.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/q/qu/quality.html   (495 words)

Quality is used, first, in an extended sense, as whatever can be attributed to the subject of discourse; and second, in its exact signification, as that category which is distinguished from the nine others enumerated by Aristotle.
Thomas Aquinas insists upon the fact that this mode of quality (morphology) is the most certain index of the identity or diversity of species, especially in plants and animals.
Quality admits in the concrete, though not in the abstract, of more and less; and in some cases, though not in all, of contrariety.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12589c.htm   (632 words)

 Census Bureau Section 515 Information Quality Guidelines
The OMB section 515 information quality guidelines have been prepared to ensure and maximize the quality, objectivity, utility and integrity of information disseminated by Federal agencies.
Census Bureau section 515 information quality guidelines establish a basic standard of quality (including objectivity, utility, and integrity) as performance principles for the Census Bureau and comply with all applicable section 515 information quality guidelines of OMB and the Department of Commerce.
Census Bureau quality standards further define how the performance principles are implemented at the Census Bureau.
www.census.gov /qdocs/www   (247 words)

 Definition of Quality
Quality is a momentary perception that occurs when something in our environment interacts with us, in the pre-intellectual awareness that comes before rational thought takes over and begins establishing order.
Quality is a customer perception of the value received for the price paid for the attributes of a product or service as they related to its fit, form, or function.
Quality is a "system" which produces a product, service, information or delivery, on target with minimal variance which meet or exceeds the customers needs, now and in the future.
www.qualitydigest.com /html/qualitydef.html   (3257 words)

 Quality Paradigms
Quality Paradigms training and consulting inc. offers a full range of consulting and training services to organizations throughout North America and in many locations around the world.
Have Quality Paradigms come to your location and train your employees in customer service, communication skills and many others.
Quality Paradigms has assisted many companies to obtain grants up to the 100 percent level.
www.qualityparadigms.com   (405 words)

 KDE Quality Team - KDE Quality Team
The KDE Quality Team is an opportunity to learn and to contribute to the KDE project.
The KDE quality team's mailing list is a great place to know about applications that need help, news of general interest for members and a place you are welcome to ask (or answer) technical questions.
Part of the effort of the Quality Team is to make it easy to visualize where you can fit, and to organize the work in a decentralized manner.
quality.kde.org   (899 words)

 Quality Accessories
Old-fashioned values, like "do it right the first time or don't do it at all," are what we have lived by from the very beginning - even when we were just the new kids on the block working, literally, in the family garage.
All of us on the QA team are dedicated to excellence through the quality and value of the products and services we provide.
With Quality Accessories, you won't be embarrassed by streaking - during half-time or any other time.
www.qualityaccessories.com   (300 words)

 CD Media World - CD-R Quality
The quality of CD-R's is directly related with the time the CD-R's will last without losing the information on them.
One of the solutions to test the quality is to write a few CD-Rs, then wait about 25-50 years and check if the CD-R's still hold the correct data.
Ritek prides itself on the quality of their CD-R's but it seems that the CD-R's made in the their factories are not as good as they say!
www.cdmediaworld.com /hardware/cdrom/cd_quality.shtml   (1040 words)

 National Semiconductor Quality Network
National Semiconductor Corporation strives to achieve best-in-class quality and reliability performance on all their products through a systematic approach that emphasizes quality at every phase of product development through manufacturing.
From initial design conception to fabrication, test, and assembly; quality is built-in and assured through stringent SPC monitoring of fabrication and assembly processes, materials inspections, wafer level reliability (WLR), new product qualifications, reliability monitoring of finished product and strict change control management.
The National Semiconductor Quality System is documented in the Quality Policy Manual, (SC) CP-0008, which defines the Policies and Procedures used at National Semiconductor to ensure that our products and services meet both the specified customer requirements and our busineess objectives in a consistent, economical, and reliable manner.
www.national.com /quality   (377 words)

 Amazon.com: Quality: Music: Talib Kweli   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Though Kweli's thoughts are coherent throughout, Quality as a whole lacks a certain cohesion--there's no single guiding vision that glues all the pieces together, and the album's production-by-ensemble doesn't help.
This is a solid album no question, but especially compared to ambitious contemporaneous concept albums by peers such as Common and the Roots, Quality feels unexpectedly conventional--a strong collection of songs in need of a unifying force.
Quality is a perfect title, and Kweli picked out some great beats.
www.amazon.com /Quality-Talib-Kweli/dp/B0000719UL   (1638 words)

 Quality Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Quality development is a complex issue and raises a lot of questions in organisations and for practitioners working in the field of e-learning.
If you are new to the field it could be useful to start with a few basic insights.
The quality roadmap suggest that quality development takes place in four steps...
www.qualityfoundation.org /ww/en/pub/efquel/qualitywiki.htm   (53 words)

 National Quality Forum Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The National Quality Forum is a private, not-for-profit membership organization created to develop and implement a national strategy for healthcare quality measurement and reporting.
This meeting features plenary sessions that focus on issues at the forefront of policy discussions including: incentivizing healthcare quality improvement, the role of policymakers, leading professional and trade associations in improving healthcare quality, and efforts presently underway in the federal government to foster healthcare improvements.
Nurses, as the principal caregivers in any healthcare system, directly and profoundly affect the lives of patients and are critical to the quality of care patients receive.
www.qualityforum.org   (1829 words)

 Quality Digest Magazine
They want to see how other companies tackle production or service problems: real life, honest-to-goodness, down-to-earth examples of quality techniques at work.
Your online resource for quality products and services.
Quality Digest can be reached by phone at (530) 893-4095.
www.qualitydigest.com   (263 words)

 W3C QA - Quality Tips for Webmasters
Some of these tips have been translated in Spanish and are served in language negotiation with the English versions; more translations are available.
If you think that a tip is unclear and you want to change it, verify first the references in the tip itself, it could occur that this tip has been already discussed on the www-qa@w3.org mailing-list.
When you have written a quality tip, send a mail to the www-qa@w3.org mailing list with the file you have created in attachment.
www.w3.org /QA/Tips   (608 words)

 Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet
esearchers should evaluate the quality of information appearing online or in print based on five criteria--scope of coverage, authority, objectivity, accuracy and timeliness.
This guide defines the criteria, documents incidents of questionable, false or fraudulent information as reported in the news or trade literature, provides examples of Web sites that illustrate good or bad information, and suggests strategies that help you detect bad information.
Important: For educational purposes, links presented herein assist readers in examining issues pertaining to the quality of information on the Internet.
www.virtualchase.com /quality   (181 words)

 NRCS Soil Quality
The ultimate purpose of assessing soil quality is to provide the information necessary to protect and improve long-term agricultural productivity, water quality, and habitats of all organisms including people.
How well we manage soil quality in a large part helps determine how well the soil does what we want it to do.
Included also are a large number of downloadable documents on all aspects of soil quality, including NRCS Technical Notes.
soils.usda.gov /sqi   (207 words)

 Quality Mall
Welcome to Quality Mall, a place where you can find lots of free information about person-centered supports for people with developmental disabilities.
Each of the Mall stores has departments you can look through to learn about positive practices that help people with developmental disabilities live, work and participate in our communities and improve the quality of their supports.
Register or Get more information about the 2003 Reinventing Quality Conference: A 21st Century Architecture for Quality: Building for the Future (July 30-August 1).
www.qualitymall.org   (409 words)

 The Air Quality Archive
This consultation paper is seeking views on proposals to transpose the fourth Air Quality Directive (Directive 2004/107/EC) of the European Parliament and of the Council; and to streamline air quality legislation by consolidating the provisions of the existing Air Quality Limit Values Regulations 2003 with the proposed new Air Quality Standards Regulations 2007.
This consultation paper is seeking views on the UK Government's and Devolved Administrations' report to the European Commission on plans and programmes to meet the ambient air quality limit values for pollutants set under the First Air Quality Daughter Directive (1999/30/EC), produced in accordance with requirements under the Air Quality Framework Directive (1996/62/EC).
The Local Authority Air Quality Support Helpdesk can also be contacted by telephone on 0870 190 6050 and by e-mail on lasupport@aeat.co.uk.
www.airquality.co.uk   (1467 words)

 Indoor Air | Air | US EPA
Students are at greater risk because of the hours spent in school facilities and because children are especially susceptible to pollutants.
Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of the air and environment inside buildings, based on pollutant concentrations and conditions that can affect the health, comfort and performance of occupants -- including temperature, relative humidity, light, sound and other factors.
The mission of the Partnership is to improve health, livelihood, and quality of life by reducing exposure to air pollution, primarily among women and children, from household energy use.
www.epa.gov /iaq   (811 words)

 American Society for Quality
When ASQ says “quality” we mean best practices, continuous improvement, and tapping the full power of knowledge.
Quality means making ourselves and our world better.
Quality defines and drives successful individuals, organizations and communities.
www.asq.org   (162 words)

 Perceptions of Quality
We all "know" what Quality is, and yet it remains undefinable "somethingness" that, try as we might, refuses to be categorized and pigeon-holed in ways we are accustomed to doing in our everyday lives.
Quality is a Good Dog: Robert M. Pirsig and Carlos Castaneda Compared
Later he became conscious of his damaged wings and of their construction and he learned to think and could not fly any more because the love of flight was gone and he could only remember when it had been effortless.
members.tripod.com /~Glove_r/Bohr.html   (417 words)

 EFQM Europe, Six Sigma Europe, TQM Europe from European Quality magazine - Welcome to EQ
It’s official: Jack Welch hates Quality Jack Welch gave a riveting performance at the IQPC Six Sigma Summit, held in Amsterdam on 15-16 September.
European Quality was the official journal of the European Organization for Quality until 2002 and has enjoyed significant links at the highest levels of European Quality Policy.
European Quality archives include detailed reports on winners and finalists of the European Quality Award (EQA) up to 2002, and case studies of companies which have adopted the EFQM Excellence Model.
www.european-quality.co.uk   (2716 words)

 Quality Systems Inc.
Total Resource Management (TRM), an asset management consulting and technology solutions provider, announced the signing of an alliance agreement with Quality Systems Inc. (QSI) that allows both companies to extend their expertise in the deployment of enterprise asset management (EAM) systems in the energy and nuclear power industries.
Quality Systems Incorporated provides business management consulting specifically for the asset and maintenance management of capital assets.
We provide the client with the best combination of price and quality to exceed their expectations.
www.qsipa.com   (357 words)

 Learn English @ Quality English Language Schools UK: Courses in UK Ireland, New Zealand and Canada
Learn English at a QE school; they are carefully selected for their quality of teaching, service and reputation
Quality English - independent English language schools UK.
Learn English and study on courses at quality schools located throughout the UK.
www.quality-english.com   (164 words)

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