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Topic: Quality assurance

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  Higher Education Commission Pakistan
Quality refers to the attainment of standards of resourcing and provision in the higher education sector, and the achievements or outputs of an institution or system.
Quality is a multidimensional concept, and it is not possible to arrive at one set of global quality standards against which local institutions can be assessed.
Quality is the means through which an institution can guarantee with confidence and certainty, that the standards of its educational provision are being maintained and enhanced (Quality Assurance Agency UK); Quality has become an inexpendible part of augmentation...
www.hec.gov.pk /new/QualityAssurance/Quality_Assurance.htm   (422 words)

  Quality assurance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Quality Assurance" is the activity of providing evidence needed to establish confidence among all concerned, that the quality-related activities are being performed effectively.
Many organizations use statistical process control to bring the organization to Six Sigma levels of quality, in other words, so that the likelihood of an unexpected failure is confined to six standard deviations on the normal distribution.
In manufacturing and construction activities, these business practices can be equated to the models for quality assurance defined by the International Standards contained in the ISO 9000 series and the specified Specifications for quality systems.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quality_assurance   (528 words)

 Quality Assurance
Quality of Care is the degree to which Health Services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge.
Bottom line: Scientifically sound methods for assessing quality exist and should be employed systematically in the future to guard against a deterioration in quality that might otherwise occur as an unintended result of organizational and financial changes in the health services system.
Quality improvement is a continuous effort by all the members of an organization to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the patients and other customers.
www.mcg.edu /som/fmfacdev/fd_quality.htm   (1447 words)

 Quality control vs. quality assurance - Strategy - Project Management - Builder AU
Quality control and quality assurance are important concepts, yet most project managers have only a vague understanding of the meanings and the differences between these terms.
Quality control is used to verify that deliverables are of acceptable quality and that they are complete and correct.
Quality Assurance refers to the process used to create the deliverables, and can be performed by a manager, client, or even a third-party reviewer.
builderau.com.au /strategy/.../0,339028292,339191784,00.htm   (895 words)

 Quality Assurance Program
The program provides for the management, control and verification of quality so that services and products meet established requirements, are performed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, in an ethical and professional manner, and meet or exceed clients’ expectations.
While quality is initially the responsibility of individuals who perform the work, quality is verified by organizations or individuals who do not have direct responsibility for performing the work, but who have sufficient authority and access.
The general format of MACTEC’s Quality Assurance Manual follows the criteria for quality assurance outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, 10CFR50, Appendix B, and in ASME NQA-1.
www.mactec.com /Programs/Quality.aspx   (248 words)

 Quality Assurance
Quality assurance, in its broadest sense, is any action taken to prevent quality problems from occurring.
Quality Assurance Standards are published documents which describe in detail what systems should be used by a company to manage quality.
You can implement quality assurance in a general way by identifying the tasks, processes, or systems critical to the business and writing clear guidelines and instructions for staff.
www.hci.com.au /hcisite2/toolkit/quality.htm   (1171 words)

 Quality control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quality Assurance has developed a good deal during the last 80-90 years (in about 20 year intervals) from its inception to the current state of the art.
The systematic approach to quality started in industrial manufacture during the 1930’s, mostly in the USA, when some attention was given to the cost of scrap and rework.
It comprises a quality improvement process, which is generic in the sense it can be applied to any of these activities and it establishes a behaviour pattern, which supports the achievement of quality.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quality_control   (1578 words)

 Software Testing Outsourcing Company, Quality Assurance Solution Company
Quality Assurance Tools identify, objectively measure and report on the complexity and quality of your code at the application and enterprise level.
Quality assurance (QA) emphasizes the prevention of defects and the addition of quality throughout the software development lifecycle.
We have a strong Quality Assurance Center with a large pool of highly qualified quality assurance professionals and proven expertise in manual testing, development of test plans and creation of test scripts to automate testing.
www.a1technology.com /quality-assurance.htm   (273 words)

 ZEI Quality Assurance Program
Quality assurance begins with the project scope definition and continues through construction drawing preparation, specification writing, procurement, construction and commissioning to ensure high quality and accuracy.
ZEI implements its quality assurance requirements through several levels of review, checking and verification, including independent checks by qualified discipline engineers based on design calculations, agreed Scope of Work, and reference data, including that received from the client and vendors; conformance with codes, specifications, and available client standards.
The Quality Assurance Coordinator will prepare a report of each indoctrination session held, indicating the personnel who were in attendance and the design procedures reviewed.
home.flash.net /~zei/quality.htm   (875 words)

 Monterey Mushrooms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Quality assurance is absolutely vital to a successful operation in today’s food industry.
Quality Assurance can be defined as a strategic management function which establishes policies related to quality, adopts programs to meet the established goals and provides confidence that these measures are being effectively applied.
We have written Quality Assurance manuals for each of our facilities and have assigned specific personnel to facilitate these standards.
www.montereymushrooms.com /wisdom_assurance.asp   (325 words)

 EPA: ORD: NCER: Guidance & FAQs
EPA requires specific quality assurance activities be performed to ensure that the data collected are sufficient and adequate for their intended use, such as to test an hypothesis.
The Quality Management Plan was developed to document an organization's policy on implementing and assessing the effectiveness of its quality assurance and quality control operations applied to environmental programs.
The QA Project Plan describes the quality assurance and quality control procedures used in a project's data collection activities and assures that the results obtained are of the type and quality needed.
es.epa.gov /ncer/guidance/qa.html   (204 words)

 Software Quality Assurance - Software quality assurance & testing India Icreon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Quality Assurance (QA) consists of those procedures, techniques and a tool used to ensure that Icreon’s Solutions meets or exceeds pre-specified standards during its development cycle.
Software Quality Assurance is closely related to the verification and validation (VandV) activities carried out at each stage of the software life cycle.
The quality plan also clearly states which quality attributes are most significant for the solution being developed.
www.icreon.net /serv_quality_assurance.shtml   (630 words)

 [No title]
The assurance process involved is quality assurance, and to have no quality assurance activity is to increase the risk that unacceptable code will be produced.
Qualities and Attributes An initial step in laying out an SQE program is to select the qualities that are important in the context of the use of the software that is being developed.
Security Assurance Activities Security assurance activities are directed to ensuring that information being (or to be) processed by an automated information system has been assigned a proper sensitivity category and that the appropriate protection requirements have been developed and met in the system being developed or maintained.
satc.gsfc.nasa.gov /assure/agb.txt   (9576 words)

This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the Company to existing customers, potential customers, and independent auditing authorities.
Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all.
The Quality Assurance Manual, Procedures and Quality Plans are maintained by the Quality Manager who ensures that the appropriate items, at the correct revision levels, are issued to all who need them within the Company.
www.quality.co.uk /example/manual.htm   (2587 words)

 Natel Engineering Co., Inc. - Quality Assurance
Quality is a key tenet of our Innovation, Quality and Service (IQS) philosophy for success, and our commitment to quality assurance is the thrust behind everything we do.
Natel's Quality Assurance organization ensures that quality is recognized and implemented during the earliest phases of program planning, product design, product manufacturing and customer service.
The Quality Assurance function is implemented by a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager who interfaces with program management and the customer to define and document quality requirements and verify compliance at every conceivable stage of production.
www.natelengr.com /quality   (452 words)

 Food safety and quality assurance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Quality assurance systems enable the application and verification of control measures intended to assure the quality and safety of food.
Governments have an important role in providing policy guidance on the most appropriate quality assurance systems and verifying/auditing their implementation as a means of regulatory compliance.
Selection and application of quality assurance systems can vary depending on the step in the food production chain, size/capacity of the food business, type of product produced, etc. and may include Good Hygiene Practices (GHPs), Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems and HACCP-based systems.
www.fao.org /ag/agn/food/quality_en.stm   (153 words)

 Water Boards: SWAMP Quality Assurance and Control
Quality Assurance (QA) includes activities that ensure that data collected are of adequate quality given the monitoring objectives.
Quality control refers to the technical activities employed to ensure that the data collected are adequate given the monitoring objectives to be tested.
Quality Assessment activities are implemented to quantify the effectiveness of the quality control procedures.
www.swrcb.ca.gov /swamp/qapp.html   (247 words)

 Quality Assurance in Mediation
NAFCM s quality assurance guide assumes the existence of a community-based organization which reflects the diversity of its community and which has an on-going interactive relationship with its community.
The keystone of quality service is a consistent effort to develop training, services, systems, and protocols that align the most fundamental ethics and underpinnings of mediation with the needs and values of the community being served.
NAFCM believes that quality assurance is a process rather than an end and is best supported through organizational self-reflection, careful systems design, collaboration with the community, and continuous improvement.
www.nafcm.org /pg9.cfm   (2638 words)

 ACM Queue - Quality Assurance: Much More than Testing: Good QA is not only about technology, but also methods and ...
IEEE Standard 12207 defines QA this way: “The quality assurance process is a process for providing adequate assurance that the software products and processes in the product life cycle conform to their specific requirements and adhere to their established plans.”
Another key point is that quality is not treated as a philosophical issue, but, rather, as measurably meeting expectations and conforming to requirements.
Requirements for quality may be quite low, and the process may be little better than debugging and a few regression tests.
www.acmqueue.com /modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=276   (1563 words)

 hospital quality assurance
The Cleveland Clinic Department of Otolaryngology was pleased to learn that U.S. News and World Report ranked the ear, nose and throat department as number 8 in the United States, acknowledging Otolaryngology specialists as being some of the best doctors in the country at one of the best hospitals in the land.
The hospital quality assurance initiatives set into place at the Cleveland Clinic help to make such rankings possible, as our doctors and medical staff are always seeking ways to improve their services offered to patients.
As one of the top 10 hospitals in America addressing issues and concerns of the ears, nose, throat, as well as communicative disorders, the Department of Otolaryngology focuses on clinical research along with consummate patient treatment and care which is supported by hospital quality assurance practices.
cms.clevelandclinic.org /body.cfm?id=479   (265 words)

 Quality Assurance Program - Chesapeake Bay Program
The Quality Assurance Program consists of an internal, EPA component within the Chesapeake Bay Program Office and several collaborative quality circles within the Chesapeake Bay Program Subcommittee structure.
Subcommittee quality assurance is done through the Analytical Methods and QA Workgroup, Living Resources Modeling and Monitoring Workgroup and the Toxics Characterization Workgroup.
In addition, quality assurance staff conduct on-site audits and monitor laboratory performance on inter-laboratory split samples, reference samples and blind audit samples.
www.chesapeakebay.net /qualityassurance.htm   (287 words)

 Glossary of Key Terms
It is designed to strengthen communication across national boundaries through demonstrating similarities and differences in key quality assurance and accreditation terminology used in different parts of the world.
The process of external quality review used in higher education to scrutinize colleges, universities, and higher education programs for quality assurance and quality improvement.
A collegial process of self-study and external peer review for quality assurance, accountability, and quality improvement of an academic institution or program designed to determine whether or not it has met or exceeded the published standards of its accrediting association and is achieving its mission and stated purpose.
www.chea.org /international/inter_glossary01.html   (1791 words)

 Quality Assurance - Altiris, Inc.
Quality assurance is the only way to reduce rollout risk and ensure applications and patches deploy error free.
Despite the value of quality assurance, many organizations believe it to be time consuming and expensive, but with the right tools it isn't.
Quality Assurance is available as a stand-alone product and as part of the Wise Package Studio suite of products.
www.wise.com /Wise/Products/Packaging/FlexibleSolutions/QualityAssurance.aspx   (519 words)

 Quality Assurance
Quality begins in the fields, where only the finest herbs and raw materials are selected.
Quality checks continue throughout the various stages of manufacturing, as well as at the completion of production.
Indeed, quality is the first part of the Nature's Sunshine creed "Quality, Service, and Integrity." In order to produce high-quality products, they start with the finest raw materials available.
www.reynoldsoffice.com /quality.htm   (2018 words)

 Quality Assurance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Quality Assurance Department was formed to fill the void of interdepartmental quality assurance and quality management in the institution.
Quality assurance, risk management, and utilization management issues are the responsibility of this department, beyond those of infection control and safety that are provided by the Departments of Nursing, and Safety and Security.
Quality Assurance Coordinators directly liaison with area-specific coordinators to solve interdepartmental quality issues.
www.kfshrc.edu.sa /qa/index.html   (210 words)

 Quality Assurance - JJEEP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Each review is based upon educational quality assurance standards for detention centers, day treatment programs, and residential commitment programs, as appropriate.
Each educational quality assurance standard includes key indicators, which help the program understand the expectations for each standard and guide the reviewer during a QA review.
Should these sanctions prove to be ineffective in improving the quality of the program, the State Board of Education (SBE) may require further actions, including revocation of current contracts, requirements for specific provider contracts, and/or transfer of responsibility and funding for the educational program to another school district.
www.jjeep.org /quality.asp   (2353 words)

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