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Topic: Quality of service

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  RFC 2549 (rfc2549) - IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service
The service level is indicated on a per-carrier basis by bar-code markings on the wing.
Additional quality of service discussion can be found in a Michelin's guide.
RFC 2549: Please note that the Concorde class of service is now obsolete.
www.faqs.org /rfcs/rfc2549.html   (758 words)

  Quality of service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quality of Service guarantees are important if the network capacity is limited, especially for real-time streaming multimedia applications, for example voice over IP and IP-TV, since these often require fixed bit rate and may be delay sensitive.
A network that supports Quality of Service may agree on a traffic contract with the application software and reserve capacity in the network nodes during a session establishment phase.
Commercial VoIP services are often competitive with traditional telephone service in terms of call quality even though QoS mechanisms are usually not in use on the user's connection to his ISP and the VoIP provider's connection to a different ISP.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quality_of_service   (1872 words)

 Randy Miller's Blog : Quality of Service Requirements
The name 'Quality of Service Requirement' was suggested as alternative to 'nonfunctional requirement' or 'quality attribute' in MSF for Agile Software Development by Sam Guckenheimer.
Nonfunctional requirements, quality attributes, and quality of service requirements are names for the constraints on functional requirements such as performance, security, and platform.
The important aspect of a quality of service requirement is that it does not describe functionality but instead constrains other functionality, the presentation of that functionality, the implementation of that functionality, or its environment.
blogs.msdn.com /randymiller/archive/2005/11/28/quality-of-service-requirements.aspx   (563 words)

 Quality Air Service & Repair
Quality Air not only specializes in designing and installing the perfect sytstem for your home of business, but we back it with quality service programs that ensure your system will never fail you when you need it most.
We service central air conditioning units, heat pumps, ducts, heating units in Bucks County, Doylestown, Montgomery County, Doylestown and all surrounding areas.
Home Comfort is a home environment that means you're as comfortable in your basement as you are in your bedroom and your home's air circulation is controlled so that every area is the temperature you want it to be.
www.qualityair.com /service.html   (562 words)

 Quality of service: Seven steps to success | Tech News on ZDNet
For exceptional Quality of service, underlying data must be precise, and service profile metrics and control points need to be defined throughout the infrastructure.
That’s why it’s so important that quality of service management tools be able to attain visibility throughout the complex borders of multiple generations of technological platforms.
Quality of service solutions that focus on a specific environment, whether for IBM, Microsoft, or any other platform, are nearly antiquated.
news.zdnet.com /2100-9595_22-6107827.html   (1970 words)

 Understanding quality of service for Web services
Larger values represent that the service is always ready to use while smaller values indicate unpredictability of whether the service will be available at a particular time.
Regulatory: Regulatory is the quality aspect of the Web service in conformance with the rules, the law, compliance with standards, and the established service level agreement.
Quality of services is an important requirement of business-to-business transactions and thus a necessary element in Web services.
www.ibm.com /developerworks/library/ws-quality.html?n-ws-1172   (3488 words)

 Issues in the Regulation of Internet Quality of Service
Service activation time: that a service must be activated within 3 days or fewer for dial-up users, and 7 days or fewer for leased line users.
Besides these barriers to quality of service, there are other regulatory issues with regards to resale of leased lines, value-added services, and mediated access.
The UK Internet Service Providers Association intends to address service quality by factoring in a consumer complaints procedure in their Code of Practice, and is considering measuring IAP performance as an independent body [33].
www.isoc.org /isoc/whatis/conferences/inet/97/proceedings/B1/B1_1.HTM   (5423 words)

 Service Quality And Higher Education Do Mix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
A quality service and staff development committee (QSSD) was formed to serve as the guiding body for promoting and supporting service quality at IU Southeast.
Each department selected a process for its quality improvement project based on several criteria: its importance to the customer, the extent to which improving it was within departmental control, how likely the project was to succeed and the time required for it to succeed.
This is the cornerstone of sustaining service quality.
services.valdosta.edu /excellence/service_quality.htm   (3217 words)

 Quality Customer Service   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
We view quality customer service as both a continuous process and an outcome.
As an outcome, quality customer service doesn't occur when employees "happen to get it right." Quality customer service requires employees to demonstrate critical interpersonal and teamwork skills.
In this way, we help the client develop a quality customer service culture where employees develop both a customer service mindset as well as customer service skills.
www.positiveorganizations.com /quality_customer_service   (261 words)

 Quality Service Certification├é┬« Consumer-oriented quality service for the real estate industry.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
To become Quality Service Certified, a real estate practitioner must attend the Quality Service Certification program, pass a written examination, and sign a commitment to follow a prescribed procedure that is presented and communicated in writing to every home seller and home buyer.
Quality Service Certification exists for the benefit of the consumer - to insure a higher level of professional accountability, better service and greater service value.
Quality Service Certified professional recognition is earned and maintained by meeting or exceeding a standard of ongoing quality service delivery each time a customer is served.
www.qualitycertified.org /info/confaqs.aspx   (518 words)

 HQS Home Page
The Health Quality Service is the longest established health accreditation service in the UK and the rest of Europe.
We work with UK and international healthcare organisations to improve the quality of patient care through consultancy services and the development of health care standards and assessment processes.
Our consultancy services and quality audit programmes cover a wide range of organisations in the public, independent and voluntary healthcare sectors.
www.hqs.org.uk   (372 words)

 Understanding quality of service for Web services
Larger values represent that the service is always ready to use while smaller values indicate unpredictability of whether the service will be available at a particular time.
Regulatory: Regulatory is the quality aspect of the Web service in conformance with the rules, the law, compliance with standards, and the established service level agreement.
Quality of services is an important requirement of business-to-business transactions and thus a necessary element in Web services.
www-106.ibm.com /developerworks/library/ws-quality.html?n-ws-1172   (3480 words)

 Telephony quality of service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the fields of telephony, the engineering term Quality of Service (QoS) comprises all the aspects of a connection, such as time to provide service, voice quality, echo, loss, reliability and so on.
A subset of telephony QoS is Grade of Service (GOS), which comprises aspects of a connection relating to the capacity of a network.
Thus it is the responsibility of the telecommunications service provider to monitor and manage the GOS of all its services to ensure that the GOS is maintained for every origin and destination pair.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Telephony_quality_of_service   (275 words)

 Quality of Service - WRT Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Quality of Service (QoS) is a method to guarantee a bandwidth relationship between individual applications or protocols.
This is very handy when you max out your connection so that you can allow for each application to have some bandwidth and so that no single application can take down the internet connection.
These steps will enable Quality of Service (QoS) and cap your maximum connection speed to 85 percent of what your cable/DSL service is capable of providing.
wrt-wiki.bsr-clan.de /index.php?title=Quality_of_Service   (753 words)

 Quality of Service (QoS)
Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the capability of a network to provide better service to selected network traffic over various technologies, including Frame Relay, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Ethernet and 802.1 networks, SONET, and IP-routed networks that may use any or all of these underlying technologies.
Service levels refer to the actual end-to-end QoS capabilities, meaning the capability of a network to deliver service needed by specific network traffic from end to end or edge to edge.
There is a natural upgrade path from the technology needed to provide differentiated services to that needed to provide guaranteed services, which is a superset of that needed for differentiated services.
www.cisco.com /univercd/cc/td/doc/cisintwk/ito_doc/qos.htm   (10554 words)

 Apps Communications,Inc.- VoIP Quality of Service
So you are thinking about changing from your local phone company to VoIP Voice Over Internet Protocol, service but you are worried about the quality of service.
Across the public open Internet where it is impossible to control the quality of service.
The problem with this is normal data transfer is not sensitive to latency, voice however is. Once you go over 80 ms the quality of the voice deteriorates dramatically.
www.appscorp.net /VOIP-QOS.asp   (463 words)

 Quality of Service Task Force Home Page
That is, Quality of Service within operating and embedded systems, within enterprise servers and applications, through local and wide area networks, wire and wireless, to service providers and data centers and back again.
The focus is also on evolving the Service Level Agreement, not only as a means to specify requirements and measurements for end-to-end service levels, but also as a means to drive resource and application management in order to dynamically adjust service level provisions in accordance with Service Level Agreements.
It is our intention not to duplicate, but to adopt and adapt where effective standards exist, and to facilitate the creation of standards and interoperability initiatives for Quality of Service where there are none.
archive.opengroup.org /tech/qos   (370 words)

 Quality of Service
Getting honest and constructive feedback from the scientists who conduct research from the vessels in the academic fleet on the effectiveness of those vessels in the form of post-cruise assessments is a crucial element.
While adequate funding to optimize repairs and technician performance and availability are part of this problem, the Committee discussed the possible fleet-wide adoption of modern quality control efforts, including increased education and training of personnel and rigorous evaluations.
It also addresses a requirement that NSF and other funding agencies have, which is to receive direct feedback on the quality of fleet operations.
www.unols.org /issues/quality/Quality_of_Service.html   (1374 words)

 IP Services - Quality of Service - Juniper Networks
Quality of service is becoming more and more important for several reasons, including:
In most service provider networks, the IP edge is oversubscribed in terms of bandwidth.
Packet classification is used to determine the traffic class to which an IP packet belongs and the service it gets.
www.juniper.net /products_and_services/e_series_broadband_service/quality_of_service   (425 words)

 Voip Quality of Service
Voice quality, or Quality of Service, refers to the clarity of your phone call over a network.
There are many factors that go into the end quality of a phone call, including Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss, and an overall combination of network equipment and bandwidth.
When packets are received with a timing variation from when they were sent, a quality issue of Jitter may be noticed.
www.voip.com /voip_articles/Voip_Quality_of_Service.aspx   (564 words)

 Universal Postal Union > What we do >> Quality of service
Increased competition and higher customer expectations continue to place pressure on Posts to make improvements to the quality of their products and services.
To complement the large number of quality of service initiatives taken by national Posts, the UPU's International Bureau undertakes worldwide quality tests each year, monitoring 900 international links through the use of test letters and parcels.
The UPU assists Posts in implementing quality of service improvements by sending consultants to selected countries to ensure that internationally accepted procedures are followed and to make recommendations.
www.upu.int /quality/en/index.shtml   (113 words)

 Quality Service Contractors - Plumbing|Heating|Cooling|Electrical
To provide the quality service contractor with training, technology, and professional development, resulting in superior client service and satisfaction.
Service Fitness was developed with the plumbing and HVACR industry in mind.
Service Fitness was designed and presented to provide users with a secret and an ongoing training weapon which can be utilized throughout the year.
www.qsc-phcc.org   (553 words)

 [No title]
As mentioned earlier in the discussion of the Level II Routing portion of the Services Pyramid, MPLS is a protocol that sets up a specific path for a given sequence of packets, identified by a label inserted into each packet.
Proving that a service offered by one carrier has met the guarantees of its SLA when the associated traffic was transiting another provider's network is not possible today.
Service providers will continue to increase subscriber access bandwidth, with the goal of providing a single access solution for the subscriber’s voice, video and data requirements (triple play).
www.idt.com /?id=123&source=home_productsMainModule   (1050 words)

 Quality of Service
Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the perceived and measured performance of a network typically thought of in terms of the sound quality of a voice call.
The Three Steps to Quality To mitigate the effects of the three parameters, one must ensure that the network can properly handle time and drop sensitive packets.
If there are line speed mismatches between remote offices, the service provider connecting the offices may be forced to drop arbitrary packets traveling to the slower link.
www.cliconnect.com /Articles/QualityofService.html   (704 words)

 Quality of Service
The ATM Lexicon defines QoS as "A term which refers to the set of ATM performance parameters that characterize the traffic over a given virtual connection." QoS parameters apply mostly to lower level protocol layers, and were not meant to be directly observable or verifiable by the application.
Such deterministic delivery services demand that both the source application and the network infrastructure have capabilities to request, setup, and enforce the delivery of the data.
For an overview of this work, see the papers Overview of Quality of Service for Objects and "Architectural Support for Quality of Service for CORBA Objects" to be published in the January 1997 issue of Theory and Practice of Object Systems (special issue on the OMG and CORBA).
www.objs.com /survey/QoS.htm   (2513 words)

 Quality Forklift Sales & Service: Service
QUALITY FORKLIFT SERVICE TECHNICIANS respond quickly to help with any service and maintenance problems, fully equipped service vans and expertise in the industry gets equipment back up and running quickly.
Quality Forklift's Service Department is always available to assist with service issues, preventative maintenance programs, and trouble shoot breakdowns.
Managers are available to answer questions and concerns regarding all forklift service and maintenance needs.
www.qualityforklift.com /home0100.asp?ThisPage=Service   (93 words)

 SCG Training: Customer service and other training programs
A customer service training program for executives and senior managers to help them learn how to create a customer-focused company or department.
A customer service training program for managers and supervisors who want to create a team approach to customer service.
A comprehensive program for all managers and staff to help them improve the quality of their outgoing emails and to manage their incoming emails more efficiently.
www.quality-service.com /training/index.html   (419 words)

 [No title]
Quality Service Certification, Inc. is the premier advocate of consumer-oriented quality service in the real estate industry.
Mike Cohen is helping to set the new service standard for the industry.
We invite you to explore our web site and discover how serious we are about quality service delivery.
www.qualitycertified.org   (190 words)

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