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Topic: Quantum meruit

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 Quantum meruit
Quantum meruit is a claim for the payment of money to put the plaintiff back in to the position he or she would otherwise have been in.
In this case, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld an award of damages for quantum meruit to a nephew of the deceased.
The Court held that she was entitled to damages in quantum meruit equal to one third of the farm's value (after subtracting its original cost and renovation expenses).
www.quantummeruit.blogspot.com   (4107 words)

 Quantum Meruit   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A quantum meruit claim may be based in contract or in restitution, although the term “quantum meruit” is frequently used to mean a claim in restitution only.
Claims for quantum meruit in restitution seek to impose a right to payment by law arising from the circumstances of unjust enrichment by one party at the expense of another.
Seymour J observed that the claim for quantum meruit was conceptually a claim in restitution.
www.atkinson-law.com /cases/CasesArticles/Articles/Quantum_Meruit.htm   (7735 words)

 Quantum meruit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quantum meruit is a Latin phrase meaning "as much as he has deserved".
This is because there was an implied promise between the man and the neighbor, which is derived from contract law, because the man was acting under the assumption that the neighbor would pay for part of his services.
Quantum meruit will also work where there is a breached contract.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quantum_meruit   (599 words)

 Legal Definition of Quantum Meruit
When a person employs another to do work for him, without any agreement as to his compensation, the law implies a promise from, the employer to the workman that he will pay him for his services, as much as be may deserve or merit.
In such case the plaintiff may suggest in his declaration that the defendant promised to pay him as much as he reasonably deserved, and then aver that his trouble was worth sucli a sum of money, which the defendant has omitted to pay.
This is called an assumpsit on a quantum meruit.
www.lectlaw.com /def2/q078.htm   (180 words)

 Quantum Meruit
In the first, compensation is measured in terms of what the contractor deserves (quantum meruit in its truest sense).
In the second, the obligation is to reimburse the contractor for the value of the advantage received by the client as a result of the work done (perhaps better defined by the maxim "quantum valebat").
quantum meruit - as much as is deserved
www.quantummeruit.com /what_does_quantum_meruit_mean01.htm   (394 words)

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