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Topic: Quantum suicide

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In the News (Tue 13 Nov 18)

  HowStuffWorks "How Quantum Suicide Works"
The quantum level is the smallest level of matter we've detected so far in the universe.
So when we examine the quantum world, we are outsiders to the knowledge it holds.
This has led some to believe that our grasp of quantum physics is as basic as the understanding of ancient Egyptian astronomers centuries ago, who claimed that the sun was a god.
science.howstuffworks.com /quantum-suicide.htm   (747 words)

  Quantum immortality - The Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Quantum immortality is the controversial metaphysical speculation deriving from the quantum suicide thought experiment that states the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that conscious beings are immortal.
The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is the correct one, as opposed to the Copenhagen interpretation, which does not necessarily indicate the existence of parallel universes.
Although quantum immortality is motivated by the quantum suicide thought experiment, Max Tegmark, one of the inventors of this experiment, has stated that he does not believe that quantum immortality is a consequence of his work.
www.the-encyclopedia.com /description/Quantum_immortality   (663 words)

 Suicide Information
Suicide is sometimes used as a noun for one who has committed or attempted the act.
Suicidal ideation may result from the experience of emotional pain outweighing the individual's coping strategies and resources for dealing with that pain (leftist view) or from an individual's unwillingness to impose self-discipline and care about others more than him or herself (right-wing view).
Suicidal attacks by pilots were common in the 20th century: the attack by U.S. torpedo planes at the Battle of Midway was very similar to a kamikaze attack.
suicide.researchtoday.net /about-suicide.htm   (3204 words)

 Quantum suicide
Quantum suicide is a thought experiment which has been independently proposed in 1987 by Hans Moravec, in 1988 by Bruno Marchal and in 1998 by Max Tegmark that attempts to distinguish between the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics and the Everett many-worlds interpretation by means of a variation of the Schrödinger's cat experiment.
Unfortunately, the physicist will be unable to report the results because, from the viewpoint of an outside observer, the probabilities will be the same whether many worlds or Copenhagen is correct.
A variation of this thought experiment suggests a controversial outcome known as quantum immortality, which is the argument that if the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct then a conscious observer never can cease to exist.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/qu/Quantum_suicide.html   (296 words)

 directopedia : Directory : Society : Death : Suicide
Suicide (from Latin sui caedere, to kill oneself) is the act of willfully ending one's own life; it is sometimes a noun for one who has committed or attempted the act.
According to stricter definitions of suicide, to be considered suicide, the death must be a central component and intention of the act, not just a certain consequence; hence, suicide bombing is considered a kind of bombing rather than a kind of suicide, and martyrdom usually escapes religious or legal proscription.
Suicidal patients in mental hospitals may be temporarily bound, placed in padded rooms, or incapacitated with drugs to limit access to means of suicide.
www.directopedia.org /directory/Society-Death/Suicide.shtml   (2189 words)

 MIND POWER NEWS: Free E-zine about the Power of the Mind to create Health, Wealth and Success
Quantum immortality is the name for the speculation that the Everett many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that a conscious being cannot cease to be.
The idea behind quantum immortality is that the physicist is only alive in, and thus able to experience, one of the universes in which a miraculous survival occurs, even though these universes form a small subset of the possible universes.
Although quantum immortality is motivated by the quantum suicide experiment, Max Tegmark, one of the inventors of the quantum suicide thought experiment has stated that he does not believe that quantum immortality is a consequence of his work.
www.mindpowernews.com /QuantumImmortality.htm   (470 words)

This rather drastic experiment, called quantum suicide, could result in a pool of blood or you could survive having resolved one of the great debates of physics.
Advances on the practical side of quantum mechanics have begun to pile up experimental evidence in their favour, and quantum suicide could be the final vindication of Everett’s work.
The quantum suicide experiment may be the only way to be sure about Many Worlds, but although Tegmark says it is entirely feasible using currently available technology, so far, there have been no volunteers.
space.mit.edu /home/tegmark/everett_guardian.html   (612 words)

 Waves and Particles:
In conjunction with the quantum mechanical principle that the state of a particle is not decided until an observation is made, it suggest that when member of an entangeld pair is observed, the other must adapt its state to the complementary one -- instantaneously, across any distance.
For a quantum system which couples to a system with some vast number (n-moles) of quantum states its entanglement phase is absorbed into the random phases and entanglements of quantum states of that system.
The many-minds formulation of quantum mechanics captures this feature by distinguishing between an observer's physical state and its evolution, which is continuous and causal, and an observer's mental state and its evolution, which is discontinuous nd probabilistic.
www.geocities.com /peterdjones/phy_smqm.html   (11957 words)

 The Mad Ghoul   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Quantum immortality is an extension of the result of a thought experiment called quantum suicide.
Through the Everett Many-World Interpretation, we are told that at that moment of the triggering of the gun, the universe is split into two different worlds: one in which the man dies, and one in which he lives.
What makes the quantum suicide thought experiment different is that it is seen from the perspective of the man in the box.
www.madghoul.com /arcanum/quantumimmortality   (505 words)

 Paper: Civilization-Level Quantum Suicide | Machines Like Us – Science News
Quantum suicide is a controversial idea proposed by Max Tegmark and based on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics (MWI).
Quantum suicide is based on the idea that if MWI is correct and you set up an experiment in which you are immediately killed if a quantum event occurs with a particular outcome, but not killed if it occurs with another outcome, then there will always be branches in which you survive.
The really controversial part of the quantum suicide idea is that you should only view those branches in which you can make observations as being possibilities for your future and so, from your point of view, should be certain of survival.
www.machineslikeus.com /cms/news/paper-civilization-level-quantum-suicide   (569 words)

 How Does Quantum Suicide Work? - Do parallel universes exist? - Softpedia
Quantum suicide basically states one thing: it is possible that our lives may be depending on the state of a single subatomic particle.
Quantum suicide represents a thought experiment proposed by a couple of physicists in the late 1980s in order to make a distinction between the quantum mechanics and the Everett many-worlds interpretation.
The problem is that the many-worlds interpretation of the universe leaves room for debate and experiments identical to the quantum suicide that counter it.
news.softpedia.com /news/How-Does-Quantum-Suicide-Work-77343.shtml   (536 words)

 Quantum Theory of Immortality Menu
From the Tegmark (1997) 'quantum suicide' experiment and the Stapp (1998) analysis of the quantum effects on calcium ions in neural synapses, MWI may imply a 'Quantum Theory of Immortality' (QTI).
The QTI is formed by reformulating the 'Quantum Suicide' experiment so that the movement of a calcium ion in a brain is used as a proxy for the spin-watching 'quantum gun', following the work of Stapp.
The QTI rests on some contentious premises: Deutsch's development of the post-Everett 'many-worlds' hypothesis; the Tegmark 'quantum suicide' experiment, Stapp's work on quantum effects on the brain and, most tentatively, the idea that the specific case of the 'quantum gun' can be generalised into any life-or-death scenario.
www.higgo.com /quantum/qti.htm   (1439 words)

 Quantum Immortality by Michael Szul
The Everett Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum physics attempts to explain the connundrum of the Schrodinger's Cat experiment, and the anomalous "nature" of quantum particles, by theorizing that every time a decision is made, the universe splits into two parallel worlds - one for each decision.
What makes the quantum suicide thought experiment different is that it is seen from the perspective of the "cat in the box," so to speak.
This evaluation from the perspective of the cat in the box, directly leads to the theory of quantum immortality, which speculates that a conscious being cannot cease to exist.
www.key64.net /article/1333-quantum-immortality   (595 words)

 Afterward to Suicide Dictionary by Michael Garfield
The setting for Suicide Dictionary is a monastery named Rainbow Abbey which is located on an island in the North Atlantic
This island was discovered in 1453 ce and donated, later in the same year, to the Catholic Church.
The majority of entries are composed of conversations between Quantum monk-poets currently residing at
www.suicidedictionary.com /author_notes.html   (871 words)

 The Huge Entity: Harnessing Quantum Weirdness
That highly successful theory is 'Quantum Theory' and the interpretation I speak of is 'The Many Worlds Interpretation'.
We should all hope to Ghawd that quantum immortality is a mere figment of the physicists' imaginations.
I personally believe that consciousness is intimately tied into the nature of reality, but finding hard evidence of this has proved impossible so far for science (for more on the crazies of consciousness click the word and explore).
www.huge-entity.com /2005/07/harnessing-quantum-weirdness.html   (760 words)

 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics is a set of laws that govern the really small, the realm of particles.
But this logic can't be transferred to the quantum world, since in our world the red cube is always red and the blue always blue, but a particle spin is neither nor until you measure it.
But quantum mechanically a small piece of the balls wave function will "spill" a bit into the wall(the particles position is also uncertain and has a wave function), but it will not be able to pass through totally.
www.physlib.com /quantum_mechanics.html   (8512 words)

 Going for a blast into the real past
Quantum theory describes the behavior of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic levels, a level of reality where most of the more familiar Newtonian laws of physics (why planets spin, airplanes fly and baseballs curve) no longer apply.
Einstein ridiculed the idea as "spooky action at a distance." Quantum mechanics must be wrong, the father of relativity contended, because that behavior requires some kind of "signal" passing between the two particles at a speed faster than light.
As evidence supporting quantum theory has grown, theorists have tried to reconcile the paradox of entanglement by basically explaining away the possibility of the two particles somehow communicating.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /local/292378_timeguy15.html   (1757 words)

 Talk:Quantum suicide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The fairly obvious problem that seems missing from this discussion is this: Quantum suicide experiment only leads to a possible Quantum Immortality in the set of universes in which the only form of death is suicide.
If there is a nonzero probability (which would seem to be the case with quantum mechanics) of something miraculous happening so that he can live another moment, that event occurs in his frame of reference, because his frame of reference includes only those possibilities that he observes.
The portion I emphasized in your quote leads to the crux of the Quantum Suicide exercise: According to the theory of Quantum Electrodynamics, there is never a scenario in which something has exactly zero probability.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:Quantum_suicide   (3988 words)

 ⊙ AntiQuark: Quantum Immortality
The idea behind quantum immortality is that the physicist is only alive in, and thus able to experience, one of the universes in which a miraculous survival occurs, even though these universes form a small subset of the possible universes.
I consulted the quantum physics newsgroups, and it seems that there are a few chemicals that are immune to the effects of quantum mechanics.
NOW if my brain could quantum tunnel into a new one this would be possible but that doesnt effect the predictions anymore than my brain quantum tunneling into a rock.
www.antiquark.com /2005/07/quantum-immortality.html   (2798 words)

 Digg - How Quantum Suicide Works
Objects small enough to be in the level of quantum are supposedly able to be in a supposition of states at one point in time.
They are both part of the SAME "quantum theory," the issue is a philosophical one (there is no currently devised test that would determine whether we live in a Copenhagen world or an Everett world) at this point, but the underlying mechanics do not change.
A quark is but one type of "quantum" particle (a quantum particle is not necessarily a quark), and its spin cannot be measured due to confinement.
digg.com /general_sciences/How_Quantum_Suicide_Works   (8388 words)

 PhilSci Archive - Is Quantum Suicide Painless? On an Apparent Violation of the Principal Principle
The experimental setup of the self-referential quantum measurement, jovially known as the "quantum suicide" or the "quantum Russian roulette" is analyzed from the point of view of the Principal Principle of David Lewis.
It is shown that the apparent violation of this principle---relating objective probabilities and subjective chance---in this type of thought experiment is just an illusion due to the usage of some terms and concepts ill-defined in the quantum context.
This is in agreement with results of the research on personal identity in the quantum context by Parfit and Tappenden.
philsci-archive.pitt.edu /archive/00002120   (171 words)

 Theories: Quantum Suicide by Mark
The idea behind quantum immortality is that the physicist will remain alive in, and thus remain able to experience, at least one of the universes in this set, even though these universes form a tiny subset of all possible universes.
Zeno's original arrow paradox basically says that if you look at the motion of an arrow flying through the air with the "fastest possible movie camera", then the arrow would have to "teleport" between the position in one frame and the position in the next, which is impossible and therefore nothing moves...
There are many studies which show that quantum decoherence shows up so fast in any environment that a human could live in that we can't ever observe human-sized quantum paradoxes....
theoriesonlost.blogspot.com /2008/05/quantum-suicide-by-mark.html   (1075 words)

 The Voice of Humanity Healing: Integral Suicide: The Quantum Poetry of Paul Lonely
Suicide Dictionary is already being regarded by many noted authors and leading exponents in the fields of spirituality and Integral theory (from which Suicide Dictionary sprang) as a work of genius.
At a time in human history when we are all learning about and interacting with people from other cultures and societies, people with other political and religious convictions, due to the advent of the internet (which is still, let’s face it, in its baby stage of growth) a new spiritual awareness is taking root.
Suicide Dictionary is a poetic phoenix rising from the ashes of post-modern thought/post-modern spirituality and giving birth to a new resonance within the energetic matrix of spiritual art.
humanity-healing.blogspot.com /2007/12/integral-suicide-quantum-poetry-of-paul.html   (9817 words)

 Quantum Suicide | We Saved Hitler's Brain | Cracked.com Forums
The quantum suicide thought experiment is based on and seeks to prove what has become an increasingly accepted interpretation of quantum physics, the Many-Worlds theory.
The theory was scorned for decades until fellow Princetonian Max Tegman created the quantum suicide experiment, which lends support to the interpretation According to the Many-Worlds theory, for each possible outcome to an action, the world splits into a copy of itself.
We are bystanders or observers in the case of another person's suicide, and as observers we're subject to probability.
www.cracked.com /forums/index.php?topic=28705.msg745901   (3040 words)

 Techworld.com - Quantum computer to debut next week
D-Wave of British Columbia has promised to demonstrate a quantum computer next Tuesday, that can carry out 64,000 calculations simultaneously (in parallel "universes"), thanks to a new technique which rethinks the already-uncanny world of quantum computing.
Multiple quantum states exist at the same time, so every quantum bit or "qubit" in such a machine is simultaneously 0 and 1.
Scientists in the world's many quantum science departments are looking anxiously at whether the demonstration - linked to a computer museum in Mountain View California, will vindicate their work or cast doubt upon it.
www.techworld.com /opsys/news/index.cfm?newsID=7972&pagtype=all   (1087 words)

 Time Travel Portal :: View topic - Many Worlds & Parallel Universes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Quantum Probability from Subjective Likelihood: improving on Deutsch's proof of the probability rule
Non-locality and gauge freedom in Deutsch and Hayden's formulation of quantum mechanics
Hidden variables in quantum mechanics: Generic models, set-theoretic forcing, and the emergence of probability
timetravelportal.com /viewtopic.php?t=288   (374 words)

 MIND Exchange
But after doing some self-study on Quantum Immortality, I have reason to believe that I died in my sleep that night, but woke up in an alternate universe, of course not being aware of that.
After all, if a quantum computer is doing more calculations at any instant than there are particles in the Universe, the Universe simply doesn't have the resources at its disposal to do what the computer is doing.
A quantum computer is never short of the resources it needs because it does not rely on a single Universe....In effect, an infinite number of versions of (a quantum computer) will be working on parallel strands of the problem.'
www.kurzweilai.net /mindx/show_thread.php?rootID=43624   (3023 words)

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