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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

  Quark - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
Quark was a Ferengi, the eldest son of Keldar and Ishka, brother to Rom and uncle to Nog, the first Ferengi in Starfleet.
Quark was born on Ferenginar, the son of Keldar and Ishka.
Quark's relationship with Odo is a clear homage to the classic 1942 Michael Curitz film Casablanca, with Quark in Humphrey Bogart's role of Rick Blaine and Odo as Claude Rains' Captain Louis Renault.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/Quark   (5595 words)

  Quark: Tutte le informazioni su Quark su Encyclopedia.it   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nella fisica delle particelle i quark sono una delle due famiglie di particelle subatomiche, che si ritiene siano fondamentali e indivisibili (l'altra è quella dei leptoni).
Si ritiene che i quark non esistano da soli ma solo in gruppi di due o tre (e, più recentemente, quattro e cinque); tutte le ricerche di quark singoli, fin dal 1977 hanno avuto esito negativo.
Particelle composte da un quark e da un antiquark del corrispondente anticolore sono chiamate mesoni.
www.encyclopedia.it /q/qu/quark.html   (677 words)

 Quark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quarks are one of the two basic constituents of matter in the Standard Model of particle physics.
The masses of the heavy charm and bottom quarks are obtained from the masses of hadrons containing a single heavy quark (and one light antiquark or two light quarks) and from the analysis of quarkonia.
The existence of a third generation of quarks was predicted by Kobayashi and Maskawa who realized that the observed violation of CP symmetry by neutral kaons could not be accommodated into the Standard Model with two generations of quarks.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quark   (2001 words)

 Quark (Star Trek) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quark originally came to the station while it was named Terok Nor during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.
Quark became Grand Nagus for a brief period when it appeared that Zek had died; however, Zek's death turned out to be a ruse and Quark was promptly deposed.
Quark repeatedly clashed with FCA (Ferengi Commerce Authority) liquidator Brunt, who believed that Quark was detrimental to Ferengi society and beliefs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quark_(Star_Trek)   (1019 words)

Quarks are generally believed to never exist alone but only in groups of two or three (and, more recently, five); all searches for free quarks since 1977 have yielded negative results.
Quarks are differentiated from leptons, the other family of elemental particles, by electric charge.
This interchange of color charge is thought to result in the strong nuclear force holding quarks together in mesons and baryons; a "secondary" effect of this strong nuclear force is to hold the protons and neutrons together in the atomic nucleus.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/up/Up_quark.html   (736 words)

 DS9 Encyclopedia & Lexicon - Regular Characters: Quark
Quark let a gang led by a disgruntled Trill named Verad onto the station to take over, but was later instrumental in neutralizing them ("Invasive Procedures"); and he was later threatened by a former partner named Fallit Kot ("Melora").
Quark was not happy when Nog announced his intention to enter Starfleet, and went so far as to sabotage Nog's spatial orientation test for the Academy ("Facets").
Quark was later stranded with Odo on a hostile planet, and they were forced to depend on each other to survive by carrying a runabout subspace transmitter up a mountain together ("The Ascent").
ds9encyclopedia.0catch.com /regular/quark.htm   (1433 words)

Quarks and Leptons are the building blocks which build up matter, i.e., they are seen as the "elementary particles".
Quarks are observed to occur only in combinations of two quarks (mesons), three quarks (baryons), and the recently discovered particles with five quarks (pentaquark).
Quarks undergo transformations by the exchange of W bosons, and those transformations determine the rate and nature of the decay of hadrons by the weak interaction.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/particles/quark.html   (1357 words)

Quark, one of the most influential of modern Ferengi thanks to his location at DS9 when the Bajoran wormhole was discovered, owns Quark's Place on DS9's Promenade but hates being called a "barkeep," preferring "host" instead as he fancies himself an empathetic dispenser of advice as well as a goodwill ambassador and legitimate entrepreneur extrordinaire.
Quark, the Ferengi barkeeper, is a self-important con artist who's nowhere near as clever as he thinks he is. His bar is a center for scams and illegal dealings.
Quark was a co-indicted in 2362 by the Romulans as the middleman with alien thief Fallit Kot for hijacking a Romulan ale shipment, but testified against Kot and got off - barely escaping with his life eight years later here at DS9 when Kot was released.
www.trekweb.com /TerokNor/Quark.html   (1706 words)

 Arctic Expedition Travel And Antarctic Expedition Cruise Specialists - Quark Expeditions
Be the first to learn of new expeditions, or the return of rare ones.
The Quark Expeditions sponsored exhibit Ends of the Earth: From Polar Bears to Penguins will open June 5, 2008, at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.
For the past 17 years Quark Expeditions has led the way in polar adventure.
www.quarkexpeditions.com   (221 words)

Quark cheese can be enjoyed as a spread on crusty breads and bagels, or as a dessert cheese.
Quark is also used to make a variety of fresh sour-curd cheeses in Germany, Austria, and the Czech and Slovak Republics.
Quark cheese can be used as a spread on crusty breads and bagels or as a dessert cheese.
www.truestarhealth.com /Notes/1897008.html   (387 words)

 Agent J's Cult Sci-Fi Television - Quark
Though Quark was supposed to stick to his sanitization patrols, he often met adventure with such colorful space denizens as the evil High Gorgon, Zoltar the Magnificent, and Zorgan the Malevolent.
Quark and crew are sent on a suicidal mission to Polumbus to discover why no one else has returned from Polumbus...alive.
However, Quark and the Bettys have already been sent down to the planet to be eatten by a lizard god.
www.geocities.com /TelevisionCity/7565/quark.html   (1103 words)

 Theory: Quarks
Quarks are fundamental matter particles that are constituents of neutrons and protons and other hadrons.
For hadrons made of the light quark types, the quark mass is a small contribution to the total hadron mass.
The quantity we call quark mass is actually related to the m in F = ma (force = mass x acceleration).
www2.slac.stanford.edu /vvc/theory/quarks.html   (333 words)

Richard Benjamin starred as Adam Quark, commander of the garbage scow for the United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol space station 'Perma One'.
'Quark' finished dead last on Friday nights despite heavy promotion from NBC and despite the show being the wittiest send-up of science fiction ever attempted on television.
Everyone involved was shocked that 'Quark' didn't catch on, but the network simply fell back on their contention that science-fiction doesn't work on television.
www.tvparty.com /recquark.html   (655 words)

 Quark Shoes on Shoeline.com
Quark shoes may very well be the 'lightest shoes on earth'.
Slip on any Quark shoe, clog, sandal, or boot and immediately feel the sensation of walking on air.
Quark footwear is truly out of this world.
www.shoeline.com /brand/quark.asp   (70 words)

 Amazon.com: QuarkXpress 5.0: Software   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Quark is too firmly entrenched in the collective consciousness of the computer community at large, and has too many diehard loyalists, to go quietly into that good night, just because a certain monopolistic competitor is banging loudly at the gate.
Quark was the first program I loaded on my then-formidable Macintosh Centris 610 (which nowadays sits on a couple of cement blocks out in the yard).
Quark was obviously designed by people who were actually layout artists before the days of computerized design, and it shows.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000060PCS/designlink   (1828 words)

 UGSP Unofficial Page
On the series QUARK he also played the roll of Dink, one of the constant fuzzy thorns in the side of Otto Palindrome.
Quark is order to have an intimate romantic interlude with a princess.
At the end Quark and Ergo (yes he is in the regular series) take a space walk and re-enter the ship through the garbage hatch.
www.snowcrest.net /fox/quark   (1628 words)

 STARTREK.COM : Biography
Quark saved his much-cherished Ferengi culture from the Bajoran Prophets' idealism later that year when he experienced an orb vision and single-handedly restored the Nagus to his previous state.
Quark was a co-indicted in 2362 by the Romulans as the middleman with alien thief Fallit Kot for hijacking a Romulan ale shipment, but testified against Kot and got off — barely escaping with his life eight years later here at DS9 when Kot was released.
We must face it: Quark provides a valuable service and resource on the station — even if he still takes 30% of his workers' tips and manages their vacation fund himself.
www.startrek.com /startrek/view/series/DS9/character/1112445.html   (1616 words)

 Quark   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Even though Quark ran opposite Donny and Marie, it was a bright spot for a network that was in a terrible slump.
NBC heavily promoted it[remember their "What Is A Quark?" campaign?]but they has the misfortune to run it during the winter of 1978 during which ice storms caused power outages over half the US which may have also attributed to the early cancellation.
QUARK lasted 8 episodes, but with the pilot there are a total of 9.
www.jumptheshark.com /q/quark.htm   (2425 words)

 IGM: Quark Refutes Anti-Mac Report
Quark claims that the author of the MacEdition article "was not present" at the keynote and that CEO Fred Ebrahimi did not make make the "alleged" remarks attributed to him.
Quark argues that Ebrahimi's cmments were "taken out of context and re-cast in an unflattering manner by an anonymous writer who was not present at the event during which they were allegedly spoken."
Quark nevertheless stands by the comment that fewer of their customers are buying Macs.
www.insanely-great.com /news.php?id=1311   (2961 words)

 QuArK - Online documentation
QuArK is Free Software, as stated by the GNU General Public Licence.
When QuArK will need to load data from the game, for example to display the list of textures, it will prompt you for the path where the game is installed.
QuArK is divided in several modules, and each of them can edit a particular type of Quake file.
quark.planetquake.gamespy.com /help   (1661 words)

 Quark   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Five years after Quark instated a modest operation at the Chandigarh Industrial Area, Quark is a name to reckon with.
The building, the infrastructure and technology that Quark offers at its research and development center at Mohali (Punjab, India) are inimitable in the region, and have attracted top IT professionals not only from different parts of the country but from all parts of Asia.
In a two-phased program, Quark will offer the region the finest business and residential parks in the country.
naukri.com /gpw/quark   (120 words)

 The Official QuArK website - Main Page
If you're looking for the desktop publishing program called Quark (notice the difference in capitalization), please go here.
We would like to setup a posing section on the Official QuArK Site Donation page a listing of all of YOU that DO donate to the project for its support and continuation.
Anybody that has trouble exporting HL2/CSS maps or opening RTCW maps with QuArK 6.5.0 Beta 4 should try the fixed executable I've posted on the website: here.
quark.planetquake.gamespy.com   (1945 words)

 gizmag Article: Quark fuel-cell roadgoing QUAD
The Quark has a removable interactive interface, which appears to be a PDA on steroids.
Apart from the innovative PDA concept, the vehicle looks set to create its own class of roadgoing four wheeler, quite similar to the 4WD off-road machines which are selling so well in America at present, yet created as a low-emission inner-urban fuel-cell vehicle.
It is therefore not necessary to garage the Quark regardless of weather conditions.
www.gizmag.com /go/3153   (636 words)

 Oakdale Cheese  & Specialties - Favorite Recipes
Germany and Austria and is a soft, spreadable cheese.
After being drained in a cheesecloth, Quark is filled into 1 lbs.
Quark is low in energy, low fat, high in protein and very light digestive.
www.oakdalecheese.com /recipes.html   (387 words)

 Define quark - a Whatis.com definition
A quark is one of two currently recognized groups of fundamental particles, which are subatomic, indivisible (at least as far as we know today) particles that represent the smallest known units of matter.
Everything in our readily observable world seems to be made up of just the up quark, the down quark, and the electron (which is the most famous flavor of lepton).
It is entirely possible that quarks and leptons may turn out to be made up of smaller particles.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,,sid9_gci858975,00.html   (351 words)

 Amazon.com: QuarkXpress 6.0: Software   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It was the Mac community that built the Quark company yet they have quickly abandoned their client in the search for new fields in the PC sea.
As a registered user of Quark for 10 years, I give the new version 2 or 3/5 for its lack of new typesetting features, poor dictionary, token-only layers, 1200mm size limit, general anti-Adobe compatibility and font instability.
Quark 6 does do multiple undos, for which it deserves kudos; however, it's maddening to find out that not all actions are undoable.
amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/B0000A1GPA/ref=nosim/stylegala-20?...   (1745 words)

 truth quark - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about truth quark
US company founded in 1981 by Tim Gill, who wrote the first word processing program for the Apple III computer.
The company is named after the elementary particle proposed as the building block for all matter.
More than a million users in over 100 countries worldwide now use QuarkXPress and Quark's other, related publishing software.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /truth+quark   (125 words)

 Quark – Revolutionizing Publishing. Again.
Quark Advances the Design Experience with QuarkXPress 8
Quark Launches Dynamic Publishing Solution and Outlines Long-Term Vision
©2008 Quark, Inc. and Quark Media House Sàrl, Switzerland.
www.quark.com   (36 words)

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