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Topic: Quartz

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  Quartz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quartz is a common constituent of granite, sandstone, limestone, and many other igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.
Quartz is the most common material identified as the mystical substance maban in Australian Aboriginal mythology.
Quartz is also a type of piezoelectric crystal that creates electricity through a process called piezoelectricity when mechanical stress is put upon it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quartz   (775 words)

 Quartz (graphics layer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quartz is the marketing name of the graphics layer of the Mac OS X operating system.
Quartz Compositor can be accelerated via hardware rendering on the GPU supported AGP graphics cards, this feature has been marketed as Quartz Extreme.
Quartz is extended in Mac OS X Tiger with Core Image and Core Video, which provide real-time video and graphics manipulations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quartz_(Macintosh)   (394 words)

 MSN Encarta - Quartz
Quartz is also common in massive forms, which contain particles ranging in size from coarse-grained to cryptocrystalline (grains invisible to the naked eye but observable under a microscope).
Quartz crystals exhibit a property called the piezoelectric effect, that is, they produce an electric voltage when subjected to pressure along certain directions of the crystal.
In the form of sand, quartz is used extensively in the manufacture of glass and silica brick, and is also used in cement and mortar.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761553579/Quartz.html   (759 words)

 Quartz, rock, crystal, mineral, gem stone, birth stones - mineralgallery
Quartz is used as a component of glass, ceramics, refractories, cements, and mortar; as an abrasive; as a chemical raw material for the manufacture of sodium silicate, silicon carbide, silicon metals, organic silicates, and silicones; and as a component in numerous other industrial materials.
Because quartz is relatively resistant to mechanical abrasion, it is abundant in stream sediments, on beaches, and in wind-blown sands.
Quartz has no cleavage and fails by brittle fracture; the fracture surfaces have vitreous luster.Quartz occurs in a wide range of crystal sizes, from single crystals weighing many tons to cryptocrystalline varieties whose crystallinity may be seen only with the aid of an electron microscope.
www.mineralgallery.co.za /quartz.htm   (595 words)

 Dave's Down To Earth Rock Shop Quartz!!!
Quartz is a family of minerals with the same chemical composition; silicon dioxide (SiO2), and similar physical properties.
Quartz is used for jewelry and delicate bowls and to imitate diamonds.
The quartz crystal is the connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind.
www.davesdowntoearthrockshop.com /quartz.htm   (980 words)

 Quartz Properties
Quartz tubing is available in a full range of sizes, including diameters of 400mm and larger.
In general, the devitrification rate of fused quartz is slow for two reasons: the nucleation of the cristobalite phase is possible only at the free surface, and the growth rate of the crystalline phase is low.
In one study using GE 214LD fused quartz tubing, it was found that the sag rate decreases as the wall thickness of the tube is increased.
www.quartz.com /gedata.html   (3427 words)

 The Mineral Quartz (DesertUSA)
Quartz is very resistant to weathering and, therefore, concentrates as sandstones and other detrital rocks.
Quartz sand is also used in the manufacture of porcelain, glass and metal casting molds.
Quartz is found as large crystals that are often beautifully colored by impurities.
www.desertusa.com /mag98/mar/papr/geo_quartz.html   (312 words)

 Quartz: Tutte le informazioni su Quartz su Encyclopedia.it   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Quartz supporta nativamente Aqua nella visualizzazione della grafica bidimensionale utilizzata per creare l'interfaccia grafica, include il rendering in tempo reale e anti-aliasing con una precisione di una frazione di pixel.
Quartz è la tecnologia succeduta a QuickDraw, il quale veniva utilizzato nelle versioni precedenti a Mac OS X e tuttora soppravvive nell'emulatore chiamato " Classic" incluso in Mac OS X. Quartz è basato sulla versione 1.4 dell'Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF — è un formato multipiattaforma nato per preservare l'impaginazione dei documenti.
Quartz usa un approccio simile a quello utilizzato dal linguaggio Postscript o dal PDF per gestire la grafica, infatti inizialmente non si preoccupa di ottenere un'immagine da visualizzara ma prima genera una sua rappresentazione vettoriale da poter utilizzare per generare la bitmap da visualizzare.
www.encyclopedia.it /q/qu/quartz.html   (333 words)

 Quartz - Quartz Overview
Quartz can be used to create simple or complex schedules for executing tens, hundreds, or even tens-of-thousands of jobs; jobs whose tasks are defined as standard Java components or EJBs.
Quartz is freely usable, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
Quartz is in use by thousands of people, many of whom have directly embedded Quartz in their own applications, and others who are using products that already have Quartz embedded within them.
www.opensymphony.com /quartz   (282 words)

 QUARTZ (Silicon Dioxide)
Quartz is the most common mineral on the face of the Earth.
Rose quartz is a pink to reddish pink variety.
Smoky quartz is the brown to gray variety.
mineral.galleries.com /minerals/silicate/quartz/quartz.htm   (1068 words)

Quartz crystal is the most abundant crystalline form of silicon dioxide, occurring, in some parts of the world, in large single crystals from which mechanical resonators of useful dimensions can readily be formed.
The improvements in quartz resonators, and in their driving circuits, have resulted in the construction of quartz crystal clocks that will keep time with an accuracy better than 0.001 second a day, so that measurements of time of great interest and value to astronomers and geophysicists can now be made with an accuracy hitherto unattainable.
The quartz resonators used in these installations are believed to be similar to those in Clocks III and IV in the Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt installation except that some of them were made for 100 kilocycles instead of the original 60 kilocycles.
www.ieee-uffc.org /freqcontrol/marrison/Marrison.html   (17535 words)

 Gem Hut - Quartz Gemstones
Quartz can be found in a variety of colors, violet (amethyst), golden yellow (citrine), pink or peachish (rose quartz), brown (smoky quartz), green (prasiolite) and colorless (rock crystal).
Quartz is sometimes found with inclusions of other minerals such as rutile (sagenite, or rutilated quartz) or tourmaline (tourmalinated quartz), making them look quite remarkable.
Chalcedony, a micro-crystalline member of the quartz family consists of a number of stones, namely agate, dendritic agate, fire agate, bloodstone (heliotrope), plasma, chrysoprase, prase, fossilized wood, jasper, carnelian, moss agate, onyx, sardonyx, and sard.
www.gemhut.com /quartz.htm   (101 words)

 NWOBHM - Quartz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
As an aural experience Quartz have got it down pat; the drumming's tight, the bass is dynamic, and the guitarist thunders out huge distorted slabs of ear-splitting riffing with a hard edged precision that indicates years of experience in consolidating the art of doing just that.
The problem, methinks, is that Quartz have been at it so long they can do it in their sleep, and end up so relaxed that they fail to show an ounce of the passion for the music that's doubtless in their minds.
Quartz seem to have been around longer than Geoff Boycott or Pat Jennings; to add up their ages would probably blow the circuits of the most sophisticated calculator.
www.nwobhm.com /quartz.htm   (807 words)

 Gemstones beginning with Q   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Quartz is a family of minerals with the same chemical composition (silicon dioxide) and similar physical properties.
Quartz is said to be the universal healing stone, able to clarify what needs to be healed or balanced and assist in the transformation.
Blood quartz gets its red and auburn hues from hematite inclusions; the hematite grows on the surface of the quartz crystal, and then as the quartz continues to grow, the hematite becomes contained inside.
www.rings-things.com /hazel-doc/Extended/q.htm   (2154 words)

Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth and is found in many different forms almost everywhere.
Crystalline quartz is quartz that occurs in distinct crystals.
Cryptocrystalline quartz is quartz in which the crystals are microscopic in size and thus is always opaque or translucent.
www.tradeshop.com /gems/quartz.html   (989 words)

And unusual quartz specialties like drusy quartz, with its surface covered by tiny sparking crystals, and rutilated quartz, which has a landscape of shining gold needles inside, are adding variety and nature's artistry to unusual one-of-a-kind jewelry.
Smoky quartz is a brown transparent quartz that is sometimes used for unusual faceted cuts.
Quartz that is formed not of one single crystal but finely grained microcrystals is known as chalcedony.
www.gemstone.org /gem-by-gem/english/quartz.html   (801 words)

 Mineral Information Institute - QUARTZ
Quartz (Silica): as a crystal, quartz is used as a semiprecious gem stone.
Purple quartz is known as amethyst; white is milky quartz; fl is smoky quartz; pink is rose quartz, and yellow or orange is citrine.
Quartz is one of several minerals which are piezoelectric, meaning that when pressure is applied to quartz, a positive electrical charge is created at one end of the crystal and a negative electrical charge is created at the other.
www.mii.org /Minerals/photoqtz.html   (830 words)

 Quartz - Facts from the Encyclopedia - Yahoo! Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Quartz may be transparent, translucent, or opaque; it may be colorless or colored.
Crystalline varieties include ordinary colorless crystallized quartz, or rock crystal; rose quartz; yellow quartz, sometimes used as imitation topaz; smoky quartz, or cairngorm stone; milk-white milky quartz; aventurine quartz, which contains scales of hematite or mica; and amethyst.
Varieties of cryptocrystalline quartz, the crystal structure of which can be seen only under the microscope, if at all, are chalcedony, flint, hornstone, and chert.
messenger.yahooligans.com /reference/encyclopedia/entry/quartz   (180 words)

 Quartz Group
Quartz and most of the other Quartz Group members are classified here as silicates because of their structural and property similarities to other tectosilicates.
Beta quartz is not the same as normal quartz, actually referred to as alpha quartz, low quartz or, as is mostly done here, just quartz.
Quartz's typical termination is composed of two sets of three rhombic faces that can look like a six sided pyramid.
mineral.galleries.com /minerals/silicate/quartz.htm   (1142 words)

 Quartz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Quartz is made of the two most abundant chemical elements on Earth: oxygen and silicon.
Quartz is divided into two groups; crystalline or visible crystals and cryptocrystalline or hidden crystals which, require a microscope.
Crystalline quartz is found as tiny crystal frostings sparkling on a rock surface as well as well-formed crystals weighing tonnes.
www.science.uwaterloo.ca /earth/waton/f9811.html   (995 words)

 [No title]
Quartz 2D running in software using the CPU has to write to the backing store in RAM, then that backing store has to be moved to the video card where the Quartz Compositor can put it into the final scene.
Quartz 2D Extreme running on the GPU writes those 640,000 pixels into the backing store in VRAM, which is exactly where the Quartz Compositor needs to read it from.
Quartz 2D was notoriously slow at drawing lines in Panther and earlier versions of Mac OS X, so much so that developers often chose to use (or in most cases, "stick with") QuickDraw for such tasks.
arstechnica.com /reviews/os/macosx-10.4.ars/14   (3078 words)

 SDNHM - Quartz
Quartz is thought to have come from the German miner's language of the Middle Ages, but the original meaning is not known.
Quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth.
Quartz crystals are piezoelectric, and are used in watches, radios, oscillators, and wave stabilizers.
www.sdnhm.org /fieldguide/minerals/quartz.html   (197 words)

Quartz is abundant in the Earth's crust, being the chemically simplest form of the silicates.
Clear crystal quartz forms naturally when silica rich solutions occur in underground cavities and fractures where conditions will allow unobstructed growth.
This rose quartz gem is 374.9 carats, also from Minas Gerais.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/geophys/quartz.html   (223 words)

 [No title]
Quartz is the umbrella term for the Mac OS X display layer through which all drawing and screen display is done.
Quartz takes advantage of this to enable nearly anything drawn to the screen to be written to a PDF file, and to help unify printing and screen display under a single API.
Since the Quartz Compositor's primary job is to blend the backing stores for each window into a single, cohesive scene, accelerated access to the frame buffer isn't much good until the actual work of compositing is completed.
arstechnica.com /reviews/os/macosx-10.4.ars/13   (2289 words)

 Alan Guisewite's Mineral Collection Images: Quartz Page
Chrysoprase is the beautiful green cryptocrystalline (chalcedony) variety of quartz - the green is caused by inclusions of willemseite, a nickel-bearing talc.
A large cabinet plate of milky quartz from the 1994 dig at the "Moosup" railroad cut in Plainfield, Windham County, Connecticut.
Note that some "blue quartz" is colored internally, either by mineral particles small enough that they scatter blue light (like the sky) or by mineral impurities such as aerinite.
www.cs.cmu.edu /~adg/adg-pqimages.html   (2572 words)

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