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Topic: Quasar

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  SPACE.com -- Astronomers Capture Images of Quasar from when the Universe was Young
In astronomers' parlance, the quasar is at a redshift of 6.4.
The combined discoveries suggest that galaxies and quasars co-existed in the first years of the universe, said Meg Urry, a Yale University researcher who was not involved in either study.
Quasars are probably a phase of galaxy formation, Urry said, and the distant galaxies seen by Hubble have probably already had a quasar phase.
www.space.com /scienceastronomy/distant_quasar_030109.html   (0 words)

  APOD: December 26, 1998 - Gamma Ray Quasar   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Like all quasars, 3C279 is a nondescript, faint, star-like object in the visible sky.
Shortly after this image was recorded the quasar faded from view at gamma-ray energies.
Another quasar, 3C273, is faintly visible above and to the right of center.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /apod/ap981226.html   (147 words)

 AllRefer.com - quasar (Astronomy, General) - Encyclopedia
Quasars were discovered as the visible counterparts of certain discrete celestial sources of radio waves (see radio astronomy).
If quasars were simply objects being ejected from nearby galaxies at high speeds, and not the distant objects they appear to be, then some would have blue shifts.
To account for such brilliant light, astronomers believe that quasars are supermassive fl holes in galactic nuclei, releasing energy by the accretion of matter through a rotating viscous disk (see cosmology).
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/Q/quasar.html   (385 words)

The quasars were deemed to be strange new phenomena, and initially there was considerable speculation that new laws of physics might have to be invented to account for the amount of energy that they produced.
Quasars are extremely luminous at all wavelengths and exhibit variability on timescales as little as hours, indicating that their enormous energy output originates in a very compact source.
Thus, the observation of quasars at large distances and their scarcity nearby implies that they were much more common in the early Universe than they are now, as illustrated in the adjacent figure (see the Source for a further discussion of the figure).
csep10.phys.utk.edu /astr162/lect/active/quasars.html   (1054 words)

 Quasars as Ejection Phenomena, and the Redshift Controversy
The topic of quasars as ejection phenomena from galaxies, and redshifts as intrinsic components of quasars, rather than indicators of distance and velocity, has been controversial since it was proposed three decades ago.
The density excess of quasars near one spiral galaxy, NGC 1097, with an inner and outer ring, appears to coincide with the axis as defined by extensive optical jets.
Quasars were thought to inhabit the nuclei of huge, bright and chaotic galaxies, but new observations show that this is not the case.
www.livingcosmos.com /quasar.htm   (4148 words)

 quasar concept from the Astronomy knowledge base   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Quasars may be the central regions of certain very energetic galaxies at an early stage of their evolution.
It is believed that the power of a quasar derives from a massive fl hole at its center.
.) The light of most if not all quasars is variable over time intervals between a few days and several years, so their diameters must not be much larger than the diameter of the solar system; yet they are the intrinsically brightest objects known (for 3C 273 (z = 0.158), M
www.site.uottawa.ca:4321 /astronomy/quasar.html   (393 words)

 SPACE.com -- Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Quasar
One result is that Rickett was able to resolve the radio waves from the quasar with a resolution at least 50 times better than what's achievable with the best ground-based radio telescopes and 20 times better than space-based radio telescopes.
Quasars, short for quasi-stellar radio sources, were first noticed in the 1950s and '60s and were thought to be nearby stars that behaved strangely.
They are, then, relics of the early universe, since the emissions of a quasar 10 billion light-years away left the quasar 10 billion years ago, taking that long to reach terrestrial telescopes.
www.space.com /scienceastronomy/quasar_light_021209.html   (0 words)

 Gene Smith's Astronomy Tutorial - Quasars   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Quasars were discovered in 1963 as radio telescopes began to be able to pinpoint sources of radio waves more precisely.
The question was complicated by the discovery that quasars vary in brightness, sometimes by huge amounts in periods as small as a week or so.
Some astronomers speculate that stars which orbit to near the central quasar may be first puffed up by the intense radiation field, then tidally disrupted by the intense gravitational field, and finally pulled into a swirling disk of accreted material which will eventually be swallowed by the massive central fl hole.
cassfos02.ucsd.edu /public/tutorial/Quasars.html   (1097 words)

 Quasar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
To be observable at that distance, the energy output of quasars must dwarf that of almost every known astrophysical phenomenon with the exception of comparatively short-lived supernovae and gamma-ray bursts.
Quasars are believed to be powered by accretion of material onto supermassive fl holes in the nuclei of distant galaxies, making these luminous versions of the general class of objects known as active galaxies.
Later it was found that not all (actually only 10% or so) quasars have strong radio emission (are 'radio-loud').
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quasar   (1898 words)

 ESA Portal - Hubble captures a 'quintuple' quasar
Although other multiply lensed quasars have been seen before, this is the only case so far in which multiple quasar images are produced by an entire galaxy cluster acting as a gravitational lens.
The background quasar observed by Hubble is the brilliant core of a galaxy.
When the quasar’s light passes through the gravity field of the galaxy cluster that lies between us and the quasar, the light is bent by the space-warping gravity field in such a way that five separate images of the object are produced around the cluster’s centre.
www.esa.int /esaCP/SEM6UI9ATME_index_0.html   (628 words)

 StarChild: Quasars
Quasars are believed to produce their energy from massive fl holes in the center of the galaxies in which the quasars are located.
Because quasars are so bright, they drown out the light from all the other stars in the same galaxy.
A quasar is approximately 1 kiloparsec in width.
starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov /docs/StarChild/universe_level2/quasars.html   (277 words)

 Quasar Innovations
Quasar has rich experience in the field of RF Planning, optimization, Drive Test and surveys activities and has been actively participating in the following activities on behalf of equipment manufacturers and services providers.
Quasar has also rich experience in installation and commissioning of optical networks for Nortel and also for key government projects.
Quasar has also been involved in installation of power systems for cellular networks on turnkey project basis for Motorola and Hutchison.
www.quasarinnovations.com /html/telecom_solutions.html   (233 words)

 Spaceflight Now | Breaking News | New view of quasar emerges
The seething core of a quasar currently is pictured as containing a disk of hot gas spiraling into a supermassive fl hole.
Schild monitored the quasar's brightness for 20 years, and led an international consortium of observers operating 14 telescopes to keep the object under steady around-the-clock watch at critical times.
Further evidence for the importance of the quasar's internally anchored magnetic field is found in surrounding structures.
spaceflightnow.com /news/n0607/25quasar   (1446 words)

 Quasar Technologies
Quasar Technologies, the most innovative provider of next generation enterprise publishing solutions, is dedicated to unparalleled performance, professionalism and excellence.
Quasar has taken a unique angle to redefine traditional content management into an advanced concept of Enterprise Publishing.
Publishing has entered a new era where all “enterprises” are beginning to consider themselves as publishers in order to effectively communicate to their audiences and, where traditional publishers must adapt to new technologies and methods of working in order to remain on the forefront.
www.quasar-tech.com /about.html   (667 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions About Quasars
The electrons near the center of the quasar can be accelerated to speeds near the speed of light.
It appears galaxies may only act as quasars during the early stages of their lives, but it would still be for times of billions of years.
There are no nearby quasars, so there are no young quasars; quasars are not made during our era of the universe, only during an ancient era.
www.phys.vt.edu /~jhs/faq/quasars.html   (0 words)

 Quasar (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Quasar journeyed to Uranus, the planet from which the original Marvel Boy had received the bands, and had the bands' true nature and origins revealed to him by the cosmic entity called Eon.
This exile into space was enforced when the radioactive Soviet expatriate called the Presence threatened to kill his loved ones, and Quasar decided to fake his death, leaving Earth in the process.
Although Quasar has not appeared as a superhero in the Ultimate Marvel setting, S.H.I.E.L.D agent Wendell Vaughn is the head of security for the top secret Project Pegasus in Devil's Point, Wyoming.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Quasar_(comics)   (1884 words)

 Quasar III for Champions
Quasar traveled to Neptune to see if he could learn the origin of the quantum bands, and was attacked by Deathurge, but when he was appointed Protector of the Universe by Eon he was able to defeat Deathurge (Quasar #1-2).
Quasar was among the Avengers who fought Morgan Le Fay when she tired to take over the world, while briefly under her control he went by the name Star-Knight (Avengers III #2-3).
Powers: Quasar has no innate super powers, but has been bonded with the quantum bands, a pair of powerful artifacts that allow him to manipulate energy for a variety of purposes.
www.angelfire.com /scifi2/mathew/csquasar3.html   (489 words)

 New Picture of Quasar Emerges
In the distant, young universe, quasars shine with a brilliance unmatched by anything in the local cosmos.
Schild monitored the quasar's brightness for 20 years, and led an international consortium of observers operating 14 telescopes to keep the object under steady around-the-clock watch at critical times.
Further evidence for the importance of the quasar's internally anchored magnetic field is found in surrounding structures.
www.physorg.com /news73057202.html   (1330 words)

 Quasar Tallaght Online - Irish Quasar Centres   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As a Quasar Centre, Tallaght prides itself on being a skilful centre, the games in which need a lot of speed, and also that it has always ratified the Quasar 500 Rules.
The Quasar itself is located in a Bowling Alley complex, which also has a small restaurant, an arcade, and plenty of snooker/pool tables.
The arena is designed as a miniture version of the old Quasar Coolock Arena, with a number of "L" Walls on each side, and 2 replica Tower Energisers from Coolock.
www.quasartallaght.net /centres.html   (698 words)

 Quasar About Us Page
About Us Quasar is an independently owned training and consultancy company with a hard working dedicated staff team whose experience has taught us that the most important element in the continued success of our business is the continued success of yours.
In order to provide you with the maximum possible return on your investment in training we have developed a series of post course support systems that are designed to help each one of your employees when they are back at their jobs.
Quasar was established in 1992 and our success is a testimony to what working in partnership really means – Listening, Understanding, Guidance through Knowledge and Expertise and above all, Flexibility.
www.quasar.co.uk /Aboutus.htm   (276 words)

 Radio to X-ray Observation of Quasars   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Quasars are multi-wavelength emitters, with roughly equal energy output per decade from far-infrared through to X-ray frequencies.
The main differences between the two well-established classes of quasars: radio-loud and radio-quiet, are the slope of the X-ray spectrum and the strength of the mm break, with the radio-loud objects having ~3 orders of magnitude stronger radio emission and flatter X-ray slopes.
In a study of the SEDs of quasars, we wish to determine the SED as it was emitted by the quasar rather than as it appears to us.
cadcwww.dao.nrc.ca /ADASS/adass_proc/adass3/papers/wilkesb/wilkesb.html   (2710 words)

 4.2 Quasar microlensing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With typical separations of order one arcsecond between center of galaxy and quasar image, this means that the quasar light bundle passes through the galaxy and/or the galaxy halo.
In particular when the quasar track crosses a caustic (the sharp lines in Figure 10 for which the magnification formally is infinite, because the determinant of the Jacobian disappears, cf.\ Equation (31
Microlens-induced fluctuations in the observed brightness of quasars contain information both about the light-emitting source (size of continuum region or broad line region of the quasar, brightness profile of quasar) and about the lensing objects (masses, density, transverse velocity).
www.maths.tcd.ie /EMIS/journals/LRG/Articles/Volume1/1998-12wamb/node13.html   (1166 words)

 LMU / Institut für Informatik / LFE Bioinformatik
Quasar is a platform-independent and easily extendable software package for scoring and ranking sequence-structure alignments.
Quasar also offers algorithms for optimizing combinations of scoring schemes with respect to the correlation with the benchmark score.
The tutorial is also available from the Quasar graphical user interface under the menu item "Help" and as *.pdf files for printing.
www.bio.ifi.lmu.de /QUASAR   (727 words)

 Quasar Feet Forward Motorcycle
Although it was not the success they wished for, a total of about 22 Quasars were eventually built, some by Malcolm and Ken and some later by John Malfoy at Romarsh.
At the same time, I was playing around with a design for a modern Ner-a-car with an Ariel Square Four engine (which was being built again by Healey at that time) and a single-sided front suspension (identical to the RADD concept adopted by Yamaha for the GTS750).
Entirely conventional, but custom-made, motorcycle suspension is used front and rear and the frame of the Quasar is made of (fairly small diameter) steel tubing.
www.angib.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk /ff/quasar0.html   (453 words)

 Quasar Communications Ltd. - The Wireless Experts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Based in Fort St. John, Quasar Communications Ltd. has been serving the industries, businesses, governments, and residents of northeastern British Columbia for 27 years.
In addition to service and sales, Quasar Communications Ltd. also offers rental and leasing programs for many of our products and services.
Quasar Communications Ltd. understands the importance of having reliable communications and the impact it can make on an organization.
www.quasar.bc.ca /index.htm   (172 words)

 Quasar Technologies
Quasar Technologies has launched GETREADY, a content management system that provides cross-media publishing capability, and plans to market it worldwide.
After only three months' work, Quasar Technologies - a Spanish company specialising in content management systems for the publishing industry - has developed a "cross-media" solution that it will present at IfraExpo 2002 in Barcelona.
Quasar Technologies announces the launching of GETREADY at IfraExpo 2002.
www.quasar-tech.com /about_news_reviews.html   (198 words)

 Schneier on Security: Quasar Encryption
As far as which quasar, there are a limited number in view, and a limited number that are going to be useful to both parties, as the quasar has to be simultaneously visible to both parties for them to capture the random noise.
The key is not the data from the quasar; the key is the identity of the quasar to use and the time at which to start reading data from it.
Using quasars is better precisely because their time series is not available in the newspaper, and getting hold of the data is nontrivial.
www.schneier.com /blog/archives/2006/03/quasar_encrypti.html   (6420 words)

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