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Topic: Queer theory

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Queer Theory
Queer theory echoes that "ideas are weapons." Finally, queer theory reinforces the valuable concept that human beings, as "interactive kinds," should be empowered autonomously to re-create and fully realize themselves, if for no other reason than people cannot be prevented from reacting to classification systems through self-reinvention.
Included in these criticisms is that queer theorists, in their radical nominalism, ignore the material world of actual persons and relationships, preferring instead to focus on grammatical and semantic analysis of texts and on conditions of reception-consumption, thereby drawing attention away from economic inequity and actual relations of exploitation.
Queer theory is also faulted for failing to recognize that politics is a part of culture, even popular culture, just as much as performance art and sit-coms.
courses.missouristate.edu /RalphSmith/queer_theory_joh.htm   (1256 words)

  Queer theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Queer Theory is a pairing of words coined by Teresa de Lauretis during a working conference on theorizing lesbian and gay sexualities that was held at the University of California, Santa Cruz in February 1990
Queer theory, unlike most feminist theory and lesbian and gay studies, includes a wide array of non-normative sexualities and sexual practices in its list of identities.
Ruby Rich as New Queer Cinema in 1992 continues, as Queer Cinema, to draw heavily on the prevailing critical climate of queer theory; a good early example of this is the Jean Genet-inspired movie Poison by the director Todd Haynes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Queer_theory   (1625 words)

Queer theory performs this deconstructive work by striving to show the extent to which the former category is always thoroughly dependent upon the latter, including in every attempt it makes to justify its claim to superiority.
In short, queer theory aims to show the normal is actually, ultimately, as abnormal as the abnormal, the dominant as subordinate as the subordinate, the included as excluded as the excluded, and the familiar as strange as the strange.
Queer theory frequently therefore conceives of "homosexual queerity" (as well as, less often, the perhaps even more troubling, boundary-crossing and boundary-dispensing form of "bisexual queerity") to represent the historically most unsettling, disturbing, and threatening instance of "the other" at work within—and upon—the (post)modern social and cultural imaginary (space of collective phantasy and imagination).
www.uwec.edu /ranowlan/syllabus_queery_theory_culture_spring06.html   (6013 words)

 Queer theory| Queer Theorists| Gay Lesbian| Homosexual Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Queer theorists assert that the sexual orientation and sexual interests of a transvestite should not be treated on the basis of social constructs.
In accordance with queer theory it can be seen that the sexual interests and sexual orientation of transsexuals, change with the shift in their biological sex and is not based on the social aspects of sex.
Queer theory therefore includes identificatory categories whose politics are less progressive than those of the lesbian and gay populations with which they are aligned.
living.oneindia.in /kamasutra/sex-n-spheres/queer-theory-of-sex.html   (989 words)

 Queer Theory Explained, Warren Hedges, SOU
Queer theorists read texts with a great degree of specificity, attending to what characters take pleasure in, how this is tied to historically specific circumstances, and the representational dynamics and dilemmas in which characters find themselves enmeshed.
While queer theorists are actively interested in same-sex dynamics, these dynamics are not evaluated against contemporary gay and lesbian identities by using the yardstick of the coming out narrative.
Queer Theory takes seriously Freud's contention that pleasure bears no necessary or inevitable relation to a genital sexuality anchored by one's "object choice." Characters' pleasure may be most energized by things independent of gender--fetishes, eating, brains, exercise, autoeroticism, submission, engaging and resisting temptation, etc. Dynamics traditionally labeled as "perversions" are explored without pathologizing them.
www.sou.edu /English/Hedges/Sodashop/RCenter/Theory/Explaind/queer.htm   (422 words)

 Queer Theory
Queer theory's debunking of stable sexes, genders and sexualities develops out of a specifically lesbian and gay reworking of the post-structuralist figuring of identity as a constellation of multiple and unstable positions.
For queer is, in part, a response to perceived limitations in the liberationist and identity-conscious politics of the gay and lesbian feminist movements.
Queer is always an identity under construction, a site of permanent becoming: "utopic in its negativity, queer theory curves endlessly toward a realization that its realization remains impossible" 7.
www.lib.latrobe.edu.au /AHR/archive/Issue-Dec-1996/jagose.html   (1539 words)

 A Queer Supplement
This ambivalence toward the meaning or position of queer is developed in a section on "Pleasures," where Grosz declares that in terms of sexual specificity and sexual difference she "can no longer afford to generalize about 'queerness': this term covers a vast range of sexual practices, partners, aims, and objects (heterosexual as well as homosexual).
The structure of queer is indeed "a site of profound tension and contradiction" (Grosz 1995, 219), but it is more inclined toward the difficult task of relinquishing the expectation of communitythe expectation that any group that shares the same name must also acknowledge the same interests and an overt sense of commonality.
In addition, queer is sometimes used as a verb, albeit absurdly, for example, "to queer the human race," or "queering the town." As an adverb and a verb queer becomes active explicitly.
www.msu.edu /~hypatia/a_queer_supplement.htm   (4962 words)

 "Queer Theory: Destabilizing Gender by Karen Melanson"
Queer is a refusal of this and of labels, a form of resistance that, as Mary McIntosh describes it, is "in your face" politics.
Queer theory attempts to break through binary thinking and begin the fight against gender stereotypes through its refusal of labels and its demonstration of the social action of gender identity.
Queer theory and activism breaks down the binary assumption that one is oneÕs gender to the extent that one is not the other gender by demonstrating the fluidity of gender and by showing that gender is not biological but rather something that is preformed (Butler, 284).
www.tulane.edu /~femtheory/journals/paper3.html   (1113 words)

 Queer Theory 1b
In the current vogue of queer theory, the boundaries of sexuality may be explored without the constraints of the idea that identity is unchanging and means the same in all contexts” (p.
Queer theory is often examined as a cultural study.
Queer theory aims to review all the ways, in which desire is culturally constructed, experienced, and proclaimed.
www.edb.utexas.edu /faculty/scheurich/special_pops/queer_theory1b.htm   (192 words)

 Pros of Queer Theory
The Queer theory of knowledge is the feminist theory too, first employed by women.Queer Theory emphasises it to be the main point but Postmodern Feminists or Feminist Queer Theorists and many other Feminists would recognise the continuity of ideas.
Queer Theory may remove this attitude towards experts from the context of patrarchy, dangerous at times but also useful for critiquing modern expertise within some feminisms or other revolutionary theories.
Queer theory would suggest that people who have their shit together do not occupy a neutral position with the ability to objectively help people who are fucked up.
www.angelfire.com /sd/eatrich/QTheory.html   (914 words)

 Hypertext and Queer Theory
Queer theorist Simon Watney defines the queer critique as those "who are contesting the overall validity and authenticity of the epistemology of sexuality itself" (in Morton, 280).
Ultimately, queer "articulates a radical questioning of social and cultural norms" and aims at clearing the ground for the establishment of a "radical pluralism" (in Morton, 280, 284).
So, both hypertext and queer theory are about breaking out of simple, often binary, hierarchial, and linear forms of thought and, instead, engaging more sophisticated, polyvocal ways of understanding, or at least representing, human experience, sexual and otherwise.
english.ttu.edu /kairos/2.2/features/reflections/jon1.htm   (1386 words)

 air pollution: Queer Politics and Domesticity
Two of the central tenets of both queer theory and queer politics that most disconcert people are interconnected [1].
However, another tenet of queer theory and politics and is that all heirarchies should be eliminated and that "the normal" needs to be wiped out in order for individuals to feel at home in their own bodies.
Queer theory's volarization of the public and political parts of life and dismissal of the tasks associated with the home, I suggest, often leads not only to sexism, but to racism and the explotation of the working classes as well [4].
aiross.blogspot.com /2006/05/queer-politics-and-domesticity.html   (697 words)

 Lesbian Feminism and Queer Theory: Another "Battle of the Sexes"?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Jeffreys also criticizes the tendency of queer politics to "[accept] and [celebrate] the minority status of homosexuality." This, she believes, is a politics "which is in contradiction to lesbian feminism" (469) because of its insistence on a stable, coherent albeit counter-normative identity.
While Jeffreys is concerned with the impact of queer theory and queer politics both inside and out of the academy, Zita is primarily concerned with the academic field of queer theory, and its potential impact on departments of lesbian and gay studies departments and of women's studies.
Zita's frustration with the masculinist bias of queer theory is, in part, the result of her more general frustration with the critical hegemony of postmodernism, a theoretical perspective that may very well turn out to be hostile to the goals of most types of feminist analysis.
www.lesbian.org /amy/essays/lesfem-qtheory.html   (2951 words)

 glbtq >> social sciences >> Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Studies
Queer studies emerged from gay and lesbian studies' attention to the social construction of categories of normative and deviant sexualities.
Thus, queer studies expands the scope of its analysis to all kinds of behaviors, including those that are gender-bending, as well as those that involve "queer" forms of sexuality.
Queer studies insists that all sexual behaviors, all concepts linking sexual behaviors to sexual identities, and all categories of normative and deviant sexualities are social constructs, sets of signifiers that create certain types of social meaning.
www.glbtq.com /social-sciences/gay_lesbian_queer_studies,2.html   (1322 words)

 Queer theory
Queer theory challenges this assumption, reframing sexuality as being socially constructed and hence varying with context.
The construction of identity is influenced by a wide number of factors, from Lacan's notion of language and symbolic codes in the symbolic register to social pressures of conforming.
Queer theory originated in Judith Butler's 1990 book Gender Trouble and was first described with the term in Case (1971).The immediate effect of queer theory is to destabilize all other notions of gender and sexuality.
changingminds.org /explanations/identity/queer_theory.htm   (318 words)

 Queer Theory in Relation to Epistemology of the Closet
Queer theory is a process of discovering and exposing underlying meanings, distinctions, and relations of power in larger culture that others oversimplify.
Sedgwick is a queer theorist in the tradition of Derrida, Focault, and Butler.
Sedgwick’s use of queer theory exposes the underlying meanings behind the oppositions and distinctions in modern culture at large.
chelm.freeyellow.com /queer_theory.html   (788 words)

 [No title]
Her claim is that gender feminism was too polarized, and that as a result of its dominance in feminist theory, it was difficult to understand how lesbian and gay male desire and sexuality could be compared and contrasted with each other.
Queer politics seeks to deconstruct categories — it doesn’t care whether bisexuals are really gay and nor is it worried about hierarchies of oppression.
What she proposes is that queer theory can criticize heterosexual assumptions in new ways, and also some feminist assumptions, and finally, that feminists talk about gender in a way that gives it a role in queer thought.
www.calpoly.edu /~rfern/Posted_Notes/Queer_Theory_X450.doc   (707 words)

 EN 710 Queer Theory (Spring 2005-2006: 3)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
¿Queer theory¿ names a group of texts that, widely divergent in assumptions, theoretical methods, and styles of engagement, is perhaps united by a shared commitment to understanding and combating structures of sexual oppression.
Whatever their various approaches, the queer theorists we will read also all share the conviction that sexual oppression extends far beyond the anecdotal ¿opinions¿¿benighted, bigoted, or, on the contrary, ¿tolerant¿ or even enlightened¿particular people might have about gay or other sexually non-normative persons or desires.
(By implication, too, queer theory will suggest that raising such questions without considering their implication for sexual definition and oppression risks complicity in punitive traditions of sexual normativity.) For this reason, the empirical study of sexuality¿however interesting in itself¿will of necessity give way to an approach more properly theoretical in its presuppositions and methodologies.
www.bc.edu /crs/en/course/en710012006s.shtml   (332 words)

 metatronics | toward a queer jewish theology
The claim of queer theory is not that straight men are all secretly homosexual; it is that men, women, and everyone else do not fit neatly into categories such as gay and straight, or, to the extent they do, they do so as a matter of anxious choice.
Postmodernism and queer theory often deny the possibility of "worked-out answers" of any kind, and postmodern theology has long accepted that a theology is generally more a matter of asking certain questions; the answers will depend largely on our perspectives.
Conversely, a queer theology is premised on a re-embrace of the mind and spirit, a refusal to cede the ground of intellection to others.
www.metatronics.net /spirit/queertheo.htm   (5349 words)

 SISYPHE - Queer theory and violence against women
queer theory is big on the importance of ’transgressing’ the body’s boundaries which turns out to mean carrying out forms of violence upon it.
queer theory prostituted women are transformed into a sexual minority, or a ’movement of affirmation’ along with other practitioners or victims of violence such as sadomasochists, pedophiles, transsexuals and seen as rebels creating a new sexual future.
Queer politics in the form of groups such as Sex Panic in US and Outrage in UK, stands for the rights of liberal gay male individuals to injure others in sadomasochism for their enjoyment, to use boys in prostitution and pornography, to acquire public space for their practices.
sisyphe.org /article.php3?id_article=1053   (3170 words)

 www.theory.org.uk Resources: Queer Theory
Queer theory is a set of ideas based around the idea that identities are not fixed and do not determine who we are.
It is a mistake to think that queer theory is another name for lesbian and gay studies.
Queer theory has something to say to lesbian and gay studies -- and also to a bunch of other areas of sociology and cultural theory.
www.theory.org.uk /ctr-que1.htm   (288 words)

For American queers, the goal is to defy the social and historical construction of categories of sexuality and gender, and in particular the fixed identities of straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual, because any construction of identity only serves to restrict the autonomous expression or performance of desire.
"Queer theory provokes an incessant transgression (in the geographic sense of the term) of borders, which is not irrelevant at a time when we're witnessing the decomposition of traditional nation states and an outbreak of nationalist politics.
Queer theory is seen as a pale imitation of these theorists, lacking their rigor and subtlety.
www.wellesley.edu /French/facultyhomepages/gunther/queer.htm   (1692 words)

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