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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

 Science Fair Projects - CFS Debert
RCAF Station Debert was one of several similar facilities constructed in the Maritime provinces in support of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and operational coastal patrol requirements.
Construction of the aerodrome, which would be named RCAF Station Debert, began in the fall of 1940 and was completed in April, 1941, coinciding with the construction of the army's adjoining Camp Debert.
Opening in 1964, the Debert facility was already dated, since ICBM targetting had improved to the point where a direct hit was possible on the bunker, however it persisted as a Provincial Warning Centre (for Nova Scotia), staffed by the 720 Communication Squadron, along with the space for the emergency government.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/CFS_Debert

 List of Royal Canadian Air Force stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of stations operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) from its creation in 1924 until unification into the Canadian Armed Forces on February 1, 1968.
All RCAF facilities followed the naming tradition of the Royal Air Force, whereby the prefix RCAF (vs. RAF) was affixed.
This tradition was removed by the RCAF's successor Canadian Forces Air Command when Canadian air force bases were referred to as a Canadian Forces Base or CFB.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Royal_Canadian_Air_Force_stations

 Debert, Nova Scotia
During the Second World War Debert was the location of Camp Debert, a large army training facility, and RCAF Station Debert, a BCATP training facility.
Debert is an unincorporated farming community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.
CFS Debert was closed in the mid-1990s and decommissioned in 1998 with remaining facilities being transferred to a local development authority named "Colchester Park".
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/D/Debert,-Nova-Scotia.htm

 RCAF.com : Stations : Canadian Stations
RCAF Station / CFB / 3 Wing Bagotville, Quebec
RCAF Station / CFB / 15 Wing Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
RCAF Station / CFB / 17 Wing Winnipeg, Manitoba
www.rcaf.com /stations/canadian.php

 Bruce Forsyth 's Military History Page
RCAF Station MacDonald closed on 31 May 1959 and storage depot for Air Maintenance Command was established at the former station.
With the end of the war, activity at the station was greatly reduced and most of the RCAF Squadrons re-located elsewhere.
All that remains of RCAF Detachment Hartney is the abandoned and crumbling airfield and a quonset hut.
www.geocities.com /Pentagon/Quarters/2529

 Veterans Affairs -- Thur., Mar. 1, 2001
Troops started moving to the area as the construction proceeded and with the completion of the camp and the RCAF station, the military population of service personnel was approximately 22,000 plus the civilian employees.
As the members, I believe, are aware, Debert is in my constituency and I realize the efforts that you have put forward, I have taken the tour of the underground bunker, I have visited your museum and I understand the hardships you have had when it comes to funding and trying to obtain funding.
CHAIRMAN: I would think that the history of Debert and of the military in Nova Scotia and the staging area and that, that it would be beneficial to have your museum in the middle of the province as a remembrance to the men who served overseas.
www.gov.ns.ca /legislature/hansard/comm/va/va010301.htm

 Online Memorial for Flight Sergeant Philippe Bédard
During wartime, it served in the U.K, North Africa and RCAF's Debert Station, Nova Scotia, where it was disbanded on September 5, 1945.
Re-formed at RCAF's St-Hubert Station on October 1st, 1954, as an all-weather fighter squadron, it spent a short time at RCAF's Station Namao (from October 1961 to July 1962) as the CF-101 Operational Training Unit before moving to its present home at Bagotville.
On June 25, 1942, the 425th Bomber Squadron was created at Dishforth in England, as a heavy bomber squadron.
www.world-war-2-planes.com /online-memorial.html

 1945 - Daily Diary - 6 Radio Unit - Louisbourg, Nova Scotia
R129410 LAC Mesher, RW visited this unit from RCAF Station Debert.
Station paper "Echo" published and the boys had quite a trip to Sydney due to icy roads.
Our station dance which was to be held this evening was cancelled on account of the very bad roads.
www.pinetreeline.org /rds/detail/rds6-4.html

 CAHS Prince Edward Island Chapter Newsletter
On Sep. 17, 1943, the last Station Anson Mk I aircraft was flown to RCAF Station Summerside completing the change over to Anson Mk V aircraft.
On Feb.1, 1946, the responsibility for Charlottetown airport was transferred from the RCAF to the Federal Department of Transport.
A funeral for AC1 F.G. Shore who died at the PEI Hospital from acute appendicitis was held at the Station recreation centre and laid to rest at the Sherwood Cemetery on Nov.
www.cahs.com /NewsAndViews/PrinceEdwardIslandNewsletter.htm

 An R.C.A.F. Pilot's Story, 1939 - 1945, From The Memoirs of Ernest E. Allen
In early November a cross-country flight from Debert N.S. to Windsor Ontario was laid on for twelve aircraft.
We, the surviving Debert crews, all checked in at the Mount Royal Hotel in downtown Montreal and enjoyed ourselves for three days waiting for the weather to improve and for further instructions.
The deer took no notice but the Sergeant of the guard arrived very quickly and was somewhat verbally abusive to us, and arranged for us to be paraded before the station commander officer the next morning.
www.seawaymall.com /eallen/default2.html

 Government and Military Frequency/Designation List
CFARS stations are located at various United Nations peace-keeping operations around the world and operate amateur radio equipment that provides phonepatches for service personnel to their families.
In the example above, Buchan is the ADR station, using 5095 khz for voice traffic, the AWACS are using 4478.5 khz, and the chicks are on 4745 khz.
Also is used 24-hours a day by the United Kingdom's station MKL and their trigraphs (many of these thought to be Nimrod aircraft).
www.wunclub.com /files/mla.html

 CAHS Prince Edward Island Chapter Newsletter
The first General Reconnaissance Course graduated on Apr.19, 1941, and departed for the Operational Training Unit (OTU) at Station Debert, N. S., to commence operational training for RAF Bomber Command.
The R.A.F. Station manpower was nearing its maximum with a total of 1561 personnel operating 83 Ansons aircraft and achieving 2087 flying hours for December of 1941.
The roads approaching and at the Station were almost unusable due to mud as the end of March approached.
www.cahs.com /NewsAndViews/PrinceEdwardIslandNewsletterSeptember2004.htm

 RCAF.com : Squadrons : No. 425 Squadron
It saw wartime service in England, North Africa and RCAF Station Debert, Nova Scotia, where it disbanded on 5 September 1945.
Re-formed at RCAF Station St-Hubert on 1 October 1954 as an all-weather fighter squadron.
It spent a short time at RCAF Station Namao (from October 1961 to July 1962) as the CF-101 Operational Training Unit before moving to its present home at 3 Wing Bagotville.
www.rcaf.com /squadrons/400series/425squadron.php

 Ex-Air Gunners: Short Bursts
In fact, the RCAF’s first mission of the Second World War was flown from RCAF station Dartmouth on 10 December 1039 by a #5 Squadron Stranraer flying boat tasked to conduct a search for enemy ships off Halifax harbour.
Similarly, a total of six RCAF fighter (F) Squadrons equipped with Goblin, Kittyhawk, and Hurricane aircraft were based at RCAF Station Dartmouth to protect Canada’s Atlantic approaches and Halifax’s strategic harbour from air attack.
Debert air base was adjacent to the Bay of Fundy, which soon became known as "Hudson's Bay" because of the number of these old kites that ended up there.
www.airmuseum.ca /mag/exag0403.html

RCAF Station Debert, Nova Scotia Fire Vehicles 1942:
firehouse651.com /debert1942.htm

 RCAF Higher Formations and Reserve Units
Then No. 61 (Training) Base when it added RCAF Station Wombleton.
Disbanded when transferred to RCAF Eastern Air Command.
Formed as RCAF (Reserve) Technical Training Wing Toronto.
jfchalifoux.com /rcaf_higher_formations_and_reserve_units.htm

 RCAF 551 to 600
To Western Air Command, at RCAF Station Edmonton spring of 1943, for use on North West Staging Route.
To No. 165 (T) Squadron at RCAF Station Sea Island, BC in 1943.
Operated by No. 164 (T) Squadron, RCAF Station Moncton, c.1943 to 1945.
www.ody.ca /~bwalker/RCAF_551_600_detailed.htm

 Last Post 2002
Transferring to the RCAF Regular Force in 1957, Ron was posted to RCAF Station Gimli, MB where he converted to the Flight Simulator trade in 1960.
Returning to Edmonton, Ron was stationed at RCAF Station Namao from 1960 to 1967.
Subsequently, he was the Station Construction Engineering Officer at Beaverbank, NS, from 1961 to 1964, and at La Macaza, QC, from 1964 to 1967.
www.cmea-agmc.ca /last_post_2002_e.asp

Subsequently commissioned (108853) and was still in Canada as of mid-1943 when AFRO 1522/43 dated 6 August 1943 described him as RAF attached to RCAF, promoted to Flight Lieutenant as of 21 June 1943.
  To the degree that their work assisted the RCAF and was in conjunction with RCAF operations, their achievments should be known alongside those of their RCAF comrades.
CARTER, Flight Sergeant Frederick Albert Spicer (RAF 560551) - British Empire Medal - No.31 Operational Training Unit, Debert, Nova Scotia - Awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 June 1944 and AFRO 1380 dated 30 June 1944.
www.airforce.ca /raf_in_rcaf/RAFINCAN.html

 Guest Book-City of Moose Jaw
Being a RCAF kid I lived in MJ from 4-6 years of age and then after a couple years elsewhere and 4 years in Germany we returned and I stayed from age 13 to 20.
While in the R.C.A.F. I met Joan Sanderson from Moose Jaw while I was stationed in Aylmer Ont. I would very much like to hear from her if she is still around.
He was a fireman in the RCAF and we had lived in Portage La Prairie, MB, Cold Lake, AB and Zweibrucken Germany prior to coming to Moose Jaw.
www.citymoosejaw.com /guestbook.shtml

 Chapter 6 - The Cold War Period and United Nations Service
Many former RCAF personnel were among the first civilian employees of the newly civilian system which soon stretched to 3012 kilometres of pole line through the northern wilderness.
The station was commissioned HMCS Inuvik 10 September 1961 and renamed Canadian Forces Station Inuvik in 1966.
On 1 October 1985 the HOME STATION FUND for the Communications and Electronics Branch as a Museum Corporation administered project was created for the purpose of increasing the profile of the Branch at Canadian Forces Base Kingston, the designated Home Station of the Branch.
www.img.forces.gc.ca /commelec/brhistory/chap6_e.htm

 3 Wing - 425 Tactical Fighter Squadron
The squadron saw wartime service in England, North Africa and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Station Debert, Nova Scotia, where they were disbanded on 5 September 1945.
They spent a short time at RCAF Station Namao (from October 1961 to July 1962) as the CF-101 Operational Training Unit before moving to their present home at 3 Wing Bagotville.
They reformed at RCAF Station St-Hubert on 1 October 1954 as an All-Weather Fighter Squadron.
www.airforce.dnd.ca /3wing/squadron/425_e.asp

 In the News
The OTUs at Greenwood and Debert used the area around Economy as a range and the range safety officer would clear them in and out and then pass on the scores when the crews had completed their runs.
From being bombed on his crew’s arrival in Malta, to the adventures in Africa (the RCAF thought he was MIA) to his awarding of the DFC by the King in Buckingham Palace you will enjoy his engaging style of writing and his story.
It is one of the first aircraft to have flown at the R.A.F. station in Greenwood during the war.
gmam.ednet.ns.ca /in_the_news.htm

 Formation of Radio Detachments - Organization Order No 91
EAC HQ No 30 Detachment, (RCAF), via RCAF Station, Gander, Nfld.
DELETE: "RCAF Station, Gander, Nfld" as accounting unit for pay, clothing, petroleum products and solid fuels for 77 R Det
INSERT: "RCAF Station, Gaspe, PQ" - as pay accounting unit for Nos.
www.pinetreeline.org /rds/detail/rds99-10.html

 An R.C.A.F. World War II Coastal Command Liberator Pilot's Story, 1939 - 1945, From The Memoirs of Ernest E. Allen, Founder of Seaway Mall
An R.C.A.F. World War II Coastal Command Liberator Pilot's Story, 1939- 1945, From The Memoirs of Ernest E. Allen, Founder of Seaway Mall
seawaymall.com /eallen

 Last Post 2003
In 1961, he was promoted to Group Captain and returned to Calgary as Commander of RCAF Station Lincoln Park.
After the war, Norm Brown attended the University of Toronto 1945-49 and rejoined the RCAF as Flight Lieutenant in 1948.
Em joined the RCAF and graduated from Queen's University with a Civil Engineering degree in 1953.
www.cmea-agmc.ca /last_post_2003_e.asp

 Ex-Air Gunners: Short Bursts
When I swung the loop, due to adverse atmospherics the only station I could get was a commercial station 150 degrees (to the rear) at Karachi and the station directly ahead in Baghdad.
I was enjoying a beer with some other aging vets in the Gloucester Street RCAF Mess here in Ottawa when a veteran Air Division Sabre jockey mentioned that his father, a WW11 vet, had passed on.
He enlisted in the RCAF in Saskatoon July 1941 and attended #2 Manning Depot in Brandon, MB.
www.airmuseum.ca /exag0308.html

 Bases Stations Comox to Montreal
Established by the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals as I Special Wireless Station.
Acquired its current name when the Supplementary Radio System was created.
jfchalifoux.com /bases_stations_comox_to_montreal.htm

 Fire Chief's
The objective of this feature is to record the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, OIC etc of all RCAF, CAF, CFB, HMCS, UN and Command HQ locations that is humanly possible.
We have a considerable amount of data currently and it will be added as time allows.
firehouse651.com /chiefindex.htm

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