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REM REM It has also been updated to include a timer (for use while you are on REM the phone).
REM REM Postscript, June 2000: NONE of the figures here are valid any more, but REM you may be able to adapt this to suit your own purposes...
REM REM It does not include rates for mobile phones, premium rate services, etc. REM or for Mercury (as it's not yet available here). /p/Btcharge.bas   (540 words)

 Donor Spotlight: REM, Influential Rock Band
REM band members have been involved in important issues in other ways, too.
That REM supports organizations like RMI is not particularly surprising as the band has a long history with social, environmental, and political issues.
REM agreed to let the Institute use the band's music to run under the voice-overs. /sitepages/pid1092.php   (612 words)

 REM Album Reviews
R.E.M. had always promised to break up if any members left the band, but when Bill Berry amicably parted ways with the band they decided to continue on without him as a trio.
R.E.M. as a whole seem re-invigorated here, and the end result is easily the band’s most rocking and varied collection to date.
R.E.M. then released their major label debut, Green, which was less than ecstatically received by both critics and fans, though in retrospect it was another strong album overall. /sfloman/rem.html   (4112 words)

 TANGMONKEY.COM [ REVIEW: Idlewild: The Remote Part ]
Idlewild have now recorded a record that should not only banish the REM comparisons, but soon we will hear people saying that "[insert new band name here] are good, but they sound a lot like Idlewild." Indeed: they have risen to the level of something unique, powerful, and worthy-to-be-borrowed-from.
Both feature the odd good track, but on the whole neither is very noteworthy -- basically, Idlewild were a band trying to balance the fact they wanted to play punk music with the fact that their lead singer, the Dickensianly-named Roddy Woomble, sounded eerily like REM.
There's no way a band can, in the course of a year, go from bland REM-influenced grunge to making an album that will, if there is a just God, be absolutely massive and turn them into world-class superstar rockers. /columns/104948816155977.php   (565 words)

It's the right place for REM to be given both the state of the world and the state of the band.
The signature Byrds-inspired jangley guitar lines are gone, but all the band's pretension and insight remain on its new album New Adventures in Hi-Fi, a record that has the heart but not the face of their previous works.
REM has developed a satirical sense that stops short of lunacy, which has been necessary given their role in the pop music world. /stupub/ocreview/archives/1996.09.13/arts/rem.html   (891 words)

 Prindle Record Reviews - R.E.M.
R.E.M. (they use the dots in their name intentionally; REM was a DIFFERENT southern jangle-pop band that existed before them--no joke!) did themselves a damn good job with this fact I owned the original tape years before I picked up the CD version of Dead Letter Office.
REM did not feel the same, so a bootlegger was forced to create Dead Giveaway Office and sell it on street corners 'round the globe, as women of the night showcased their wares and drunken charlatans staggered through the bracing Chicago wind to islets of their own sick misery.
Personally, I like hearing bands do covers, and as Stipe and Buck, at least, are avowed VU fans, three songs by those guys seems okay to me. Anyone who doesn't have a problem with the Velvets shouldn't have a problem with R.E.M.'s take on "Pale Blue Eyes." It rivals "Superman" as their best cover ever. /rema.htm   (19432 words)

 Re: Has any band ever dropped in significance as much as REM?
Music > REM (band) > Re: Has any ban...
>> >>But both those bands together were never as big or influential as rem was..
Has any band ever dropped in significance as much as REM? /group/   (351 words)
R.E.M. was quickly shedding the "underground college band" label, and became known as an innovator and leader of the alternative rock scene.
R.E.M. played their first show in April 1980 when singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and drummer Bill Berry got together for a friend's birthday party at an abandoned Church which also served as the band's residence.
R.E.M released "In Time," a best-of collection in 2003, which chronicles some of the highlights of their 15 years on Warner Bros. Records. /rem   (1652 words) Automatic for the People: Music
i'm not saying it's not a good song, it's just that it is the representation so many people carry in their heads of rem as a "sad band", which they can be, but tthey also have happy songs e.g.
Bold songs such as ominous "Drive" and the empathetic "Everybody Hurts" demonstrated that the band were not reluctant to experiment, while the Karl Denver opening on "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite" and the elegiac Andy Kaufman tribute "Man On The Moon" were as good as anything they had ever recorded.
An altogether blanced album, Automatic is by far R.E.M.'s best work; it sees them mature beyond the abstractness of thier earlier work and deal with some of the most universal human themes. /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000002MG1   (1218 words)

 myREM R.E.M. Fan Community
Twenty-five years into REM's career, the planets of the band's universe seem to have slid into an especially harmonious alignment.
Postponed from the previous Saturday because of the London bombings, this end- of-tour performance from REM managed to be both valedictory and celebratory.
With the "Around The Sun" tour being over for not longer than 40 hours so far, the band seems already be planning a follow-up.   (1218 words) Live Online
Buck still has dander to spare.” I imagine most R.E.M. fans found it not only embarrassing, but likely a hint that Buck had reached a point of intellectual and creative exhaustion that bodes no good for the band’s future.
He was raised in Rhode Island, where he became obsessed with the following bands in the following order: the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Steely Dan, Elvis Costello, the Dead Kennedys, the Clash.
It's not a matter of making an album that sounds like one of their older's a matter of creating a -good- album, which REM has failed to do in quite a few years. /wp-srv/zforum/01/segal051601.htm   (1218 words)

 The Grapevine
The death of rock music is being proved by the fact that REM don’t sound like a rock band anymore.
Having lost drummer Bill Berry last year, and having their most recent album sell almost half the number of its two predecessors just after re-signing to Warner Bros. for $80million, there was a certain ludicrous pressure on REM going into this release, a pressure for them to prove themselves.
They have dealt with it admirably though; indeed Berry’s departure seems to have in a way liberated the band. /~grapebox/rem.html   (1218 words)

 Band Interview
Note: Jason and the Scorchers opened for REM in the eightees and are still considered the greatest rock and roll band in the world, by REM.
Pete: I was playing in a band called Dove and we played with G.I. at CBGB's in New York and Tom Lyle liked the way I drummed so he asked me to join the band.
All of these bands I came into contact with while they were playing shows in Limerick with the great AMC (Aspersion Music Collective) of which I'm a member/guy who writes things for. /band_interviews.htm   (1218 words)

 MP3 downloads from Brene Wilson and - Similar Artists: dave matthews, r.e.m, john mayor, david gray, live, eagle eye cherry, fuel, seal (...hard question) Influences: duran duran, dave matthews band, rem, sade, live, oasis
MP3 downloads from Brene Wilson and - Similar Artists: dave matthews, r.e.m, john mayor, david gray, live, eagle eye cherry, fuel, seal (...hard question) Influences: duran duran, dave matthews band, rem, sade, live, oasis
duran duran, dave matthews band, rem, sade, live, oasis /Brene_Wilson   (1218 words)

 REM, REM Band, REM Music
In October of 1997, R.E.M. shocked fans and the media with the announcement that Berry was amicably exiting the group to retire to life on his farm; the remaining members continued on as a three-piece, soon convening in Hawaii to begin preliminary work on their next LP.
By the time they returned to performing with the Monster tour in 1995, the band had been acknowledged by critics and musicians as one of the forefathers of the thriving alternative rock movement, and they were rewarded with the most lucrative tour of their career.
While there were a number of hardcore and punk bands in the US during the early '80s, R.E.M. brought guitar-pop back into the underground lexicon. /bands/rock/rem_1253   (1988 words)

For their first few years REM was the quintessential college radio band, releasing high-quality, low-selling music and establishing a strong local following while their name slowing spread.
The members of the band took some time to experiment with other projects before their first hit came - "Fall On Me" reached number 94 on the charts in 1986, and while it was not enough to make them house-hold names it did help move them from college radio to commercial stations.
REM's 1983 single "Radio Free Europe" is well known now, but it was not a huge sell at the time. /artists/rem.htm   (594 words)

 Chronic Town - REM Tribute Band - Chronic Town - A Tribute to REM
Chronic Town- REM Tribute Band - Chronic Town- A Tribute to REM
Let us know what songs you want to hear by emailing us! /chronic-town-next-show.htm   (26 words)

 REM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
REM programming language command - short for remark or reminder, used to preface a comment in both BASIC and DOS.
REM island - home of 1964 pirate Radio and TV Noordzee off the Dutch coastline.
R.E.M. - American rock music band formed in Athens, Georgia in 1980. /wiki/REM   (139 words)

There are a ton of REM pages on the web; the best full-blown REM site I've seen has a good discography, set of web links, and lots of current news on the band; but
This was REM's big commercial breakthrough record, and I didn't realize at the time just how good it is because it's not all that different from the last couple of efforts, and it is a little monotonous, like a lot their stuff.
REM wasn't cut out for sweetness and light; it's tragic that they only ever returned to true form one time after this. /rem.html   (2743 words)

 myREM R.E.M. Fan Community
REM HQ posted the first picture of the Minus 5 including R.E.M.'s Peter Buck and R.E.M.'s valued sidemembers Scott McCaughey and Bill Rieflin as well as John Ramberg playing a fantastic set tuesday night in Valencia.
The contents of this website are neither endorsed nor approved by R.E.M. Athens LLC, the band,
R.E.M. began 25 years ago as down-and-out musicians in an Athens that was much smaller and less sophisticated than today.   (998 words)

 REM Cover Studio Blog
It has been a long and interesting road for REM, the band that started in a church in Athens, GA on April 5, 1980.
REM performed a free show on the streets of Toronto, Canada to promote the album 'Reveal' which was released in North America 2 days prior to this show.
This period of REM single chart hits coincided with the most fun I had working at clubs and is a lasting fond memory.   (3286 words)

 REM + Richard Hawley @ Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield : gig review
They may not be the hip young things they once were, but even their place at the top of rock's establishment can't disguise the fact that REM can still rock like no other band can.
REM have progressed from underground sensations in 1983 to megastardom in 2005.
As per usual with REM though, all eyes were on Michael Stipe. /gigs2/rem-2.htm   (893 words) Murmur: Music: Rem
REM quickly became darlings of this world, in part by invoking and evoking some of the quieter, more introspective, elements of music past, particularly the mid 60s folk-rock era of the Byrds.
R.E.M.'s debut LP was enough to convince skeptics and believers alike that there was probably nothing that the band couldn't do.
MORAL KIOSK: It wasn't conservativism, but REM implied a morality. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000001I0A?v=glance   (2902 words)

 REM concerts - July 1999, July 1995 -
REM were also the first band I ever saw in Concert.
I wasn't as big an REM fan back in 1995, although I still thought they were a great group.
They played most of my favourite REM songs such as "The One I Love", "Find the River" and "It's the End of the World as we Know it (and I feel fine)". /misc_concerts_rem.html   (328 words) Automatic for the People: Music: Rem
R.E.M. is one of the best bands alive today, and although they aren't as good as they used to be, their older albums still stand the test of time.
R.E.M today is a pallid shadow of the band that produced this album back in 1992.
Quite a few people in Latvia, where I live, have had close encounters with REM, because Michael Stipe has made himself very available to Eastern European reporters when he's been in this neck of the woods. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000002MG1?v=glance   (1911 words)

 REM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
REM programming language command - short for remark or reminder, used to preface a comment in both BASIC and DOS.
REM island - home of 1964 pirate Radio and TV Noordzee off the Dutch coastline.
R.E.M. - American rock music band formed in Athens, Georgia in 1980. /wiki/REM   (1911 words) News - Entertainment - Scots band aiming for a cab-tive audience
The Edinburgh-based band, who have been lined up to support US supergroup REM at their open-air concert in Loch Lomond this summer, said the taxi screenings were a huge boost.
Aberfeldy, who have been described as the new Franz Ferdinand, will be the first band to have their video screened.
Ruth Barrie of the band, who recently returned from playing in the prestigious South By South West music festival in the United States, said they were delighted their video had been chosen. /entertainment.cfm?id=371572005   (1911 words)

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