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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

 Pulsed RF Sources- Microwave Encyclopedia - Microwaves101.com
A pulsed RF signal is periodic in that is has two distinct and recurring states; the on state state provides a stable medium or high power signal, the off state has much reduced signal strength (ideally no signal is present in the off state).
A square-wave pulsed RF signal is a special case in which the RF signal is on and off for the same duration of the period.
One is to use an RF switch, the other is to use a pulsed RF amplifier.
www.microwaves101.com /encyclopedia/pulsedRF.cfm   (2303 words)

 Counter Surveillance Bug Detector Field Strength Meter
They are a new generation of RF measurement tools that employ recently introduced IC technology to measure from very weak to ultra strong signals and differentiate analog from digital communications.
The LEDs are used to observe the RF signal measurements from a distance or in dim light.
The effective coverage of a Wi Fi system can be mapped from far distances, the hub site optimized for coverage, or the RF signal managed to exclude unwanted users.
www.zapchecker.com   (3154 words)

 rf modulator scart switch connectors phono plug lead adapter
"RF Modulator" means that the receiver passes the aerial signal straight through and adds its own programme to it.
"RF loopthrough" means that the receiver passes the aerial signal straight through.
(An "RF Modulator" takes a video and audio signal and combines them on a carrier frequency to make a TV signal).
www.satcure.co.uk /accs/page4.htm   (872 words)

 RF modulator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The RF Modulator takes the internal RGB, YUV, or composite video signal from a video-circuit inside the machine and generates a PAL or NTSC broadcast signal that can be fed into the television aerial socket.
An RF modulator (for radio frequency modulator) is a device that takes a baseband input signal and outputs a radio frequency-modulated signal.
These give a relatively poor picture; some of the image quality is lost during the modulation in the source device, and some is lost again when demodulated in the television.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/RF_modulator   (209 words)

 LINDH Teknik - Klockor på PCB
RF energy is observed related to both the rise and fall time of signal transitions, and the fundamental clock frequency of active components.
When the trace must route against the power plane, use of a ground trace is required, with vias at both ends of the ground trace routed parallel, and adjacent, to the signal trace tied to the 0V reference plane.
RF flux present on a trace is generally observed at a distance that is equal to the width of the trace.
www.lindhteknik.se /ce/emc_pcbclk.html   (2597 words)

 NI PXI-5670 - Products and Services - National Instruments
Designed to provide a modular solution for RF signal generation, the NI PXI-5670 is a compact, powerful RF signal generator capable of outputting signals up to 2.7GHz.
The National Instruments Modulation Toolkit, included with the NI 5670, extends the built-in analysis capability of LabVIEW with functions and tools for signal generation, analysis, visualization, and processing of common digital and analog modulation formats.
Memory options of 8, 32, 256, or 512 MB NI Modulation Toolkit for advanced signal generation and analysis
www.ni.com /modularinstruments/5670.htm?node=12586   (110 words)

 RF Modulator: Spy Supply Store
Converts a composite signal to an RF signal
Good for all applications requiring conversion of a video signal to an RF signal
www.spysupplystore.com /Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=RFM-1&Store_Code=SSS   (22 words)

The oscillator is modulated with the video signal and the modulated carrier wave thus generated is fed into the TV set's aerial input via a cable.
The TV modulator's output signal is made up of a large number of little peaks, each of which is a complete transmitter signal.
www.web-ee.com /Schematics/RF_Modulator/rf_modulator.htm   (1297 words)

 Aeroflex Incorporated: Systems PXI
The 3030 series RF Digitizers can be used to provide wideband high dynamic range data acquisition of RF signals up to 6 GHz with up to 36 MHz instantaneous bandwidth.
The high-performance 3020 Series signal generator modules can be used for both continuous wave (CW) and digital signal generation for device testing and characterization up to 6 GHz.
The IQCreator signal generation application enables the design of digital modulation and other complex waveforms.
www.aeroflex.com /products/pxi/pxi.cfm   (112 words)

 DVD Talk Forum - RF Modulator?
I do have an RF connection but it is only a mono signal since that is what the satelite reciever outputs through the coax but does have stereo output jacks.
First, what it does is convert composite signals to RF so that you can connect the video source through a 75 ohm RF connector i.e., connect a DVD player to a tv with no composite inputs.
10-04-00 06:07 PM I am thinking about getting an RF Modulator, but I would like to know if it will actually pass a stereo signal through the coax cable if a stereo signal is input to the modulator box.
www.dvdtalk.com /forum/printthread.php?t=59560   (426 words)

 Reverse RF Modulator
I have an RF modulator on the bedroom system, and it has an A/V output, but that output is from any of the four A/V inputs, not the RF signal from the antenna.
First, what you're talking about is an RF demodulator which will take the RF signal and change it into a video one.
A box which would convert the RF signal from the antenna to at least composite video an stereo audio?
forums.audioholics.com /forums/showthread.php?t=2561   (414 words)

 Connect a DVD player to a TV with an RF modulator
The cable signal will pass through this modulator, until it detects a signal coming into the A/V inputs, and then it shows the signal from that source.
Switchable channel 3 or 4 output insures compatibility with TV This RF modulator will connect to your TV the way the VCR connects.
This modulator has 2 audio channel inputs so you won't have to use a Y-Cable to connect the DVD Player, or whatever you connect to it
www.dvdplayersonly.com /Miscellany/Steren203-101.html   (358 words)

The ZAP ONE is a new generation countermeasures RF sweeper that detects and displays RF (Radio Frequency) signal levels with uniquely high sensitivity, similar to a broadband receiver.
You get a wide range and fast sweeping RF function for sweeping for bugs, a telephone sweep function for sweeping a telephone line, a verification function to quickly verify a bug or wiretap and an audio jamming function that lets you use the unit as an audio jammer.
The ZAP One allows the user to detect and measure signal strength and to distinguish between analog and digital transmissions.
www.pimall.com /nais/counterrf.html   (1505 words)

The skew in the CAT clock signals, Tier 1 to Tier 2 and Tier 2 to Tier 3 is 8 RF Buckets or 151 nsec.
When Timing and Sync Signal A is high then the A half of the 29525's is selected for writing into, and when the Timing and Sync Signal A is low than the B half of the 29525's is selected for writing data into.
Timing & Sync Signal H is used as the ADC Convert Clock Signal.
www.pa.msu.edu /hep/d0/ftp/l1/cal_trig/timing/cal_trig_timing.txt   (2427 words)

 Rf modulator : Aaoptoelectronic
The set is optimized to offer the best performances (rise time, extinction ratio...).The RF driver features all the necessary signal to drive the modulator (carrier frequency, amplifier...) with analog or digital input control.
A Bragg configuration gives a single first order output beam, which intensity is directly linked to the power of RF control signal.
The rise time of the modulator is simply deduced by the necessary time for the acoustic wave to travel through the laser beam.
www.a-a.fr /rf_modulator.html   (262 words)

 Microphotonic RF receiver
The transmitted carrier RF signal is received by the antenna and is directly fed to a square-law optical intensity modulator.
The RF signal is fed to the microdisk modulator through a bandpass RF filter with 1 GHz bandwidth around 14.5 GHz, to make sure that all of the nonlinear products generated in RF components are filtered out.
The RF ring resonator, that is side coupled to the microstripline, generates a strong electric field across the traveling wave optical mode.
www.usc.edu /dept/engineering/eleceng/Adv_Network_Tech/Html/RFreceiver.html   (1420 words)

 Dictionary and Encyclopedia - "F" Listings
Hence, if the design specified equipment requiring a minimum -85 dBm signal level the RF engineer would design a system based on a -75 dBm signal level, applying the 10 dB fade margin to the system.
..where h is the radius of the Fresnel Zone in feet, L is the distance between the antennas in miles, and F is the frequency of the RF signal in GHz.
The Fade Margin is an additional level of required signal strength assumed during the design of a wireless network that provides an allowance for signal strength fading in the final installed network.
www.connect802.com /encyclopedia/enc-f.htm   (694 words)

 United States Patent: 5,850,436
When the signal RELAY.sub.-- DRIVE.sub.-- is driven low by the demodulator (indicating that the demodulator 206 has detected a CIU RF carrier on lines 200A and 200B from the line 130), the switch 216 is flipped to position 2 to isolate the telephone 104 from the telephone line 130 (mode 2).
The output signal from the CODEC 344 is also provided to the input of an amplifier 350, which generates a signal MODAUD provided to the carrier current modem 316 to frequency modulate the CIU RF carrier onto the telephone line 130.
The signal XMITAUD is the baseband audio signal from the computer system 100, which is driven by a CODEC 344 and transmitted through an audio multiplexor 345.
www.glendash.com /5850436.html   (16294 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions About RF Shielding
RF signals from those radios were strong enough to bring the cellular system to its knees when they overloaded the DC power system controllers.
In some cases, the RF is high enough to be considered a health hazard, in which case a RF shield would not only protect the equipment but also the people required to be at that location, as well.
Also, equipment can be particularly sensitive to very low signal levels of one frequency and yet quite immune to high signal levels of another frequency—so frequency is an important factor.
www.lbagroup.com /associates/lbaafaq.php   (1011 words)

 Amazon.com: Terk VS4Mod+ 4-Device RF Modulator and Switcher: Electronics
In addition, the output signal is modulated and sent to the RF output on either channel 3 or 4 depending on the rear switch position.
Signal quality was very good, with only slight darkening detectable when using the built in RF modulator.
The power switch is useful to switch between the RF input and one of the four AV inputs.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000AP7TD?v=glance   (1670 words)

 Directional Taps
They are designed to deliver proper signals levels to all outlets connected to the TV/RF distribution systems.
TLE TV/RF distribution systems are custom designed to deliver balanced signals to all TV/FM outlets connected to the distribution system.
Headend Signal Output to deliver signals to all TV outlets in distribution system can be determined only after system losses are calculated - from details of the system layout.
www.tinlee.com /TV_Signal_Distibution_2.htm   (372 words)

 Signal Transduction - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review
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Caveolae And Lipid Rafts: Roles in Signal Transduction And the Pathogenesis of Hum...
Signal Transduction by Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species: Pathways and Chemical...
www.nextag.com /signal-transduction/search-html   (111 words)

 LMT Tech Resource Store: Photo : Lorex ACC1034 RF Modulator
The Lorex ACC1034 RF Modulator will convert the A/V (audio and video) signal from and also supply power to your camera.
The ACC1034 converts the camera's A/V output into an RF signal, and includes a built in A/B switch and a selectable channel 3 and 4 switch.
The DC-in jack enables specialty cameras to receive power directly from this RF modulator.
www.elise.com /lmtstore/B00006JPPE/LOREX_ACC1034_RF_Modulator.html   (122 words)

 RF Modulator—Video Component Adapter
• Converts baseband A/V signal to RF • Dual-color LED: red when powered on; green when receiving a video signal
This RF Modulator converts the video and stereo audio from any A/V component and most video game decks into a coaxial cable output.
All you do is connect your A/V component to the Modulator's input jacks, then connect the Modulator to your TV's antenna/cable input and select channel 3 or 4 operation.
www.radioshack.com /product.asp?catalog_name=CTLG&product_id=15-2526   (194 words)

 %industryName% on ECN: Electronic Component News %industryid%
The products are the Aeroflex 3020A 2.7 GHz digital RF signal generator, the 3030A 3 GHz RF digitizer with 33 MHz bandwidth and a cdma2000 reverse link software measurement library....
Keithley Instruments, Inc. has released a tutorial CD titled “Interactive Test and Measurement Troubleshooting Guide: How to Avoid Common Measurement Errors.” The CD lets users explore the symptoms and causes of common errors associated with low-level signals, such as low voltage, low current, low resistance, high resistance, and voltage from a high resistance source measurement....
Aeroflex has announced two new PXI modules and a new software suite that expands range of use, speed of operation, accuracy and flexibility of its PXI test systems.
www.reed-electronics.com /ecnmag/index.asp?layout=featuredProducts&ind...   (335 words)

 HP/Agilent E4406A Vector Signal Analyzer  Global Test Equipment - Sell, Rent, Lease, Buy or Trade New or Refurbished - used - preowned - consignment- warranty - calibration
Counters, Data Acquisition, Lightwave, Logic Analyzers, Meters, Microwave, Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, RF, Signal Analyzers, Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Switches, Telecommunications, Test Accessories, VXI, Misc.
The E4406A VSA transmitter tester is a full-featured vector signal analyzer ideally suited for base station and mobile handset manufacturing, with additional applications for design and development of wireless equipment.
The E4406A VSA offers high performance in-band and spectrum measurements for multiple 2G, 2.5G and 3G wireless communications formats with powerful one-button standard-based measurements, and the best combination of speed and accuracy.
www.4gte.com /EquipmentPages/E4406AvectorsignalanalyzerVSA.htm   (335 words)

 Embedded News - NI Accelerates RF Design with 2.7 GHz PXI RF Vector Signal Generator
"The NI RF vector signal generator combined with the RF vector signal analyzer makes a flexible platform for wireless communication system development," said Professor Robert Heath, Jr., leading researcher for the Wireless Networking and Communications Group in the electrical and computer engineering department at the University of Texas at Austin.
The new RF vector signal generator offers signal generation from 250 kHz to 2.7 GHz and can produce analog and custom digital modulation as well as standard digital modulation formats such as ASK, FSK, MSK, PSK and QAM.
NI-RFSG is a fully functional instrument driver and works with a variety of application software including LabVIEW 7 Express, LabWindows/CVI and C. The NI PXI-5670 RF vector signal generator is a combination of the NI PXI-5610 2.7 GHz RF upconverter, the NI PXI-5421 16-bit arbitrary waveform generator and the NI Modulation Toolkit.
www.embeddedstar.com /press/content/2004/3/embedded13403.html   (335 words)

 5441-5671 RF LTB RF Vector Signal Analyzer - National Instruments
5441-5671 RF LTB RF Vector Signal Analyzer - National Instruments
digital.ni.com /express.nsf/bycode/exeimi   (335 words)

 NI PXI-5660 - National Instruments
Designed to provide a modular solution for making RF measurements, the NI PXI-5660 is capable of measuring a wide range of frequencies with a measurement throughput that has been benchmarked at up to 200 times faster than traditional RF analyzers.
Memory options of 32 or 64 MB NI Spectral Measurements Toolkit for advanced signal analysis
-130 dBm to +30 dBm signal level range
ni.com /modularinstruments/5660.htm   (335 words)

 Agilent HP 89441A Opt. 1C2, AY7, AYA, AYB, AYJ Vec
The HP Agilent 89441A is a used Vector Signal Analyzer that covers baseband through RF frequencies of DC to 2.65 GHz in scalar and vector analysis modes.
The scalar RF instrument mode allows full-frequency coverage in spans to 2648 MHz.
www.sototo.co.uk /build/items/00/87/128.html   (335 words)

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